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Dedication 14 

Administration & Faculty 16 

Seniors 58 


Organizations & Events 166 

Sports 214 


Living Groups 260 

Greeks 290 

Community 376 

Here — unsure who we were, we carefully 
concealed our confusion under a 
multitude of masks, so as not to reveal we 
were changing and lost and . . . 

. . . Alone in the solitude we thought 

we'd find a certain stillness, but instead 

there was entrapment in the institution, 

and chaos in not knowing who we were — 

asking . . . 

. . . How do we get out? 
Ignoring answers and each 
other we learned the hard 
way, the process was 
inward — through the 
doubt, through to the 
realization of self 
where . . . 

. . . The heart beats out energy 

for commitment; to a team, to a 

lover, to a cause, to a friend. 

Whole selves etched against 

enternity, feeling the power of 

. . . Belonging to what we do. Spirit and emotion 
engulfing us — reward for practice and for progress 
so we've begun to learn about working in . . . 

. . . The group, unity in 

motion, doused with sweat. 

Interwoven bodies working 

inexhaustibly from the heart, 

gracefully transforming sport 

to art, while . . . 

. . . Living together was the real 
test of camaraderie; there were 
no formulas, only acceptance for 
our differences and a degree in 
memories, like . . . 

. . . The hours spent converting work to 

wisdom and frustration into frivolity. Tired 

and full after four years of collecting a 

scrapbook of experiences we are prepared to 

leave . . . 



. . . This fertile, mercurial 
mountain where we started to sow 
our dreams — a sense of self began 
to bloom in the beauty that was 









HP m 


■ ■ BR 

^1 Kffi§ 








'To be nobody but 
yourself in a world that 
is trying desperately 
night and day to make 
you everybody else; 
means to fight the 
hardest battle ever 
fought and to never 
stop fighting/' 

— Cummings 






"If is f/ie personal contact with students that makes teaching an enjoyable job. It keeps the 
teacher from becoming too immersed in his subject matter and makes him aware of why he is 
teaching in the first place - to help students improve their skills in whatever way, and to 
whatever degree he can." 

Simply stated above is Journalism Professor Robert Sullivan's teaching philosophy, 
to which he has steadfastly subscribed throughout his 15 years at Lehigh. His con- 
tribution to the world of academe is a keen ability to balance a strong adherence to 
scholastic rigor with a special sensitivity to his students' individual needs. 

It is in honor of Sullivan's personal approach to education, which is so valuable in 
shaping our sense of self, that we dedicate to him the chapter "Who We Are." Al- 
though Sullivan's course work is tough, and his grading even tougher, he has a pro- 
found understanding of his students' different abilities, fragile egos and normal bouts 
with self-doubt. 

Part of his philosophy is the expressed belief that the most effective teaching is 
done outside the classroom, and Sullivan is never too busy for academic, professional 
and even personal guidance. He is regarded highly as both a teacher and a friend by 
faculty and students alike. 

Professor Sullivan is an exemplary model for all professions, for he is an educator of 
both the mind and heart because he makes the essential effort to reach out to all his 



All aspects of Lehigh's student life have witnessed exciting improvements during 
the past year. And it's no coincidence that the same year saw an energetic, highly 
committed woman join the ranks of the University administration. 

Of course we're talking about Assistant Dean of Students Muriel Whitcomb, who 
has endeared herself to the students with her eagerness to listen and her willingness 
to help. Not to mention her insistence on being called Mert instead of Dean. 

Besides a congenial informality Mert brought to Lehigh great dedication to im- 
proving the quality of student life. And in recognition of all her accomplishments in 
one short year we dedicate to her the chapter "What We Do." 

A look at those accomplishments is truly amazing and inspirational. Mert is re- 
sponsible for the enlightening student-faculty discussions which included the Pres- 
idential election debates and capital punishment. In addition Mert coordinated 
Earth Day, a rape prevention education program, compiled a lighting report and 
helped organize L.U.V. Olympic Day. 

The list goes on and according to Mert so will she, as she explains, "There's a lot 
more to be done." We look forward to her future contributions and ask only one 
question: "How do you do it all, and do it so well?" 


Once technological advancements were accepted uncritically into our lives. But in 
the wake of progress, pervasive damage has been left in the form of pollution, 
technological warfare, and specialization. And we've finally realized we can no 
longer be complacent. 

One man at Lehigh has been in the forefront of helping students realize the im- 
pact of technology on the quality of our lives. Associate Professor of English Edward 
Gallagher has managed in his two-year tenure as director of the Humanities 
Perspectives on Technology (HPT) program, to build the discipline into a full- 
fledged minor. 

Gallagher's commitment to HPT is rooted in his concern over the aspects of 
technology which threaten how we live. It is therefore fitting that we acknowledge 
that commitment by dedicating to Ed Gallagher the chapter on "How We Live." 

After teaching a variety of courses, from Science Fiction to Technology and 
Human Values, Gallagher admits his own views on technology are mixed. Although 
he could not live without many of the technological conveniences he expresses a 
concern, apparent in many HPT courses, over the ills wrought by technology. He is 
especially worried about students who cannot think and work on their own, and 
about a society which is dying in terms of meaningful activity. 

Gaining acceptance at a University with a national reputation for engineering was 
not an easy feat, since many people at Lehigh view HPT as purely anti- 
technological. But it is Gallagher's convictions that have helped HPT become a per- 
manent fixture here. As he maintains, "Technology is so big and so powerful it must 
be carefully scrutinized, for doubt leads to inquiry and inquiry to truth." 



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nhfit'i <cm<» ■•■•M_i.Mi.ffir r i ■"' ^1 ' V 





'#!■':"":' ',.-'■': l. :-'-'.. : . :: '.- ; tiiBB 

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|!l:»liilli ■'" ■ ■'' ■■■" ilium .,! jij-f V. 1 m, „■.]:■ 

Ross Yates: Runs for his life. 

William Quay: A gentle approach to discipline. 

The Other Side Of 

Leslie Horst: A real angel! 

Albert Zettlemoyer: Takes care of Lehigh's garbage. 


The two faces of Dave Amidon. 

Lehigh's Staff 

Santa McFadden and Sharon Friedman: Have you been a 
good little girl this year, Sharon? . . . You have? . . . NEXT! 

Deming Lewis: The Presidency's a real racket. 



Editor's note: All quotes were submitted by 

administrators and department heads at the 

request of the Epitome. 

Deming Lewis 

Lehigh University is made up of many things, including an 
able and motivated student body, a dedicated and talented 
faculty, a wide ranging research program, a large campus 
dotted with old and new buildings, more than 25,000 
alumni, many friends, a substantial financial operation and 
a great tradition. 

Lehigh is also an expression of an ideal and the embodi- 
ment of a purpose. The ideal is that each person who has 
the ability and wish to better himself should have the 
guidance and instruction which he needs to do so. The 

purpose is to provide that guidance and instruction to a 
substantial number of men and women. 
At Lehigh we live in many ways depending upon our roles 
and our preferences. We live in peace but not in compla- 
cency. We are ready to teach, to learn, to disagree, but we 
are slow to fight. We also have the responsibility of living 
in a rapidly developing world of which we as a university 
are a significant and a constructive part. 

— Deming Lewis 



Albert C. Zettlemoyer, Vice President and Provost 

Eric V. Ottervik, Vice President 
for Planning 


Joseph F. Libsch, Vice President for Research 

Richard M. Spriggs, Vice President for Administration 

It is provided in the essence of things that from any 
fruition of success, no matter what, shall come forth 
something to make a greater struggle necessary. 

— Walt Whitman 

Paul J. Franz, Jr; Vice President for Development 


Elmer W. Glick, Vice President and Treasurer 

The measure of civiliza- 
tion is man's observance 
of the unenforceable. 

— Preston Parr 

Preston Parr, Vice President 
and Dean of Student Affairs 



Education is the process enabling a society to first identify it- 
self in the context of the past, the challenges of the present, 
and with an eye to the future, prepare its citizens to transmit 
its character. The task is so enormous that excellence and per- 
fection are beyond reach. We must keep on trying harder, do 
more, and do better, knowing that we will never be able to do 
enough. We must work towards the ideal of helping students 
grow to the limit of their potential. We must do this more so in 
the form of a commitment to our future as a nation rather than 
a contest in achievement among ourselves. 
As far as the College is concerned, we translate the challenge 
into four consequences we seek for our students: learning to 
think clearly and practice thinking until it becomes a habit; 
learning to apply knowledge intelligently; becoming aware of 
value systems so each student can develop a set of values to 
serve as a reference for decisions; finally, accepting the con- 
cept of work as the vehicle for serving society and the will to 
work as a self-discipline. 

It is not for us to judge our measure of effectiveness or ineffec- 
tiveness. Our measure of success or failure can only be mea- 
sured in terms of the total performance of our graduates, first 
as citizens and second on the basis of their contributions to 
society from their work stations. 

— John J. Karakash 




John J. Karakash, Dean 

of the Engineering and Physical Sciences 

Brian G. Brockway, Dean of the Business and Economics College 


John W. Hunt, Dean of the Arts and Science College 

Robert D. Stout, Dean of the Graduate School 

We are a diverse collection of people; we 
come from all walks of life. While our 
backgrounds are varied our objectives are 
similar; we are here to develop our intel- 
lects and to acquire knowledge. Whether 
we are students, teachers or adminis- 
trators, we are all engaged in that exciting 
activity; learning. 

Just as our backgrounds are diverse, so are 
our modes of living. Some live in better ac- 
comodations than others. But we realize 
that "life style" is ofttimes a superficial 
way to describe how we live. As Wilde ob- 
served, it is not what a man has but what a 
man is that matters. 

Intellectual and academic pursuits are a 
serious but not a gloomy adventure. We 
are a fun-loving people because we enjoy 
work, study and play. That is what Uni- 
versity life at Lehigh is all about. 

— William L. Quay 

William L. Quay, Dean of Students 


Arthur H. Mann, Associate Dean of Students 

Nathan W. Harris, Assistant Dean of Students 

Muriel Whitcomb, Assistant Dean of Students 

Robert F. Reeves, Assistant Dean of Students 



Joseph Petronio, Bursar 

James H. Wagner, Registrar 

Eugene R. Seeloff, Director of Placement 

Samuel H. Missimer, Director of Admission 


Lehigh thrives on the generosity of its alumni. 
This is certainly true in the area of financial aid. 
We hope the Class of 1977 will continue in this 
tradition and help us make possible the Lehigh 
experience for future generations of students in 
need of financial support. 

— W.E. Stanford 

William E. Stanford, Director of Financial Aid 

George L. Beezer, Publications 


Rev. Hubert L. Flesher 
University Chaplain 

To have a concern and commitment 
that looks beyond the self is ironically 
the beginning of the realization of self. 
— Rev. Hugh Flesher 

Alumni Association: (1-r) Dennis R. Diehl, Assistant Director; James W. Niemeyer, 
Executive Director; Harry Ramsey, Associate Director. 

Many people at the University wonder why we have an Affirmative 
Action Officer and what she does. The explanation is complex but 
put in terms of this year's theme "A Sense of Self" I would suggest 
the following: (1) "Who We Are" from an Affirmative Action 
perspective would stress the growing diversity of our student body, 
our faculty and our support staff in terms of more women, blacks, 
Americans of native, Hispanic and Asian origins. As Affirmative Ac- 
tion succeeds we should be able to measure its effects not only in 
statistics but by the felt presence of women and minorities in non- 
traditional fields. 

(2) "What We Do" implies the richness of educational experiences 
that is possible from a heterogeneous academic community — in the 
classroom as well as in extra-curricular activities. 

(3) "How We Live" is the essence of Affirmative Action. Improved 
day-to-day relations based on respect and understanding of each 
other's backgrounds must result if Affirmative Action is to be effec- 
tive. Bringing in professional women and minorities as speakers, 
honorary degree recipients, workshop participants, etc. will help 
supplement those faculty and alumni from groups new to the Lehign 
experience. Over time, the goal is a University more representative 
of the culturally diverse American society, one in which each indi- 
vidual can benefit equally from educational and employment oppor- 

— Dr. Lora Liss 

Lora Liss, Affirmative Action Officer 


Richard Jones, Fraternity Management Assoc. Director 

James D. Mack, Director of Libraries 


Thomas Verbonitz, Director of Administrative 

(1-r) P. Marshall, K. Werner, D. Hillman, J. O'Connor. 



Education, in essence, is a process of learning about oneself. 

— Carl L. Moore 

Seated (l-r): J. Young, J. Paul, K. Sinclair, R. Mills, C. Moore. Standing: J. Hobbs, R. Parry, D. Martin, B. Fries, S. Webster. 


What a society gets in its armed services is exactly what it 
asks for, no more and no less. What it asks for tends to be a 
reflection of what it is. When a country looks at its fighting 

Seated (l-r): D. Achey, F. Deatherage, T. Harmon. 
Standing: R. Schafer, P. Hough, V. Ziccardi, L. 

forces it is looking in a mirror: If the mirror is a true one, 
the face it sees there will be its own. 

— Sir John Winthrop Hackett 



Row 1 (l-r): W. Leckonby, B. Gardiner, C. McNaron, S. Schultz; Row 2: H. Bond, J. Covert, R. 

Klein, B. Lipkin, J. Luckhardt, C. Anderson, H. Price, S. Sanders, W. Whitehead, T. 

Thompson, T. Turner, J. Whitehead, G. Leeman, W. Meyer. 


(l-r): H. Pntchard, R. Malsberger, P. Bradt, D. Bell, E. Hoagland, S. Krawiec (chairman), B. 
Bean, S. Barber, S. Herman, S. Kundell. 

"They have worked with talent and 

— Dr. D. Lewis on the faculty 

Seated (l-r): L. Wenzel (chairman), M. Charles, 
C. Clump, W. Luyben; Standing: L. Sperling, 
M. El-Asser, D.D. Joye, W. Schiesser, A. 
Foust, L. Nyiri, F. Stein. 




The sheer fun of unraveling Nature's 
secrets can make a life in science an 
everyday pleasure and a benefit for 
all mankind. 

— F.M. Fowkes 

(l-r): C. Kraihanzel, R. Sprague, K. Klier, H. Leidheiser, R. Rodgers, M. Hughes, J. Manson, F. Fowkes 
(chairman), D. Smyth, T. Young, T. Cheng, J. Sturm, S. Schaffer, K. Schray, J. Merkel. 


Row 1 (l-r): A. Ostapenko, L.W. Lu, R. Johnson, G. Driscoll, D. Van Horn (chairman), L. Beedle, J. Fisher, A. Richards, J. 
Liebig; Row 2: C. Haffner, D. Mertz, G. Dinsmore, A. Brune, C. Kostem, T. Hirst, L. Tall, H. Daniels; Row 3: C. Siegrist, B. 
Allan, J. McGraw, J. Wheeler, T. Owens, J. Smith, S. Tumminelle, F. Chen. 



(l-r): J. Hare, E. De Angeli, J. Maurer, 
C.R. Phillips. 

The self, it seems to me, is best defined in terms of what surrounds it, just as a 
painted portrait gains form and color from its background. "Who we are" is 
largely determined by what we do and the people with whom we interact. 
Similarly, here in the groves of academe, the faculty image is defined by the 
context of the students around us. Clearly, they are the answer to "why we're 
here"; the life of the mind is our common concern. To paraphrase Emerson, 
we might say that "Knowledge is its own excuse for being." 

— Edna S. deAngeli 


Seated (l-r): J.R. Aronson, 
F. Jensen, G. Garb, C. 
Shen, E. Schwartz; Stand- 
ing: J. Luizer, N. Balab- 
kins, R. Charles, B. Dal- 
Gaard, J. Hilly, R. Moran, 
J. Walker, J. McNamara, J. 
Innes, W. Pillsbury, L.R. 


Row 1 (l-r): K. Tzeng, F. 
Hielscher, B. Fritchman, 
D. Talheim; Row 2: D. 
Leenov, A. Susskind, H. 
Gnerlich, P. Ota. 



Are you lost daddy I asked tenderly. Shut up 
he explained. 

— Ringgold Wilmer Larnder 

(1-r): E.A. James, J. DeBellis, A. Hartung, R. 
Arbur, F. Hook, D. Greene, D. Ayres, P. Bei- 
dler, J. Fergus, j. Frakes, J. Vickrey, A. Bross, 
R. Williams, S. Matuska, R. Harson, J. Benner. 


I know of no other form of human activity by 
which one proclaims his individuality or identity 
more acutely personal and revealing than the 
creative arts. Descartes may have proclaimed his 
existence with "cogit ergo sum", but thinking is 
internalized. With the arts whether you paint, 
sculpt, act, compose, or write poetry, you exist 
because you reach outward to communicate with 
others. Man is the only animal who creates for 
the love of beauty, newness and self-expression. 
To be most human of all the states of the human 
condition, is to be an artist. I paint, therefore I 

— Richard J. Redd 

Front (l-r): G. Bumley, L.A. Derwin, C. Wiekkiser; Back: R. Viera, C. Alvare, R. Redd. 


Seated (l-r): MM. Masiuk, A.C. van der Naald, L.S. Lefkowitz. 
Standing: J. A. VanEerde, A.E. Hye, J. A. Mauer. 



Seated (l-r): R. Stewart, C. Sclar, J.D. 
Ryan, D. Simpson; Standing: A. Rugh, 
J. Levy, E. Evenson, J. Parks, B. Car- 
son, M. Swanson, R. Sassen, J. 


Seated (l-r): L. Olsen, D. 
Barry, E. Morgan; Standing: 
H. Whitcomb, R. Yates, N. 
Wessel, F. Colon. 


Who we are: "We're those who think that 
history is an exciting story of how our so- 
ciety, our civilization, got where it is. 
We're those who think that each of us 
exists in an historical perspective, that 
each of us, as individuals and as members 
of a group or groups, has a past which af- 
fects our present and our future. To leam 
about our common past involves an excit- 
ing, liberating and humanizing experience 
through a vicarious contact with the men 
and women who have built the societies 
and cultures in which we find ourselves. 
We are the keepers of society's memory. 
This is a most important function, for 
without the remembrance of things past 
there would be neither present efforts nor 
future goals. We are historians, members 
of a proud craft whose roots extend back to 
the time "before the memory of man run- 
neth not." 

— Lawrence H. Leder 

Seated (l-r): }. Ellis, M. Ciarlante, S. Hartley; Standing: R. Piepmeyer, L. Leder (chairman), R. 
Simon, W.G. Shade, J. Saeger, M. Baylor, P. Hampton. 



Row 1 (I-r): J. Adams, G. 
Kane (chairman), B. 
Wechsler; Row 2: M. 
Groover, E. Zimmers, L. 
Plebani, A. Gould; Row 3: 
S. Monro, L. Long, J. 
Nazemetz, G. Whitehouse. 


(l-r): R. Wylie, M. Hodges, C. Joynt, Z. Slouka. 


(l-r): J.B. McFadden (chairman), S. Friedman, R.J. Sullivan. 

Language is a rake in the garden of knowledge, and he 
who cuts a tine away makes it much more certain the 
weeds of ignorance will grow and ultimately smother 
us all. 

— J.B. McFadden 




Seated (l-r): J. Greenleaf, S. Buell, B. Litt, C. Beidleman; Standing: J. Stevens, J. Hobbs, 
B. Smackey, J. Bonge, R. Horton, S. Traub. 


Row 1 (l-r): B. Eisenberg, V.R.G. Rao; Row 2: T. Hailperin, 
E. Pitcher, B. Rayna; Row 3: C.C. Hsing, G. McCluskey, S. 
Gulden; Row 4: R. Basener, A. Wilansky, A.K. Snyder, P. 

Row 2 (l-r): R. Benner, F. Beer, D. Rockwell, J.C. Chen; Rou> 
2: B. Civelek, P. Hilton, T. Terry, F. Loo, D. Updike, J. 
Owczarek; Row 3: R. Hartranft, R. Sarubbi, R. Lucas, F. Er- 
dogan, T. Jackson. 


Standing (l-r): D. Williams, D.A. Thomas, S.K. Tarby, P.E. 

Bretz, A.W. Pense, S.R. Butler, R.W. Kraft, DM. Smyth, J. P. 

Dandridge, C.J. Vantyne, A. P. Romig, T.L. Dinsmore; Seated: 

J.I. Goldstein, Y.T. Chou, G.P. Conard (chairman), R.W. 




The nation today needs men (and women) who 
think in terms of service to their country and not 
in terms of their country's debt to them. 

— General Omar N. Bradley 

Row 1 (l-r): Maj. R. John, Maj. R. Walsh, Lt. Col. A. Phelan, Capt. D. Tomasik; Row 2: 
A. Miller, MSgt. R. Basilic, Sgt. Maj. J. Kress, J. Locascio, Maj. H. Manns. 


Brown, K. Reichard, R. Cutler, J. Bidlack. 


(l-r): T. Haynes, A. Laslie, R. Bonds, J.R. Lindgren, 
N. Melchert, J. Hare. 

If nothing is changed, everything will remain the same. 

— Lindgren's Second Law 



Row 2 (l-r): J. McLennan, R. Folk, Y. Kim, J. Sands; Row 
2: D. Wheeler, W. Spatz, G. Borse, R. Shaffer; Row 3: R. 
Emrich, W. VanSciver, B. Benson, E. Bergmann. 


Row 1 (l-r): M. Richter, L. Horst, R. Loeb; 
Row 2: H. Foster, W. Newman, E. Kay, 
A. Brody, L. Paul, G. Shortess. 


L. Freeman, R. Herrenkohl, J. Mcintosh, B. Kopytoff, R. Rosenwein, B. Frankel, R. Williamson. 




Most Lehigh University students 
understand the world as it is and 
come here to get certified to work in 
it; we try to inspire you to dream of 
the world as it might be and send 
you forth to work on it. 

— David Amidon 

David Amidon 


As biomedical scientists, our lives are 
devoted to the elucidation of certain pro- 
cesses of living systems which will im- 
mediately or eventually aid in our under- 
standing of the disease state and how it 
can be alleviated. Our daily probing of 
those mechanisms which allow viruses, 
bacteria, worms, snails, rats, and rabbits 
to function and finding common de- 
nominators, reaffirms in us the belief 
that there is unity in the diversity of Na- 

— Thomas C. Cheng 

(l-r): M. Uhrin, L. Renwrantz, K. Auld, T. Yoshino, M. Chorney, T. Garrabrent, T. Cheng (direc- 
tor), J. Huang, N. Heindel, T. Farris, K. Howland. 


*C>C *r~-; 

iST7 <M1 


W& faicAetlfor an/ eternity, ^at It tooA /onyer tAan/ tAat to- /ug/ 

a/l oar stuff 2 to- a/ c/o&etHsized room/. 

(jotui&e/isiy Service/ 
heck//e& it& coarea. 




PHONE (215)691-7000 EXT. 781 


989-10-1234 fi 


9 ! 8 ! 7 6 


09 |06 |76 

NAME B. Wildered Frosh, V 
D 10V 






03 [0 2 J76 





09 |02 |76 





09 |02 |76 




09 |04 |76 





09 |06 |76 





09IJ06 |76 





09 |06 |76 





WAab cou/d /w ioor&& t/um/ s/tenc&s^ Aour& isi; /vi&, tAeMtoti^60/b%b.of6ooA& 
to- tA& StAJZoor of Q)racKh? ^/ettmy tA& 6i/l/ 

SFresAmcuv 6am^ 

$miM cam£/ire& and ' tAre&-/mrts /uzrmcm^ mado 




I Female members admitted to the ranks of Lehigh's Marching 97 attend practice in Taylor Stadium. Standing are (from left) Barbara 

JTreichler, Janet Torongo, Cynthia Nagasaki, Jane Honeyman and Lori Totten. Seated are Betsy Fenik with her French horn and Debbie 

York with a piccolo. All are freshmen except Miss Nagasaki, who is a sophomore. 

Seven Women Join the Marching 97; 
'Gross-Out Bus' May Bite the Dust 

It appears that the addition of Adam's 
rib will not break the back of the 
Lehigh University Marching 97. 
On September 29 the band broke a 67- 
year-old tradition and admitted seven coeds 
into its ranks. However, band manager 
Andrew Shmerler, '74, affirms that "It's the 
same great band that it always was and al- 
ways will be." The band traditionally has 
been known as the "finest marching band in 
| the East." 

Shmerler said he can foresee only minor 

changes with the addition of coeds. At 
present, he explains, "the band is a very 
rowdy and crass bunch of hoodlums when 
they are in their own company. But as more 
girls come into the band - well, it's not that 
the bandies feel that they would have to 
change, it's that they would find themselves 
very self-conscious in the presence of girls." 
It also appears that the coeds will affect 
the band's traditional mode of travel. Shmer- 
ler said that when the Marching 97 goes on 
the road it usually takes three buses. Band 

members and their dates travel on one bus, 
studious band members on another bus and 
the rowdier bandies generally ride on the 
"gross-out bus." This year's coed band mem- 
bers travel in the date bus, but as their 
numbers increase, the gross-out bus "will fall 
by the wayside," in Shmerler's view. 

Shmerler says the band went coed volun- 
tarily. However, the university's Human Re- 
lations Committee was about to investigate 
charges of discrimination that had been 
levied against the Marching 97. If the band 
had been found guilty, university financial 
support probably would have been with- 

The coeds have not hurt the band's per 
formance. Its members still practice six I 
hours per week and the intensive three-day 
summer training camp will continue. ft 

< WeeAend 

£FA&fa/A&' loved eoeratAeng' o/hhi// 
^eAigtA; tA& spirit/, t/t& scenera/, eae/i/ 
/u/irA/. O/tiHoas/fj tAey caere/ spare*/ 
/ram ///. (o.^/oat/. 


Office of the Registrar 

December 20, 197fi 

tudent Body: 

The following steps are involved in registering for the 1977 
spring semester: 

1. Bursar's Receipts for students whose bills are paia will be 
available in the south lobby of the Alumni Building on January 17 
and 13 from 8:15 a.m. until 4:45 p.m., and on January 19 from 
3:00 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. Students whose bills are not paid must 
go to the Bursar's Office to pay their bills and receive their 

V«C Ink. Will* plainlr- 





I wish to drop the following course(s): 



m X m 


I-5-* 9 

Ink. Writ* plainly. 



I respectfully request 








<Ja/ent> S/imo- ca//ed on axcmmt of crmsnes^. 

to- fA& tun&of"£TA& 
($att/& 9&pnsi/oftA& 

W& uwnder Aota- tAajFent/emen* 

Jtr&jpettvup asuf rest* 

When tAey spend adoftfuur sftase> tim& 

On, tA&roaa (to- 6edor (orest' 

($06 e£>'& not (Ac' coftiftetMo/b 

CTAab i&^yetting-' u&> so- mad' 

CTAc tvwfficyasrw on/ 22 are< 6ad/ 

(pAaraa: Jaoe>uoar-j^a& and data a coed 
xSaaesuaar-jfass and data a coed 
<Saoeuoas- t <faS' and dat& a coed 
WAen> energy; i& tour 




traaitiofi/ of /eihe/ina' 

tim& &au^ i£&< (Jemi&& isi; '26. 

S7n tA& ' 61) & students mac/& 

in/ tA& '70's/ tAetf mac/& tA& 
new& /h/; streaAisuy. 

Qje/tfr Aefa> a/>rea&b of tA& timea uutA/ tAeir ipyfrwet/ ^~-?sAirl/ contest 

(j/asses/ <Snotoed Out f£Fe/h. fj}7<5) 

iS/iouh coas/ too- aee& to- attend c/as&e&, 6ut> not too- aeefr to- 

notice/ tAat snoto- i& toAi£& in/ doetA/eAenv 

at> /easts toAen' it^i/Zsy. 

~-s *> wr*ffl*U 




- - i 

■ rbSetsezbh 




rvn iV Post Car J Co. X. )'. 

SOL'TH BETHLEHEM, PA &-f*-^- jf s 

One Hundred Ninth 

Commencement Exercises 

Sunday, Mav 29. 1977 

Lehigh University 

/aur^tfears/ seem/ 
/lA& a/v i/i&ta/it/. 

&~A& YJ}77jfruduation< uxi& asv event to- 
r€mem/^er^faf , ' senior® cvAo- s£€fibj&ar ( jfear& 
ftre/mriny to- enter a/ awr/d sAaJbed 6y tA& /cAes/af 
ffloaMzrd 5^T tSmitA/ and fflenrtf tf&s&inyer. 









iHSpaailp ira 


^l-'^il^l-i^!-!:-::^^! 1 

?i ^ 

■ i 

' . '."■ ■■.■■ ' :■:■■ ' 

/^■/.^V;''';\:^'M:';! :i: :>*:' 
' ■ - : : ' ■■■■- '■:'..■ ■■/': ■■ ' ; .:>:i : :. ; :- ,; :: ''' :; -,^: 


SHI llil ;; " ,,>; ' ■■■ ::: ' ■- %MM§W$M' 

■ : . ..'.''. :!:■■■ 

' Hi I! 

... , ;..,,!.; . ■., ,;,,,. 

..; .. : .: . ■- : : ~ . ■ • ■ .:.,.!■.■ i.. ■:■■:■.:■: : . . . ■ 

■ " : ■ • ■ •' ..... . 

- ' ■ .. : '. ■ . ■ 

.,; ■ ... ........ 



: ; ■■ "' " ' 


'}■;■: ,: i !!!![j;|| l «i".»i;*.;' 

I! 1 ^;;!!.!!.!!!"!'!!!!.!--.'!!!-:!! 

:l.. :l: ■: ! |::|;:. 


I ', i •■ , ,i!.,: if. 

. : .!':'.'".. , 

Ghassan N. Abboud — PO Box 727, Tripoli, Lebanon; 
Mech. Engrg.; Alpha Chi Rho — Ritual, Rush Chair- 
man, Pledge Master; ASME; Intramurals; S.A.C. Sec- 
urity Director. 

Gaby Gebran Abdelnour — Beirut, Lebanon; Elec. 
Engrg.; Soccer; IEEE; ASME; Ski Club. 
Robert T. Abele — 2017 Waterloo Rd., Berwyn, Pa.; 
Eco. & Fin.; Chi Psi — Vice-Pres., Steward, Athletic 
Mgr.; Rugby Team; Boxing Club; Sr. Class Executive 

Paul Adelman — 2864 Jermantown Rd., Oakton, Va. 
Stephen David Ades — 77 Brownell Ave., New Bedford, 
Ma.; Fin.; Hillel Society — Pres.; Radio Station; 
United Jewish Appeal Co-Chairman. 
Hamed Abdul-Nart Al-Arbash — Embassy of Kuwait, 
Connecticut Ave., Washington, D.C.; Elec. Engrg.; 
Sophomore Honors; Arabic Club — Pres,; Eta Kappa 

Abdul Rahman S. Alawad — Embassy of Kuwait, Con- 
necticut Ave., Washington, D.C.; Mech. Engrg. 
Lucien V. Alexis HI — 4860 Ray Ave., New Orleans, 
La.; Fin.; Psi Upsilon — Corr. Secy., Pledgemaster; 
Lacrosse; ROTC. 

Hatneed H. Alkattan — Embassy of Kuwait, Connec- 
ticut Ave., Washington, D.C.; Elec. Engrg. 

Richard B. Allen — 19 Roberts Rd., Warren, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Delta Upsilon; Varsity Squash Team; Bridge 
Club; Investment Comm. Chairman; Sr. Class Gift 

Mark Spencer Alsentzer — Box 56V2 Heyburn Rd., 
Chadds Ford, Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; Phi Gamma Delta — 
Social Chairman; Freshman Honors; Intramurals. 
Paul John Altenpohl ]r. — 1411 Longcreek Dr., High 
Point, N.C.; Acctg.; Phi Delta Theta — Chaplain; 
Freshman Soccer; Marketing Club. 
Thomas D. Anderson — 170 Townsend Ave., Pelham, 
N.Y.; Civil Engrg.; Phi Delta Theta; JV Football; Base- 
ball; Hockey; Gryphon Society; Glee Club; ASCE. 
Manassi T. Antonis, Jr. — 3915 Fairfax Rd., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Bio.; Lehigh Scholarship (76-77); Lehigh Univer- 
sity Orchestra, String Quartets. 

Mark Richard Arendas — 671 Cheyenne Dr., Franklin 
Lakes, N.J.; Fin. & Mgt.; Alpha Tau Omega — Ste- 
ward; Investment Club; Mkt. Club; Rugby Club. 
Jeffrey William Armstrong — 18 Robbins Rd., 
Pleasantville, N.Y.; Acctg.; Freshman Football; Varsity 
Football; Alpha Tau Omega. 

Ghassan N. Abboud 

Gary G. Abdelnour 


Robert T. Abele 

Paul Adelman 

Stephen D. Ades 

Hamed A. Al Arbash 

Abdul-Rahman S. Al-Awad 

Lucien V. Alexis III 

Hameed Habib Al-Kattan 

Mark S. Alsentzer 

Thomas D. Anderson 

Richard B. Allen 

Paul J. Altenpohl Jr. 

Manassi T. Antonis Jr. 

Mark R. Arendas 

Jeffrey W. Armstrong 




*- N 


i 2 

David A. Arnesen 

Richard K. Asbeck 

Renee S. Aubert 

Samuel J. August 

David H. Ashton 

Clarence Auyoung 

Frederick C. Bader 


Sermin N. Atlig 

David E. Axelson 

William B. Baer 

Eric V. Baiz 

Peter H. Ballas 

John E. Ballowe 

Richard G. Barber 

Nicholas V. Bard 

Brian K. Bare 

David A. Amesen — 977 Gordon Ln., Birmingham, 
Mi.; Jour.; Theta Xi; Intramurals; Brown & White Desk 

Richard K. Asbeck — 1330 Prince Charles, Westlake, 
Ohio; Elec. Engrg.; Sigma Phi Epsilon; National Merit 
Scholar; Intramurals. 

David H. Ashton — 193 Greyhorse Rd., Willow Grove, 
Pa.; Metallurgy; Chi Psi, Steward; Metallurgy Society 
of AST; Rugby; Class Gift Committee. 
Sermin N. Atlig — Istanbul, Turkey; Mrktg.; Dean's 
List; Marketing Club. 

Renee S. Aubert — 109 Willow St., Garden City, N.Y.; 
Acctg. & Fin.; Phi Eta Sigma; William L. Gladstone 
Scholarship; Intramurals; Sr. Class Executive Comm.; 
LUV; Sr. Class Investment Committee. 
Samuel J. August — 2450 NE 135 St. North Miami, Fl.; 
Acctg; Beta Alpha Psi; Dean's List, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Hillel Society; SAC, Financial Manager. 
Clarence Au-Young — 7 floor, 44 Robinson Rd., Hong 
Kong; Civil Engrg; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List; LUV; 
Lehigh Post Semester Opportunity Program; Boxing 
Club, Intramural program; Engineering & Computer 

David E. Axelson — 408 Gilhall Rd., Clairtown, Pa.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Sigma Nu. 

Frederick Charles Bader — 549 Netherwood Rd., Upper 
Darby, Pa.; Latin/Govt.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice- 
Pres.; IFC; Dean's List; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Forum; LUV; Leviathan; Department 
of Government Advisory Committee. 
William B. Baer — 16 Ridge Tr., Short Hills, N.J. 
Eric von Amman Baiz — 400 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; German & Foreign Careers; Taylor Hall Pres.; 
Brown & White Photo Editor; Area co-ordinator Sr. 
Class Gift campaign; Chairman RHC Facilities Comm.; 
Chairman UC Tower Bell Restoration Committee. 
Peter H. Ballas — 23 Summit Ave., N. Plainfield, N.J.; 
Ind. Engrg.; Sigma Chi — Pres., Rush Chairman, So- 
cial Chairman; IFC Rep. 
John Edward Ballowe -- Birchwood Lakes, RD 1 Box 

Mrktg.; Pi Lambda Phi. 

1778 Harcor Dr., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Taylor Hall. 

Nicholas Van Bard — 213-18 86 Ave., Hollis Hills, N.Y.; 
Elec. Engrg.; Alpha Chi Rho, Chaplain; Sportswear 
Rep.; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Mu; Intramural Ac- 

Brian Kevin Bare — 1217 Brook Meadow Dr., Towson, 
Md.; Elec. Engrg.; Smiley House, Vice-Pres.; Eta 
Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE, Vice Chairman. 

116, Digmans Ferry, Pa. 
Richard Gerard Barber 

Michael Conan Barr — 232 Washington St., Hamburg, 
Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Beta Theta Pi, House Manager; 
Presidential Prize; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; 
Freshman Football. 

Peter F. Barry III — Windy Ghoul, Beaver, Pa.; Mech. 
Engrg.; McConn House, Concessions Mgr.; Tau Beta 
Pi; Pi Tau Sigma, WLTN-TV; WLRN-Radio; Brown 
and White. 

Mark Owen Bartholomew — 423 Perkiomen Ave., 
Lansdale, Pa.; Acctg.; Theta Chi, Secy; Dean's List; 
Varsity Golf; Weightlifting Club; Intramurals; Outing 
Club; Investment Club. 

Michael C. Barton — 1407 Carrollton Ave., Towson, 
Md., Fin.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Dean's List; In- 
vestment Club; Ski Club; Big Brother Program. 
Steven Peter Bartosik — Toll Gate Rd., RD 1, Zionsville, 
Pa.; History; Zeta Psi; Intramurals; Marching Band, 
Stage Band (Freshman Mgr. Staff Asst); Concert Band, 
Percussion Ensemble; Forum VII; APO; Varsity Band. 
James Lawrence Bartz, Jr. — 2 Plymouth Rd., Summit, 
N.J.; Fin.; Phi Delta Theta; Intramurals; Army ROTC. 
Robert Francis Bayer — 7849 Anita Dr., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chair- 
man; ASME; ASHRAE; Ice Hockey Team, Capt.; 
Rugby Team, Intramurals. 

Richard Donald Bedell — 11947 South Durrette, Hous- 
ton, Tx.; Chem. Engrg.; Theta Xi, Steward; Theta Xi 
BFD Award; Intramurals. 

Frank P. Behlau — 1068 Antonio Dr., North Brunswick, 
N.J.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre- Architecture/German; Re- 
negade Beach Club, Secy/Treas.; Student Art Exhibits; 
Parnassus; WLVR-FM. 

Benjamin Francis Bell — 17 Nottingham Dr., Natick, 
Ma.; Bio.; Sophomore Honors, Dean's List. 
Andrew Ross Ben-Ami — Apt. 209, 2385 N.E. 173 St., N. 
Miami Beach, Fl.; Acctg.; Beardslee House; Residence 
Halls Council — Treas.; Forum VI & VII; Hillel Society; 
Pre-Law Society; College Young Democrats. 
Richard P. Benoit, II — 10 Candlewood Dr., Madison, 
N.J.; Mech. Engrg.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian; ASME; 
Varsity Hockey; Varsity Golf; Intramurals; Outing 

Stephen M. Begany — 1204 Wiley St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Alan Frederick Bergold — 1429 Linden St., Allentown, 
Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; ACS. 

Jonathan E. Best — 427 Sandford Ave., Westfield, NJ. 
Peter Michael Bieszard — 87 Berkley PI., Glen Rock, 
N.J.; Acctg.; Congdon House, Pres.; Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Beta Alpha Psi, Pres.; Cheerleaders, Capt. (Sr.); 
Sr. Class Gift Campaign; Residence Halls Council. 

Michael C. Barr 

Peter F. Barry III 

Mark O. Bartholomew 

Michael C. Barton 

Steven P. Bartosik 

James L. Bartz Jr. 

Robert Bayer 

Richard D. Bedell 

Frank P. Behlau 

\ W^H 

Benjamin F. Bell 

Andrew R. Ben-Ami 


Richard P. Benoit 

Stephen M. Begany 

Alan F. Bergold 

Jonathan Best 

Peter M. Bieszard 

Hugh E. Biggin 

John P. Bishop 

Kristine A. Blew 

Richard J. Bloom 

Jeffrey C. Bodenstab 

Edward J. Boltz III 

Linda A. Bondemore 

Mary Ellen Boone 





9 y* -> ^ J 

^ ! 


* *1 

el- ^ 



. A \ . 

^T^ \ 







^*"« ^^ K^ 

■ *? 



c~^ •"'* y A V 




1 ^HT 






r* ^ 

^- ■ 

Thomas H. Boone Jr. 

Marcus A. Borden 

Anthony S. Borges 

Mariellen Borowiak 

Carl M. Bosch 

Jeffrey S. Boyd 

Jeanette Bradley 

Josephine A. Branco 

Hugh Eastburn Biggin — 10 Sugarplum Rd., Levittown, 
Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Delta Chi; IM Manager; ASCE; JV 

John Purnell Bishop — 1728 Olive St., Reading, PA.; 
Acctg.; Kappa Sigma, Intramural Manager; IFC; Iden- 
tification Editor for the Epitome. 

Kristine A. Blew — 3868 Lincoln Parkway W., Allen- 
town, Pa. 

Richard Jeffrey Bloom — 311 Dermody St., Roselle, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Kappa Sigma, Asst. Rush Chairman, Intramu- 
ral Manager; Asst. Basketball Coach; FMA; Forum; 
Drinker Fiouse, Treas. 

Jeffrey C. Bodenstab — 20 Shady Acres Ln., Darien, Ct.; 
Ind. Engrg.; Pi Lambda Phi; National Merit Scholar; 
Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi; AIIE, Pres.; Sailing Team; 
Brown & White Senior News Editor. 
Edward J. Boltz 111 — 21 Hilldonia Ave., Dallas, Pa. 
Linda Ann Bondemore — 116 Main St., Stanhope, N.J.; 
Jour.; Dean's List; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; In- 
tramurals; Marketing Club; Epitome Sr. Editor; Brown 
& White Sr. Reporter, News & Sports Writer; Sr. Class 
Gift Committee. 

Mary Ellen Boone — 225 Delaware Ave., West Pittston, 
Pa.; Fin. & Soc. 

Thomas H. Boone, Jr. — 6627 Sulky Ln., Rockville, Md.; 
Acctg. & Fin.; Intramurals; IFC Security Comm., 
Chairman; FMA Chairman, Board of Directors. 
Marcus A. Borden — Box 449 Syracuse, N.Y.; Spanish; 
Phi Gamma Delta, Pledge Master, Historian; Varsity 

Anthony Silva Borges — 64 Ashwood Ave., Summit, 
N.J.; Chem. & Eng.; Sigma Tau Delta; ACS; Track & 
Cross Country. 

Mariellen Borowiak — 2182 Catasauqua Rd., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Bio. 

Carl Martin Bosch — 3124 Cortland Dr., Vestal, N.Y.; 
Elec. Engrg.; Chi Phi, Social Chairman, Vice-Pres.; 
Dean's List; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Honors; 
Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Intramurals; IFC 
Representative; Scholarship Comm.; Judiciary Comm. 

Jeffrey S. Boyd — 16 Euclid Ave., Westwood, N.J.; 
Hist.; Beta Theta Pi; Wrestling. 

Jeanette G. Bradley — 4 Stonegate, Upper Saddle River, 
N.J.; Math.; Carothers House, Vice-Pres.; Intramurals, 
Volley Ball; LUV, Project Coordinator; French Club. 
Josephine A. Branco — 210 Hartranft Ave., Norristown, 

Mark S. Branibar — 4 Springbrook Tr., Sparta, N.J. 
David Michael Bright — 102 W. Ruth Ave., Robesonia, 
Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Kappa Alpha, Scholarship Chair- 
man; Dean's List, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Se- 
nior; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Intramurals. 
Ellen Brower — 21 Stonegate Rd., Ossining, N.Y.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Varsity Field Hockey; Swimming. 
Charles Wilbur Brown — 7 Walnut St., Morristown, 
N.J.; Mktg.; Varsity Basketball. 

Douglas Mathias Brunner — 1247 Berwyn-Paoli Rd., Be- 
rwyn, Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres.; 
ASME; Track & Field; Brass Ensemble. 
Donald R. Bryant — 4487 Whetstone Rd., Manlius, 
N.Y.; Fin/Mgt.; Phi Gamma Delta; IFC Chairman; 
Football; US Ski Team. 

Susan M. Bschorr — 28 Willets Ln., Plandome, N.Y.; 
ESRM; RH-11; Sr. Class President, Varsity Volleyball; 

Linda Suzanne Buck — 411 South 5th Ave., Highland 
Park, N.J.; Civil Engrg.; RH-11; ASCE; Field Hockey; 
Gamma Phi Beta. 

David C. Burdakin — 56 Lahser Rd., Birmingham, Mi. 
Michael Allen Bushner — 1922 S. Delaware St., Allen- 
town, Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Freshman & Sophomore Hon- 

Curtis Byk — 34 Farm Ln., Great Neck, N.Y.; Mktg. 
Beardslees, SMAGS, Treas.; Marketing Club; SAC 
Visiting Lecturers Comm.; College Republicans 
Lehigh Radio Network; Band. 

David John Bzik — 147 Analomink St., E. Stroudsburg, 
Pa.; Bio.; Pi Lambda Phi; Dean's List, Freshman Hon- 

Stephen Douglas Cahill — 75 Hampton Rd., Garden 
City, N.Y.; Bio.; Sigma Chi, Tribune, Publ. Relations, 
Chapter Editor; Dean's List, Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Pre-Med Society; LUV; Forum VI; Sky-Life 
Flying Club; Skiing Club; Sailing Club. 
]ohn Titus Callaghan — R 741 Main St., Peckville, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg.; Phi Kappa Theta, Steward; ASCE. 
Eileen M. Canzian — 1449 White Oak Dr., Verona, Pa.; 
Jour.; Brown & White Editor-in-Chief. 

Christine C. Cardello — 33 Beechwood Dr., Convent 
Sta., N.J.; Fin.; RH-11; Dean's List; Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Varsity Volleyball; Centennial School Swim In- 
structor; Women's Caucus; Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, 
Treas.; Executive Board Senior Class; Sr. Class Gift 

Ellyn M. Brower 

Charles W. Brown 

Douglas M. Brunner 

David C. Burdakin 

Donald R. Bryant 

Michael A. Bushner 

Susan M. Bschorr 

Linda Suzanne Buck 

Curtis L. Byk 

David J. Bzik 

Steven D. Cahill 

John T. Callaghan 

Eileen M. Canzian 

Christine C. Cardello 


Anthony J. Cariddi Jr. 

Richard J. Cariello 

Joseph F. Carroll 

Donald P. Casapulla 

Mitchell L. Cassel 

William G. Chieco 

Robert R. Clark Jr. 

Joanna Castaldi 

David E. Charles 

William S. Check Jr. 

Jane E. Clarke 


mJMmj&. 4l 

David D. Clauser 

John M. Clinch 

David A. Clough 


Helane Cohen 

Kenneth Colbert 

Anthony John Cariddi, Jr. — 150 College PL, S. Orange, 
N.J.; Acctg/Fin.; Phi Gamma Delta, House Manager, 
Social Chairman; Intramural Mur. Soccer; Sr. Class 
Gift Fund. 

Richard John Cariello — 718 Larchwood Ln., Villanova, 

Pa.; Bio.; Music; Photography; Filmmaking, Painting. 

Joseph Fitzgerald Carroll — 5804 Atteentee Rd., 

Springfield, Va.; Fin.; MVP Baseball; ECAC Award; 


Donald P. Casapulla — 60 Gould Tr., Clifton, N.J.; Bio.; 

Zeta Psi; Freshman Honors, Dean's List. 

Mitchell L. Cassel — 33 Ellen Ct., Hillsdale, N.J.; Bio.; 
LUV; Brown & White. 

Joanna Castaldi — Seidersville Rd., RD 7, Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Psych.; Psi Chi; Chamber Orchestra; LUV; Psi Chi 
Secy; Supervisor, University Center. 
David E. Charles — Charles Ln., Jamison, Pa.; Eco.; 
Theta Xi. 

William S. Check, Jr. — 1832 Pinehurst Rd., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg. 

William Gregory Chieco — 160 Quaker Ridge Rd., Man- 
hasset, N.Y.; Acctg. & Fin.; Sigma Chi, Vice-Pres., 
Treas.; IFC Rep.; Varsity, Marching, Concert Bands. 
Robert R. Clark, Jr. — 2507 Lakewood Ct., Baltimore 

Jane Eleanor Clarke — 807 N. Kearney St., Allentown, 
Pa.; Govt.; Alpha Phi Sorority; French Club; SAC Pub- 
licity Comm.; Mustard & Cheese Production: Red 

David D. Clauser — 2018 Vista Dr., Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Govt. & Soc. Rel. 

John Michael Clinch — 809 Hayes Ave., Helena, Mt.; 
Civil Engrg. & Env. Sci.; Lehigh Christian Football; 
Geology Club; Chaplain's Council; Hiking, Camping, 
Rock Collecting, Macrame, Science Fiction & Fantasy, 

David Alan Clough - — 781 Redwood Rd., Martinsville, 
N.J.; Govt.; Beta Theta Pi, Soc. Chairman. 
Helane Beth Cohen — 2823 Debra Way, Union, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Bishopthorpe; Freshman & Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Accounting Internship; Brown & White; LUV. 
Kenneth S. Colbert — 2 Manor Rd., Livingston, N.J.; 
Ind. Engrg.; AIIE; Intramurals. 

Clinton William Coldren — 6 Circle Ln., Mechanicsburg, 
Pa.;- Mech. Engrg.; Delta Upsilon, Pres. & Treas.; 
ASME; Intramurals; IFC. 

Randall Cole — 150 Chadwick PL, Glenrock, N.J.; Bus. 
Margaret M. Collier — Peachcroft RcL, Bernardsville, 
N.J.; Soc. Rel. & Bus. Minor; RHC, LUV; Forum; Aca- 
demic Environment; Admissions Subcomm.; Sr. Class 
Gift Campaign. 

David A. Comfort, Jr. — 8 Cedar Dr., Granby Ct.; 
GeoL; Lehigh University Marching Band. 
Charles K. Congdon — 11041 Powderhorn Dr., Potomac, 
Md.; Ind. Engrg.; AIIE; JV Baseball, Intramurals. 
Michael M. Connolly — 738 Crescent Dr., Glenolden, 
Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Phi Kappa Theta, Secy, Pledge Mas- 
ter; Freshman Honors; Chi Epsilon Honorary Frat; 
ASCE; Intramurals. 

Randy T. Constantin — 6 Brentwood Dr., Verona, N.J.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Beardslee. 

Kenneth B. Cooke — 3830 S. Miller Way, Birmingham, 
Mi.; Psych; Sigma Chi; Varsity Baseball. 
Kenneth P. Costello — 681 Lake St., Newark, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Leavitt House, Treas.; Investment Club; RHC; 

- 75 Morris Rd., Harleysville, Pa.; 
Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Varsity 

- 450 N. Fourteenth 
I.R. Club; Circle K 

St., Catasauqua, 
Club; Brown & 

Mark David Cowell - 
Mech. Engrg.; Tau 
James J. Coyle 
Pa.; Int. Rel.; 

Susan L. Cozzie — 1532 Terrace Dr., Maple Glen, Pa.; 

Govt. & Jour.; Pre-law Soc; Modern Dance; Brown & 


Brian Starkweather Cramer — 342 Minneola St., 

Hinsdale, II.; Elec. Engrg.; RHC Rep.; Phi Eta Sigma; 

Freshman Honors; IEEE; Intramurals; Sky Diving 

Club, Pres.; Forum; Civil Air Patrol. 

Michael Cranley — 322 Woodland Ave., Brielle, N.J.; 

Fin.; Phi Gamma Delta, Pledge Master, Manager of 


Pamela Crawford — Yardley, Pa.; Math. /Hist.; RH-11, 

Pres. Bldg. G.; Academic Chairman Carothers House; 

1st place 1976 Williams Senior Essay Contest; Dean's 

List, Freshman & Sophomore Honors; University 

Scholar in History; Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, 

Lambda Alpha Lambda; Turkey Trot. 

Paul A. Crawford — 3704 Belladonna Dr., Glenshaw, 

Pa.; Bus.; Theta Xi. 

Clinton W. Coldren 

Randall Cole 

David A. Comfort Jr. 


Charles K. Congdon 

A Ik 
Michael M. Connolly 

Randy T. Constantin 

Kenneth B. Cooke 

Kenneth P. Costello 

Mark D. Cowell 

James J. Coyle 

Susan L. Cozzie 

Brian S. Cramer 

Michael Cranley 

Pamela M. Crawford 

Paul Crawford 

Johannes C. Croeze 

Alan H. Crudo 

Sheryl L. Cutler 

James J. Cutrufello 

Deborah A. Dabrowski 

Stanley J. Darlak 

David R. David 

Barry M. Davis 

Ann Marie Delano 

Gary L. Delp 

Johannes Chrisostomos Croeze — Macuarima 76, Santa 
Cruz Aruba, Netherlands, At.; Metallurgy & Material 
Sci.; ASME. 

Alan Harris Crudo — 15 Essex Ct., Margate, N.J.; Mech. 
Engrg.; ASME; Intramurals; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rush 
Chairman; RHC, Treas., Facilities Chairman; Epitome 
Staff; Hillel, Vice-Pres. 

Bruce Peters Crystal — 18 Eton Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y.; 
Fin.; Beta Theta Pi, Treas.; Dean's List, Sophomore 
Honors; Lacrosse, Capt.; Varsity & Freshman Football; 
Sr. Class Solicitor. 

Whitley Austin Cummings II — 618 Newtown Rd., New- 
town Square, Pa.; Fin.; Chi Psi, Secy., Pledge Master; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; JV Baseball; Varsity Hoc- 

Richard Ian Cunliffe — 49 Midland Blvd., Maplewood, 
N.J.; Acctg.; Sigma Nu; Treas.; Intramurals; Invest- 
ment Club. 

Robert Currie, Jr. — 1381 Graymill Dr., Scotch Plains, 
N.J.; Fin.; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Sheryl Lynn Cutler — 234 Ryder Rd., Manhasset, N.Y.; 
Fin.; RH-11; Contributor to School Library Magazine; 
Contributing Artist to Lehigh TV; Mustard & Cheese. 
James J. Cutrufello — 308 Meghan PL, Norwood, Pa.; 
Elec. Engrg.; Theta Chi. 

Deborah Ann Dabrowski — 16 Laurel Rd., Brunswick, 
Me.; Hist.; Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Rush Chairman 
& Chapter Development Chairman; Varsity Swim- 
ming, Intramurals; Brown & White Bus. Staff; Sr. Class 
Gift Campaign, Publication & Solicitation Committee. 
Stanley Joseph Darlak — RD 3, Moscow, Pa.; Mech. 
Engrg.; Lambda Chi Alpha; ASME; Intramural, Track 
& Sports; Mustard & Cheese. 

David Richard David — 151 Parker Ave., Easton, Pa.; 
Elec. Engrg.; Bishopthorpe; Freshman Honors; Intra- 

Barry Mitchell Davis — 3 Saxon St., Huntington Sta., 
N.Y.; Fin. & International Relations minor; Beta Theta 
Pi, Rush Chairman, Pledge Chief; Intramurals; IFC, 
Rush Chairman; SAC; Mustard & Cheese; IFC Rep. 
Nils Deacon — RD 2 Box 570, Ramtown Rd., Howell, 
N.J.; Hist.; Wrestling, Tri-Captain. 
John A. DeHuff, Jr. — 398 Woodland Rd., Madison, 
N.J.; Psych.; Theta Chi, Intramural Mgr. 1 year; Forum 
V; Student Life Comm. 

Ann M. Delano — 42 Willow St., Millburn, N.J.; Chem. 
Engrg.; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Chevron Schol- 
arship; AICE; Forum Admissions Comm.; Tau Beta Pi, 
Membership Committee. 

Gary LaMar Delp — 1427 School House Rd., Perkasie, 
Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; ASME; Intramurals; Civil Air Pat- 
rol, Drill Team; Air Force ROTC. 

Lawrence A. Deren — 1011 Locust St., Hazelton, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg.; Congdon House. 

David M. Deturck — 263 Endlich Ave., Mt. Penn, Pa.; 
Bus.; RH-11. 

Frank Joseph Diana — 265 Nassau Ave., No. Mas- 
sapequa, N.Y.; Chem. Engrg.; Phi Gamma Delta, 
Pres., Treas.; Dean's List; LUV, Math Tutor, 
Emergency Room Attendant; Newman Association, 

Gary Alan Diehl — 2739 Elm Ct, Allen town, Pa.; Elec. 
Engrg.; RH-11; Freshman Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; 
IEEE; Intramural Sports; Alpha Phi Omega; Common 

Stephen Ray Dill — 83 Amelia Circle, Little Silver, N.J.; 
Pre- Arch.; Beta Theta Pi; Intramurals; Glee Club; 

Marcus F. Dilliard — 1336 North New St., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Arts. 

Nancy Diane Dimmig — 10 Kenny Circle, Broomall, Pa.; 

Joseph E. Diorio — 303 North 9th St., Bangor, Pa.; Civil 
Engrg.; Freshman Honors; Chi Epsilon; ASCE, Pres.; 

Barbara Elizabeth Dippel — 117 Boulevard, Scarsdale, 
N.Y.; Psych. & Soc. Rel.; Gamma Phi Beta, Secy.; 
Brown & White, Polling Comm.; Sr. Class Gift Cam- 

Randi Di Prima — 8 Overton Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y.; Ind. 
Engrg.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chaplain; Alpha Pi Mu; 
AIIE; Varsity Football Cheerleader. 
Lawrence J. Disabatino — 511 Lennox Rd., Wilmington, 
De.; Civil Engrg.; Chi Psi. 

Michael Joseph Doeberl — 38 Mary Ln., Riverside, Ct.; 
Acctg./Eco.; Secy. & Treas. Stevens; Freshman & 
Sophomore Honors, Dean's List; Intramurals; Circle K 
Club Treas. 

Peter Cummings Dolan — Apt. 4-V, 519 Bloomfield 
Ave., Caldwell, N.J.; Fin. & Eco.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Vice-Pres.; Investment Club; Intramurals; RHC. 
Robert Leander Donaghy — 99 Van Rensselaer Ave., 
Stamford, Ct.; Eco.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Executive Coun- 
cil Chairman; Weightlifting Club, Pres.; Longgliding 

Stephen Hunter Donaldson — 2284 Meadow Rd., 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Theta Xi. 
Lawrie R. Drennen, Jr. — PO Box 214 W Mt. Vernon 
St., Oxford, Pa.; Ind. Engr.; Delta Chi; AIIE; Marching 
Band; Intramurals. 

Lawrence A. Deren 

David M. Deturck 


Frank J. Diana 

Gary A. Diehl 

Stephen R. Dill 

Marcus F. Dilliard 

Nancy D. Dimmig 

Joseph E. Diorio 

Barbara E. Dippel 

Randi P. DiPrima 

Lawrence J. Disabatino 

Michael J. Doeberl 

Peter C. Dolan 

Robert L. Donaghy 

Stephen H. Donaldson 

Lawrie R. Drennen Jr. 

Yesterday, today . . . 

Four years ago, Lehigh 
University was an institution 
undergoing change. Now, it is in a 
state of equilibrium dedicated to 
maintaining the status quo. 

When the class of '77 entered 
the University, it was of a dif- 
ferent mentality than the class of 
'73 which it replaced. Student 
attention no longer was focused 
on the war, the ecology and 
students rights, but on graduate 
school and the job market. 

Students no longer were in- 
terested in changing the world, 
but in how they would fit into that 
world. Demonstrations became a 
thing of the past. For a time, 
streaking became the big campus 

As the attitude of the students 
changed, so did that of the ad- 
ministration. Financial solubility 
replaced student activism as the 
issue of concern. 

The University also changed 
physically. Student enrollment 
grew and with it the size of the 
faculty and staff. Expansion of 
the campus included construction 
of a new residence hall, physics 
building, chemistry building and 
Field House. 

Another lifestyle established 
itself on campus. The University 
transformed from a men's school 

with a handful of women to a 
truly coeducational institution. 
The macho image and the myth 
of male superiority slowly 

Meanwhile, less visible 
changes took place. A 
reevaluation of a liberal arts 
education lead to a restructuring 
of the curriculum and a dropping 
of the language requirement. 
Government redirection of 
research spending led many 
faculty members in the sciences 
to redirect their efforts from 
basic to applied research. 

Four years have passed and the 
University is no longer in a state 
of flux. Student attitudes remain 
relatively unchanged. The 
University has committed itself 
to a stable environment including 
student enrollment and the size of 
the faculty, staff and the campus. 
Coeducation has become an 
established part of life at Lehigh. 

The University has not ceased 
to evolve. It will always continue 
to adapt to the changes in society 
surrounding it. But society has 
slowed from a period of rapid 
transition to one of slow 
evolution. Good or bad, that 
change has been reflected in life 
at Lehigh. 

and tomorrow 

Maintaining and upgrading the 
University's lifestyle and 
academic reputation will not be 
an easy matter in the future. As 
private education drifts 

precariously toward the future, 
the University will be confronted 
by many challenges. 

One of the most serious 
problems facing higher education 
is the decreasing number of 18- 
year-olds who will enter college. 
Despite the University's over 
acceptances in recent years, the 
Educational Policy Committee's 
report on admissions leaves little 
doubt that the University will 
eventually be drawing from a 
smaller pool of qualified ap- 
plicants. Thechallengefacing the 
University will be to maintain its 
academic excellence despite this 

Spiraling tuition costs will 
make that challenge even more 
difficult. The high price of a 
private education could make it a 
scarce commodity. Only those 
who are eligible for financial aid 
and those who have $30,000 to 
spend may be able to take ad- 

vantage of a Lehigh education. 

Perhaps one of the most 
ominous threats to private 
education however, is the 
government. How much longer 
will parents be able to support the 
burden of paying twice for 
education — once through taxes to 
support state schools and again to 
pay painfully high private school 
tuition costs? 

As the gap between the cost of a 
public and private education 
continues to grow, public schools 
will become more attractive and 
it will become harder for private 
schools, Lehigh included, to 

Of course, the future is not as 
bleak a picture as some might 
paint it. Private education will 
survive the next decade and the 
University, with its emphasis on 
a practical education, may even 

But progress will require in- 
novation. Innovation will require 
a consolidated effort by the entire 
Lehigh community. Only then 
will the University live up to its 
full potential. 

^BETHLEHEM. PA. 18015 


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John A. Dreyfuss 

Brian W. Duff 

Mark A. Durback 

Daniel P. Durbin 

Donald Durkin 

James P. Dutt 


James J. Edelen III 

Mark A. Edelstein 

Ronald J. Edwards 

Alex A. Efthimides 

Edward F. Egan Jr. 

Michael H. Ehrenpreis 

Michael I. Eitingon 

John Allen Dreyfuss — 5745 SW 118th. St., Miami, Fl.; 
Fin.; Smiley House; Marching Band, Varsity, Band and 
Concert Band. 

Brian William Duff — 155 Merwin Cr.; Cheshire, Ct.; 
Bio.; William's Essay Contest 3rd; Freshman Honors, 
Dean's List; Intramurals; Rugby; LUV. 
Mark A. Durback — 401 East Juniata St., Allentown, 
Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Alpha Tau Omega; IFC Rep.; Chi 
Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; ASCE. 

Daniel Paul Durbin — 3711 Southwood Dr., Easton, 
Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; Thornburg; AICE, ACS; Delta Chi. 
Donald Michael Durkin — 2189 Lincoln Dr., Huntington 
Valley, Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Phi Gamma Delta; ASCE; 
Freshman Football; Intramurals. 

James Paul Dutt — RD 1 Box 27, Temple, Pa.; Fin.; Chi 
Psi; Varsity Football, Track, Baseball; Sr. Class Gift 
Campaign Solicitor. 

Roland Clark East — 255 Farm Rd., Haverford, Pa.; 
Fin.; Phi Delta Theta; Lacrosse Tri-Captain. 
fames Joseph Economy — 3441 Congress St., Allentown, 
Pa.; Marketing; Sigma Chi, Secy.; Marketing Club. 
James f. Edelen III — 50 Stephenville Blvd., Red Bank, 
N.J.; Elec. Engrg.; Taylor House. 

Mark A. Edelstein — 14320 Iroquois Ave., Largo, FL; 
Chem. Engrg.; McConn House. 

James Hamilton Edwards — 689 Winona Blvd., Roches- 
ter, N.Y.; Geol.; Town House; Sr. Class Gift Fund; 
Outward Bound-Minnesota. 

Ronald J. Edwards — 2338 Clermont St., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Marketing/Management, Minor: Psychology; Delta 
Upsilon; Marketing Club; American Marketing Assoc. 
Alex Anthony Efthimides — 25125 Bruce Ln., Franklin, 
Mi.; Marketing;' Soccer; Spanish Club; Pres., Interna- 
tional Relations Club; Automobile Racing. 
Edward F. Egan, Jr. — 27 Old Brick Rd., New City, 
N.Y.; Fin.; Sigma Chi, Vice-Pres., Rush Chairman; La- 
crosse; LUV. 

Michael H. Ehrenpreis — 60 Ely Dr., Fayetteville, N.Y.; 
Acctg.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Steward; Lehigh Radio; In- 
vestment Club. 

Michael I. Eitingon — Apt. 1202, 245 E. 63rd St., New 
York City, N.Y.; Civil Engrg.; ASCE; RH-11; APO; 


Karl — 128 Momingside Dr. East, Bristol, 

Ct.; Elec. Engrg.; Phi Sigma Kappa; Freshman Honors. 

Carl A. Emerling — 9824 Trevett Rd., Boston, N.Y.; 

Bus.; Brown & White Business Staff. 

David Allen Engler — 1084 Howertown Rd., 

Catasauqua, Pa.; Ind. Engr.; Lambda Chi Alpha; 

Dean's List, AIIE; Intramurals. 

James — RED 1, Coplay, Pa.; Mech. 

Engrg.; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Morris Minor 

Regis :r. 

Rob-: i Erbrick — 128 Walnut St., Jenkintown, 

Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Phi Kappa Theta, Social Chairman, 
Rush Chairman, Vice-Pres.; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; In- 

Daniel Edmund Erdman — 243 East Lexington St., Allen- 
town, Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; Freshman Honors, Dean's 
List; William W. Coleman Scholarship; AICE; Karate 

Jan Pete* I : son — 70-40 Juno St, New York, N.Y.; 
Acctg.; Smilev House; Sophomore Honors; Forum 

James A. Eshleman — 75 Brandt Blvd., Landisville, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg.; Chi Psi. 

Selim Esinli — Galle 77-8 No. 59-24,' Barranquilla, Col- 
ombia, Ind. Engrg.; RH-11; Dean's List; Alpha Pi Mu; 
Intramurals; Forum; Gryphon Society; Post Semester 
Opportunities Program, Pres. 

Michael Bloch Exstein — 25 Central Park West, New 
York, N.Y.; Govt.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Alumni Recorder 
Dean's List: Forum, Vice Chairman, Title LX Steering 

Scott L. Faber — Apt. E-110, 251 DeKalb Pk., King of 
Prussia, Pa.; Bus.; Delta Phi. 

Robert Gene Facente — 229 Atlantic St., Oradell, N.J.; 
Ind. Engrg., Phi Delta Theta; Sr. Class Gift Campaign; 
IFC Rep. 

Anthony J. Falotico — 1484 Red Maple Ln., Allentown, 
Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; Guitar, Music. 

■: Dennis Farrara — 51 Butter Ln., Reading, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Zeta Psi, Vice-Pres.; Intramurals. 
June } :-;■■: Fasesky — 616 E. Frankford St., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Jour. Minor, "Hist.; M&M; Intramurals; Alpha Phi, 
Vice Pres. & Pres.; Epitome, Mng. & Assoc. Editors; 
Intern at Easton Express; Brown & White; Writer for 
Alumni Bulletin. 

Sha:. mel Fay — 208 Hillcrest Rd., Pittsburgh, 

Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Alpha Chi Rho, Steward, Social 
Chairman, Pledge Master; ASCE; Intramurals. 


Karl J. Ellefsen 

Carl A. Emerling 

David A. Engler 

James M. English 

Robert S. Erbrick 

Daniel E. Erdman 

Jan P. Erlichson 

James A. Eshleman 

Selim Esinli 

Michael B. Exstein 

Scott L. Faber 

Robert G. Facente 

Anthony J. Falotico 

Mark D. Farrara 

June K. Fasesky 

Shawn Fay 




Kirk P. Fazioli 

Juan L. Fernandez Jr. 

Mindy Fener 

Elizabeth P. Fenik 

Mary Ann T. Ferrante 

Larry A. Fetzer 

Glenn R. Ferguson 

Jo Marjorie Fineman 


Brian P. Finn 

Richard F. Finn Jr. 

Marie A. Fiore 

David Fischer 

William J. Fitzgibbons 

John T. Fitzpatrick 

Ronald Flaska 

Howard B. Foltz 

Kirk Patrick Fazioli — 49 Whiteview Rd., Troy, N.Y.; 
Ind. Engrg.; Chi Psi, Pres.; AIIE; Varsity Baseball. 
Mindy Carol Fener — 24 Azalia Ct., Hempstead, N.Y.; 
Natural Sci.; Bishopthorpe, IM Mgr.; Varsity Field 
Hockey, Basketball; Lacrosse; Track; Powderpuff Foot- 
ball, Co-capt.; Student Athletic Trainer. 

Elizabeth Parsons Fenik — 415 Bender Ave., Roselle 
Park, N.J.; French & Span.; RH-11; French Club; In- 
tramural Softball; Serendipity, Chamber Singers; Mus- 
tard & Cheese; Marching '97; Women's Caucus. 
Glenn R. Ferguson — 369 Center Ave., Westwood, N.J.; 
Arts.; Sigma Chi. 

Juan L. Fernandez, Jr. — 436 W. North St., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Fin. & Span.; Theta Xi, Rush Chairman; IFC 
V-Pres.; Carl R. Streets Scholarship; Intramurals. 
Mary Ann T. Ferrante — 28 Lookover Ln., Yardley, Pa.; 
Geol. Sci.; RH-11; Freshman Honors; Campus Leader 
Spring 1975; Dean's List; Intramurals; SAC, Secy., 
Pres.; SAC Publicity Comm.; Brown & White; Student 
Relations Committee of The Alumni Association; 
Bicentennial Comm.; Fencing Club; Pres. Junior Class. 
Larry Alan Fetzer — 562 Tobias Dr., Hellertown, Pa.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Marching Band. 

Jo Marjorie Fineman — 1830 Rittenhouse Sq., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Jour.; Rh-11; Richards 4 Secy.; Freshman & 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Intramurals; Brown & 
White News Editor; Epitome Section Editor. 
Brian P. Finn — 40 Orchard St., Medfield, Ma.; AEP.; 
Smiley House. 

Richard Francis Finn, Jr. — 64 Juniper Way, Basking 
Ridge, N.J.; Chem. Engrg.; Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres., 
Treas., Steward; Dean's List; Presidential Scholar; Phi 
Eta Sigma; AICHE; Intramurals; Sr. Class Exec. Com- 

Marie A. Fiore — 20 Marion St., Windsor Locks, Ct.; 
Elec. Engrg.; Richards House. 

David Anderson Fischer — Box 207 Clark Ln., 
Whitehouse, N.J.; Fin.; Chi Phi; Delta, Treas.; Sports 
Car Club; Mustard & Cheese; Lehigh Treasurer's 

William John Fitzgibbons — 2 The Knolls, Locust Valley, 
N.Y.; Psych.; Pi Lambda Phi, Vice-Pres.; Dean's List & 
Sophomore Honors; Intramurals; LUV; IFC. 
John Timothy Fitzpatrick — Sugarcreek, 427 Longview 
Dr., Sugarland, Tx.; Chem. Engrg.; Delta Phi; 
Freshman Honors; AICHE; Intramurals, Rugby; 

Ronald Flaska — 69 Puggy Ln., Bethlehem, Pa.; Chem. 
Engrg.; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; AICE; Tau 
Beta Pi. 

Howard Brainerd Foltz — 620 Porter St., Easton, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Kappa Sigma; Lehigh Ski Club, Treas.; Sr. 
Class Gift Investment Comm.; National Ski Patrol; Ac- 
counting Intern. 


Richard W. Foltz — 240 Wenner Way, Ft. Washington, 
Pa.; Physics; Delta Phi, Pledge Master. 
Allahyar Fouladi — c/o Mr. Ezra Chitayat, 500 Fifth 
Ave., Suite 2136, New York, N.Y.; Bus.; Stevens. 
Albert F. Fox, Jr. — 819 Mohican St., Bethlehem, Pa.; 

Judith N. Fradkin — 899 Barnswallow Ln., Huntington 
Valley, Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; RH-11; Dean's List, 
Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Society of Women Engineers; Tennis, Squash, 
Skiing; LUV. 

Frank F. Francisco III — 2727 Nottingham Rd., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Freshman Honors. 
John Conway Franke — 19 Glen Ridge Ln., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; Govt.; Honorable Mention Student Art Show 
Lehigh; Internship at Allentown Art Museum; Wilder- 
ness Club. 

David Charles Frankenbach — 363 North Ave., Fan- 
wood, N.J.; Elec. Engrg.; Zeta Psi; Dean's List, 
Freshman Honors; IEEE. 

Nancy Beth Freeman — 925 Laurie Ln., Franklin Lakes, 
N.J.; Acctg.; RH-11; LUV; Little Sister Program; Sr. 
Class Gift Campaign, Investment & Solicitor. 
Stephen L. Freilich — 1435 Sturl Ave., Hewlett, N.Y.; 
Acctg.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Lehigh Radio Network; 
Brown & White. 

Barry L. Fritz — RD 1, Andreas, Pa.; Met. Engrg.; 
Alpha Tau Omega, Worthy Chaplain, House Manager; 
Robert T. Lentz Award; Met. Society. 
Elizabeth Moore Fruin — 48 Rose Ave., Eastchester, 
N.Y.; Fin.; RH-11; Sr. Class Gift Solicitation & Invest- 
ment Committees; LUV, Secy.; Project Head for LUV. 
Richard John Furanna — 42 Maple St., Milford, Ct.; 
Marketing; Kappa Alpha, 2nd Vice-Pres.; Freshman 
Honors; Intramurals; Glee Club; Drama. 
Richard John Gabel — 911 Mohawk Rd., Franklin Lakes, 
N.J.; Marketing; Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres., Secy., House 
Manager; Brown & White Circulation; Sigma Phi Ski 
Team, Capt. 

William Raymond Gallagher, Jr. — 114 N. Milton Ave., 
Baltimore, Md.; Elec. Engrg.; McConn House, Athletic 
Manager; Intramurals; Bridge Club; Concert Band; 
Computer Society; Tutor. 

Athena Gallas — 1380 Perkiomen Ave., Reading, Pa.; 
Psych.; RH-11; Freshman Honors, Dean's List; TV 
(Lehigh Network) 'Spotlight' MC; Financial Aid 

Douglas Charles Garczynski — 14 Claire St., Great Neck, 
N.Y.; Chem.; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; ACS, 
Vice-Pres.; JV Basketball; LUV; Epitome & Brown & 
White Photographer. 


Judy N. Fradkin 

Richard J. Gabel 

William R. Gallagher Jr. 

Athena Gallas 

Douglas C. Garczynski 

Peter M. Garda 

Jana C. Gardill 

John L. Gardiner 

Gerard W. Gardner 

Marianne E. Garrabrant 

Patricia E. Gedney 

Norman J. Garris 

Ernest P. Geist 

John R. Garrison 

Peter Gebert 

Anthony H. Genevese 

Lawrence H. George 

Diane L. Geyer 

Richard W. Gibbons 

Robert T. Giglio 

Stephen Giglio 

Peter Michael Garda — 7 Horse Shoe Ln., Great Neck, 
N.Y.; Acctg.; Sigma Chi, Scholarship Chairman, Chap- 
ter Editor; Beta Alpha Psi; IM Manager; Forum: 
McClintic Marshall, Treas. 

Jana Carol Gardill — 120 Country Club Dr., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; Ind. Engrg.; RH-11; AIIE; Intramural Basketball; 
SWE; WLTN, Asst. Program Dir.; SAC Publicity 

John Lion Gardiner — Deerhill Rd., Alpine, N.}.; Bio.; 
Soccer Mgr., Intramurals; Hiking; Leatherwork; 

Gerard W. Gardner — 7 Beach St., Maplewood, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Football. 

Marianne Elizabeth Garrabrant — 901 Mountain View 
Cr., Westfield, N.J.; Civil Engrg.; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi 
Epsilon; Intramurals; Lehigh Skydiving Club; 
Amaranth; ASCE. 

Norman J. Garris — 1232 West Rye St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Alpha Tau Omega. 
John R. Garrison — 231 Orchard Way, Wayne, Pa.; 
Acctg. & Fin.; Pi Lambda Phi, Treas.; House Manager; 
Sophomore Honors; FMA Warehouse Comm.; Invest- 
ment Club. 

Peter H. Gebert — 1839 Hilltop Rd., Jenkintown, Pa.; 
Fin.; Phi Gamma Delta, Corres. Secy.; Lacrosse 2,3; 
Boxing Club; Alumni Dinner Chairman, Rush Chair- 

Patricia Elizabeth Gedney — Springvale Rd., Crugers, 
N.Y.; French; Varsity Field Hockey, Volleyball, 
Softball, Swimming; Lacrosse; Gryphon Society; Sr. 
Class ExeC. Comm.; Co-Supervisor Women's Intramu- 
ral Program. 

Ernest Paul Geist — RD 1 Box 284, Macungie, Pa.; Elec. 
Engrg.; Tau Epsilon Phi, Pres. 

Anthony H. Genevese — 1102 E. Tilghman St., Allen- 
town, Pa.; Acctg. 

Lawrence H. George — 105 N. Strawberry Ln., Chagrin 
Falls, Oh.; Acctg.; Kappa Sigma; IFC, Rep.; Dean's 
List, Freshman & Sophomore Honors; P.I.C.P.A. 
Award; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Intramurals; 
Epitome Scheduling Editor; IFC Social Committee. 
Diane Lisa Geyer — 157 Highland Dr., Richboro, Pa.; 
McClain Merit Award; Outing Club, Vice-Pres., Secy., 

Richard W. Gibbons — 3 Oak Ln., Nanuet, N.Y.; Civil 
Engrg.; Phi Delta Theta, Secy. 

Robert T. Giglio — 50 Emerson Ave., Croton On Hud- 
son, N.Y.; Mech. Engrg.; Delta Tau Delta. 
Stephen A. Giglio — 114 Newmarket Rd., Garden City, 
N.Y.; Sociology; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman. 


David Ross Gilbert — 18 Gould St., New Bedford, Ma.; 
Govt.; Townhouse; LUV, Council. 
Edward A. Oilman — 1 Maria Ln., Kinnellon, N.J.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Taylor House. 

Peter B. Gilmore — 6340 SW 116 St., Miami, Fl.; Mech. 
Engrg.; Beardslee House. 

Robert J. Gilner — 1044 East 9 St., Brooklyn, N.Y.; 

Dorothy Anne Rorabaugh Girol — 809 Wyandotte St., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Fine Arts. 

Roger K. Glasbrenner — 20 Cranston Rd., Pittsford, 
N.Y.; Fin.; Phi Gamma Delta, Rush Chairman; Varsity 

Gary William Glasgall — PO Box 4564, Panama City 5, 
Panama; Mech. Engrg.; Pi Lambda Phi; ASME; Intra- 
mural Sports. 

Suzanne J. Glazebrook — 181 Sheldrake Dr., Paoli, Pa.; 
Psych/French; Exercise Class Teacher; LUV Co- 
Chairman, Project Head ASH. 

David George Glueck — 1853 London Rd., Abington, 
Pa.; Bio.; Delta Upsilon, Secy.; IFC Rep.; Dean's List; 
Phi Eta Kappa; Intramurals; LUV, Muhlenberg Medical 
Center Emergency Room; Community Nine Ambu- 
lance Corp Vol.; LUV Project Head; Lehigh- 
Hahnemann Medical Program. 

Deidre L. Godycki — 1060 Granada Ave., San Marino, 
Ca.; Bio.; Sophomore Honors; AAAS. 
Jane Patricia Goeller — 107 Birch Ln., Greenwich, Ct.; 
Psych/Drama; Bishopthorpe, Selection Comm. & 
Dorm. Secy.; Mustard & Cheese. 

Michael A. Goldberg — 27 Lenore PL, Hauppauge, N.Y. 
Stuart Scott Goldstein — 207 Nimitz Rd., Paramus, N.J.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Pi Lambda Phi; Freshman, Sophomore, 
Junior Honors; Tau Beta Pi; AICHE; Intramurals. 
Babak Golgolab — N. Iranshahr Ave., 27 Tahbaz St. 
Postal D 15, Tehran, Iran; Mgt.; SMAGS. 
James K. Golle — 744 Linwood Ave., Ridgewood, N.J.; 
Psych/Soc. Rel.; Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Glenn Nicholas Gorab — 151 Haddenfield Rd., Clifton, 
N.J.; Bio.; Zeta Psi, Historian, Pledge Committee; 
Sophomore Honors; Krauss Scholarship; Track; Intra- 
murals; Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity; Sr. Class 
Gift Campaign; Brown & White Photography. 


David R. Gilbert 

Edward A. Gillman 

Peter B. Gilmore 

Robert J. Gilner 

Dorothy A. Girol 

Roger K. Glasbrenner 

Gary W. Glasgall 

Suzanne J. Glazebrook 

David Glueck 

Deidre L. Godycki 

Jane Goeller 

Michael A. Goldberg 

Stuart S. Goldstein 

Babak Golgolab 

James K. Golle 

Glenn N. Gorab 

Andrea S. Gorbach 

Geoffrey L. Gordon 

Stephen T. Gower 

Luke A. Graber 

Kerry M. Grady 

John E. Grant 

Annmarie C. Gray 

Kenneth W. Green Jr. 

Robert G. Green 

Colyn P. Greene 

Kenneth W. Grieshaber 

John T. Groses Jr. 


Robin A. Gross Clifton R. Gruver 

Michael S. Guerrieri 

Catherine S. Guidon 

Andrea Sue Gorbach — 17 Blue Ribbon Dr., Westport, 
Ct.; Fin. 

Geoffrey Lippincott Gordon — 1359 Mansel Ave., Wil- 
liamsport, Pa.; Fin.; Alpha Tau Omega; Sophomore & 
Junior Honors; Marketing Club Chairman; Visiting 
Lecturers Comm.; Brown & White Ad Manager. 
Stephen T. Goiver — 1511 Shelbourne Dr., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Acctg.; Town Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals; 
Alpha Lambda Omega, Pres.; Town Council, Treas. & 
Board Member. 

Luke A. Graber — 1520 Irene St. Apt. 215, Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Bus. 

Kerry M. Grady — 77 Stanhope Rd., Sparta, N.J.; Vivil 
Engrg.; ASCE. 

John Edward Grant — 18 Oregon Tr., Bethel Park, Pa.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Alpha Tau Omega; AICHE; Student In- 
vestment Club; IFC Rep.; Intramurals; ASA. 
Annmarie Christine Gray — 7 Fiske Tr., Cranford, N.J.; 
Psych.; RH-11; Intramurals; Brown & White; LUV; Sr. 
Class Gift Campaign. 

Kenneth W. Green, Jr. — 121 Roslyn Ave., Glenside, 
Pa.; Bus.; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Robert George Green — 115 S. 24th St., Camp Hill, Pa.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. 
Colyn P. Greene — 621 W. 169th St., New York, N.Y.; 
Fin.; RH-11; Soccer, Boxing MVP: Circle K; LUV; 

Kenneth W. Grieshaber — 640 Green Hill Rd., Kinnelon, 
N.J.; Met. Engrg.; Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASM; IM Foot- 
ball, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball; Frat House 
Manager, Scholastic, Beer. 

John T. Groses, Jr. — 407 Lyndhurst Dr., Broomall, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg.; Alpha Chi Rho, Vice-Pres.; ASCE; 
Freshman Football, JV & Varsity Lacrosse, Intramurals. 
Robin A. Gross — 11 Westland Dr., Glen Cove, N.Y.; 
Bus.; Williams House. 

Clifton R. Gruver — 6104 Crossover Ln., Rockville, 
Md.; Mgt.; Alpha Tau Omega; Dean's List; Varsity 
Football; Varsity Squash; Gryphon; Forum; LUV. 
Michael Shaw Guerrieri — 303 9th St., Ocean City, Md.; 

Catherine S. Guidon — 840 Langhorne Ave., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Arts. 


Clayton C. Gunheim — 3654 Wyola Dr., Newtown 
Square, Pa.; Civil Engrg.; RH-11; ASCE; Intramurals; 

Peter Boland Gushue — 27 Wendover Rd., 
Longmeadow, Ma.; Hist.; M&M; Lacrosse (Mgr.); 
Hockey (Mgr.); WLRN. 

Gregory Paul Haase — 239 Old Tote Rd., Mountainside, 
N.J.; Mech. Engrg.; Alpha Sigma Phi; IFC Rep., 
Alumni Rel.; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. 

Cari Hamburger — 58 Lehigh Court, Rockville Centre, 
N.Y.; Govt. & German; Varsity Volleyball; Richards 
House, Pres.; Pre-Law Society; Int'l Relations Club; 
Studied Semester Abroad in Germany. 
Bradford Dean Hamm — 2021 Harvard Ave., Camp Hill, 
Pa.; Marketing; Alpha Sigma Phi, Social Chairman; 
Marketing Club. 

Charles F. Hammel — RD 4, Quakertown, Pa.; Bus. 
Debra K. Hampton — 3055 Holly St., Denver, Co.; Eco.; 
RH-11; Black Students Union. 

Jeffrey I. Handler — 6797 Entrade PL, Boca Raton, Fl.; 
Civil Engrg.; Tau Epsilon Phi. 

Nicholas Harry Hantzes — 11828 Farmland Dr., 
Rockville, Md.; Eco.; Alpha Tau Omega; Freshman 
Honors, Dean's List; Rugby Club Treas.; Ski Club. 
Randall S. Harbold — RD 4, Gettysburg, Pa.; Bus.; 
Beardslee House. 

George Marten Hare — RD 3, East Stroudsburg, Pa.; 
Acctg. & Fin.; Bishopthorpe; NAA award Junior Year; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Mgr. Treas. Bishopthorpe. 
Deborah Karen Harlan — 110 E. Wayne Ave., Easton, 
Pa.; Classics; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta; Dean's 
List; Chaplain's Council. 

Alan David Harris — 585 Westmoreland Ave., Kings- 
ton, Pa.; Bio.; Dean's List, Freshman & Sophomore 
Honors; Concert Comm.; Paper Recycling. 
Diane Harris — 406 N. Gilmore St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Williams; Freshman & Sophomore 
Honors; Varsity Basketball; Intramural Manager. 
William G. Harris — 43 Guinard Dr., Watchung, N.J.; 

David William Hartzell — 27 Apple Ln., Mountville, 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Zeta Psi, Steward. 

Clayton C. Gunheim 

Peter B. Gushue 

Bradford D. Hamm 

Charles F. Hammel 


Debra K. Hampton 

Jeffrey I. Handler 

Nicholas H. Hantzes Randall S. Harbold 

George M. Hare 


Deborah K. Harlan 

Alan D. Harris 

Diane Harris 

William G. Harris 

David W. Hartzell 


Carl J. Haslett 

Peter Hauser 

Michael C. Havener 

Robert C. Hawk 

John D. Hawkins Jr. 

Lewis Hay III 


Frederick M. Haynes 

Stephen P. Hazlett 

Robert J. Hedderman Jr. 

Dale L. Heintzelman 

William Heitzman 

Edward F. Helgans III 

Raymond P. Heller 

Patricia A. Henry 

Carl J. Haslett — 322 Howard Ave., Altoona, Pa.; Elec. 

Engrg.; RH-11; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; WLRN- 

Lenigh Radio Network. 

Peter James Hauser — 274 Ancon Ave., Pelham, N.Y.; 

Fin. & Jour.; Editor, KA Quill; Investment Club, 

Treas.; Brown & White Features Editor; WLVR-FM, 

Director Pub. Rel.; Pub. Rel. Heart Fund. 

Michael Curt Havener — PO Box 74, Collegeville, Pa.; 

Civil Engrg.; Phi Delta Theta, Rush Chairman, Jr., 

Vice-Pres., Sr.; Basketball, Baseball; ASCE. 

Robert C. Hawk — Mercer Park Apts. 4A, 475 North 

St., Doylestown, Pa.; Bus.; Theta Chi. 

John D. Hawkins, Jr. — 54 Tisdale Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y.; 
Arts; Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Lewis Hay III — 100 Ketler Dr., Grove City, Pa.; Chem. 
Engrg.; Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Frederick M. Haynes — 52 Wood Ave., East 
Longmeadow, Ma.; Geol.; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Brown & White Sports Editor; Chess Club. 
Stephen Phillip Hazlett — 1401 Sunbury Dr., Bellevue, 
Nb.; Bio.; Pi Lambda Phi; Social Chairman 76-77, 
Rush Chairman 75-76; Intramurals. 
John P. Healy, Jr. — 286 Charlton Ave., South Orange, 
N.J.; Mkt.; Varsity Football, Co-Capt. 
Gary John Heckenberger — 450 Race St., Catasauqua, 
Pa.; Bio.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Freshman Honors; Re- 
search Award; Pre-Health Prof. Soc; Intramurals. 
Robert J. Hedderman, Jr. — 1647 New Scotland Rd., 
Slingerlands, N.Y.; Bio.; Kappa Sigma, Secy. & Pres.; 
Intramurals; IFC; LUV; Sr. Class Gift; Epitome ID Edi- 

Dale L. Heintzelman — Route 2, New Tripoli, Pa.; 
Chem. Engrg.; ACS; Marching '97; ALO. 
William J. Heitzman, III — 1102 Ford Rd., Cornwells 
Hgts., Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Alpha Tau Omega, Worthy 
Keeper of the Annals. 

Edward Francis Helgans III — 23 Donellan Rd., 
Scarsdale, N.Y.; Acctg.; Pi Lambda Phi, Secy.; 
Freshman & Sophomore Honors. 

Raymond Philip Heller — 218 Hillside Ave., Nazareth, 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Leavitt; Alpha Sigma Phi; Marching 
'97, Student Conductor; Concert Band, Student Con- 
ductor; Stage Band. 

Patricia Ann Henry — 158 Glen Dr., Doylestown, Pa.; 
Acctg.; RH-11; Marketing Club; Intramural Mgr.; Var- 
sity Tennis, Capt.; Powder Puff Football; Investment 
Club; Marketing Club Membership Chairman; Squash 
Team; Brown & White Bus. Staff; SAC, Publicity 
Comm.; Forum, Title IX Adv. Comm. Chairman. 


Larry M. Henshazv — 633 Grape St., Hammonton, N.J.; 
Fin.; Delta Upsilon, V. Pres., Steward; ECAC — All 
East Football. 

Robin Lynn Herfort — 18 Antony Rd., White Plains, 
N.Y.; Psych. & Soc. Re.; LUV; Forum Rep. 
Carol J. Herzon — 2914 Shakespeare Rd., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Arts; RH-11. 

Richard Hessinger — 1305 Highland St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Alpha Tau Omega; Dean's List, 
Freshman Honors; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Intramurals. 
James Thomas Hetherington — 302 Cross St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Jour.; Delta Upsilon, Pledge Master; Eastern 
Collegiate Boxing Champ 178 lbs. 1975; Brown & 
White Senior Reporter. 

Warren John Himich — 701 Cranbury Rd., E. 
Brunswick, N.J.; Chem. Engrg.; Student Affiliate ACS, 
Pres.; Marketing Club; Judo Club; Karate. 
Robert A. Hines — 2248 Birch St., Easton, Pa.; Civil 
Engrg.; ASCE; Intramurals; Weightlifting Club, Treas.; 
Town House, UC Supervisor. 

Sharon Pamela Hirsch — 1452 Tanglewood Ln., 
Lakewood, N.J.; Am. Stu.; M-M; Gryphon; Sigma Tau 
Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Gryphon Soc, Secy.; Brown & 
White; WLVR; WLRN; Hillel Foundation. 
Jay Ross Hoffman — Delsea Dr., Green Creek, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Tau Epsilon Phi, Social Chairman; Band; Ju- 
nior Year Abroad; Tau Sigma Phi; Sr. Class Gift Com- 

William John Holdgrafer — 70 Foxcroft Rd., Manhasset, 
N.Y.; Elec. Engrg.; Zeta Psi; Sky Diving. 
Kevin C. Holl — 34 Filbert Tr., Denville, N.J.; Arts; 

Mary Ruth Hollenbach — Apt. 1, 113 S. 13th St., Allen- 
town, Pa.; Psych. 

Peter Holton — 34-21 87th St., Jackson Heights, N.Y.; 
Hist.; Delta Chi, Social Chairman; Dean's List; Phi Eta 
Sigma; JV Football; Varsity Football. 
Janet E. Holva — 2006 Sixth St., Bethlehem, Pa.; Arts. 
Jane L. Honeyman — 22 Crown Tr.; Morrisville, Pa.; 
Bus.; RH-11. 

Frances Caroline Hopkins — 647 Liberty St., Boonton, 
N.J.; Mktg/Fin., Minor S.R. 

Lawrence Henshaw 

Robin L. Herfort 

Carol J. Herzon 

Richard Hessinger 

James T. Hetherington 

Warren J. Himich 


Robert A. Hines Sharon P. Hirsch 

Jay R. Hoffman 

William J. Holdgrafer 

Kevin C. Holl 

Mary Hollenback 



Peter S. Holton 

Janet E. Holva 

Jane L. Honeyman 

Frances C. Hopkins 

Paul]. Hubert 

Andrew J. Hudock 

Ronald S. Hughes 


Thomas F. Hughes 

Craig P. Hunt 

Daniel F. Hurley 

Bruce Hurlman 

Martha C. Hutton 

Paul S. Idell 

Sheryl Illnick 

Mary Ann Inslee 

]arp Horathai — 9 Dejo Rd., Bangkok 5, Thailand; 
Chem. Engrg.; Beardslee House; Dean's List; Tau Beta 
Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Forum VI & VII Rep.; LUV Tutor; 
Council for International Service & Hospitality Under- 
graduate Representative; SAME, Member. 
Fereydoun Houriani — KH Ebtehaj, Koye Day No 26, 
Tehran, Iran; Civil Engrg.; RH-11. 
Richard H. Howson — 1 Glen wood Rd., Weston, Ct.; 
Ind. Engrg.; AIIE; Intramural; Brother-Theta Chi. 
Hana Hoza — Box 42, Belcamp Md.; Mech. Engrg.; 

Paul /. Hubert — 215 Stephenson Ave., Middlesex, 
N.J.; Bio.; Beardslee. 

Andrew J. Hudock — 720 Hillcrest Rd., Hershey, Pa.; 
ESRM; Taylor House. 

Mark Kenall Hughes — 101 Waverly Rd., Wyncote, Pa.; 
Mrktg.; Sigma Nu, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; 
Freshman Honors; Brown & White Layout Editor. 
R. Scott Hughes — 431 Morwood Rd., Earlington, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg.; Thornburg, Pres.; Freshman Honors; 
ASCE; Intramurals; RHC Council. 
Thomas Francis Hughes — 113 W. Chestnut Hill Ave., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; ESRM; Freshman Honors; Geology 
Club; Newman Club. 

Craig Paul Hunt — RD 1 Park Ave., Bethlehem, Pa.; 

Daniel F. Hurley — 651 Paramus Rd., Paramus, N.J.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Nevius Award; Sophomore Honors; 
BA-App. Sci.; Rugby; Delta Upsilon. 
Bruce Hurlman — Bronxville, N.Y.; Acctg.; Chi Psi, 
Treas.; JV Baseball; Varsity Squash; Served on Execu- 
tive Council of Chi Psi National Office. 
Martha C. Hutton — 22 East Hartshorn Dr., Short Hills, 
N.J.; Arts; M-M House. 

Paul S. Idell — 7 Bubbling Brook Rd., Kinnelon, N.J.; 
Elec. Engrg.; Pi Lambda Phi. 

Sheryl Evanne Illnick — Brady Dr., PO Box 188; 
Peapack, N.J.; Fin/Management; RH-11; Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; LUV; Women's Choir; Women's 
Caucus; Visiting Student at Univ. of Penna. in Whar- 
ton School of Business; Participation in International 
Business Management Program in Madrid, Spain. 
Mary Ann Inslee — 2340 Bobwhite Ln., Lancaster, Pa.; 
Acctg.; RH-11 Rep.; Women's Choir; Band; Sr. Class 
Gift Comm.; Student Life — Forum VII; RHC; Title IX 
Comm. on Affirmative Action. 


Mori Irvine — 187 Rt. 24 RD 1, Mendham, N.J.; Psych/ 
SR; 3rd Prize Williams Speech Contest; WLRN, Train- 
ing Director, Program Director, Disc Jockey; Pre-Law 
Soc; Brown & White; Lehigh Security Force; Rape 
Crisis Council of Allentown. 

Lawrence Willoughby Jacobs 111 — 226 Hillcrest Rd., 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Ind. Engrg.; Chi Phi, Historian, Secy., 
Treas.; Freshman Honors; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; Golf 
Team; Sr. Class Gift Campaign. 

Robert V. Jacobs — 3477 Ranger Rd., Davidsonville, 
Md.; Mech. Engrg.; Pi Lambda Phi. 
Steven Edward Jacobs — 743 Highview Dr., Wyckoff, 
N.J.; Elec. Engrg.; Town House; 2nd Prize, Contem- 
porary Art Award. 

Eric Corey Jacobsen — 43 Oslo Dr., Rockaway Twnp, 
N.J.; Fin.; Psi Upsilon; IFC Re.; Freshman Soccer. 
Jeffrey Alan Jacobson — 749 N. Webster Ave., Scranton, 
Pa.; Acctg.; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Golf 
& Squash. 

Jeanne M. Janecek — 13 White Birch Dr., Morris Plains, 
N.J.; Arts; RH-11. 

Perry Bernard Janoski — 1418 White Oak Rd., Allen- 
town, Pa.; Soc. Rel.; Teaching Asst. Fencing Club. 
Robert Gilpin Jefferis — Apt. 3, 232 W. Packer Ave., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Geol.; Departmental Honors; German 
Table, German House, President. 

Randall Stewart Johns — 26 Hyannis Ave., Blackwood, 
1 N.J.; Elec. Engrg.; Kappa Alpha, Treas. 
Gary E. Johnson — 5 Hawthorne Dr., Branford, Ct.; 
Elec. Engrg.; McConn House. 

D. Bruce Jones — 1476 Holcomb Rd., Huntingdon Val- 
ley, Pa.; Management/Fin. Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres.; 
Varsity Lacrosse; Sr. Class Gift Campaign. 
Willard F. Jones 11 — 218 East Market St., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Fin.; Taylor Hall; Intramurals; Investment; College 
Young Republicans. 

Bharatkumar D. Joshi — 1320 North New St., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Acctg.; Lehigh Trustee Award; Data 
Processing Management Assoc; India Assoc, of 
Lehigh Valley Vice-Pres., Social Chairman. 
Thomas B. Judge — 640 Prospect Ave., Little Silver, 
N.J.; Civil Engrg.; Beta Theta Pi, Rush Chairman, So- 
cial Chairman; ASCE. 

Robert Judson — 24 Hampton Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y.; 
Marketing; Sigma Alpha Mu, Secy.; IFC Rep.; Epitome 
Bus. Mgr., Asst. Bus. Mgr.; Marketing Club. 

Mori E. Irvine 

Lawrence W. Jacobs III 


F M 'tmm 


Robert V. Jacobs 

Eric Corey Jacobsen 

Robert G. Jefferis 

Jeffrey A. Jacobson 

Randall S. Johns 

Jeanne M. Janecek 

Perry B. Janoski 

Gary E. Johnson 

D. Bruce Jones 

Willard F. Jones 

Bharatkumar D. Joshi 

Thomas B. Judge 

Robert L. Judson 


Joseph G. Kaiser 

Maureen E. Kane 

Michael J. Kane 

John B. Kangas 

P^'TJ ^M 





Kaj Ernst Karch 

James F. Kearney 

Kipling T. Keiser 

Brian Kardos 

Gary L. Kauffman 

Laurence D. Keller 

Paul J. Kelly 

Kevin J. Kennedy 

Joseph G. Kaiser — 196 Bridge Ave., Bay Head, N.J.; 
Met. Engrg.; Zeta Psi; Freshman & Sophomore Hon- 
ors; R.H. McCann Award; Tau Beta Pi; Student Met. 

Maureen Elizabeth Kane — 80 Stratford Rd., Rockville 
Centre, N.Y.; Psych.; SMAGS; Deans List; Psychology 
Club; Weightlifting; Asst. to Director of Intramurals; 
Bishopthorpe, Selection Comm.; Bishopthorpe Coor- 
dinating Comm. 

Michael Joseph David Kane — Valley Rd., Glen Cove, 
N.Y.; Marketing; Chi Psi, Secy.; Varsity Lacrosse. 
John Brewster Kangas — 25 Old Mill Rd., Chappaqua, 
N.Y.; Elec. Engrg.; RH-11; Dean's List; IEEE; Vol- 
leyball & Badminton Intramurals. 

Kaj Ernst Karch — 100 N. Fairview St., Nazareth, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Sigma Nu, Treas., Soc. Chairman; Beta Alpha 
Psi; Brown & White Layout Editor; Sr. Class Gift 
Campaign; LUV. 

Brian Alan Kardos — 153 S. Main St., Bangor, Pa.; 
Mkt.; Williams; Karate Club 4 years; Mkt. Club 2 
years; Champion Pocket Billiard Player, Soph. year. 
Ernest Alan Karpovitch — 360 Bradford Ave., War- 
rington, Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; RH-11; M&M, Pres. '75, 
'76; Union Carbide Award; Pi Tau Sigma, Vice-Pres,; 
ASME, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Intramurals; RHC; ASME. 
Gary L. Kauffman — RD 2, Box 83, Loudonville, Oh.; 
Acctg.; Theta Delta Chi, Treas.; Dean's List; Beta 
Alpha Psi; Freshman Basketball; Investment Club. 
James F. Kearney — 32 Alan Ln., Mine Hill, N.J.; Civil 
Engrg.; Zeta Psi, Secy.; Freshman Honors; Chi Epsi- 
lon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Intramurals; Karate Club; LU 
Grotto; Ski Club; Skydiving Club, Treas.; Civil Engr. 
Undergrad. Advisory Board. 

Kipling Todd Keiser — 20 Woodrow Ave., Sinking 
Springs, Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Beardslee, Vice-Pres. 
Laurence D. Keller — 107 West Woodland Ave., 
Penndel, Pa.; Bus.; Theta Delta Chi. 
Paul Joseph Kelly — York Lynne Manor Apts., City 
Line & Berwick Rd., Philadelphia, Pa.; Hist.; Zeta Psi, 
Historian; Intramurals. 

Paul Raymond Kelly — 249 W. Oakcrest Ave., North- 
field, N.J.; Chem. Engrg.; Beta Theta Pi. 
Robert Stuart Kendall — 53 Noble St., Kutztown, Pa.; 
Psych.; Mustard & Cheese; Chaplain's Council, Inde- 
pendent Representative. 

Donald Paul Kennedy — 703 Cear Hill Dr., Allentown, 
Pa.; Fin.; Beta Theta Pi, Steward; Dean's List; 
Freshman Football; Winter Track 1,2; Spring Track 1,2. 
Kevin J. Kennedy — 2167 8th Ave., Sea Girth, N.J.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Kappa Sigma; Tennis Team, Co-Capt.; 
ASME, Pres.; Pi Tau Sigma, Pres. 


Karen Vivian Kent — 79 Kensington Rd., Garden City, 
N.Y.; Fine Arts & Pre-Arch. 

Paul A. Kershaw — 328 Greenwood Ave., Jenkintown, 
Pa.; Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Football. 
Joel C. Kershner — 1338 Birch St., Reading, Pa.; Met. 
Engrg.; M&M; Cross-Country Track; Student Met. 
Soc; Campus Crusade for Christ. 

Burton Alan Kesselman — 574 Fairway Dr., Woodmere, 
N.Y.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Steward, Rush Chairman, 
Pledge Master, Sgt at Arms; IM Boxing Champion; 
Bridge Club; Pre-Law; Karate; Chess; Brown and 
White Credit Mgr. 

Chin-Chul Kim — 1 Sagan-Dong Chongro-Ku, Seoul, 
Korea; Civil Engrg.; Zeta Psi; Head Instructor at 
Lehigh Taekwon-do (Korean Art of Self Defense) Club. 
Justin James King — 5 Foxcroft Rd., Rockville Centre, 
N.Y.; Eco.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sr. Marshall; Pre-Law 
Club; Intramurals; Powder-Puff Coach; IFC; RHC; 
Pres. Freshman Dorm. 

Robert A. Kirker — 3906 Schoolhouse Ln., Harrisburg, 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Swimming; 
Tennis; Squash; LUV. 

Maclean Kirkwood III — 400 Bridle Path Woods Rd., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; IEEE; Freshman Wres- 

Carol Ann M. Kiss — 1262 Ridge Ave., Whitehall, Pa.; 
Ch.E; Town Council, Bd. of Dir.; Secy.; AICHE; Soci- 
ety of Women Engineers; Varsity Field Hockey; Intra- 
murals; Tau Lambda Chi. 

Douglas J. Kistler — 257 E. South St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Ch.E.; Dean's List; Varsity Basketball; Intramural 

David E. Klein — 52 Hunterdon Rd., West Orange, 
N.J.; Arts. 

Jack Morgan Kloeber, Jr. — 244 Ferguson Ave., Shaver- 
town, Pa.; Ind. Engrg.; RH-11; RHC Rep.; Congdon 
House, Secy.; Alpha Pi Mu; Ping Pong Team; Glee 
Club Mgr.; ROTC; Orienteering Club; Rangers. 
Mary Margaret Klopack — 418 Thomas St., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Eng.; Town Council; Tau Lambda Chi, Vice-Pres.; 
Sigma Tau Delta; Varsity Volleyball; Intramurals. 
David Michael Klucsik — 242 Buckingham Dr., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Marketing; 1976 Williams Prize in 
Journalism; Marching & Concert Bands; Brown & 
White; Town Council; Alpha Lambda Omega. 
Patricia Allison Koby — 28 Beechwood Rd., Roslyn, 
Long Island, N.Y.; Amer. Studies. 
Anthony Paul Kochenash — 1794 Newport Ave., North- 
ampton, Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Dean's List; ASCE; Civil 
Air Patrol. 



Karen V. Kent 

Paul A. Kershaw 

Joel C. Kershner 

Burton A. Kesselman 


Chin-Chul Kim 

Justin J. King 

Robert A. Kirker 

Maclean Kirkwood III 

^HIH^k JtZ^^^r 

^fc^ ' 




4, *> *< •* 

Carol Ann M. Kiss 

Douglas J. Kistler 

David E. Klein 

Jack M. Kloeber 

Mary M. Klopack 

David M. Klucsik 

Patricia A. Koby 

Anthony P. Kochenash 

Mark Koenig 

John W. Koester 

Dennis J. Kohler 

Larry N. Kohn 

Gary P. Kolleogy 

Dean B. Konner 

William F. Kovacs 

David F. Kozel 

Gordon P. Kramon 

Gary E. Krutul 


l ^^^^^^ 


-■ - *- . 

■ rv '. '"' 


David M. Kuzo 

Robert J. Lally 

Richard G. Lang 

Kerry M. Lankenau 

Jeffrey D. Larson 

Elaine M. Laustsen 

Wood-Ridge, N.J.; 
Recording Secy.; 

Rockville, Md. 

Mark Koenig — 292 Windsor Rd. 
Acctg./Mgt.; Phi Gamma Delta 
Freshman Football; Rugby Club. 
John W. Koester — 11119 Rosemont Dr 
Civil Engrg. 

Dennis Jeffrey Kohler — 122 Wendover Ave., Buffalo, 
N.Y.; ESRM; Thornburg; Sophomore Honors, Dean's 
List; Intramurals. 

Larry Neal Kohn — 1751 Columbia Tr., Union, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Surdna Foundation Award; Mustard & Cheese; 
Forum Traffic Appeals Committee. 
Gary P. Kolleogy — 1834 11th St., Bethlehem, Pa.; Elec. 

Dean Bruce Konner — 51 Harding Ave., North 
Caldwell, N.J.; Fin.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dean's List; 
Alpha Epsilon Pi, Founding Father, Intramural Mgr., 
Historian; Circle K Club — Lt. Gov. — Pa. District, 
Pres. Secy.; Hillel Society, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Student 
Life Committee. 

William F. Kovacs — 27 Undercliff Rd., Montclair, N.J.; 
Ind. Engrg., Chi Psi. 

David Frank Kozel — RFD 1, Ghent, N.Y.; Govt.; Var- 
sity Football. 

Gordon Paul Kramon — 41 Franklin Rd., Scarsdale, 
N.Y.; Marketing; Theta Chi, Secy.; Civil Air Patrol. 
Gary Edmund Krutul — 17 Grandview Ave., Lincoln 
Park, N.J.; Acctg.; Sigma Phi, Treas., Vice-Pres., 
Pledge Master; Freshman & Sophomore Honors, De- 
an's List; Beta Alpha Psi; Freshman Football; Brown & 
White Circulation Mgr. 

David M. Kuzo — 105 S. Walnut St., Kennett Square, 
Pa.; Met. Engrg.; Lambda Chi Alpha. 
Robert Joseph Lally — 787 June Dr., Paramus, N.J.; 
Elec. Engrg.; Sigma Nu; IEEE; Varsity Rifle Team, 

Richard G. Lang — 339 North 4th St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-Pres.; Freshman Hon- 
ors; Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Football; Varsity Foot- 

Kerry Milford Lankenau — 18 Ellers Dr., Chatham, N.J.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Varsity Track; In- 
tramurals; Marketing Club; Sr. Class Gift. 
Jeffrey David Larson — 35 Hidden Brook Rd., River- 
side, Ct.; Ind. Engrg.; Pi Lambda Phi, Steward; AIIE; 

Elaine Marie Laustsen — 1107 Saddle Brook Rd., Moun- 
tainside, N.J.; Ch.E.; ACS Award; Chandler Prize; 
Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta 
Sigma; AIChE; Society of Women Engineers. 


Leroy Person Leahy, Jr. — 728 N. Pennsylvania Ave., 
Morrisville, Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Eta 
Kappa Nu; IEEE; Computer Soc. Pres.; LUV, Project 

Myra H. Lebowitz — 904 Quincy Ave., Scranton, Pa.; 
Acctg., Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Dean's List. 
Laurence Paul Leidner — 235 Sandpiper Ave., Royal 
Palm Beach, Fl.; Bio.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. 
Mary Ann Leonardi — 7417 Van Noy Loop, Fort G 
Meade, Md.; Arts; M&M House; Gryphon Society; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Pre-Law Society; Mustard & Cheese; 
Tech. Dir. Brown and White; Epitome; LUV, Public re- 
lations mgr., Softball Team. 

Lance F. Leonhardt — 3429 Easton Ave., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Bio. 

Dale Edna Lerf — 2346 Redwood Rd., Scotch Plains, 
N.J.; Acctg.; Sophomore & Freshman Honors; Dean's 
List; Marketing Club; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Sr. Class Gift Comm.; Brown & White; Gamma Phi 

Gilbert Levine — 339 McLean PI., Hillside, N.J.; Acctg.; 
Alpha Sigma Phi; Chairman of Extension Comm.; In- 

Blanche Levitt — 118 Heather Dr., Mt. Laurel, N.J.; 
Bio.; Richards; Dean's List Fall '75; LUV Council. 

George L. Levkoff — 110 East End Ave., New York, 
N.Y.; Fin. 

Amy P. Levy — 57 Colgate Ln., Woodbury, N.Y.; Arts. 
Arthur L. Levy — 111 Woodside Ave., Trenton, N.J.; 
Amer. Stud.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Steward; Freshman — 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Alpha Theta; 
Sigma Tau Delta; Intramurals; Water Safety Instr. 
Bethlehem Chapter Amer. Red Cross; Pre-Law Soc; 
Orchestra — Freshman & Sophomore Years. 
D. Neil Levy — 648 Winthrop Rd., Teaneck, N.J.; Fin.; 
Alpha Tau Omega; Intramurals; Investment Club. 
Peter H. Lichtenberg — 828 Channel Rd., Woodmere, 
N.Y.; Fin.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Marketing; Sr. Class Gift 

Elliot L. Liebman — 29 Sycamore Tr., Springfield, N.J.; 
Elec. Engr.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Freshman Honor Society; Eta Kappa Nu; Powder Puff 
Football Coach. 

Glenn Edward Lightner — 36 Spring Rd., Livingston, 
N.J.; Mech. Engrg.; Alpha Sigma Phi, HM; ASME. 
Isaac Gordon Lilienfeld — 15 E. Frambes Ave., 
Pleasantville, N.J.; Civil Engrg.; Alpha Chi Rho, Ste- 
ward; Ski Club; Karate; Computer Society; Counselor, 
Freshman Camp. 


Leroy P. Leahy Jr. 

Myra Lebowitz 

Lance F. Leonhardt 

Dale E. Lerf 

Gilbert M. Levine 

Blanche Levitt 

George L. Levkoff 

Arthur L. Levy 

Peter H. Lichtenberg 

Amy P. Levy 

D. Neil Levy 

Elliot L. Liebman 


Glenn E. Lightner 

Isaac G. Lilienfeld 


Peter C. Lilienfield 

Theresa A. Lindley 


k mi i ~" 



:*,.♦:* ■.} 


Jeanne D. Longenhagen 

Hilton J. Lowe 

Daniel G. Lindner 

Kenneth A. Lubarsky 

John M. Lyon 

Kevin T. Lipka 

Carl J. Lukach 

Douglas C. Lytle 

Martin A. Mack 

Gloria Macksoud 

Joan M. Magee 

Lloyd M. Mahler 

Robert D. Makos 

Joseph P. Mallaney 

Peter Cahn Lilienfield — 45 East 85, New York, N.Y.; 
Pre- Arch.; McConn, Pres.; RHC Rep.; Forum, Sub- 
Corn, on Residence, Chairman; Asst. to Curator — 
University Permanent Collection. 

Theresa A. Lindley — 1880 Robin Way, Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Bio.; Swimming; Chamber Singers. 
Daniel George Lindner — 3145 Altonah Rd., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Govt/Eco.; Govt. Departmental Honors; Pre-Law 
Society; Radio Station; Television Station; Programm- 
ing Staff; Director, Sports Staff; Co-Director, Sports 

Kevin Theodore Lipka — PO Box 281, Flemington, N.J.; 

Bio.; Brown & White; Hillel. 

Jeanne Debra Longenhagen — 2870 Meadowbrook Cir. 

S, Allentown, Pa.; Govt. & Psych.; Intramurals; Sr. 

Class Gift Campaign, Sol. & Invest. Comm.; Hockey 


H. Jay Lowe — 46 Wall St., Bethlehem, Pa.; Acctg.; 

Alpha Lambda Omega. 

Kenneth A. Lubarsky — 100 Highland Ave., Montclair, 

N.J.; Fin.; Delta Tau Delta; Freshman Football. 

Carl John Lukach — Sedgely Farms, 4807 Lancaster Pk., 

Wilmington, De.; Fin.; Delta Tau Delta, Pres.; Dean's 

List; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Intramurals. 

John M. Lyon — 1518 Lakewood Rd., Manasquan, N.J.; 

Chem. Engrg.; Pi Lambda Phi. 

Douglas Creighton Lytle — 116 S. Sproul Rd., Broomall, 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Leavitt House; Dean's List; 
Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi, Eta 
Kappa Nu; Varsity Band, Marching "97." 
Martin Alan Mack — 2806 Fairview St., Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg.; ASCE; Intramurals; Marching "97"; Jazz 
Band; Varsity Band; Alpha Epsilon Pi. 
Gloria Elizabeth Macksoud — 15 Carteret Ct., Madison, 
N.J.; Govt.; RH-11; Bishopthorpe Selection Comm.; 
Sophomore Class Honors; Dean's List; Pre-Law Soci- 

Joan M. Magee — 11 Merion Rd., Cherry Hill, N.J.; 
Arts; Dravo House. 

Lloyd M. Mahler — 23 Roger Dr., Port Washington, 
N.Y.; Bio. 

Robert D. Makos — 1958 Renwick St., Bethlehem, Pa.; 

Joseph P. Mallaney — 17 Cross Gates; Short Hills, N.J.; 
Bus.; Alpha Chi Rho. 


Francis A. Mannella, Jr. — RD-3 Circle Dr., Export, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg.; Phi Gamma Delta. 

Mildred Viola Mapp — 2040 Titan St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Psych.; Black Student Union; Volunteer at Kirtz Train- 
ing Center. 

Timothy A. Marchio — 9 Seville Dr., Somerville, N.J.; 
Fin.; Beta Theta Pi, Vice-Pres.; Freshman Honors; In- 

Deane G. Marfone — 547 N. Prince Frederick St., King 
of Prussia, Pa.; Fin.; Ice Hockey; Sigma Alpha Mu. 
Charles Craig Marino — 215 East 68th St., New York, 
N.Y.; Civil Engrg.; SAC, Rep. at Large, Treas. 
James G. Marino — 1381 Tanwood Dr., Baldwin, N.Y.; 
Bus.; Leavitt House. 

Thomas O. Marrs — 1959 Crooked Oak Dr., Lancaster, 
Pa.; Geol.; McConn House. 

Gail Martens — 161 Rockaway Ave., Garden City, 
N.Y.; Arts; Williams House. 

Maria C. Martinez — 19 Spring Ave., Bergenfield, N.J.; 
Urban Studies; Sophomore Honors, Dean's List; Psi 

Walter J. Marx — 228 Stonewall Ln., Fairfield, Ct.; 
Acctg.; Tau Epsilon Phi, Scribe, Steward; Deans List; 
Intramural Sports. 

Victor Joseph Maslanka — 76 West High St., Nazareth, 
Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Town Council Secy.; Dean's List; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Ep- 
silon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Alpha Lambda Omega, 

Kenneth Michael Matlick — 135 Murray Dr., Oceanside, 
N.Y.; Acctg.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice-Pres.; Epitome; 
Brown & White. 

John L. Matt — RD 1 Turin Rd., Lee Center, N.Y.; Fin.; 
Football, Intramurals. 

John P. Matterazzo — 671 Garfield St., Hazleton, Pa.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Beardslee House; ASME. 
Donald Wayne Mayer — 474 Mountainview Dr., N. 
Plainfield, N.J.; Civil Engrg.; Zeta Psi; Zeta Psi Schol- 
arship; ASCE; Intramurals; Marching '97; Varsity 
Band; Sr. Rep. of Band. 

Paul Crawford McBeth, 111 — 391 Neulon Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Acctg.; Theta Chi, Treas., Social Ch- 
iar.; Rush Chair.; Investment Club. 


Francis A. Mannella Jr 

Mildred V. Mapp 

Timothy A. Marchio 

Deane G. Marfone 

Charles C. Marino 

James G. Marino 

Thomas O. Marrs 

Gail Martens 

Maria C. Martinez 

Walter J. Marx 

Victor J. Maslanka 

Kenneth M. Matlick 

John L. Matt 

John P. Matterazzo 

Donald W. Mayer 

Paul C. McBeth 

>^y v 

James R. McBride 

Kevin W. McCarthy 

Donald S. McCorkel Jr. 

Kathleen M. McDonough 

wm ? 

Susan B. McGovern 

Virginia M. McGuire 

Joanne T. Meglio 

Craig A. Meier 


Daniel J. Melkus 

Peter S. Menard 

Donald A. Messina 

Carol J. Meyer 

Lee Meyers 

Margaret A. Michaels 

Jeffrey A. Miers 

George Mikes 

James Russell McBride — 458 Barclay Rd., Rosemont, 
Pa.; ME; Dean's List; Rugby Club. 
Kevin Warren McCarthy — 4978 Lindermer Ave., Bethel 
Park, Pa.; Fin.; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Tennis; Varsity 
Squash, Capt.; Board of Publications, Public Relations 
Board; Sr. Class Gift Solicitation Chair. 
Donald S. McCorkel Jr. — Church Rd. RD 1, Hum- 
melstown, Pa.; Arts. 

Kathleen Mary McDonough — 420 St. Marks Ave., 
Westfield, N.J.; Bio.; Richards; Gryphon Society. 
Susan B. McGovern — 171 Lafayette Ave., Chatham, 
N.J.; Eng.; RH-11; Powderpuff Football, Intramurals; 
Gamma Phi Beta, Secy., Ritual Chairman; Special 
Events Hostess, Volunteer; Sr. Class Gift Campaign, 
Investment & Solicitation. 

Virginia Marie McGuire — 16 Mahan Rd., Old 
Bethpage, N.Y.; Acctg.; RH-11; Dean's List, Freshman 
& Sophomore Honors; LUV; Intramurals. 
Joanne Teresa Meglio — 110 Bache Ave., New York, 
N.Y.; ESRM; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; Phi Eta Sigma; Gryphon Society; Sr. Class Gift 

Craig A. Meier — 93 Wildwood Dr., Needham, Ma.; 

Daniel John Melkus — 501 Constitution Ave., Heller- 
town, Pa.; Bio.; Town Council; Freshman Honors; De- 
an's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Pre-Medical 
Soc; ACS. 

Peter Smith Menard — 442 Stublyn Rd., Rt. 2; Gran- 
ville; Oh.; Jour., Minor IR.; RH-11; Glee Club, Stage 
Mgr.; Brown & White, News Editor, Managing Editor, 
Editorial Page Editor, Associate Editor. 
Donald A. Messina — 91 Cedar Hill Ave., Belleville, 
N.J.; Elec. Engrg.; Leavitt House. 

Carol J. Meyer — 908 Stratford Ave., Melrose Park, Pa.; 
Mgt. & Fin.; Varsity Swimming; Powderpuff Football; 
Gryphon Society, Secy.; Jr. Class, Treas.; Election 
Rules Comm.; Marketing Club. 

Lee A. Meyers — 1425 Lorraine Rd., Reading, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Pi Lambda Phi, Pres. 

Meg Michaels — 27 Woodmere Blvd. South, Wood- 
mere, N.Y.; Fin.; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; De- 
an's List; Varsity Tennis; Intramural Sports; Invest- 
ment Club; LUV. 

Jeffrey Alan Miers — 120 S. 23rd St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Steward, Athletic Mgr.; In- 
tramurals; Computer Science Minor. 
George F. Mikes — 33 Compass Ln., Levittown, N.Y.; 
Fin.; Delta Chi; Soccer Team, Intramurals. 


Charles Robert Miller — 3288 Pine Lake Rd., Orchard 

Lake, Mi.; Ind. Engrg.; Phi Kappa Theta, Sgt. at Arms; 

AIIE; Marching Band; Intramurals. 

Clint Mason Miller — 2713 Winston Rd.; Acctg/Fin.; 

Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Investment Club; 

Weightlifting Club. 

Diane Ruth Miller — 404 Lafayette Ave., Prospect Park, 

Pa.; Jour. /Psych.; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 

Campus Crusade for Christ; LUV. 

Jerry A. Miller — 805 Partridge Dr., Bridgewater, N.J.; 

Myra Miller — 67 Stephenville Pkwy. Edison, N.J.; 
Mrktg.; Townhouse; Marketing Club. 
Robert D. Miller — 5 Vannoy Ave., Pennington, N.J.; 
Ind. Engrg.; Kappa Sigma. 

Thomas Alan Miller — 21 E. Washington St., Fleet- 
wood, Pa.; Civil Engrg.; RH-11; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau 
Beta Pi; Intramurals; Glee Club. 

William H. Mirth, III — 1445 West Macada Rd., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; EP. 

Gary Molitor — 187 Broad St., Leetsdale, Pa.; Met./ 
M.S.; Kappa Alpha, Pres., Corres. Secy.; Freshman 
Honors; ASM: Navigators. 

]ames Irving Moll — 61 Chestnut St., Macungie, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg. 

Donald H. Monteverde — 21 Ridge Rd., Harrington 
Park, N.J.; Geol.; Phi Sigma Kappa, House Manager 
'75; JV Soccer; Geology Club; Rugby Club. 
Clifford W. Moodie — 125 Crest Dr., Summit, N.J.; 
Fin/Acctg.; Delta Phi, House Mgr., Guest Chairman. 
Paul B. Morris — 4 Demartini PL, Waldwick, N.J.; Bio.; 
Phi Sigma Kappa. 

John Burton Mountsier — 157 Morningside Rd., Verona, 
N.J.; Metallurgy; Kappa Sigma, Treas.; Metullurgy So- 
ciety; Freshman Soccer. 

Robin Elizabeth Muench — 11 Casino Rd., Marblehead, 
Ma.; Civil Engrg.; ASCE; Varsity Lacrosse; Alpha Phi 

Gary Frederick Muller — 2 Anne PL, Pleasantville, 
N.Y.; Pre-Arch.; RH-11. 


Jerome A. Miller 

Myra Miller 

Gary Molitor 

Donald H. Monteverde 

Robert D. Miller 

Thomas A. Miller 

William M. Mirth III 

James I. Moll 

Clifford W. Moodie 


Paul B. Morris 

John B. Mountsier 

Robin E. Muench 

Gary Muller 

Kathryn J. Mumma 

Thomas P. Nederostek 

David A. Nickel 

Thomas E. Norton 

Bryan J. Murphy Jr. 

William B. Murphy 

Daniel V. Nardone 

Susan M. Nemchik 

Joseph S. Nemetz 

Donald W. Newhart 

George E. Nowack Jr. 

William L. Numbers 

Leon G. Nusselt Jr. 

Lee B. Oliphant 

— 1 

Robert S. Oliwa 

Laurence O'Mahoney 

Kathryn Jane Mumma — 73 Oak Dr., Doylestown, Pa.; 
Acctg.; RH-11; National Merit Scholarship; Beta Alpha 
Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Intramurals. 
Bryan James Murphy, Jr. — 103 Main St., Hellertown, 
Pa.; Math.; Freshman Honors & Sophomore; Dean's 
List; H. Barrett Davis Award for Acting & Directing; 
Mustard & Cheese. 

William Bryon Murphy — Orinoco Mining Co., Puerto 
Ordaz, Venezuela; Acctg.; Kappa Sigma; Intramurals; 
Mustard & Cheese; Forum, Administration Commit- 
tee, Epitome, Scheduling Editor; IFC, Pledge Comm.; 
Gryphon Society. 

Daniel Vincent Nardone — 2095 Clarendon St., Camp 
Hill, Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; RH-11; Ingersoll-Rand Schol- 
arship; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta 
Sigma; ASME. 

Thomas P. Nederostek — 5565 Hillside Ave., Whitehall, 
Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Town Council, Board Member; IM 
Sports; Alpha Lambda Omega, V-Pres.; SAC, Ind. 

Susan Marie Nemchik — 862 North Kearney St., Allen- 
town, Pa.; Ind. Engrg.; AIIE; SWE. 
Joseph S. Nemetz — 240 Camphill Rd., Ft. Washington, 
Pa.; Acctg/Fin.; Delta Phi, Housemanager; Baseball. 
Donald W. Newhart — PO Box 462, Treichlers, Pa.; 
Arts; Taylor House. 

David A. Nickel — RD 1, Newville, Pa.; Fin.; Delta Up- 
silon, Secy., Treas., Steward; Freshman Honors & 
Sophomore; Freshman Football. 

Thomas E. Norton — 3 Neer Dr., Park Ridge, N.J.; Elec. 
Engrg.; Theta Delta Chi. 

George Edward Nowack, Jr. — 922 Donald Dr., Em- 
maus, Pa.; Govt.; Zeta Psi, Treas.; Dean's List; 
Freshman Honors; Participant in the Washington Se- 
mester Prog.; Intramurals, JV Tennis Team; Pre-Law 
Society; Govt. Student-Faculty Comm., Education Pol- 
icy Comm.; Brown & White. 

William L. Numbers — 518 South Ott St., Allentown, 
Pa.; Management; Theta Xi, Secy.; Intramurals; Pres. 
of Lehigh County Chapter of Penna. Assoc, of Re- 
tarded Citizens. 

Leon G. Nusselt, Jr. — 5171 Lombardi Dr., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; Metallurgy; Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Metal- 
lurgy Society. 

Lee Bradford Oliphant — 125 Hawthorn Rd., Braintree, 
Ma.; Acctg.; Delta Phi, Treas.; Varsity Soccer. 
Robert Stephen Oliwa — 320 Stiles St., Elizabeth, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Ice Hockey, Co-Captain. 

Laurence O'Mahoney — 28 Oakland PL, Summit, N.J.; 
Geol.; Delta Phi, House Improvements Chair.; 
Freshman Honors; Phi Eta Sigma. 


John A. Orsini — 2221 Grove St., Allentown, Pa.; 
ESRM; Geology Club. 

Timothy Charles Oten — 425 County Farm Rd., 
Wheaton, II.; Mech. Engrg.; ASME; Freshman Foot- 
ball; Pi Tau Sigma. 

George Edward Ott, ]r. — 55 Mercer St., Hamilton Sq., 
N.J.; Chem. Engrg.; Psi Upsilon, Pres., Social Chair- 
man, IFC Rep. 

Richard M. Packer — 730 12th Ave., Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Bus.; Delta Tau Delta. 

Michael Stephen Pahuta — Route 4, Raritan Ave., 
Flemington, N.J.; Mgt/Mkt.; Marketing Club; Varsity 
Baseball; Hockey Club; Intramural Sports. 
Georgia Louise Panich — 656 McKee Ave., Monessen, 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; RH-11. 

Gene Everad Parris — Government Rd., Charlestown, 
Nevis, BW; Chem.; Freshman Honors; RH-11; Varsity 
Soccer; OEA. 

Bayne Patterson — 1805 West Union Blvd., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Soc. Rel/Span.; RH-11; Sophomore & Junior Hon- 
ors, Dean's List; Psi Chi Honorary Society; Mustard & 
Cheese; Alpha Phi Sorority; Plays. 
Michael R. Pavia, ]r. — 33 Arnold Ln., Rowayton, Ct.; 
Chem.; Sigma Nu. 

Walter Pawlowski — 777 Ocean Ave., New London, 
Ct.; Acctg. 

Dennis E. Pearce — RD Box 62, Mars, Pa.; Chem. 
Engrg.; Leavitt House. 

John Kelley Pearson — Old South Rd. Rt. 1, Litchfield, 
Ct.; Metallurgy; Sigma Nu, Le Commander; Met. Soc. 
Joseph James Pennick, Jr. — 3 Longwood Dr., Andover, 
Pa.; Jour.; Taylor Hall; Freshman Football; Varsity Ice 
Hockey; Brown & White; WLRN; Epitome Sports Edi- 
tor; Mustard & Cheese; Lehigh Hockey Program Edi- 

Kenneth Michael Pepe — 65 Florida Ave., Island Park, 
N.Y.; Management/Marketing; Smiley House. 
Jose A. Perna — 602 Smiley Ave., Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Delta Upsilon; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Varsity Soccer, Captain. 
Loin's /. Perrelli — 728 Quaker Rd., Chappaqua, N.Y.; 
Civil Engrg.; Kappa Sigma, Social Chairman; ASCE; 
Track, Skiing; Ski Club, Vice-Pres.; Mustard & 
Cheese; Pre-Law Society. 

John A. Orsini 

Timothy C. Oten 

George E. Ott Jr. 

Richard M. Packer 


Michael G. Pahuta 

r**w^:#v& ■■■'■■■--■ ■*' 

Georgia L. Panich 

Gene E. Parris 

C. Bayne Patterson 

Michael R. Pavia Jr. 

Walter J. Pawlowski 

Dennis E. Pearce 

John K. Pearson 

Joseph J. Pennick Jr. 

Kenneth M. Pepe 

Jose A. Perna 

Louis J. Perrelli 

Kenneth A. Peterson 

William L. Phipps 

Gregory Fabian Pierog 

Marcellus M. Pin 

Daniel C. Pinchas 

Brenda C. Piskin 

Richard S. Plewes 

Donald M. Plum 

Edmound H. Poggi III 

Gary S. Pogoda 


Michael P. Polachek 

Richard E. Poole Jr. 

Judith A. Potashkin 

Guy R. Powell 

if All 

Robert R. Powell 

Gregg Pressman 

Kenneth A. Peterson — 138 Woodland Ave., Summit, 
NJ; Bio. 

William L. Phipps — Box 228, East Hampton, LI., NY; 

Gregory Fabian Pierog — RD 1, Emmaus, Pa.; Mgt.; 

Varsity Football. 

Marcellus M. Pin — Whiton Rd., Box 143D, RD 2, 

Neshanic Station, N.J.; Ind. Engrg.; Sigma Chi. 

Daniel Cooper Pinchas — 240 E. 79th St., New York, 

N.Y.; Hist.; RH-11; Table Tennis Club; IR Club; Hillel; 


Brenda Caryl Piskin — 741 Ave. C, Bayonne, N.J.; Ind. 

Engrg.; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; 

AIIE; Varsity Volleyball; IE Council. 

Richard Stanley Plewes — 1216 Yverdon Dr., Camp Hill, 

Pa.; Mgt.; Dean's List. 

Donald M. Plum — 60 Braemar Dr., Cheshire, Ct.; 

Geol.; ATO, Worthy Sentinel; Intramurals, Rugby; 


Edmund H. Poggi 111 — 563 Westmorland Ave., Kings- 
ton, Pa.; Ind. Engrg. 

Gary Steven Pogoda — 223 N. Douglass Ave., Margate, 

N.J.; Elec. Engrg. 

Michael P. Polachek — 1502 Paper Mill Rd., 

Wyndmoor, Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Chi Phi, Pres.; IFC, 

Rep.; Volunteers. 

Richard Edward Poole, Jr. — Rt. 2, Boonsboro, Md.; 

Mech. Engrg.; Treas. Lehigh Theta Chapter of Pi Tau 

Sigma; Intramural Mgr.; Trustee Grant; Intramurals; 


Judith Ann Potashkin — 51 Clark St., Cranford, N.J.; 

Bio.; Dean's List; Freshman & Sophomore, Junior 

Honors; LUV, Miller Memorial Blood Center. 

Guy R. Powell — RD 3, Box 402 A, Somerset, N.J.; Elec. 


Robert W. Powell — 8 Walker Ave., Gaithersburg, Md.; 
Elec. Engrg.; McConn House. 

Gregg S. Pressman — 1000 Leopard Rd., Rydal, Pa.; 
Bio.; RH-11; Dean's List; Freshman & Sophomore 
Honors; Hillel Club; Classical Piano, Ensembles, 
String Orchestra. 


Richard Noltie Price — 77 Oakridge Rd., Verona, N.J.; 
Fin.; Kappa Sigma, Pledgemaster; Varsity Basketball, 
Freshman & Sophomore; Marketing Club; IFC Social 
Comm.; Intramurals. 

Bryan Robert Proven — 909 Cumberland Rd., 
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Theta Xi, Treas.; 
Freshman Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; ASME; Frater- 
nity Intramurals; Volleyball Club. 

Robert Angus Pulford — 23 Grandview Tr., 
Wethersfield, Ct.; Acctg./Fin.; Delta Sigma Phi, Pres., 
Sr. year, Rush Chairman, Jr. year; Beta Alpha Psi. 
Mac E. Purvis, Jr. — RD 3 Box 127, Valencia, Pa.; Bio.; 
Leavitt House. 

Charles B. Pyle, III — 521 County Line Rd., Radnor, 
Pa.; Chem,; ACS. 

James P. Quinn — 446 Cumberland Ave., Teaneck, 
N.J.; Elec. Engrg.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Steward; Freshman 
& Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Eta Kappa Nu; 

John J. Quinn — 509 Marks Rd., Oreland, Pa.; Chem. 
Engrg.; Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Maureen Patricia Quirk — Box 760 Robin Rd., Furlong, 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; RH-11; Pres. RHC; Eta Kappa Nu, 
Prize; Tau Beta Pi, Prize; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; 
Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE; SWE; Computer Soc; Forum; Ed. 
Pol.; LUV; Brown & White; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Lambda Alpha Lambda. 

Janet Mary Raibaldi — 575 Margueritta Ct., Green- 
wood, Ind.; Acctg.; Dean's List; Freshman Honor So- 
ciety; Marketing Club; Gamma Phi Beta; Sr. Class 

Barry D. Raiser — 104 Wilton Woods Ln., Media, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg.; Beta Theta Pi. 

Martha Elena Raring — 4205 Williamsburg, Harrisburg, 
Pa.; Bio. 

C. Dallas Reach, Jr. — PO Box 2117, 4305 Cutlass Ln., 
Naples, Fl.; Civil Engrg.; ASCE. 

Francis James Reck — 135 South Pearl St., Shamokin, 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Phi Kappa Theta, Pres., Vice-Pres., 
House Mgr., Steward; IEEE; Intramurals. 
Alan Guy Redden — 561 Great Plain Ave., Needham, 
Ma.; Hist.; Delta Phi, Vice-Pres.; Glee Club. 
Michael L. Redmond — 5997 Jeanine Dr., Sacramento, 
Ca.; Civil Engrg.; Theta Chi, Judicial Comm. Chair., 
Rush Chair.; ASCE; Skydiving Club; Orienteering 

William John Reeues — 524 S. 60th St., Harrisburg, Pa.; 
Ind. Engrg.; Coleman Grant Recipient. 

Richard N. Price 

Bryan R. Proven 

Robert A. Pulford 

Mac E. Purvis Jr. 

Charles B. Pyle III 

James P. Quinn 


John J. Quinn 

Maureen P. Quirk 

Janet M. Raibaldi 

Martha C. Rarim 

Francis J. Reck 

Michael L. Redmond 

Barry D. Raiser 

C. Dallas Reach 

Alan G. Redden 

William J. Reeves 


Waldon E. Regi 

Harold J. Reiss 

Lynn A. Reisteter 

Helen H. Richardson 






fl i : I 

\ 1 1 

John C. Ridge 

Joseph R. Rinn 


Diane K. Rissinger 

James A. Ritter 

Kerry L. Rissmiller 

Richard A. Rivlin 

William G. Rixey 

John S. Rizzo 

Raymond J. Robb 

David M. Roberts 

Mark C. Roberts 

Christopher S. Robertson 

Weldon E. Regi — PO Box 519, Wrightstown, N.J.; Elec. 
Engrg.; Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Harold J. Reiss — 31-A Pardun Rd., North Brunswick, 
N.J.; Bus.; Sigma" Alpha Mu. 

Lynn Ann Reisteter — 1868 Abington Rd., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Govt.; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Eng. 
Honorary Society. 

Helen Hope Richardson — 172 Wharton Ln., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Jour.; Richards; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas.; 
Varsity Field Hockey, Basketball & Softball, Powder- 
puff Football, Co-Capt.; Epitome, Co-Editor; Brown & 
White, Desk Editor; Student Equal Opportunity Ath- 
letic Subcommittee. 

John Charles Ridge — 2620 Winston Rd., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Geol.; Delta Chi; Varsity Tennis; Sr. Class Gift 

Joseph F. Rinn — 820 Elizabeth St., Ridgefield, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Alpha Tau Omega, Treas., Pledge Trainer; In- 

Diane K. Rissinger — 259 Cassatt Rd., Berwyn, Pa.; 
Span. /Fine Arts; Carothers; Mandeville Purchase 
Award; Lucille Bunin Askin Award; Lambda Alpha 
Lambda; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Parnassus. 
Kerry L. Rissmiller — 751 Floret Ave., Reading, Pa.; 
Fin.; SMAGS. 

James A. Ritter — RD 7, Allentown, Pa.; Acctg.; Alpha 
Tau Omega, Worthy Scribe; Freshman & Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; Varsity Swimming; Investment 

Richard A. Rivlin — 11 Jay Ct., North Woodmere, N.Y.; 
Fin.; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres., Rush Chairman, IFC 
Rep. Intramurals; Brown & White Bus. Mgr., Credit 
Mgr., Nat'l Ads Mgr., Make-up Ed.; Chess Club; 
Bridge Club; Investment Club; Marketing Club. 
William George Rixey — Box 393, 798 Ave. E, Riverside, 
Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; Smiley, Secy.; AIChE Scholarship 
Award; Tau Beta Pi; AIChE; ACS; IM Wrestling, Foot- 

John Rizzo — 201 Ohio Ave., Shenandoah, Pa.; Civil 
Engr.; Lambda Chi Alpha, High Rho- Alumni Corres.; 
John Howell Powell Scholarship; William F. Coleman 
Scholarship; ASCE; Intramural Sports; OUV; Asst. 
Frat. Social Chairman. 

Raymond John Robb — 905 Park St., McKeesport, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Sigma Nu, Athletic Mgr.; Freshman Honors; 
Phi Eta Sigma. 

David M. Roberts — 21 Canal Run West, Washington 
Crossin, Pa.; Bus.; Delta Sigma Phi. 
Mark Connelly Roberts — 305 Gun Rd., Baltimore, Md.; 
Elec. Engrg.; Glee Club, Asst. Mgr., Former Head Li- 

C. Scott Robertson — Acctg. /Eco.; Gryphon Society, Sr. 


Stephen G. Roda — 630 N. School Ln., Lancaster, Pa.; 
Fundamental Sci.; Phi Sigma Kappa, Rush Chairman, 
Intramural Mgr.; LUV. 

David Allen Roe — 120 Sandy Knoll Dr., Doylestown, 
Pa.; Eco.; Sigma Nu, Recorder. 

Michael G. Rohal — 1834 Tenth St., Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg. 

Amy Elizabeth Roland — 20 Washington Pk., Map- 
lewood, N.J.; Hist. /Psych. /Fine Arts Hist.; Lehigh 
University Research Grant; Dean's List; History Honor 
Society; Intramurals; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Golden 
Hearts Secy.; Parnassus. 

William B. Romig — 643 Bergey Rd., Telford, Pa.; Bus.; 
Theta Chi. 

Michael S. Rosen — Rye Hill Farm, Old Chatham, N.Y.; 

James D. Rosener — 366 Nayatt Rd., Barrington, RL; 
Bus.; Pi Lambda Phi. 

Guy Wayne Roush — 16 Page Ct., Cumberland, Md.; 
Mech. Engrg.; RH-11, Vice Pres. — Congdon; ASME; 
Intramurals, Football, Badminton, Softball; Computer 

Arthur E. Ruggles — - Route 3 Box 397, Boonsboro, Md.; 
Mech. Engrg.; RH-11; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; 
ASME; Glee Club. 

Janet Marie Ryan — 185 Park St., Montclair, N.J.; 
Psych. /Mgt.; Stoughton; Marketing Club; V. Pres., 
Gryphon Soc; SAC Concert Comm., DOS, Lafayette 
Weekend Com. 

Andrew T. Ryder — 253 Berwind Rd., Radnor, Pa.; 
Bus.; Bishopthorpe. 

Susan Frances Sachs — 317 Intervale East, Stamford, 
Ct.; Fin./Psych.; MVP Basketball Team; Recipient of A. 
Zettlemoyer Award; Varsity Field Hockey, Volleyball, 
Basketball, Softball; Powderpuff Football; Epitome; 
LUV; Gryphon Society. 

James Brian Saddel — 1132 Cleveland Rd., Center Sq., 
Pa.; Elec. Engrg.; Eta Kappa Nu; Lehigh Christian Fel- 
lowship; SMAGS. 

Judy J. Salines — 2526 Greenleaf St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Acctg.; RH-11. 

L. John Sanlorenzo — 25 Darby Dr., Huntington Sta., 
N.Y.; Fin.; Kappa Sigma, Vice-Pres.; President's 
Award; Rugby Club, Intramurals; AFROTC, Arnold 
Air Society; Class Gift; IFC Scholarship & Fact Finding 

Lloyd B. Sarakin — 552 Green PL, Woodmere, N.Y.; 
Arts; Intramurals; Squash Club; Pre-Law Soc; Karate 


Stephen G. Roda 

David A. Roe 

Michael G. Rohal 

Amy E. Roland 

William B. Romig 

Michael Rosen 


James D. Rosener 

Guy W. Roush 

Arthur E. Ruggles II 

Janet M. Ryan 

Andrew T. Ryder 


Susan F. Sachs 

James B. Saddel 

Judith J. Salines 

Lloyd B. Sarakin 

Leonard S. Sarkissian 

Michelle M. Sattler 

Daniel Saunders 

Patti J. Saunders 

Edward R. Sause 

John Savchak 

Helen J. Schaefer 

Jiil Schaffer 


• 4 

• * 

If s2> 

jj • k 

* * • 

If m 

/I ^^ 









Margaret A. Schantz 

John A. Schatz 

Nancy E. Schauer 

Susan C. Schautz 

Steven W. Scheibe 

Carl J. Scheitrum 

Richard L. Schild 

Mark J. Schimpf 

Leonard Sarkis Sarkissian — c/o C A T Co., PC* Box 1036, 
Beirut, Lebanon; Mech. Engrg.; RH-11; ASME; Tennis; 
Skiing; Scuba; Swimming; Vice-Pres. Arabic Club of 
Lehigh University. 

Michele M. Sattler — Box 366 RD 4, Easton, Pa.; Chem. 
Daniel R. Saunders — 174 Grandview Ave., Morrisville, 
Pa.; Civil Engrg.; Phi Sigma Kappa, Inductor; Football. 
Patti J. Saunders — RD 3, Bethlehem, Pa.; Eng.; RH-11, 
Pres. Bldg. B; Carothers Social Chairman; Williams 
Sophomore & Junior Essay Prizes, Williams Schol- 
arship; Dean's List; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; 
Departmental Honors; Lambda Alpha Lambda; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta; Intramurals; LUV, Tutor. 
Edward R. Sause — 292 Hance Rd., Fair Haven, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Delta Tau Delta, Asst. Treas.; Dean's List; 
Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Beta Alpha Psi; Var- 
sity Baseball. 

John A. Savchak — 314 Maple Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Chi Phi; Photo; Karate Clubs. 
Helen J. Schaefer — 1819 Levering PL, Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Ind. Engrg.; AIIE; Ballet; Drama. 

Jill Schaffer — 2607 Swanson St., Easton, Pa.; Psych.; 
Dean's List; Alfred T. Stanley Scholarship; Psi Chi; 
Lambda Alpha Lambda; LUV; Mustard & Cheese; 
Gryphon Society; Mental Health/Mental Retardation 
Student Intern, Social Welfare Program — LVAIC. 
Margaret Ann Schantz — 232 E. Union Blvd., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Govt.; Town House Member; Intra- 
murals; Tau Lambda Chi, Athletic Mgr. 
John Anthony Schatz — 135 Park Ave., Carle Place, 
N.Y.; Met. Engrg.; Alpha Chi Rho, House Mgr.; 
Freshman & Sophomore Honors; ASM; APMI; Skiing; 
Scuba Diving; Photography. 

Nancy Elizabeth Schauer — 215 Stafford Ave., Scranton, 
Pa.; Eng. Lit.; RH-11; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta; 
Amaranth; LUV. 

Susan Carol Schautz — 78 Forsythia Dr., North, Levit- 
town, Pa.; Jour. /Psych.; RH-11, Richards 4 Social 
Chairman; Intramurals; Brown & White. 
Steven William Scheibe — 554 W. Washington Ave., 
Hartford, Wi.; Acctg.; Gryphon Society, Pres.; Soph- 
omore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; Soccer; 

Carl Joseph Scheitrum — 263 Brown St., Tamaqua, Pa.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Frat. Marshall; Aca- 
demic Scholarship (Lehigh); ASME; Intramurals. 
Richard Lewis Schild — 11 Maurice Lane, Huntington, 
N.Y.; Chem. Engrg.; Smiley House; Freshman Honors; 
Deans List; AIChE; Intramurals; Outing Club, Pres.; 
Judo Club; Publications: "Copolymerization with Sur- 
face Active Jonic Cononomus" Also to be presented at 
51st National Colloid Symposium. NSF Undergraduate 
Research Participant. 

Mark Joseph Schimpf — 62 Walnut St., Little Falls, N.J.; 
Chem.; Phi Gamma Delta; Social Chairman, I.M. Mgr., 
House Mgr.; AChS; LUV; Geiger Society. 


Paul B. Schlimme — Sussex Building Apt. 10, 2434 
Mountain Lane, Allentown, Pa.; Acctg. /Finance; Delta 
Alpha Psi; Deans List Junior & Senior Years; Student 
Investment Club, Pres. 

Cynthia A. Schmidt — 121 Convent Ave., Nazareth, Pa. 
Kathy A. Schmidt — 1404 Rosser Ave., Elmont, N.Y.; 
Acctg.; Sophomore Honors, Dean's List. 
Kenneth Tarcisius Schmidt — 1502 Hope St., Stamford, 
Ct.; Finance; Delta Tau Delta; Pledge Master; 
Freshman & Varsity Football. 

Linda M. Schnall — 41-27 Matule Drive, Fair Lawn, 
N.J.; Acctg.; Palmer Pres.; Residence Halls Council 
197; LUV, Vice Pres.; Freshman Honors, Acctg. Intern- 

Edythe Carol Schrier — 20 Fulton Rd., Somerset, N.J.; 
Chem. Engrg.; RH-11, Sect. Pres. '75, '76; SWE; 
AIChE; Intramurals. 

Kirk Paul Schubert — 208 Lincoln Ave., Sayville, N.Y.; 
Ger./I.R.; Mod. For. Lang. Scholarship; LUV; I.R. 

George E. Schulze ]r. — 3 Gabriel Dr., Peekskill, N.Y.; 
Civ. Engrg.; Lambda Chi Alpha; ASCE; Social Comm., 
Asst. Rush Chairman, White Rose Comm.; Intramu- 

Peter K. Schutz — 310 Kent Rd., Broomall, Pa.; Mech. 
Engrg.; Beardslee House, Social Chairman; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Intramurals; ASME. 

Susan Schwartz — 839 Caldwell Ave., North Wood- 
mere, N.Y.; Psych. /Soc. Rel.; RH-11; Freshman & 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Lambda Alpha 
Lambda; Phi Eta Sigma; Psi Chi, Vice-Pres.; LUV, Sr. 
Class Gift Comm.; Big Sister. 

Robert H. Scott III — RD 1, Sweet Valley, Pa.; Civil 
Engrg.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Master, Lt. Master; ASCE; 
Marching Band, Rank Leader; Campus Security. 
Robert M. Sederholm — 1025 Cornell Ave., Drexel Hill, 
Pa.; Bus.; Tau Epsilon Phi. 

David P. Sell — 713 North 20th St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Ind. Engrg.; Stevens, Gryphon, Sr. Rep.; Freshman 
Honors; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; Tennis, Intramurals; Mar- 
keting, Skiing, Sailing. 

Joseph B. Sergi, Jr. — Old Cuthbert Rd., Cherry Hill, 
N.J.; Elec. Engrg.; RH-11; Freshman & Sophomore 
Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE. 

Cyril Gregory Serrao — 711 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Acctg. /For. Careers; Phi Gamma Delta, Co-Chair. 
Scholarship Comm.; Pre-Law Soc; IM Frats. 
Susan A. Seruga — 2715 East Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Chem. Engrg.; RH-11. 


Paul B. Schlimme 

Cynthia A. Schmidt 

Kathy A. Schmidt 

Kenneth T. Schmidt 

Linda M. Schnall 

Peter K. Schutz 


Robert H. Scott III 

Eduth C. Schrier 

Susan I. Schwartz 

Kirk P. Schubert 

George E. Schulze Jr. 

Robert M. Sederholm 



TO < 



David P. Sell 

Joseph B. Sergi Jr. 

Cyril G. Serrao 

Susan A. Seruga 

David Shanaberger 

Hildy Shandell 

Ian A. Shapolsky 

Carl Shawber 

Gary J. Shelby 

John I. Silverberg 

Mark C. Shiner 

Douglas G. Shurts 

Sheri Siegelbaum 

David B. Simmons Jr. 

Mitchel W. Simpler 

Thomas B. Sinclair 

Otis A. Sinnott 

Maryann P. Skibo 

David C. Slagle 

Nora R. Slatkin 

David Shanaberger — 1107 Centre St., Coplay, Pa.; 
Mech. Engrg.; ASME. 

Hildy Shandell — 810 Foster St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Govt.; Dean's List; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; 
Recipient Richard King Mellon Scholarship; Forum V, 
VI, VII, Secy.; AC Environ. Comm., Treas., Vice-Chr.; 
LUV, Secy.; Epitome; Ed. Pol. Comm.; Women's 
Caucus, Radio Station, Newscaster; LUV Newsletter. 
Ian Adam Shapolsky — 152 E. 65th St., New York, N.Y.; 
Fin./Eco., Intn'tl Rel. Minor; Karate; Skiing; Intn'tl Rel. 
Club, Vice-Pres.; Pre-Law Soc; Karate Club; Invest- 
ment Club; Sr. Class Gift Investment Comm. 
Carl Van Vechten Shawber — 57 Edgewood Rd., Man- 
sfield, Oh.; Met. Engrg.; First Place Metallurgraphic 
Contest; Circle K; Sailing Club; Student Met. Society. 
Gary John Shelby — 1162 Howertown Rd., Catasauqua, 
Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; Lambda Chi Alpha, AIChE; Intra- 
murals; LUV; Frisbee. 

Douglas G. Shurts — 346 Timber Dr., Berkeley Heights, 
N.J.; Fin.; Delta Tau Delta, Treas.; Ice Hockey Club 4 
yrs.; IFC; Grad. Comm. Member 2 yrs.; Member Delta 
Tau Delta National Frat. 

Sheri Siegelbaum — 571 Knollwood Rd., Ridgewood, 
N.J.; Govt.; RH11; Williams Essay Contest Fresh. Div., 
First Prize; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Varsity 
Tennis; Women's Caucus; LUV; Ed. Pol. Comm., Stu- 
dent Rep.; Govt. Dept. Student-Faculty Comm. 
Mark Charles Shiner — 74 Francis Meyers Rd., New Bri- 
tain, Pa.; Hist.; Smiley 302, Social Chairman; Tour 
Guide — Admissions; Solicitor, Sr. Class Gift. 
John 1. Silverberg — 3403 Congress St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Mgt.; Delta Upsilon; Freshman Camp Counselor; 
Brown & White. 

David B. Simmons, Jr. — RD 1, Sussex, N.J. 
Mitchel Wayne Simpler — 511 West State St., Kennett 
Sq., Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Chi Psi, Executive Council; 

Thomas B. Sinclair — 925 Rolandvue Rd., Ruston, Md.; 
Ind. Engrg. 
Otis Allston Sinnot, 
N.Y.; Fin.; Delta 
French Club. 
Maryann Patricia 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Acctg. 
LUV; Parnassus. 

David C. Slagle — 9000 Brandywine Rd. 
Oh.; Bio.; SMAGS. 
Nora Ruth Slatkin — 193 William Rd., Massapequa, 
N.Y.; Intn'l. Rel.; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Visiting Committee on IR & Foreign Lan- 
guages; '76 Fulbright Scholarship Nominee; Intn'l Rel. 

Jr. - 

- 21 Willow Rd., Bronxville, 
Varsity Track, Intramurals; 

Skibo — 1315 Kaywin Ave., 
Alpha Phi; Mustard & Cheese; 



Angela Elane Smith — 5032 N. Capitol St. NW, 
Washington, DC; Psych. /Bus. minor; RH-11; Cheer- 
leader; LUV. 

Mark E. Smith — 80 Summit Ave., Phillipsburg, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Beta Theta Pi, House Mgr., IM Bgr.; Baseball 3 
yrs.; Sr. Class Exec. Council Member. 
Scott R. Smith — 143 Rathton Rd., York, Pa.; Fin.; 
Sigma Chi. 

Terence T. Smith — 219 East Sedgwick St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Acctg.; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; SAC 
Freshman Rep.; Mustard & Cheese; Brown & White. 
Theodore Fell Smith, 111 — 415 Lake Ave., Bay Head, 
N.J.; Fin.; Kappa Sigma, Guard; Track; Rugby, Pres., 
Capt., Treas.; FMA, Board Member; IFC, Social 
Chairman, Council of Social Chairmen, Chairman. 
John Robert Snyder — Box 244, RD 1, Schnecksville, 
Pa.; Acctg.; McConn House; Student Investment Club. 
Lewis S. Somers IV — 516 E. Gravers Ln., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Chem. Engrg.; Lambda Chi Alpha. 
James Tracy Sommeriverck — 1500 Dundee Ct., Bel Air, 
Md.; Chem. Engrg.; AIChE; Freshman Soccer; Delta 
Upsilon; Rugby. 

Daniel 1. Sparago — 420 King St., Staten Island, N.Y.; 
Hist.; ATO, Rush Chairman; Wrestling, Intramurals; 

Mark W. Stahller — 3 Overlook Rd., Clarks Green, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Steward, 2 Years; Varsity Swimming, Intramu- 
rals; Brown & White Photographer; Serendipity, Bus. 

John H. Stamateris — 84 Cathedral Ave., Florham Park, 
N.J.; Fin.; Phi Kappa Theta, Pres., Scholastic Chmn., 
Alumni Secy., Rec. Secy.; Dean's List; Freshman & 
Sophomore Honors; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Rhodes Scholar Candidate. 
Jeffrey Evan Stamm — 60 Lynn Dr., Englewood Cliffs, 
N.J.; Eng.; Williams Prize Creative Writing. 
David Lindsay Standig — 181 Frederick St., Paramus, 
N.J.; Acctg.; RH-11; Beta Alpha Psi; Intramural Foot- 
ball, Soccer; Bridge Club, Pres.-Sr., V.P., Jr.; Lehigh 
Valley Grotto; Sr. Master Am. Contract Bridge; League 
— National Speleological Soc; Skiing; Coin Collecting; 
Spelunking; Student Investment Fund. 
Sandra A. Stanich — 1022 Elm Ave., Ridgefield, N.J.; 
Acctg.; Dean's List; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; 
Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Intramurals. 
Larry Dale Stauffer — 1120 Primrose Ave., Camp Hill, 
Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Delta Chi; ASME; Marching Band. 
Mark Stacey Stauffer — RD 4, Hummelstown, Pa.; Fin. 


Angela E. Smith 

Mark E. Smith 

Scott R. Smith 


Theodore F. Smith III 

John R. Snyder 

Lewis S. Somers IV 

James T. Sommerwerck 

Daniel I. Sparago 

Mark W. Stahller 

John H. Stamateris 

Jeffrey E. Stamm 

David L. Standig 

Sandra A. Stanich 

Larry D. Stauffer 

Mark S. Stauffer 

Cheryl L. Staviski 

Daria Stavisky 

Scott W. Stebbins 





Dale J. Stein 

Stephen Stephansen IV 

Kurt W. Stoffel 

Michael Stollbrink 

Robert S. Strait 

David J. Stradal 

Scott H. Strickland 

Ilene T. Strober 

Joseph E. Stroin Jr. 

David B. Succop 

Mary Ellen Sudano 

Donna M. Suess 

Jill Sugarman 

Cheryl Lynn Staviski — 293 High Crest Dr., West Mil- 
ford, N.J.; Ind. Engrg.; Richards, Intramural Mgr., So- 
cial Chairman; Powderpuff Football, Intramurals; SAC, 
Secy; Head LUSH. 

Daria Stavisky — 25 Columbia St., Wharton, N.J.; 
RH-11; Eng. Lit.; Richards IV, Treas., Sophomore 
Honors; Intramurals; Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush 
Chair., Epitome; Marketing Club; Bridge Club; Wom- 
en's Caucus Panel Member; Sr. Class Gift Campaign. 
Scoff William Stebbins — 30 Adams St., Clark, N.J.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Chi Phi, House Mgr. '75; Student Blot- 

Dale J. Stein — 1102 Center St., Bethlehem, Pa.; Geol. 
Stephan Stephansen, IV — 111 Hunting Ridge Rd., 
Greenwich, Ct.; Elec. Engrg.; IEEE, Vice-Pres.; Stu- 
dent Systems Dev. Org.; Pre-Law Society. 
Kurt William Stoffel — 24 Stag PL, Lincroft, N.J.; Civil 
Engrg.; Pi Lambda Phi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Intramu- 

Michael Stollbrink — 43-14 Crest Ln., Wescosville, Pa.; 
Civil Engrg. 

Robert Scott Strait — 631 Susan Dr., North Hun- 
tingdon, Pa.; Chi Psi; Civil Engrg.; Chi Epsilon; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Tau Beta; ASCE; SAME; Rugby Club. 
David J. Stradal — 20 Oakshade Ave., Darien, Ct.; 
Bus.; Williams House. 

Scott Hall Strickland — 801 East St., Middletown, Ct.; 
Ind. Engrg.; Chi Phi, Vice-Pres., Hist., Steward; 
Freshman & Sophomore Honors;, Dean's List; Alpha Pi 
Mu; AIIE; Freshman Baseball; Band; WLVR-FM, Music 
Dir., Progr. Dir. 

Ilene T. Strober — 108 Birch Ln., Manhasset, N.Y.; 
Eco.; RH-11; RHC Rep.; Mktg. Club; Intramural Mgr.; 
LUV; Hoopla; Sr. Class Gift Campaign. 
Joseph E. Stroin, Jr. — 333 Stevens Ave., Morgan, N.J.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Thornburg. 

David B. Succop — 1244 Meridian Rd., Renfrew, Pa.; 
Mech. Engrg.; Chi Psi, Rush Chair., ASME; Sr. Class 
Gift Campaign, Chairman. 

Mary Ellen Sudano — 430 Pelham Manor Rd., Pelham, 
N.Y.; Marketing, RH-11; Richards IV, Pres. Soph. Yr.; 
Marketing Club; Intramurals; Alpha Gamma Delta, 
Pres., Secy., Soc. Chrmn., Bridge Club; Sr. Class Gift 

Donna Marie Suess — 515 Dewberry Ave., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Drama/Psych.; RH-11, Intramurals Mgr.; Vol- 
leyball Mgr.; Women's Basketball Mgr.; Sr. Class Gift 
Comm.; Intramurals; Hostess & Co-ordinator of Spec. 
Event; LeCompane dance troupe. 

Jill Sugarman — 119 Konner Ave., Pine Brook, N.J.; 


Dorothy Richmond Sultzer — 470 Acacia Dr., Sarasota, 
Fla.; Acctg.; Housemother; Varsity Field Hockey, 
Swimming, and Lacrosse, So., Jr.; Powderpuff Foot- 
ball; Sr. Class Gift; Intramural Office Employee. 
William Henry Swartwout, III — 141 Lebrun Ave., 
Amityville, N.Y.; Mech. Engrg.; RH-11, Social 
Chrmn.; Varsity Track; Sailing Club; Ski Club. 
Charles M. Tack — Main St., Weston, Pa.; Ind. Engrg.; 
M&M House. 

Stephen W. Tagariello — 189 Roscommon PL, McMur- 
ray, Pa.; Hist/Classics, HPT, Minor, Govt., Int. Rel.; 
Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres., Freshman Living Section; 
Teaching Asst., International Law; Phi Alpha Theta, 
Pres.; Intramurals; RHC, Pres.; Forum, Bus. Mgr.; 
Lehigh Radio Network, Univ. Parking Comm.; 
Univ. Admissions Policy Comm.; Marching Band, 
Concert Band, Varsity Band, Jazz Band; Univ. Visiting 
Lectures Comm.; Univ. Busing Study Comm.; Univ. 
Traffic Appeals Comm.; RH Policy Comm.; Student 
Advis. Comm. to Dining Services; Res. Halls Soc. 
Comm.; Treas. International Relations Club; Res. Halls 
Facilities Comm.; Res. Halls Concessions Comm.; 
Forum: Stud. Life, Res & Dining, Cultural Affrs — 
Admin. Committees; Staff Radio Announcer, WLRN. 
Guy Francis Talarico — 263 Grant Ave., Nutley, N.J.; 
Chem. Engrg.; Delta Tau Delta, Rush Chairman, 
Sergeant at Arms; Varsity Wrestling. 
Howard]. Talmud — 1618 Hereford Rd., Hewlett, N.Y.; 
Fin.; Sigma Alpha Mu. 

Stephen L. Tancin — 1020 Carbon St., Freeland, Pa.; 
Bio.; Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice-Chancellor. 
Georgina Ann Tarantini — 1128 Division St., Scranton, 
Pa.; Acctg.; RH-11; Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Secre- 
tary, Senior Class Residence Halls Concessions Mgr.; 
Haskins & Sells Award, Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Alpha 
Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. 

Douglas Hampar Tashjian — 954 Wildwood Rd., 
Oradell, N.J.; Urban Studies; Phi Delta Theta, IM 
Mgr., Alumni Secretary; LUV, Head Start, Tutoring, 
Senior Class Gift Campaign — Investment Comm., 
Circle K Club. 

Rosert Jose Teichmann — 34 E Ramona Ave., Colorado 
Springs, CO.; Chem.; J.V. Soccer, Chess, Sailing, 
Travel, Motorcycle riding, writing. 
Richard E. Teske — 21 Patricia Ave., Fishkill, N.Y.; 
Mech, Engrg.; Treasurer, Beardslee; ASME, SAME; In- 

John H. Thatcher II — 1267 Gill Hall Rd., Clairton, Pa.; 
Mech. Engrg.; RH-11. 

Richard Ruben Thevenet — 431 Wildwood Rd., North- 
vale, N.J.; Chem. Engrg.; Zeta Psi; Freshman Honors; 
AIChE; Rugby, Boxing, Judo, Weightlifting, Boxing 

Joseph Edward Thomas — 108 S. Knight Ave., Margate, 
N.J.; Delta Tau Delta; Govt.; Dean's List; Football. 
Sally Ann Thomas — 187 Main St., Conyngham, Pa.; 
RH-11; ESRM. 

Steven M. Thomas — RD 5, Bethlehem, Pa.; Civil; Phi 
Kappa Theta; Intramurals. 


Dorothy R. Sultzer 

William H. Swarthouse III 

Charles M. Tack 

Stephen W. Tagariello 

Guy F. Talarico 

Howard J. Talmud 

Stephen L. Tancin 

Georgina A. Tarantini 


**¥ 11117 Zfrfi 

. -A- 

Douglas H. Tashjian 

Richard E. Teske 

Richard R. Thevenet 

Robert J. Teichmann 

John H. Thatcher II 

Joseph E. Thomas 

Sally A. Thomas 

Steven M. Thomas 


>*i » 

ft. ~-fl 

w\ ■ «-' r 


At i2l§JS5i§S& 

Kurt R. Thompson W. Wade Thompson 

Stellan B. Thoren 

Arthur A. Thum 

Donna G. Tice 

Lesley A. Toporek 

Lorali E. Totten 

Timothy C. Travers 


Frank J. Tresco 

Timothy J. Tripp 

Robert J. Trombetta 

Laura D. Turner 


W\ *~ \ 


^^L*>-*> M 


, ,ks&.. 

Thomas S. Tutwiler 

Edwin S. Ullman 

James F. Underhill 

Catharine A. Ursic 

Kurt R. Thompson — 2000 Richmond Rd., Easton, Pa.; 
B.S.; Town Council, Pres.; ASCE; Alpha Lambda 

William Wade Thompson — 1711 Carlisle St., 
Bethlehem, Pa.; Eco.; Sophomore Class Honors, De- 
an's List, Beta Gamma Sigma, Omicron Delta Epsilon. 
Stellan Bertil Thoren — 1437V2 Lorain Ave., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Mech.; Tau Beta Pi; Cross-Country, Capt; Track; 
J. Daniel Nolan Award; Home: Vasteras, Sweden. 
Arthur A. Thum — 182 Cropwell Dr., Maple Shade, 
N.J.; Bus.; Delta Sigma Phi. 

Donna Gayle Tice — 364 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Woodcliff 
Lake, N.J.; Acctg.; Class Honors, Dean's List; Intramu- 
rals; Marketing Club, Trea.; Gamma Phi Beta, Vice- 
Pres.; Brown & White. 

Lesley Anne Toporek — 131 Yew Rd., Cheltenham, Pa.; 
Bio.; M&M; Freshman & Sophomore Honors; Dean's 

Lorali E. Totten — 19 N. Branch River, Somerville, N.J.; 
Civil Engrg.; Richards House. 

Timothy C. Travers — 7516 Highland Dr., 
Baldwinsville, N.Y.; Bus.; Pi Lambda Phi. 
Frank J. Tresco — 19 Vermillion Dr., Levittown, Pa.; 
Bus.; RH-11. 

Timothy Jon Tripp — 33 Sprague Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y.; 
Acctg.; Delta Phi, Steward, Treas.; IFC, Treas.; Vice- 
Chrmn. FMA; Varsity Lacrosse. 

Robert J. Trombetta — 1909 M. Hoover Ave., Allen- 
town, Pa.; Civil Engrg.; SMAGS. 

Laura D. Turner — 17 Oakmont Ave., East Brunswick, 
N.J.; Acctg.; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; IM 
Sports; Investment Club; LUV; Filmamkers' Guild; Sr. 
Class Gift Campaign. 

Thomas S. Tutwiler — 126 Oakwood Rd., Watchung, 
N.J.; Mech. Engrg. 

Edwin Smith Ullman - — 224 Moredon Rd., Huntingdon 
Valley, Pa.; Fin.; Phi Gamma Delta; Lacrosse, Ice Hoc- 
key; Geiger Society, Social Chairman. 
James F. Underhill — 21 Ganung Dr., Ossining, N.Y.; 
Bus.; Tau Epsilon Phi. 

Catherine A. Ursic — 16 Alta Vista Dr., Princeton, N.J.; 
Arts.; RH-11. 


Richard H. Van Hoesen — 6 Interlaken Rd., Greenwich, 
Ct.; Ind. Engrg.; Theta Xi, Pres.; AIIE; Varsity Squash. 
John Robert Vargo — 12 Anna PL, South Plainfield, 
N.J.; Mgt.; Delta Upsilon, Social Charmn.; Football, 
Track, Boxing; Bullet Club. 

Thomas James Vasko — 522 Whitehall St., Allentown, 
Pa.; Mech. Engrg.; Taylor; Freshman & Sophomore 
Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; 
ASME; Intramurals; Circle K Club, Secy. 
Richard Michael Venanzi — 10 Diane Dr., Trenton, N.J.; 
Gov't; Sigma Phi, Pres., Rush Charmn., Social 
Charmn.; Brown & White; Band; IFC Rep. 
Marc Okey Voorhees — 50 Perry St., Lambertville, N.J.; 
Ind. Engrg.; Beardslee; Dean's List, Freshman & Soph. 
Honors; Alpha Pi Mu, Tau Beta Pi; Weightlifting Club. 
Elise M. Wagenseil — Beach Rd., Huntington Bay, 
N.Y.; Mngt.; Intramurals, S.A.M.E., Orienteering. 
Marc Douglas Wager — Elmont, N.Y.; Nat. Sci. — 
Span. Leavitt; Presidential Prize, Dean's List; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Band, LUV, Music at Lehigh Comm. 
Monica L. Walker — 2 Hillside Rd., Newton, Pa. 
Jeffrey Joseph Walters — 201 Oak Hill Dr., Upper 
Myack, N.Y.; Civil Eng.; A.S.C.E.; Intramurals, Ski 
Club; 1975 Singles Bowling Champion. 
E. Gregory Waltzer — 201 Rice S Mill Rd., Wyncote, Pa. 
Paul J. Wascher — 376 Elm Ave., Haworth, N.J. 
Frank Eugene Washburn, Jr. — 55 Gordon Dr., Easton, 
Pa.; Acctg. 

Linda Maria Washington — 1600 Albany Ave., Apt. B, 
Richmond, Va.; Acctg.; Cheerleader, Mustard & 
Cheese, BSU, La Compane. 

Andrew M. Watsula — 2143 Drury Lane, Bethlehem, 

Clayton Paul Weaver — 46 Oak Rd. Trappe, Col- 
legeville, Pa.; Acctg.; National Merit Scholarship, 
Soph. Honors; J.V. and Varsity Basketball; Intramu- 

Edwin Harrison Weaver — 2036 Forest St., Easton, Pa.; 
Civil Engr.; Marching Band, Varsity Band. 

Richard H. Van Hoesen 

John R. Vargo 


Thomas J. Vasko 

Richard M. Venanzi 

Marc O. Voorhees 

Elise M. Wagenseil 

\ J 

Marc D. Wager 


Monica L. Walker 

Jeffrey J. Walters 

E. Gregory Waltzer 

Paul J. Wascher 

Frank E. Washburn 

% ■ 



1 „ 





class iqie 

« V vp 


Linda M. Washington 

Andrew M. Watsula 

Clayton P. Weaver 

Edwin H. Weaver 


Lawrence Weinstein Sydney S. Weinstein Thomas E. Weintraub Jr. Kenneth S. Weisman 

Ellen J. Weiss 

Rose M. Welliver 

Robert M. Wepfer 

Ann Louise Werley 


Robert S. Wertman 

Michele A. Westcott 

Michael L. Wheaton 

Stuart D. Wheeler 

Edmund P. Whitby 

Bradford E. White 

Dale A. White 

Douglas L. Wilson 

— 920 Melrose Ave., Melrose, 

- 97 Forsythia Dr. N., Levit- 
Soph. Honors; Alpha Phi 

Brooklyn, N.Y.; 

Lawrence Weinstein — 2017 South Ocean Dr., Hallan- 
dale, Fla.; Psych.; Soph. Honors; Psi Chi. 
Sydney S. Weinstein — 219 Glen Arbor Rd., Haver- 
town, Pa. 

Thomas E. Weintraub Jr. 
N.J.; Finance. 
Kenneth Scott Weisman 
town, Pa.; Mgt./Fin.; 
Omega; Intramurals. 

Ellen Jane Weiss — 1084 East 29th St. 
Arts; Freshman Honors. 
Rose Marie Welliver — Conyngham, Pa.; Civil Engr.; 
A.S.C.E.; Powder Puff Football, Co-Capt.; Swimming 
and Softball Team; Gamma Phi Beta; Visiting Lecturers 
Comm.; Student Election Rules Comm., Gryphon So- 

Robert M. Wepfer — 118 Crescent Hills Rd., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; Mech. Engr.; Wood Prize, Air Force Scholarship, 
Pi Tau Sigma, ASME; Intramurals; Arnold Air Society. 
Ann Louise Werley — 118 N. Fourth St., Hamburg, Pa.; 
Acctg.; Soph. Honors; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mktg. 
Club; Intramurals; Brown & White; Gamma Phi Beta, 
Pres.; Board of Publications; Senior Class Gift Cam- 

Robert S. Wertman — 2913 Meadowbrook Circle, Allen- 
town, Pa.; Bio. 

Michele A. Westcott — 434 River View Rd., Rexford, 
N.Y.; Bio.; Phi Eta Sigma; Chamber Music, Concert 

Michael Lewis Wheaton — 549 West Meadow Ave., 
Rahway, N.J.; Acctg.; Psi Upsilon, Steward, House 

Stuard D. Wheeler — 4 Delsey Rd., Kendall Park, N.J. 
Edmund P. Whitby 111 — RR 2, Box 172, Highlands, 
N.C.; Chem Engr. 

Bradford E. White — Pine Croft, 153 Bellevue Ave., Rut- 
land, Vt.; Eco.; Alpha Chi Rho, Pres.; Intramurals; 
L.U.S.T.; Expansion Officer, Chaplain. 
Dale A. White — 244 Brunswick Ave., Spotswood, N.J. 
Douglas Lee Wilson — 1 Buckley Hill Rd., Morristown, 
N.J.; Fin.; Beta Theta Pi, Pres.; Varsity Baseball, J.V. 


Keith Michael Wilson — 2111 Florence Ave., Bethlehem, 
Pa.; Govt.; Delta Tau Delta; Baseball, Pre-Law Society. 
Keith William Wilson — 60 Avalon Dr., Colonia, N.J.; 
Fin.; Zeta Psi, Intramural Mngr.; Intramurals, Senior 
Class Gift Campaign. 

Thomas James Wilson — 102 Scarlett Court — Tara, 
Newark, Del.; Elec. Eng.; Soccer, SSDO, WLRN, 

David Andrew Winecoff — Rd. 3, Box 209, Everett, Pa.; 
Acctg./Fin.; Zeta Psi, Rush Chairman, Asst. Treas.; In- 
vestment Club, Boxing Club, Outing Club, Lehigh 
Wheelmen, Intramurals. 

Karin C. Wint — 10 Park Blvd., Allentown, Pa.; Eng. 
Hoivard Keith Winter — 23 Flint Rd., East Rockaway, 
N.Y.; Elec. Eng.; Alpha Sigma Phi; Eta Kappa Nu, 
Pres.; Tau Beta Pi; I.E.E.E.; Intramurals. 
David R. Winters — Kent Rd., Wappingers Falls, N.Y.; 
ESRM; Varsity Football & Baseball, Beta Theta Pi; In- 

Susan E. Wirth — Rd. 1, Breinigsville, Pa. 
Diane N. Wolf — 29 Lexington Dr., Metuchen, N.J. 
Steven Matthew Wolfe — Box 130B, Rd. 1, Womelsdorf, 
Pa.; Fin.; Dean's List. 

Steven Jon Wolff — 400 Puritan Rd., Swampscott, Ma.; 
Acctg.; Computer Society, Marketing Club, Intramu- 

Robert Woodbury — Scotch Plains, N.J.; Chem. Eng.; 
Smiley House; Tau Beta Pi; Intramurals; A.I.C.E. 
Gary Francis Woodend — 141 Apache Trail, Medford 
Lakes, N.J.; Eco.; Zeta Psi, Pres. 

Gallus F. Wukitsch III — 438 Windsor St., Whitehall, 
Pa.; Elec. Eng.; Alpha Chi Rho, House Mngr., Exec. 
Officer; I.E.E.E.; Intramurals, Computer Society. 
Scott L. Wymore — 3 Gregory Court, Barrington, R.I. 
Michael Jerome Yaszemski — 119 Warren St., Harrison, 
N.J.; Chem. Eng.; Delta Upsilon, Vice Pres., House 
Mngr., Scholarship Chrmn., Sr. Rep.; Class of 1904 
Scholarship Award; Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma; Foot- 
ball, Nat. Football Found. Scholarship Award; Alt., 
NCAA Post-Grad. Scholarship. 


David A. Winecoff 

Karin C. Wint 

Howard K. Winter 

Diane N. Wolf 

Steven M. Wolfe 

Steven J. Wolff 

Robert T. Woodbury 

David R. Winters 

Susan E. Wirth 

It was a picture postcard day. The kind when 
the school actually looks like it does in the 

It was as if someone had handpainted each 
turning leaf with orange and red acrylic, and 
bedecked the old buildings in rose-gold ivy. The 
college students, clad in earth-colored turtlenecks, 
were bustling off to classes or the library, stopping 
briefly to chat with friends. 

This scene, set on the side of steep South 
Mountain, fulfilled all our fantasies of what college 
should be — or at least look like. The Lehigh 
University Admissions Office ordered the day for 
us, the impressionable and nervous applicants. 

We made it through the interviews unscathed, 
and a year later returned to Bethlehem ready to fit 
into the picture and begin our college experiences. 

It didn't take long for our idyllic visions of 
college to fade. During the first four weeks it 
rained incessantly and our clothes mildewed. The 
handbook hadn't warned about that. Or about 
midterms and finals that can cause tensions like 
that of the Six Day War, or roommate skirmishes 
that are often more violent. It didn't give us a clue 
about what a gut was or how to read three books 
at the same time. And it didn't breathe a word 
about the confusion every college student feels at 
one time or another. 

Looking back now, it wasn't so bad. We seem to 
remember more sunny days than rainy ones, even 
if it was the other way around. 

Gary F. Woodend 

Gallus F. Wukitsch 

Scott L. Wymore 

Michael J. Yaszemski 





^K : 


i ; %. K viJH 


f. V^-?^* H 


fcss *Jh 



Donald E. Yetter Jr. 

Deborah A. York 

Michael J. Yost 

Stephen L. Young 

Paul V. Zaimes 

Richard P. Zajac 

Eugene F. Zawislak Jr. 

Ann R. Zimmerman 

Paul H. Zinc 

Dale A. Zuck 

Christopher W. Zwart 

Donald E. Yetter Jr. — 2080 Four Mile Dr., Montourse- 
ville, Pa. 

Deborah A. York — 20 Glen Oaks Ave., Summit, N.J.; 
S.R.; Publicity Mngr. — Marching & Concert Band. 
Michael ]ohn Yost — 219 Grant St., Allentown, Pa.; 
Acctg./Fin.; Freshman & Soph. Honors; Beta Alpha 

Stephen L. Young — 313 Holland St., Shillington, Pa.; 
Elec. Eng.; Alpha Tau Omega; Dean's List; I.E.E.E.; 
Wrestling, Intramurals, Golf, Skiing. 
Thomas J. Young — 918 Penn St., Williamsport, Pa. 
Paul Vlasios Zaimes — 8 Pine Dr., North Massapequa, 
N.Y.; ESRM/Geo.; Delta Phi; Powder Puff Football 

Richard Peter Zajac — 120 Poplar St., Carteret, N.J.; 
Chem. Engr.; RH-11, Intramural Dir.; Basketball; In- 
tramurals; Chem. Engr. Club. 

Eugene F. Zawislak Jr. — 121 Spring Lane, Hatboro, 
Pa.; Elec. Engr.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Treas., Soc. 
Chrm., I.E.E.E.; Intramurals; Forum. 
Ann Ricki Zimmerman — 1546 Hewlett Heath Rd., Hew- 
lett, N.Y.; Journ.; Williams Scholarship; Sigma Tau De- 
lta, Phi Beta Kappa; Epitome, Co-Editor; LUV, chair- 
man; Serendipity, Asst. Editor; Brown & White, Fea- 
ture Editor. 

Paul H. Zinc — 1849 Longview Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 
Dale A. Zuck — 6028 Cannon Hill Rd., Fort 
Washington, Pa. 

Christopher W. Zwart — 71 Hillcrest Rd., New Canaan, 


The Woodwind Quintet 

The Carlton Crew 


Kappa Sig Car Wash 

The 464 Club 













































■ I 

■ ■ 










''It is not enough to be 
busy . . . the question 
is: what are we busy 

A J. l\/l V.UU 

"We judge ourselves by 
what we feel capable of 
doing; others judge us 
by what we have 

— Longfellow 

ftljf Ifljigt) 1. (Samt! 

The Rules 

• Anyone vritli a fligh School diploma, and/or Alumni relatives my play. 
•"Eacli player ckooses a .Marker in the color of his or her choice (only one 

Mack Marker per 100 players). 

• Back player spins flee die to determine starting order. 

• tacV player spins wound in Orientation Circle for 5 days. Those 
left standing may iotttinne the gime. 

• Each player receives a Tuition Funds drd. If it reals leas than #450?, 
te/she may pick an "Indentured" Servant" Card, orappiy for a "Mike 
Friek Can&hble ho&n" through, the ^resiling &aei or Pr. Levi's. 

• flayers landing on ^mwr/YZ-Z V'fUaitfc&nttf'ptfk appftTprjate Card. 

• Players vrh opi br V Card must cEoose Greek Caid eirery 3 d turn- 

• "Five Tree A" Cards e^usl one free turn . 

• first player to teaA Graduation wins . If the count hits the circle exactly, 
-the player is Magna Cum Laude. Other players wst say "Ooh.'*and "An/" 

• flayer ^augnt cheating loses turn- lUjer nd caught usually wms. 




lose 5 turns. J 

v ggt» » Bi V"^- 

take three extra turn*. 



softer bst turn and 
leg amputation! 





nu-fteiATep cmmtss 

wait two tarns Ar %<*/• J%fr. 




lose turn and 
lairing privilt 



Si** 1 






more * 







— — — _ 



fail^riz, lose 


1 YOUAST/ffi 

lose tarn and 
■ anaii feiractjoa. 




go back 
i so spaces^ 


W-oriy yourself^ 

j HealiJi Cfenfer 








lose 2 tarns: 


$u 1 


TAKE IfM JOB MO. 332; 

follow c&mpusdogsr with 
dustpan and brash. 
$1.37 per bovr 

















or Warming the Bench Isn't So Hot 

Sports fans among the class of '77 will remember the familiar athletic names that took up space in the Brown and 
White twice a week: Don McCorkel, the 190-pounder who finished third in Nationals; Larry Henshaw, the big tight 
end with hands of glue; the all-time basketball scorer, Charlie Brown, who finished with 1,311 points. Women's sport 
was enhanced by fine athletes such as Lori Collmann, who not only spoke softly but carried two big sticks, hockey 
and lacrosse, with quickness some men would envy, and Sue Sachs, the gentle giant who helped build Lehigh's 
basketball team. Yes, Lehigh had its share of stars. 

But who will remember the majority of players who never shone as bright?The crowd never looks into the shadows 
of the star-studded playing fields to notice perhaps the most interested group of spectators of them all — the 
bench-warmers, the women and men who got splinters instead of applause, aggravation instead of acclaim. Their 
patience and tenacity were as outstanding attributes as those propelling the stars to the headlines. 

Kenny Schmidt was one of those gifted high school athletes who dreamed of carrying the ball in front of thousands 
of fans. He got off to a great start here, too. For the undefeated 1973 freshman team, Kenny adveraged more than 100 
yards a game. He showed promise, but in the next spring session Kenny hurt his back. As he recalls it, "Coach 
Dunlap didn't even know I was hurt until the next day. It pissed me off that he wasn't watching me. And they had to 
carry me off the field." 

The 1974 season arrived, and Kenny moved up to second team, with the coaches' assurance that he would see time 
during the season. By August, 1975, he felt as though he were on his way out. One reason was the growing number 
of good young players. The second reason was his financial aid. 

"Between my freshman and sophomore years they gave me a cost of livng increase (to $3,150 a year). But after my 
sophomore year, getting hurt so much, they lowered me to $3,100 again. I know it was the coaches who did it. They 
have a lot of pull in there (the Financial Aid office). There was no way I deserved a cut — my younger brother entered 
college that year." 

Kenny returned for his last summer camp in 1976 as an inexperienced senior. He was glad that John Whitehead 
replaced Dunlap because he thought he had a fresh start, but that was not to be. He was doomed to the bench, even 
though he was healthy the entire season. Because of his scholarship, he could not quit the team, no matter what his 
status was. 

How does he feel about the football program? "Pretty indifferent," Kenny says. "I thought it was kind of stupid not 
to give me a chance when I was healthy." 

One athlete who stayed healthy, performed well, but still didn't get much notice is Mindy Fener, who led one 
helluva busy life at Lehigh. Mindy earned 15 letters in high school in Hempstead, N.Y., then began her Lehigh career 
on the field hockey team. She went on to powder puff football, winning the game ball one year, and took up two new 
sports: lacrosse and rugby. 

In all, Mindy earned four letters, captained the Powderpuff team, and learned two new sports. But wasn't this 
supposed to be about benchwarmers? 

Mindy did sit the bench her last three years in hockey. She didn't mind, though. The freshmen who replaced her 
"were just better than me," she said. 

"The main thing is to have fun in sports; I'm not there to be competitive. If I didn't have fun, then I would dump 
the game," Mindy said. She stayed on the hockey team because it was not her main sport, because she wanted to play 
one sport all four years, and because she could burn off her energy in j.v. games. 





Mary Beth Krafty didn't come to Lehigh with any dreams of athletic glory; the University didn't disappoint 
her. After six varsity letters at Bethlehem's Liberty High, and captaining the Softball team her senior year, you'd 
expect her to step right into a starting role. Right? Wrong. Krafty warmed the bench in basketball, appearing 
only in games whose outcome was certain. A knee injury in a game long lost last year has caused problems of 
one sort or another ever since. 

Krafty didn't mind sitting in basketball. She said "Living at home, I got into sports to meet people. Playing 
was secondary." Softball was another story. "I really thought I should be playing. I didn't like being used only 
when someone else didn't show up," she said, Krafty didn't feel protesting would do any good. "I'm not one to 
raise a stink," she said. "I wouldn't know how to raise one properly." 

Krafty said she has stayed in sports "to see how far I can take myself." She added that "There's something 
about being on a team, a special relationship with people that you won't find walking around on the streets." 

As these three athletes demonstrate, the dream of the 90-yard touchdown run, or scoring the winning goal, or 
sinking two clutch free throws to beat Lafayette, can't come true for everyone. Schmidt, Fener and Krafty also 
prove that not only the stars are super. 




In August 1973, more than a thousand would-be members of 
the Class of 1977 trouped to Lehigh during one of the worst 
heatwaves ever to hit campus and joined the not-so-real 
world of college life. The next four years were to be critical 
ones of growth and change - not just for us as students, but 
for the world. Those years saw the resignation of a U.S. 
president, the end of the Vietnam War, and the first landing 
on Mars. 

But for many students, the routine of tests, papers and 
pub nights was only seldom interrupted by news from the 
"outside." Headlines poked through like intermittent dashes, 
if at all . . . Patty Hearst . . . Squeaky Fromme . . . 
Jimmy Carter . . . For those of you who missed it, here's 
what happened to the world during those years - as well as a 
few campus happenings you might recall. 

FALL 1973 

SEPTEMBER . . . Just before we came to Lehigh, Presi- 
dent Richard Nixon had faced the press for the first time 
in five months. He acknowledged the Watergate affair had 
hampered his ability to govern, but said he had never con- 
sidered resigning . . . Some Lehigh freshmen were trying 
to get adjusted to their rooms in study lounges and dorm 
libraries. The housing squeeze resulted when 35 more 
freshmen than expected had accepted University admis- 
sion offers . . . Residents for the first time were living in 
SMAGS . . . Sophomore Mitch Fishkin, 19, died during a 
fraternity prank. Northampton County Dist. Atty. Charles 
Spaziani ruled that Fishkin jumped from a car in which he 
was being taken to Saucon Valley by three Delta Phi fra- 
ternity brothers ... As the University Human Relations 
Commission was preparing to investigate admission prac- 
tices of the Lehigh Marching 97, women unexpectedly 
marched with the band for the first time during the 
freshman parents' weekend football game. Seven band 
members doffed their caps to reveal they were women at 
the conclusion of a medley of tunes from South Pacific, 
including "There Ain't Nothing Like a Dame" . . . OC- 
TOBER ... As the Watergate hearings continued, John 
Dean pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct justice in 
plotting to cover up the Watergate break-in . . . Three 
Lehigh students were arrested and charged with posses- 
sion of marijuana after Bethlehem police and state drug 
agents raided a room in M&M . . . The announcement 
that Fine Arts professor Leon Hicks had received a termi- 
nal contract created an uproar from black students ... In 
what came to be known as the "Saturday Night Mas- 
sacre." Atty. Gen. Elliott Richardson resigned and his 
duputy, William Ruckelshaus, and Watergate Special Pro- 
secutor Archibald Cox were fired when Cox rejected an 
administration compromise on the disputed Watergate 
tapes . . . After two years of study, the University Board 
of Trustees voted against establishment of a law school at 
Lehigh . . . NOVEMBER . . . Nine Arab oil-producing 
nations put up an embargo on shipments of oil to the 
United States . . . The White House disclosed there was 
an 18Vi minute gap in a subpoenaed tape of a June 1973 
conversation between Nixon and H.R. Haldeman ... As 
the energy crisis worsened. President Nixon asked service 
station owners not to sell gas on Sundays and said he 
would seek approval of a national 55 m.p.h. speed limit 
. . . Lehigh and Delaware tied for the Lambert Cup after 
Lehigh beat Lafayette 45-13. The Engineers lost to West- 
ern Kentucky in NCAA Division 11 playoffs . . . DE- 
CEMBER . . . Samuel Dash, chief council to the Senate 
Watergate Committee, told a Grace Hall audience that 
public confidence in the country's executive leadership 
was "at its lowest level in history" . . . 


not her side of Rich.Nixon 

SPRING 1974 

JANUARY . . . Allard K. Lowenstein. No. 7 on the 
White House "Top 20 Enemies List," told a Lehigh audi- 
ence, "If people knew what the facts were, what his (Ni- 
xon's) administration does and stands for, they wouldn't 
tolerate it" . . . After mediation efforts by Sec. of State 
Henry Kissinger, Egypt and Israel reached an agreement 
to separate their military forces along the Suez Canal . . . 
FEBRUARY . . . Patricia Hearst was kidnaped from her 
Berkeley apartment by three members of the Symbionese 
Liberation Army . . . The Soviet Union stripped Nobel 
Prize winning author Alexander Solzhenitsyn, of his citi- 
zenship and deported him to West Germany . . . In a his- 
toric indictment, seven former White House and presi- 
dential campaign aides were charged in March with con- 
spiracy in the Watergate cover-up. President Nixon was 
cited as an unindicted co-conspirator . . . Tom Sculley 
won the 134-pound national wrestling championship, 
Lehigh's first national winner since 1967 . . . With spring 
in the air, about 400 Lehigh students joined the national 
streaking craze, observed by an estimated 4,500 spectators 
. . . APRIL . . . The University faculty voted to elimi- 
nate the arts language requirement after months of debate 
... In May, the Maryland Court of Appeals ordered that 
former Vice President Spiro Agnew be disbarred . . . 
JULY . . . The Judiciary Committee released eight trans- 
cripts which in many cases differed from the official White 
House version. In nearly all cases, the White House ver- 
sion showed Nixon in a better light . . . The Supreme 
Court ordered Nixon to give up "forthwith" tapes and 
documents sought by Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon 
Jaworski . . . After six months of investigation, the 





state lu»e*y . OF s-Piotwiit = 





7.500.000 UNLMPLOTfD r», 


> omj_ Hbi, lufiuunii UHtiESj— H Hut fmu x % iwuims i mini ■» "^V-i^ 

1* Wm ' 



Judiciary Committee recommended three articles of im- 
peachment to the House . . . AUGUST . . . President 
Nixon released three transcripts of June 23, 1972, conver- 
sations with H.R. Haldeman. Nixon admitted the trans- 
cripts showed that just six days after the Watergate 
break-inn he had originated plans to have the FBI halt its 
probe of the matter. Four days later, he became the first 
president in U.S. history to resign. Gerald Ford was 
sworn in as the nation's 38th president. 

FALL 1974 

SEPTEMBER . . . After being in office less than a month. 
President Ford announced he was granting an uncondi- 
tional pardon to former President Nixon for all federal 
crimes "he committed or may have committed" while 
serving as president. The announcement was met with 
widespread criticism . . . Eighty-eight students returned 
to campus to find that their promised apartments in RH-11 
were not finished. The students were put up in residence 
hall study rooms and libraries . . . Bishopthorpe was 
opened as an alternative residence option for Lehigh stu- 
dents . . . Plus-minus grading was being used for the first 
time, and the course drop period was shortened from 12 to 
7 weeks . . . The family of Mitch Fishkin filed a $21- 
million lawsuit against the University, administrators and 
Delta Phi fraternity . . . OCTOBER . . . Students learned 
that tuition, which had gone up $200 for 1974-75, would 
increase even more the next year even though the Univer- 
sity had run a $463,000 surplus. Tuition would go up by 
$250, with an additional $100 increase in room and board 
• . . Rep. Morris Udall became the first of a slew of con- 

tenders for the Democratic presidential nomination ... A 
baby was delivered in Richards House . . . Palestine Lib- 
eration Organization leader Yasir Arafat addressed the 
United Nations General Assembly and called for "one 
democratic state where Christian, Jew and Moslem live in 
Justice, equality and fraternity" in the Middle East. After 
nine days of debate, the PLO was granted permanent ob- 
server status in the U.N. . . . Eight former national 
guardsmen were acquitted of charges arising from the 1970 
Kent State University slayings of four students . . . DE- 
CEMBER . . . Theta Chi alumni recommended asking 
three homosexual members of the fraternity to move out 
of the house. Fraternity brothers were split 18-18 on a 
vote to decide whether to endorse the alumni recommen- 
dation. The gay brothers later moved out voluntarily . . . 
Wilbur Mills resigned as chairman of the powerful House 
Ways and Means Committee because of the controversy 
surrounding his relationship with strip tease dancer Fanne 
Fox. Mills later publicly attributed erratic behavior to al- 
coholism . . . Little-known Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter 
announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential 
nomination . . . Nelson Rockefeller was sworn in as the 
41st vice president of the United States, giving the nation 
an unelected president and vice president . . . 

SPRING 1975 

JANUARY . . . John Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman, John 
Ehrlichman and Robert Mardian were found guilty of all 
charges in connection with the June 1972 break-in at the 
Democratic National Committee headquarters. Unindicted 
co-conspirator Richard Nixon had not been required to 
testify during the 64-day trial because of his health . . . 
FEBRUARY . . . The University canceled classes for a 
day because of a heavy snowfall ... In Boston, Dr. Ken- 
neth C. Edelin was found guilty of a manslaughter in the 
death of a male fetus . . . Varsity basketball coach Tom 
Pugliese announced he would quit at the end of the sea- 
son. The team finished the season with a 1-23 record . . . 
MARCH . . . Lehigh wrestlers swept Easterns. Later in 
the month, Mike Frick and Mike Lieberman were champs 
at the NCAA competition . . . APRIL ... It was an- 
nounced unemployment had reached 8.7 per cent, the 
highest rate since 1941. The University Placement Office 
reported that seniors were receiving 10 per cent fewer job 
offers than usual . . . The faculty approved a compromise 
nine-week course drop period . . . Uncle Manny's tavern 
opened and quickly became a Lehigh institution . . . 
South Vietnamese President Duong Van Minh announced 
an unconditional surrender to the communists, ending the 
long and bloody Vietnam War. The surrender came only 
hours after the emergency helicopter evacuation of all 
Americans living in Saigon and thousands of South Viet- 
namese who feared for their lives . . . MAY . . . Years 
behind national trends as usual, Lehigh students filled 
Grace Hall to see the original Broadway production of 
"Hair" . . . Cambodian forces captured the S.S. 
Mayaguez and its 39-member crew. After diplomatic ef- 
forts to free the ship failed. President Ford ordered in air. 
sea and ground forces . . . JUNE . . . Indian Prime 
Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency and 
arrested 676 persons, including leaders of all opposition 
parties. Press censorship also was imposed . . . JULY 
... In a symbolic gesture of detente, U.S. and Soviet 
spacecraft linked in space and astronauts from both coun- 
tries shook hands . . . The FBI in August entered the 
search for missing former Teamsters president James 
Hoffa, who'd been missing for three days . . . 


FALL 1975 

SEPTEMBER . . . The FBI captured Patty Hearst in San 
Francisco, ending a 19-month search. Three months after 
her abduction by the Symbionese Liberation Army, she 
had announced she'd joined the SLA to fight for "the 
freedom of the oppressed people." She was charged with 
armed robbery . . . The University had its first woman 
police officer . . . Lehigh imposed a $5 fine for 
skateboarding . . . There was serious concern for Presi- 
dent Ford's safety after separate assassination attempts by 
Lynette Alice "Squeaky" Fromme, 26, and Sara Jane 
Moore, 45. Ford said he would not "capitulate" to 
would-be attackers by canceling personal appearances 
. . . Some Lehigh students were taking Saturday quizzes 
. . . Lehigh beat Penn in football for the first time since 
1889, winning, 34-23 . . . RH-11 students complained 
about maintenance problems . . . OCTOBER . . . 
Foreigners fled Beirut as fighting in Lebanon spread and 
the death toll mounted . . . Leaders of the Senior Class 
Gift Campaign accepted and then rejected "Erect a Fu- 
ture" as the campaign slogan. It was to be used with a 
picture of the phallic "Spiral Dork" tombstone in North 
Bethlehem . . . The Nobel Committee awarded the 1975 
Peace Prize to Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov ... A 
front-page headline in The New York Daily News read 
"Ford to City: Drop Dead" after the President a day ear- 
lier had said he would veto any legislation giving the city 
federal loan guarantees to avoid default . . . NOVEMBER 
. . . Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, 77, one 
of the most adamant defenders of the liberal view of the 
Constitution, retired, citing failing health . . . Brian Hill 
took over as coach of the University varsity basketball 
team . . . Portugal pulled out of Angola, leaving the 
former colony in a state of civil war . . . The U.N. Gen- 
eral Assembly adopted an Arab-backed resolution defining 
Zionism as racism . . . The Lehigh field hockey team was 
undefeated in regular play. The team lost in the Mid- 
Atlantic Women's Intercollegiate Tournament . . . 
Generalissimo Francisco Franco, 82, died after ruling 
Spain with an iron hand 36 years . . . The Arts faculty 
passed a resolution urging the University to abandon its 20 
per cent quota on women . . . The Engineer football 
squad won the Lambert Cup and was invited to play in the 
NCAA playoffs, in which Lehigh lost to New Hampshire 
. . . President Ford agreed to give federal aid to New 
York City to help meet its seasonal cash flow needs and 
avert default . . . The administration-faculty team beat 
the students, 20-14, in the first Donkey basketball game 
. . . DECEMBER . . . More than 100 Bethlehem resi- 
dents signed a petition calling on the University to allevi- 
ate pollution from its power house on Packer Avenue . . . 
Lehigh recognized Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, and 
Gamma Phi Beta as its first sororities . . . South Boston 
High School was placed under federal control after two 
weeks of testimony in which black students said they had 
been harassed and beaten by white students and ignored 
by the administration and faculty ... A bomb hidden in a 
baggage claim area of New York City's La Guardia Air- 
port exploded, killing 11 and injuring 70 persons . . . 

SPRING 1976 

JANUARY . . . "Saturday Night Live" and "Mary 
Hartman, Mary Hartman" were becoming part of the 
evening schedule for many students . . . Coach Fred Dun- 
lap, who had led the Engineer football team to two Lam- 
bert Cup awards in three years, announced he would leave 
Lehigh to coach at Colgate, his alma mater. His post later 
was filled by John Whitehead . . . The Supreme Court 
upheld public financing of presidential campaigns, but 
overruled parts of the post-Watergate Federal Election 
Campaign Act, including spending limits for candidates 
. . . Fifteen Lehigh students and English Professor Peter 
Beidler began renovating a house on Vernon Street as part 
of the course, "The Art of Self-Reliance in a Technologi- 
cal Society." The course received coverage from Time 
magazine and CBS and ABC television . . . Chinese 

Prime Minister Chou En-lai died at 78 . . . The University 
Board of Trustees approved another $250 tuition hike de- 
spite the $568,000 surplus run the previous year. A $100 
hike in room and board fees also was approved ... It 
was reported a "Midnight Marauder" had been entering 
unlocked rooms in M&M House and harassing women 
there . . . FEBRUARY . . . CBS news correspondent 
Daniel Schorr was relieved of his duties for "an indefinite 
period" after admitting he had leaked a copy of a House 
committee report on the CIA to The Village Voice . . . 
Godfrey Daniels opened on "Positively Fourth Street," 
offering an alternative to bars and the Hill . . . More than 
22,000 persons died in an earthquake in Guatemala . . . 
The National Center for Disease Control warned state 
health departments to be alert for a virus later to be called 
"swine flu" . . . Flo Kennedy, lawyer, author and co- 
founder of NOW, told a Whitaker Lab audience, "We're 
all niggerized" . . . Patty Hearst was convicted of armed 
robbery . . . MARCH . . . Egypt ended its Treaty of 
Friendship and Cooperation with the Soviet Union. Presi- 
dent Ford a few days later said he would proceed with 
sales of military transport planes to Egypt, despite protest 
from American Jewish leaders ... It was reported that 
political pressure exerted by top Bethlehem officials had 
prevented the University from leasing 36 row houses on 
Birkel Avenue. The houses would have virtually solved 
Lehigh's housing shortage . . . The Supreme Court ruled 
6-3 that states could prosecute and imprison persons for 
committing homosexual acts, even if they were performed 
in private between consenting adults . . . Two days later 
the Court unanimously ruled that the mechanical re- 
spirator keeping Karen Anne Quinlan, 22, alive since April 
1975 could be disconnected . . . Wrestling cocaptain Mike 
Frick ended his Lehigh career by being named an NCAA 
champ the second year in a row . . . The University 
Blaustein Lecture series featured former Sec. of Defense 
James Schleshinger, former Under Sec. of State George 
Ball, and renowned political scientist Hans Morgenthau 
. . . More than 150 students attended a Forum residence 


subcommittee meeting to protest sweeping changes in res- 
idence halls policies, including the inclusion of SMAGS in 
the lottery . . . APRIL ... It was reported the adminis- 
tration had burned more than 40,000 of the March issue of 
Lehigh Horizons because of a front-page article entitled, 
"Sexual Revolution: Mostly Just Talk?" The article cited 
a survey of students in a psychology class in which only 
one of four undergraduates said they had never engaged in 
sexual relations . . . Fifty West Point cadets were expel- 
led for cheating . . . MAY . . . Rep. Wayne Hays admit- 
ted he had had a "personal relationship" with congres- 
sional aide Elizabeth Ray, but he denied her charges she 
was hired to be his mistress . . . Political parties became 
legal in Spain for the first time since 1939 . . . The worst 
racial violence in South Africa's history broke out in June 
near Johannesburg . . . The Supreme Court in July up- 
held the death penalty . . . America celebrated its 200th 
birthday . . . Israeli forces raided Entebbe Airoport in 
Uganda and freed 103 hostages who had been aboard an 
Air France plane seized by pro-Palestine guerrillas six days 
earlier . . . Viking I landed on Mars . . . The Olympics 
took place in Montreal under the shadow of political pro- 
test. Most African teams and representatives of Taiwan 
boycotted the games . . . Drama division chairman John 
Pearson died at 39 . . . In a down-to-the-wire finish, the 
Republican National Convention in August nominated 
Gerald Ford and Sen. Robert Dole ... A mysterious ail- 
ment later to be known as Legionnaire's Disease killed 28 
persons who had stayed in Philadelphia's Bellvue Strat- 
ford Hotel. 

FALL 1976 

SEPTEMBER . . . Chinese Communist Party Chairman 
Mao Tse-tung, 82, died in Peking and left the western 
world wondering what would happen in the country he 
had led since 1949 . . . Lehigh freshman Robert Wargo 
died while jogging with the tennis team . . . More than 90 


Minimi ]5 v _ 

musH S tSu* 

million persons watched the first of a serious of debates 
between presidential contenders Jimmy Carter and Gerald 
Ford . . . The Episcopal Church approved the ordination 
of women as priests . . . The reported assault of a woman 
student on an unlit road behind Dravo gave way to a series 
of criticisms of campus lighting . . . Rolf Adenstadt, as- 
sociate professor of mathematics, drowned while canoeing 
on the Lehigh River ... A campus police office was set 
up in the U.C., after repeated demands by students . . . 
OCTOBER . . . Agriculture Sec. Earl Butz resigned after 
apologizing for the "gross indiscretion" of making a racist 
remark . . . Barbara Walters was receiving both praise 
and criticism as the first woman anchorperson on televi- 
sion news . . . Like a ghost of the '60s, Timothy Leary, 
dressed in white from his tie to his sneakers, told a Lehigh 
audience of evolutionary problems ... A straw poll of 
Lehigh students showed 53 per cent favored Gerald Ford. 
Only 33 per cent supported Jimmy Carter . . . NOVEM- 
BER . . . Jimmy Carter was elected president, ushering in 
a period of blue jeans, sweaters, and fireside chats . . . 
The unthinkable happened as Lafayette beat Lehigh for 
the first time in five years. The traditional weekend was 
without a talent show, which was canceled because of 
obscene skits the year before . . . The "right-to-die" 
issue raised in the Quinlan case took on a new air as con- 
victed murderer Gary Gilmore challenged Utah to carry 
out its death sentence. He eventually was shot by a firing 
squad . . . DECEMBER . . . The administration an- 
nounced a $275 tuition hike and a $125 increase in room 
and board fees, despite the $154,000 surplus run the previ- 
ous year . . . 

SPRING 1977 

JANUARY . . . Centennial I students returned from vaca- 
tion to find that many personal items had been stolen. The 
thefts were believed to have taken place while rooms were 
left open to repair broken water pipes, which had ruptured 
when the temperature was lowered in the dorm to con- 
serve energy . . . Jimmy Carter marked his inauguration 
by taking a stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue with 
Rosalynn and Amy. One of his first acts as president was 
to pardon Vietnam draft deserters . . . Arson was sus- 
pected in two fires in Dravo. The issue touched off con- 
cern for dorm safety as many fire alarms were found to be 
defective . . . One of the most bitter winters in history 
had student apartment-dwellers digging deeper and deeper 
into their pockets to pay heating bills FEBRUARY . . . 
Freddie Prinze, 22, star of "Chico and the Man," shot and 
killed himself . . . Increasingly gruesome reports from 
Ugandan refugees left the world appalled at self-appointed 
"President for Life" Idi Amin's reign of terror . . . The 
television version of Alex Haley's "Roots" and the resul- 
tant press attention had people wondering about their own 
family trees . . . MARCH . . . After 21 months of dic- 
tatorial rule, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was de- 
feated . . . The Food and Drug Administration banned 
saccharin as suspected of causing cancer ... A siege of 
three Washington buildings by Hanafi Muslims left a radio 
reporter dead; 134 hostages were taken but later released 
. . . The Lehigh basketball squad finished with a 6-4 
record in league play but lost to Hofstra in the first round 
of the ECC playoffs . . . Lehigh wrestlers swept Easterns 
for the third year in a row but had no national cham- 
pions . . . and the semester went on but our copy deadline 



Attending college was once regarded as a rite de pas- 
sage confined to the intellectually elite, hungry to savor 
the coveted fruits of knowledge. Today, however, the 
thought of trundling off to the university seems to almost 
everyone a natural event in the educational cycle. 

To some, four years of college becomes an elaborate 
exercise in avoiding the pursuit of knowledge. To others 
higher education is a vo-tech training program, where 
their sheepskin qualifies them to mindlessly perpetuate 
the status quo. 

And somewhere in the morass of myopia are the 
students who are in some way in touch with a vague 
intuition that they are here to learn — to be enlightened 
and begin pondering a world fraught with social ills and 
promising possiblities. But even for those inquisitive 
minds who embrace each day with a fresh sense of won- 
der and who are willing to experiment, to take risks, and 
simply to think, they discover all too quickly the art of 
learning is an elusive one. 

Has it ever occurred to you that you read more words 
than you have time to digest? With the press of coinci- 
dent deadlines for five courses and the irresistible lure of 
the day's line of bullshit, most readers can plan to retain 
only the gist of a chapter. 

Nuance is often overlooked in the hustle to get 
through a book on time. It takes special effort by anyone 
scanning other than didatcic texts to sit for a minute and 
ponder why someone would have bothered to write and 
publish such pages (besides for royalties, of course). 

Course work may be regarded as an unending series 

of chores by students, with simultaneous deadlines 
necessitating the emphasis to be placed on simply get- 
ting the work done. Quality is too often sacrificed for 

Too often, professors merely require homework or 
quizzes to insure that the student has slogged through 
the prescribed muck on the syllabus. Why the student 
did the work seems to be secondary. Thinking is an ex- 
tracurricular activity at the university, an activity for the 
elusive, quiet spare hour which never seems to come, for 
it is constantly being usurped by never-ending scholas- 
tic responsiblities. 

When was the last time you broke the pattern with a 
meaningful conversation, laced with a profound thought 
or two. And beyond what it takes to get a "C," "B," 
"A", pat on the head, how much time have you spent 
thinking about the words you read? 

Learning should not be considered an inevitable result 
of four years of college — we would be wise to think 
exactly the opposite, that unless on our guard we will 
become programmed rather than educated beings. It 
takes the energy to open our senses to the subtleties in 
our environment (the phenomena we read in texts and 
are unable to recognize in life). It takes the ability to care 
about getting more than simply the right answer to a test 
question. Sometimes being wrong is the surest route to 
learning. But in any event the art in learning is a direct 
result of committing ourselves to understanding; to 
question and start formulating answers for ourselves. 



In addition to many academic disciplines at Lehigh, 
there is one you'll never find listed in the catalogue — 
The Science of Avoidance Mastering avoidance is the 
key to earning a degree with only a fraction of the effort 
required of other students. 

There are several skills of avoidance. Among the major 
ones are: careful course selection; recycling; setting a 
schedule (and promptly throwing it out the window), 
and an unfailing dedication — to everything but work. 

When choosing courses, there are some guidelines. If 
greeting the sun is not your thing, register for 8 o'clock 
classes only under the following conditions: 1. Tempo- 
rary insanity; 2. The class is scheduled to meet in Taylor 
Stadium — your absence won't be as conspicuous; 3. 
The course is entitled "Basket Weaving for Non-Majors." 

Things get nastier when you discover that nearly every 
required course seems to meet either all at once or, 
worse yet, on Friday from 1 to 4. Those with an affection 
for pub nights should avoid Fridays altogether, or at 
least schedule nothing more rigorous than SR 41. 

Anticipation turns to nausea when freshmen learn that 
"gut" courses are not what they seem. Professors being 
the conscientious souls that they are, a "gut" is unlikely 
to remain one for long once the prof, catches on. Should 
you hear of a course with no exams, no papers and op- 
tional attendance and dash to sign up, it's a sure bet that 
you (and your 3900 classmates) will be facing three hour- 
lies, a final, four 20-page papers and assigned seats for 
attendance. Also, consider the source when choosing 
your "guts." The English major who takes "Rocks for 

Jocks" as a gut science course should find plenty of lab 
material between his ears. 

True students of avoidance test the outer limits of the 
grading process by taking advantage of pass/fail grading. 
You can discover that it's possible to attend four classes, 
have a friend turn in your papers and still pass the 
course. Skillfully used, pass/fail can also keep you from 
joining the "Squares Club" (your cum becomes smaller 
when squared). 

Recycling is an important part of saving our natural 
environment. It can save your academic environment. 
One research paper can be used again and again with 
only minor modifications. "The Significance of 'Deep 
Throat' " will get you through courses in English, Psy- 
chology, SR, Government, Biology, Marketing and Me- 
chanical Engineering. To cover more academic fields, 
you can always collect or trade with friends. 

Should you be tempted to set a schedule for studying, 
think of the time it will take you to write it down. You 
could be doing something more productive, such as 
reading Hustler. If you really want to avoid studying, 
there's always the main reading room at Linderman. The 
weeknight social scene centers around there, and it's 
centrally located: halfway between Smugglers' and 

There's always a distraction worthy of your time if 
you're serious about avoidance. Think about it: which is 
more important to your development as a total human 
being, the details of Napoleon's domestic policy or Saran 
Wrapping a toilet seat? Napoleon would understand. 




;i;;/!r ; ;isi ; \:i.;;:r.;...4.i!«!*i|i!iS!:'i.! i: t!5!!' 





: ■.. 

Irs itiitaiiffl \l 

!s@ip!3ip!Pi3lllliBiiSS;S^:S : 


J: : i.n,„ .«— 

illflii 1 :l- 



I, II 






ilfsf liP 

. Jl-IV 



i :..-,,, , ■"mi.--. ■,■:::■,• .- p rSifk^s^'tSlfm; spxf<>r:-- "" - ' " 

, , i ll i . . iii,|iri iil.i [ I i I |i i I .;; ' > 

■mi'" :: ■■■" ■ •■'■■ 

j'i! = -i ^-viiii^^tiiii^lirHlIilH!!^!'!- ""!ib.3!, .ftq^: Kii^--jr.N- 1 .'; = ' '."?i ■ 'V- : ■,!.:■'..;■ 

i|i-vr:'^ii |, p^j' : ':pE-'. , i - 




For almost 19 years Mrs. Bird has been keep- 
ing the University alphabet soup unscrambled. 
If it were not for her the U.C. would be in total 
chaos — the S.A.C. would be meeting with 
V.L.C., L.U.V. and L.U.S.T. would be sharing 
office space, and the B&W would be convening 
in the W.C. Besides which, Mrs. Bird is prob- 
ably the only person on campus who knows 
what all those initials mean. 

Unfortunately for Lehigh Mrs. Bird, who has 
become somewhat of an University fixture, is 
retiring this year. She has done the University 
student activities an invaluable service, and 
she will be greatly missed. 


G. Gerhat, K. Thompson, V. Mashlaka, J. Davieau, L. Stecker, T. Nederosted, R. McLennan, E. Dunton, R. Fiebrantz, S. 
Begany, J. Lowe, L. Duh, T. Hillegass, C. Lanbert, D. Jojsak, S. Warmkessel, D. Jenkins, J. Grencher, B. Muth. 



INTRAMURALS ... top half first year . . . overall CUM 2.90 ... 15 new Brothers ... an AEPi house . . . Good 
luck in the future to new Alumni Nuts, Nettles, Scottie, M-M, The Music Man, Knife, Dean of Sports, and Big Al . . . 
R.C.: Who really sent the pizza? . . . "ha-woe is Scottie dere?" . . . Participation!!! . . . What is the growling bear? 
... If Lenny can't get it, I can! . . . Ketzel-mascot . . . "Wuf, wuf" . . . Rocky . . . Gourmet Delight . . . Join 
Circle K: Its Worth It . . . Charlie Charger . . . King and Kong . . . daily wrestling matches . . . April 24: Butts B.M. 
. . . Ho-Jo's midnight raids . . . Joseph Hendrzak Memorial Scholarship . . . Gordon gets serious . . . Moose and 
sheep . . . "The All-Nighter" ... the last of the dirty dozen ... Dr. J.T. . . . The Captain and Tennile . . . Soccer 
sin: D.K., B.W., D.K., J.B., J.L., J.M. vs opponents . . .616. . . St. Louis and Miami . . . Sid, the little general . . . 
Little Sisters . . . Chevy power . . . Jock awards — D.E.K., M.G., J.L. ... 4th place — 120 lbs. wrestling — A.C. 
. . . superpledge — S.G. . . . password — security . . . Murray the Kay . . . C.E. lovers . . . WLRN crew . . .most 
congenial Brother — S.T. . . . Mouse and Rho Deuteron . . . hot daaaaaag . . . mr. AEPi — L.B. . . . EEE . . . I.E. 
— R.F. . . . Softball — D.E.K. to D.B.K. to A.H.C. (doubleplay) . . . Sigma Eta is on the move!!!!!!!!!! 

Row 1 (I to r): L. Leidner, A. Crudo, M. Goldberg, P. Smith, D. Klein, 
Heller, S. Tagariello, R. Sayegh, M. Mack, R. Scott. 

^utterly; Row 2 (I to r): J. Lewis, D. Konner, J. Butterly, R. Yeaton, R. 



Row 1 (I to r): D. Pitonak, C. Vandlik; Row 2 (1 to r): S. Bieling, C. Cable, M. Schratz, A. Fatula, K. Boczar, B. Hughes; Row 3 (I to r): R. Hansen, 
M. Eitingon, P. Lamb, J. Thatcher, D. Disanto, J. Wroblewski, W. DePrefontaine, M. Goldberg, M. Christie, J. Butterly, J. Butterly, S. Darlak, 
N. Richards, L. Leahy. 


£ A&ixW*~& 

D. Atherholt, P. Carey, J. Chaippini, J. 
Fusco, S. Hanzlik, D. Kaminski, C. Lam- 
bert, J. Leknes, M. Malone, L. Pellett, M. 
Proft, J. Ripley, J. Sanlorenzo, A. Gag- 
non, R. Clark, R. Adams, G. Besenyei, B. 
Card, R. Daley, L. Davenport, K. Dun- 
leavy, B. Eck, G. Gates, T. Hartline, B. 
Lang, S. Nichols, M. O'Donnell, R. Roe, 
R. Ronemus, M. Sasak, R. Schmid, C. 
Sikorsky, D. Summins. 

f ,- ^ I, % * 

4--"rl- -) 

jfe, . t ^ 



** w 


■jftM ^ P^LTL'LSUL « 

1-14 I tit t f ***t* t iff * 




Roui 3 (/ fo r): J. Kloeber, M. Redmond, J. Midgley, J. Bartz, D. Miltenberger, E. Wagenseil, P. McKenney, C. Greene, L. Riniker, D. Gergel, C. 
Galetti, L. Deren, D. Slagle; Row 2 (I to r): S. Schooley, R. Orleman, J. Dean, C. Maltbie, S. Daniel, A. Mclnryre, T. Fisher, D. Lenyo, M. Mark, D. 
Lee, B. Fine, D. Pancamo, K. Levine, R.Forrest, J. Alt, W. Tetreau, D. McNealy, L. Pickens, D.Kaminski, M. Sezack, J. Wykosky, M. Buckmaster, 
R. Slaughter; Row 3 (I to r): G. Doan, K. Ellefsen, L. Paxton, M. McKenney, T. Masters, A. Prince, K. Fortune, J. Ney, R. Ryskamp, S.G. Geiger, J. 
Russo, W. Schneck, R. Muth, R. Lucas, S. Fahy, J. Kraus, D. Hickman, R. Steiger, J. Kenny, J. Reid, M. Shestok, P. Schragger, A. Bantley, J. 
Cowperthwait, B. Camperson, R. Sayegh, D. Emrich, Maj. Walsh, Maj. John, SGM. Kress, LtC. Phelan; Row 4 (I to r): W. Klimack, C. Kohl, J. 
Randl, P. Barndt, S. Courtright, P. Terenzio, C. Maltbie, D. Rarig, P. Herkenham, E. Kaufmann, R. Greenwood, G. Davieau, J. Downs, J. Schriabel, 
D. Jesurun; Row 5 (/ fo r): A. Miller, M. North, J. Schwar, A. Balshi, M. Visintainer, F. Wentworth, J. Eggert, J. Schneider, C. Monaghan, D. Dunay, 
R. Parrino, F. Scattene, D. Cole, J. Mertz, L. Piolo, W. Herman, E. Heyman, J. Wykosky, T. Hoens, A. Barker, S. Filuyr, D. Stahl, Capt. Tomasik, 
Maj. Manns, MSG. Basilici. 

* «*~ 




Row 1 (I to r): B. Green, K. Owen, D. Deshler, R. Sohaney, K. Kennedy, S. Robinson; Row 2 (I to r): E. Bogucz, B. 
Loving, D. Nardon, D. Berger, D. Kuzo, P. Schutz, T. Oten; Row 3 to r): A. Karpovich, D. Poole, K. Lankenau, J. 



Row 1 (I to r): J. Garrison, K. 
Jackson, C. Green, J. Williams; 
Row 2 (I to r): C. Smoot, V. Ste- 
vens, B. Wilson, K. Tate; Row 3 (I 
to r): M. Snowden, L. Young, R. 
Canabal, D. Roberts, L. Daven- 
port, M. Ford. 



J. Johnson, R. Hageman, T. Schroeder, W. Spinner, D. Standig, B. Gorsey, B. Gallagher, D. Harle, B. Schroeder, K. Fleck, B. 
Jeffers, J. Jakielski, J. Iobst, L. Tillis. 


A. Thomson, A. Levin, C. Wenger, D. Herbener, U. Wiest, A. Hazen, J. Liebig, J. Handler, B. Raiser, D. Simmons, M Connolly, D. Yetter, K. 
Stoffel, J. Fisher, C. Kostem, B. Yen, L. Beedle, W. Hansell, R. Johnson, W. Murray, R. Slutter D. VanHorn, D. Stabler, M Barron R Batchelor, W. 
Bilenki, L. Brannaka, D. Bright, D. Brown, M. Durback, J. Eshleman, M. Garrabrant, M. Goldberg, R. Graves, D. Graver , M. Hart, D_ Heckman J. 
Kearney, J. Leach, V, Maslanka, J. Maurer, T. Miller, L. Norella, D. Peregrim, R. Rodack, R. Ryskamp, J. Stone, R. Strait, G. Yakowenko, D. Zuck. 



S. Bregstein, P. Every, B. Gruver, A. Peters, D. Rankin, M. Westcott, L. LeVine, A. Ring, L. Lenthe, R. Quier, R. Allen, M. Kusmin, D. Paulus, S. 
Poehlein, B. Brake, A. DeLuca, M. Mazelsky, N. Miele, D. Moll, P. Scarff, C. Slegel, K. Stofanak, R. Stonfanak, U. Weist, M. Pavia, D. Rush, J. 
Thatcher, W. Conyers, W, Foy, A. Levin, P. Swarr, A. Bangser, G. Davis, P. Dinsmore, M. Farmer, M. Hahn, R. Heller, K. Molinaro, P. O'Sullivan, 
S. Filemyr, P. Grady, A. Gunkle, B. Kautsky, M. Thompson, D. Walters, C. Berta, K. Frantz, D. Klucsik, T. McMahon, R. Cressman, T. Marrs, J. 
Ney, C. Ackerman, R. Adams, S. Bartosik, W. Cox, N. Sharko 













Eileen Canzian, Fall Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Robert Sul- 
livan, Faculty Advisor. 

Ken Bandler, Spring Managing Editor; Ed Bogucz, 
Spring Editor-in-Chief. 


Row 1 (1 to r): B. Glickman, L.A. Lusardi, K. Bandler, E. Bogucz; Row 2 (I to r): R. Whalen, B. Rockhill, B. Raynoha, K. Mitchell, J. 
Bodenstab, C. Winters, F. Haynes, M. MacDonald, A. Fleming, D. Sprick, E. Quirk, J. Goldman. 



Row 1 (I to r): K. Schaffer, K. Motschwiller, D. 
Konner, C. Alva; Row 2 (I to r): G. Huffman, D. 
Prestipino, N. Poppel, J. Lewis, P. Gordenstein, 
G. Gallagher. 

The Lehigh University Circle K Club is a cam- 
pus action organization sponsored by the 
Bethlehem Suburban Kiwanis Club. It is one of 
the largest collegiate service organizations serv- 
ing the U.S. and Canada. Circle K's purpose is to 
reach out to the campus and community and in 
so doing generate a spirit of harmony and con- 
cern for the enrichment of society. 

The club is dedicated to unifying people in 
friendship and involvement which is 
exemplified by this past years activities. The 
major activities provided a mixture of social, ser- 
vice fund-raising and educational projects. They 
included the sponsorship of the Annual Powder- 
puff Football game for the benefit of Multiple 
Sclerosis, sale of Kiwanis popcorn, assisting an 
Olympics for underprivileged children and the at- 
tendance of the 15th Annual Pa. District Conven- 
tion, as well as, representation at the Interna- 
tional Convention held in Washington, D.C. 
Lehigh's club played an active role in partici- 
pation of the Pa. District and had one member 
on the executive board, Dean Konner, immediate 
past Lieutenant Governor. 

The Circle K Club of Lehigh is a growing 
group of enthusiastic and dedicated students in- 
terested in friendship and involvement. Circle K 
is the middle link of the "Tri-K Family" which 
begins on the high school level with the Key 
Club and extends to the business level of 
Kiwanis. The Tri-K family work in unity to help 
eliminate the evils that exist. This year the Inter- 
national theme has been "IMPACT ON LIFE." 

Donation to M.S. from the proceeds of the 6th Annual Powderpuff football game. 

D. Konner, Lt. Gov., Pa. District; K. Motschwiller, Pres.; K. Schaffer, V.P.; T. Vasko, 
Secretary; M. Doeberl, Treas. 



H. Winter, L. Hay, G. Johnson, M. Fiore, P. Idell, B. Fritchman, G. Abdelnour, H. AI Arbash, N. Bard, B. Bare, K. Bartsch, R. Bates, W. Baumann, 
C. Bosch, W. Check, G. Diehl, B. Dunbar, K. Frantz, R. Gimigliano, W. Groh, C. Haslett, J. Hickey, A. Kaminsky, J. Kangas, T. Kinsella, G. 
Kolleogy, L. Leahy, E. Liebman, D. Lytle, C. Mack, D. McCarthy, S. McLellan, C. Messina, E. Modugno, A. Moeller, S. Petrizzo, J. Quinn, M. 
Quirk, J. Saddel, J. Sergi, C. Sharper, T. Walley, S. Weinstein, K. Werner, P. Whelchel, W, Wilkes, R. Yeaton, T. Yetsko, D. Zukswert. 


T. Terry, M. Flesher, D. Amidon, J. Liebig, F. Beer, B. Rosenthal, D. Van Doren 
Charwat, L. Leder, E. Patterson, P. Adelman, P. Parr. 

M. Exstein, C. Roysdon, B. Finn, H. Shandell, L. Wenzel, C. 



Helen Richardson, Co-Editor 

Ann Zimmerman, Co-Editor 

Marc Hulsman, Photo Editor 


Row 1 (I to r): K. Mitchell, A. Zimmerman, H. Shandell, L. Bondemore, H. Richardson, L. Goodman; Row 2: M. 
Hulsman, T. Bloom, R. Cariello, A. Crudo, B. Hill, P. Gordenstein; Row 3: B. Murphy, B. Hedderman, B. Judson, L. 
Chatzinoff; Row 4: D. Sprick (Spiritual advisor). 

Bob Judson, Business Manager 

Bob Judson, post Epitome 



A. Inglis, G. Altomare, G. Archer, K. Benusa, K. Boczar, T. Braun, K. Cahill, J. Connolly, J. Culp, J. A'Apolito, J. Demas, H. Donaldson, J. 
Ferguson, R. Folger, L. Freeman, D. Friedfeld, R. Freimuth, R. Gans, P. Garnish, N. Gurfinkel, R. Haimowitz, S. Hirsch, M. Holland, L. Johnson, 
G. Joyce, W. Judge, M. Kaufmann, J. Kearney, R. Kennedy, M. Koelmel, T. Kokkinos, M.A. Leonardi, J. Magee, T. Mastri, K. McDonough, R. 
Meehan, M. Miller, R. Nesbitt, C. Nunan, J. Ochs, L. Orysh, J. Pieczynski, J.K. Polizzano, C. Reese, C. Richardi, S. Robertson, J. Ryan, S. 
Scheibe, D. Sell, W. Shannon, M. Sisson, G. Skovira, C. Tack, G. Thomas, S. Tickell, S. Turgeon, D. Visokey, D. Wardle, E. Warner, R. Welliver, P. 
Wilson, T. Wilson, K. Woerner. 



R. Kaufman, D. Konner, D. Klein, J. Larkey, B. Stein, S. Wellner. 

This society is a student-run organization, 
having a membership of more than a hundred 
Jewish men and women students from Lehigh 
University and Moravian College, sponsored 
by B'nai Brith. The group has an active social 
calendar, as well as athletic competition and 
cultural programs. A convenient meeting place 
is the Brith Sholom Community Center which 
is adjacent to the campus. This organization al- 
lows a student to continue his Jewis identity in 


P. Schlimme, P. Hauser, G. Moyer, R. Frisch, K. Tower, Prof. J. Greenleaf. 



W. DePrefontaine, J. Johnson, D. Lee, P. Miller, R. Rentier, M. Roberts, J. Smith, L. Weiss, T. Anderson, M. Barron, D. Brown, B. Hanlette, J. 
Horner, S. Hutton, T. Ichihara, P. Menard, T. Miller, A. Redden, D. Seicol,J. Stone, K. Tower, J. Baxter, S. Buchanan, W. Devorick, B. Dunbar, N. 
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Kloeber, P. Landin, A. Merwin, W. Ughes, R. Cutler. 



C. Bosch, H. Domey, J. Fernandez, T. Tripp, G. Streich. 




Marcus Dilliard, president; Katherine 
Hazlehurst & Mary Ann Pedersen, vice presi- 
dent; Debra Smith & Patricia Spugani, secre- 
tary; Russel Loughridge treasurer. 







A. Zimmerman, G. Bernstein, R. Guiliani, J. Alperin, S. Schwartz, J. Castaldi, L. Novik, J. Bradley, M. Grace, K. Saxe, 
S. Petrella, M. Howell, G. Archer, J. Dunn, C. Dirusso, D. VanDoren, S. Kovak, D. Templin, A. Decillis, M. Cahn. 


Row 1 (I to r): Prof. J. Hanz, H. Latham, M. Handman, S. Eckert, L. Wels; Row 2 (I to r): L. Orysh, B. Patterson, P. Petko, K. 
Blew, W. Himich, E. Stieg, S. Kratovil; Row 3 (I to r): L. Zarembo, S. Kossar, D. Tice, D. Lerf, K. McCourt. 



M. Barr, T. Vasko, P. Schatz, R. Hessinger, M. Cowell, R. Erbrick, A. Ruggles, R. Wepfer, R. Green, T. Othen, R. 
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Prof. H. Whitcomb, T. Duch, Dean G.M. Ellis, N. Olack. 


31.3 FM 

(215) 868-4121 • (215) 691-0188 

J. Anderson, M. Barth, N. Becker, F. Behlau, M. Burte, R. Busch, E. Carduner, B. Cheng, J. Christy, M. Class, T. DiCilveo, D. Finkelstein, D. 
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Dickey, L. Goldstein, P. Gushue, R. Jakielski, E. Miller, J. Pennick, T. Ruhle, E. Scattene, D. Solis-Cohen, M. Torie. 

^Jke eJLehiqh f\adio r /etworh 



E. Minnich, P. Smoler, S. Maddock, W. Wilkes, M. Winslee, I. Strober, J. Feldman, J. Goldman, C. Gorbunoff, J. Poulin, M. Levin, 
M. Quirk, J. Carnali, K. Motschwiller, M. Jumbo, A. Ben-Ami, L. Gant, P. Petko, P. Gordenstein, T. MaGuire, L. Reynen, S. 
Schmider, G. Marotta, S. Stemple, N. Shalay. 

Officers: Row 1 (I to r): L. Gant, P. Petko, M. 
Quirk; Row 2 (I to r): K. Motschwiller, G. Taran- 
tini, A. Ben-Ami, P. Gordenstein. 




l4 u ,r ™^. 

; *e»» 






Cindy Palenchar 

Tom Nederostek 


Melanie McCoy 

Rich Coleman 

Gail Price 

Eric Connery 

Chuck Marino 



'^ *&&£■ 

*A f ,s <* © A 

Rou' I (/ fo r): S. Peck, R. Trevisan, D. Hooker, M. Lesswing, R. Cahill; Roiv 2 (I to r): G. Streich, M. Vallee, B. Gault, N. Boy, C. Emerling, L. 
Rucko, T. Smith, K. Deutch, M. Crehore, L. Dee, K. Hair, M. Lyman, R. Farenwald, F. Irish, S. Cerminaro, B. Kesselman, B. Kobin, J, Armstrong, 
B. Boswell. 


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Dandridge, B. Somers, P. Bretz, D. 






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Yakowenko, M. Yaszemski, R. Yeaton, D. Yetter. 


Row 3 (I to r): J. Schnalzer, M. Schantz, L. 
Trinkle, C. Cence, C. Renninger, J. Schlener; 
Row 2 (1 to r): C. Berger, C. Kiss, H. Kertauage, J, 
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S. Dravec, C. Palenchar. 



N. Butts, R. Gent, R. Grapin, B. Hjorth, R. Hinz, L. Hutchison, J. Janecek, D. Johnson, A. Kunes, J. Moore, V. Stevens, C. Tyrala, R. Vogel, D. 
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Harle, C. Hazlehurst, A. Helffrich, P. Lewis, R. Lanciano, E. Murphy, C. Paul, N. Reynolds, R. Sutherland. 



The 1976-77 speaker series offered a much more diverse 
group of speakers than those of recent years. Lehigh wel- 
comed consumer advocate Ralph Nader and radical 
Timothy Leary, as well as noted political figures Moshe 
Dayan, Victor Reisel and Dr. Lawrence Klein. J. A. Lukacs, 
one of eight Mellon Lecturers, spoke about a link between 
history and physics. To add a lighter touch to the series, 
Mel Blanc and his "friends" delighted the standing-room- 
only Grace Hall audience. 

Although the speakers offered a greater variety of topics, 
the series unfortunately was not up to par. For the first 
time in a decade, the Blaustein Lectures were not held due 
to a seeming oversight by those involved, who delayed to 
the point that speakers were no longer available. 

A larger number of speakers would make the lecture 
series more rewarding in future years. 


The American people have to undergo a kind 
of procedural reorientation "if they are going 
to be able to participate and to shape the so- 
ciety and to preserve their own rights." 

:r AM 


-<> \ 


/LEH-'GH 11 



"There was probably never a decade in human his- 
tory where so many new ideas exploded on the 
scene with so much energy and intelligence. No as- 
pect of American culture hasn't been somewhat 
changed, revised, or improved as a result of what 
happened in the '60's." 



"We are still a long way away from peace." 


"The leadership of the labor 
unions is the single most pow- 
erful force in this country. The 
sheer power of the labor unit 
is so influential in our every- 
day life, and we can't even 
name many of the leaders of 
the Teamster's. If the under- 
world infiltrates the Teamsters 
they could decide on what day 
the U.S. will stand still. I have 
fought for the decency of 
American society, but to do it 
where it counts, fellows like 
me need your help." 



"In the 20th century, elements of con- 
vergence between our knowledge of 
nature as expressed in the study of 
modern physics and our knowledge of 
human nature as expressed in the 
study of history do exist. They lead to a 
phase in the evolution of human con- 
sciousness both in the natural sciences 
and the human sciences where we 
have to begin to think about thinking 



turkey trot 










Terry LaSorda 

There is nothing up the sleeves of senior Terry LaSorda. And if 
you don't believe him, he'll do his stuff with his sleeves rolled 
up. Terry has nothing to hide, for a sleight-of-hand artist's 
secrets are built right into his carefully developed hand mus- 
cles, his most important tools. For almost four years now, this 
elfin figure with an impish smile, has been been delighting all 
sectors of the Lehigh Valley with his magic. He's performed 
everywhere from children's wards, homes for runaways and 
the emotionally disturbed to fraternities, senior citizens 
groups, and rings of professional magicians. And anyone who 
has seen The Little Wizard perform knows he's a giant of a 



'-• '*\ 






■ ■ ■ 


a I / wrwl 

r *m 




a m 1 9 

Take an early 20th-century Russian play long 
on mythic symbols and exposition and short on 
action, interpolate some clown routines that fit 
the play's circus atmosphere and also parallel 
events of the drama, and you have the basic 
premise of "He Who Gets Slapped," the major 
Mustard and Cheese spring production. 

Director Jim Hill took this lengthy drama by 
Leonid Andreyev and employed student mem- 
bers of Hill's drama course, The Clown Wor- 
shop, to bring levity and some ironic comment 
to the environment of the seedy Cirque Briquet 
in Paris. Hill, who has worked with circus 
clowns before coming to Lehigh, also had his 
clowns perform during intermission. Their antics 
were one highlight of the show. 

These photographs depict the behind-the- 
scenes preparations of the performers, and their 
onstage performances. Besides practicing their 
routines, the clown-actors spent some time ap- 
plying whiteface and other makeup important to 
their overall presentation. 

Clowns and non-clowns alike sparked this 
production. Chief among them were Michael Del- 
luva as Tot, the one who gets slapped, and Cora 
Hook as the young performer who tragically cap- 
tures his fancy. Larry Kohn, David Miller, and 
Mark Pyles were marvelously zany as part of the 
clown ensemble, with Scott Lesher, as the man 
who stole Tot's wife, brought great depth of 
character to his role. 


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I 










iSSiy ■ 

'Mil 4 " /*»' 

n * 

■ f * 


' r l IV 

1 */ 











■;,!flSl[Ji |: ;3 ii 

- ■' " 

Hi ' ■ i 



59 SB 




;:.i| l p kj »h#ir.g^^i l '0S 


«,4< Wi ■ 
illla")- 1 ■'-' 

lij iftalUlTvv"'!:'' 

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l '- ■•!i : il|.| ti * S i's &* ' " ' j t; jp.fe V 1 ■'.. ' 


! [ --J 

;j J3 .5-li.; : : ■'..!■ *!':'[ 

.IjUllSII l.*S„,.li.p|,.JT.'| ■ 

,[ ' ■ i ; ' 

1 ' |i! - 

i : i'i,|u ■ ■■■■. i 

S#-|lN'Sf'"" J ' 


:-ti.',:-i, ■ ■■■..,,.. : . ■■■! ■■ ■■■■ 

assllMSP''- 1 


B JfSf.ili*''i™ai. 

■ ..■; |jj ■ 

':;t : ;-;:S":W [ ::;^;^|iii:ii ; 'nai 

■:..■;■:'•' i.-'-iiiTaiiji.ijriiiiiFM'fivaii-i 

■:! I f.italv : i'[ftEi ! 


: = I 


'Ii 1 ; 

:',:', If 

.:.:■ : ^li:::,,- ....■■ :■:.■ : 


= vU;!.. : ..;,i:Mi l ip>:f 


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iJli : ;iS|r;;p;:;;iJ; B ii;: ? firiji 

Mi |||p|ilj 

iJlllllflllflifli 1 

Iffliii! iilii llliffl 

I'lljjjJIJJl'ilfllllllilMllllhj!:.::!:!, ; :; 


:: : : :: 



. ■■ ; iT,Vli|fl*l||ij 



f ||ill 111 'A' 'Mil, | |f [ SilLj 



"Whenever you lose to Lafayette, it doesn't matter if you 
were 10-0, it seems to ruin your season." - Head Coach John 

Unfortunately, even though the Engineers were 6-5, 
three losses at the wire to Bucknell, Virginia and Lafayette 
blemished what could have been a much more productive 
season. Inconsistent play, mental lapses and weaknesses at 
certain positions hampered the Engineers in close games. 

After opening their season with two runaway victories 
over Kutztown, a Division II team and Baldwin-Wallace, a 
Division III team, the Engineers played what may have 
been their best game of the year with a come-from-behind 
victory over Penn. 

They evened their record at 3-3 with consecutive losses 
to Yale, Bucknell and nationally-ranked Rutgers. The En- 
gineers lost a mud fight to Bucknell 3-0, when they elected 
to go for the win with eight seconds remaining. The Rut- 

gers loss was the hardest to swallow. Though the En- 
gineers definitely took the game to the Scarlet Knights, 
they blew their lead and eventually the game in the final 
quarter with mental errors. 

The second half of the season brought victories over 
Maine, Gettysburg and C.W. Post, but was marred by two 
heartbreaking defeats to Division I school Virginia and 
arch-rival Lafayette. 

Some outstanding individual efforts must be mentioned. 
Junior Dave Aprill led the Engineers with his much- 
improved all around play. Senior Larry Henshaw again led 
the receiving corps with 33 receptions, while freshman Jim 
McCormick led the defensive unit with 98 unassisted tack- 
les. Senior offensive lineman Mark Orcutt was once again 
named to the ECAC Division II Ail-Star team as well as the 
New York Times All-East team. 




Row 1 (/-r): R. Gardner, M. Borden, R. Glasbrenner, G. Pierog, L. Henshaw, M. Yaszemski, J. Matt, N. O'Connor, M. Orcutt, M. Kelly, J. Dutt, P. 
Kershaw, K. Schmidt, J. Healy; Row 2 (1-r): G. Allen, M. Ford, J. Butkus, T. Cassone, M. Weaver, M. Rieker, B. Drusbosky, D. Aprill, D. Hellekjaer, 
N. Miron, ]. Braverman, P. Mercuri; Row 3 (1-r): P. Fenton, P. DeLuca, M. Ricketson, P. Cohen, E. Yaszemski, B. Bradley, L. Daniels, D. Mayberry, 
D. Mahlbacher, S. Hefele, C. Reese, E. Barth; Row 4 (l-r): C. Matics, R. Andres, ]. Dunn, J. Bernstein, A. Robinson, D. Melone, A. Vandergrift, R. 
Adams, T. Stein, M. Seasholtz, S. Kreider; Row 5 (l-r): J. Ringer, S. McKay, G. Clark, E. Merrill, T. Giordani, G. Skola, D. Probst, B. Swartz, B. 
Sulzer, D. Visokey, B. Brougher, B. Zwann; Row 6 (1-r): T. Justice, J. McCormick, M. Evanko, T. Dondero, K. Frederick, J. Pieczynski, R. Manning, 
D. Reichenbach, C. Kaupp, B. Penrod, G. Machikas, P. Stires, V. Rogusky, D. Raring. 



■ ■ - 

■K ■ ; *a&s* '^^SSF^Tl 

From the pleasantries of the Atlantic 
City Boardwalk Relay victory to the 
narrow losses to Bucknell by five 
points during the regular season and 
by four points in the East Coast Con- 
ference race, the 1976 cross country 
squad encountered many frustrations 
amid the bright spots enroute to a 10-4 
season and first place in the IC4-A col- 
lege division race. 

Losses to Penn, Rutgers, Army, and 
Bucknell pinpointed an inability to de- 
liver a consistently strong team per- 
formance, despite many talented indi- 

Senior co-captain Stellan Thoren, 
unhampered by injuries that marred 
his previous seasons, capped an out- 
standing campaign by placing third in 
both the ECC and IC4-A champi- 

While sophomore James Davis and 
junior Charles Sumrell also performed 
well, freshmen Dave Rohr and Larry 
Ullrich surprised the team with their 
strong races in both championship 
meets. These undergraduates point to 
the potential for continued success for 
future harrier squads. 

Row 1 (I. to r.): C. Stoebenau (mgr.), J. Donahue, J. Cassamatis, H. Hoyt, F. Wentwoith, T. 
O'Shea, L. Ullrich, J. Davis; Row 2: S. Collins, D. Norris, D. Cope, (bus driver), M. Cowell, 
D. Friedfeld, R. Devine, D. Rohr, S. Thoren (co-capt.); Row 3: F. Regan, S. Diamantoni, J. 
Peters, D. Fink; Row 4: C. Sumrell, C. Nunan, D. Sprick, B. Doherty, D. Kuzo, J. Grady, R. 
Schilder, A. Hubsch, M. Ranney, J. Wummer, M. Yardis (co-capt.), D. Dunne. 




'«t» * ■ 

What did many good veterans and some talented 
freshmen add up to for the 1976 soccer squad? Dis- 
appointment, as the hooters, needing a tie or win in 
their last game to clinch the ECC title, dropped a 
heartbreaking 2-1 decision to Bucknell to finish sec- 
ond in the league with a 3-1-1 mark and 6-5-3 over- 

Frustrations of a season that might have been 13-1 
also are revealed in the statistics, as four of the 
team's five losses were by one goal. 

Yet Coach Tom Fleck's troops have much to be 
proud of this season. Highlighting their efforts was a 
1-0 victory over then 18th-ranked Penn. 

Individually, senior tri-captain Larry Keller and 
junior Skip Di Massa led the team. Keller registered 
four shutouts, including one streak of one goal al- 
lowed in four games. Keller permitted an average of 
1.42 goals per game. Di Massa provided a seasonal 
scoring punch of six goals and three assists. 

Fullbacks Rich Czekanski, John Schadt, and tri- 
captain Bob Weick provided outstanding defensive 
muscle. Although the loss of Keller, Gene Parris, 
Weick, and midfielders Henry Prati and tri-captain 
Jose Perna might hurt the team, the steady play this 
season of freshmen Mike Robinson, right wing, 
Warren Kimber, left wing, and Andy Mclntyre, 
fullback, will supply the potential for continued 


Row 1 (I. to r.): P. Shook, G. Parris, B. Weick (tri-capt.), L. Keller (tri-capt.), J. Pema (tri-capt.), H. Prati, J. Schadt. Row 2: A. Mclntyre, C. 
Sheppard, P. Krystow, G. Crape, T. Wilson, J. Adell, C. Izuno (mgr.). Row 3: J. Harrison, (asst. coach), S. Schultz (trainer), M. Robinson ' W 
Kimber, S. Di Massa, R. Czekanski, P. Malik, S. Concklin, T. Kulp, T. Fleck (coach). 






Although illness and pressures kept 
the swim team from competing up to 
its capabilities in the ECC champi- 
onships, the mermen proved their met- 
tle this season. Their 8-3 mark was the 
best ever under Coach Bruce Gardiner 
and was the best record since 1950. 

Pressure seemingly did not bother 
the Engineers during the regular sea- 
son. Four meets hinged on the final 
event, the 400 freestyle relay, and the 
mermen responded by capturing all 
four of these close contests. 

Another season highlight was a 
58-54 loss to an overconfident Penn 
team that had to struggle to win 
against the tenacious Engineers. 

The mermen look in good shape for 
next year as only John Koester and 
Fred Woodruff will be graduated. Cap- 
tain Koester led the record-breaking 
team pace by capturing five individual 
records this season. 

The band of tough freshmen were 
led by Jeff Brooks, who came through 
in the Penn State meet by winning the 
1,000 freestyle and by Tom Campbell, 
who can swim almost any event. 

With the addition of a transfer diver 
next year, the swimmers can hope to 
climb even higher. 

Row 1 (I to r): D. Langdon, T. Monica, D. Donovan, K. Nelson, J. Brooks, H. Kunze; Row 2: A. 
Smith, K. Silva, J. Koester (capt.), F. Woodruff, B. Alch, B. Steitz, T. Campbell; Row 3: B. Gardiner 
(coach), H. Schweitzer, J. Ratkevic, B. Haltenhoff, P. Klauder, P. Battaglia, P. Nunan; Row 4: K. 
Meyers, T. Shanahan, B. Knisley, N. Campbell, B. Roth (asst. coach). 



With dreams of a Division III playoff 
berth rudely shattered, the hockey 
team awoke to capture its last three 
games enroute to a fine 11-5 record, its 
best in several seasons. 

The pucksters' Chip and Dale, scor- 
ing leaders, co-captains and graduating 
seniors Bob Oliwa and Mike Dale, pro- 
vided a powerful scoring punch. Dale 
won the point race, setting a Univer- 
sity record of 127 total points in his 
four-year career, while winning the 
seasonal scoring race with 12 goals and 
22 assists. Oliwa finished his college 
career with 70 goals and 54 assists, 
three total points shy of Dale, and 
finished with 31 points on the year, 
with his 22 goals and nine assists. 

It is hoped freshman Kris Talgo, who 
scored 13 goals and 20 assists, can pick 
up the slack left by the departing se- 

Although Coach Steve Penman will 
be losing steady defenseman Whit 
Cummings, left wing Rich Benoit and 
defenseman Bob Bayer, the under- 
classmen will be there to bring con- 
tinued success. They include freshman 
goalie Mike Wise, junior center Ed 
O'Mara, and wing Pete Goldstein. 

1st row(/. to r.): C. Rinaldi, K. Talgo, M. Dale, D. Marfone, M. Wise, E. O'Mara, M. Langiey, B. Oliwa, 
J. Barnes; 2nd Row: S. Penman (coach), J. Marino (mgr.), C. Hopkins, J. Cillo, R. Benoit, P. Golds- 
tein, J. Pennick, D. Perlmuiter, B. Adams, P. Gushue (mgr.), P. Bechtel (asst. coach); 3rd Row: D. 
Radford, B. Maloney, W. Cummings, H. Marsh, J. Cookingham, B. Scott, M. Wilmerding, B. Bayer. 



It was the same old song — almost. For the third straight 
year the Engineers took an impressive dual-meet record, 
14-3, into the EIWA tournament and made a shambles of it, 
qualifying eight men for the nationals in Oklahoma. Al- 
though the Engineers came home with three placewinners, 
bad breaks ended all hopes of a national champion. 

Placewinning performances by Mark Lieberman, second, 
Don McCorkel, third, and Mike Brown, fifth, led the wres- 
tling team to a seventh-place NCAA finish with 49 points. 
Bob Sloand, after a disappointing third place at Easterns, 
was not finished with the heartbreaks when he was forced to 
default due to a knee injury. Earlier, Sloand had defeated the 
number one seed and looked like a sure shot for the title. 

At Easterns, again brown and white colors not only domi- 
nated the stands, but the victory platform as well. Lance 
Leonhardt, Lieberman, Brown and McCorkel won their final 
bouts in convincing manner after the 22nd team champi- 
onship in history had already been decided. 

Pat Sculley lost a hard-fought match in the finals for sec- 
ond, and Steve Bastianelli, Nils Deacon and Sloand took 
third place honors. McCorkel was awarded the Fletcher 
Trophy, given to the senior wrestler with the most career 

Highlighting the season were dual-meet victories over Cal 
Poly and Navy. 

Row 1 (I to r): L. Pleshko, B. Sloand, T. Toth-Fejel (grad. asst.), D. Hetnck, S Bastianelli L Leonhardt; Row 2: C • Talarico, G Cunnmgharn r 
Sculley, R. Earl, J. Allegar, N. Deacon, R. Biggs (grad asst.); Rom 3: T. Turner (head coach), C. McNaron (trainer), C. Brown, M. Stauffer, B. Amelio, 
M. Brown, M. Lieberman, D. McCorkel, G. Leeman (asst. coach). 





Coach Brian Hill's "continual improvement" objec- 
tive was realized a little faster than expected when the 
Engineer basketball squad came out of nowhere to 
qualify for a berth in the East Coast Conference cham- 
pionship tournament. 

In the tournament they pushed highly favored — 
and eventual winner — Hofstra right down to the final 
minutes before dropping an 81-72 verdict in the ECC 

The Engineers posted a 6-4 conference record and a 
12-15 overall mark, the best record for a Lehigh cage 
team since 1970. 

Senior Charley Brown had a consistent year and 
paced the season scorers with 390 points. He ended his 
four-year varsity career with 1,311 points, the most 
ever for an Engineer player. Brown also hauled down 
167 rebounds and was the recipient of an Eastern Col- 
legiate Athletic Conference weekly all-star certificate. 

The backcourt combination of junior Ken Clifford, 
who scored 331 apoints, and sophomore Bill Griffin, 
who led the team in assists with 85 and poured in 256 
points, gave the Engineers one of the best duo of 
guards in the conference. 

Junior Ray Green topped the rebounders with 202 
and was third in scoring with 307 points. Senior Paul 
Brandenburg followed Green and Brown in the re- 
bounding race with 166. 

Two New Jersey freshmen, Jeff Vandemark and 
Frank Hillman, were instrumental in the upsurge by 
the cagers. Brown and Brandenburg, the team's co- 
captains, were the only seniors among the squad's top 
seven performers. 

Engineer fans should look forward to next year as 
the Engineers strive to resume the momentum they 
took into their last game with Hofstra. 


Row 1 (I to r): P. Kennedy (assistant coach), C. Brown (co-capt.), B. Hill (head coach), P. Brandenburg (co-capt.), B. Dunkel (j.v. coach); 
Row 2 (I to r): B. Griffin, K. Clifford, F. Hillman, D. Packer, M. Purcell, M. Procida, R. Zajac; Row 3 (I to r): R. Green, J. Vandemark, P. 
Weaver, M. Finley, B. Camperson, C. Driza. 



It's the same old story, a fight for love and glory . . . and 
Lafayette stole the glory and an undefeated season from the 
Engineers as the annual dogfight between the teams again 
came down to the final relay races, with Lafayette capturing 
the mile relay and a 72V2-63V2 victory. 

Coach John Covert's troops ended with a 5-1 record. More 
important than the record, however, was the individual 
progress made by the since what Covert called the underpar 
performances in the home opener, which Bloomsburg never 
made because of the blizzard. 

Miler Stellan Thoren continued his winning ways from 
cross country as he qualified for the IC4As ana scored in that 
meet with a 4:10.7 mile. Daniel Doyle accompanied Thoren 
to the IC4As on the strength of his Field House record pole 
vault 15ft-lV2in. 

With a bevy of freshman scorers, the team can look to con- 
tinued excitement and success. 





Row 1 (1 to r): R. Allen, C. Gruver.B. Kirker, K. Noonan, D. Dietrich; Row 2: D. Schantenbach (coach), 
R. Moore, D. Spoont, K. McCarthy (capt.), P. Davidoff, C. Covert, S. Somers, P. Henry. 


Row 1 (I to r): R. Ronemus, D. Cole, N. Berger; Row 2: J. Duffy, L. Loewer, B. Liebermann, J. Esch; Row 
3: L. Brannaka, W. Smith, B. Lally (capt.), SGM J. Kress (coach), N. Richards, M. Bubel, B. Bronner. 

What do the undefeated rifle team 
and the 3-11 squash team have in 
common, except their sharing an 
Epitome page for the second consecu- 
tive year? 

Both squads will lose very few se- 
niors as freshmen gained valuable ex- 
perience this year. While the riflemen 
can only hope to maintain their excel- 
lent 25-1 combined two-year record, 
the squashers come off a building year 
with hopes of bolstering their record 
with a tentative New England road 
swing next season against excellent Ivy 
League teams. 

Squash team captain Kevin McCar- 
thy said the season allowed Coach 
Dennis Schantzenbach to insert many 
freshmen into the nine-singles lineup 
while also offering a lot of people a lot 
of fun. 

Despite the team's record, three 
players went to the Nationals in An- 
napolis. Although McCarthy, Bob 
Kirker and freshman standout Ricky 
Moore all lost in the first round, Moore 
advanced to the third round of the con- 
solations before being eliminated. 

Meanwhile, back at the range, the 
rifle team breezed through its regular 
season en route to a first-place finish in 
the National Rifle Association champi- 
onship. A squad of Captain Bob Lally, 
Bob Liebermann, Joe Duffy and Joe 
Smith triumphed over 25 teams. 
Lehigh teams also placed sixth and 

Such excellent finishes reveal a depth 
that will continue next year, as only 
Lally will graduate. Liebermann had 
the team's top average in competing in 
half the matches, and Lally finished 

The riflewomen, unlike their still- 
struggling squash counterparts, solidly 
contributed to team victories. Lynn 
Loewer and Wendy Smith ranked 
among the top 10 in team averages, 
while Nancy Richards, along with Jon 
Schnabel, had a good freshman season. 

Who knows? If both teams continue 
to improve, maybe each will have its 
own page next year. 


Row 1 (1 to r): B. Arndt, G. Butz, B. Shannon, E. Scheidler, D. Wilson, K. Tilton, A. Ottinger; Row 2: P. Sclar (batboy), M Iorio, G. Troxel, B. 
Luchsinger, M. Smith, T. Spence, W. Bilenki, R. Piger; Row 3: S. Meyer (trainer), J. Parisi (statistician), C. Anderson (pitching coach), D. Reichen- 
bach, J. MacDonald, T. Howland, S. Kreider, J. Carroll, S. Schultz (coach). 

The 1977 baseball season should be known 
as the year that was, and the weekend that was 
not. Stan Schultz's baseball troops compiled a 
season record of 19-8-1, which surpasses the 
previous best win total of 16 accomplished by 
the 1973 squad. Before 1973, the best record of 
wins was 15, set in 1916. 

The great season came to a heartbreaking 
conclusion when the Engineers dropped two of 
their last four games, both to Lafayette, and 
eliminated themselves from the E.C.C. 

Contributing to the record breaking season 
however, was a successful southern tour dur- 
ing spring vacation in which the Engineers 
won four of six games and a subsequent six- 
game winning streak in early April. Highlights 
of the year were the double header sweep of 
Delaware and a win over Temple. 

Senior Joe Carroll finished his brilliant ca- 
reer with a .584 slugging average followed by 
Al Ottinger who hit .459. Pitchers Mitch Smith 
and Mark Iorio had 12 and 11 wins respective- 



The lacrosse team's 6-6 record is certainly not indicative 
of how much progress it has made in two years under the 
guidance of John Luckhardt. With a schedule which in- 
cludes five nationally-ranked teams, the Engineers aver- 
aged in the double figures offensively and lost four very 
close games. 

Highlighting the season were victories over nationally 
ranked Fairleigh-Dickinson at Madison, Wilkes and 
Lafayette. The Engineers looked very impressive however, 
in losing to Bucknell in overtime and nationally-ranked 
Delaware in the last minute. 

Freshman Scott Helgans broke the (modern) scoring 
record with 38 goals and 20 assists, followed by Chip Von 
Heill with 22 goals. Roland East, Bruce Crystal and Hel- 
gans were voted to the E.C.C. first team. 

The Engineers have 13 returning lettermen and should 
make a strong bid for the conference championship. 

Row 1 (1 to r): T. Walter, J. Lucskovich, D. Varrelman, R. East (tri-capt.), B. Crystal (tri-capt.), M. Kane (tri-capt.), E. Helgans, T. Tripp, C. Von 
Heill; Row 2: J. Luckhardt (head coach), W. Phillips, A. Grande, M. Rabinowitz, G. Bechtel, J. DeBottis, D. Byelick, J. Luttmann, S. Helgans, R. 
Klein (asst. coach); Row 3: P. BrambiUa, R. DiAntonio, R. Stoloff, R. Chambers, J. Butkus, K. Alley, W. Gardener, J. DiPietro, J. Susski (equip, 



Row 1 (I to r): J. Mowrer, L. Sniscak, K. Warshaw, C. Foster; Rozo 2: J. Neimeister, B. Waldvogel, R. Moore, M. Versuk (capt.), C. Matics, C. Van 
Tuyl, G. Leeman (coach). 

Why do the Engineer golf and tennis teams 
seem to compliment each other? 

Each year since 1967, as the race for the 
Lehigh-Lafayette All-Sports Trophy dwindles 
down to a precious few sporting events, the 
burden of clinching victory or a tie for the cov- 
eted award usually falls upon the duffers or 
the netmen. 

This year the golf team let outright victory in 
the trophy race slip away as it dropped a 
heartbreaking 400-402 match to Lafayette in 
the Engineer regular season finale. The duffers 
thus left it up to their partners on the tennis 
courts, who responded with a victory over the 
Leopards to tie the cup race. (See opposite 

On the links this season the team recorded a 
respectable 13-6 log. Post-season efforts, how- 
ever, found the duffers playing below potential 
as they finished ninth in the Eastern Intercol- 
legiate Championships. In the East Coast Con- 
ference title match the team totaled 807 points 
to claim fifth behind Delaware's 772 first-place 

Junior captain Mike Versuk shepherded his 
team through many close matches this season. 
For his outstanding efforts he received the 
Lehigh Trophy as most valuable team member. 
The many returning veterans again should as- 
sure a strong Engineer finish in the trophy 



A clutch team victory over 
Lafayette in its season finale and 
an ECC title for doubles duo Jack 
Ridge and Jeff Lang highlighted 
the tennis team's overall 11-6 
record and 4-1 ECC log. 

The victory for senior Ridge and 
freshman Lang was the one break 
through in an overall also — ran 
day as the team, battling for sec- 
ond behind eventual winner Tem- 
ple, ended up a close fourth with 

18 points behind West Chester, 
with 23 points, and Bucknell, with 

19 points. 

Ridge and Lang showed why 
they rolled up an impressive 16-2 
record when they defeated a stub- 
born West Chester team in the fi- 
nals. The doubles team of sopho- 
more Bill Siegele and freshman John 
Speer also fared well, reaching the 
finals before falling to Bucknell. 

A week later the netmen re- 
sponded to the challenge of finaliz- 
ing a tie in the 1976-1977 All-Sports 
Trophy race between Lehigh and 
Lafayette at six-all by routing the 
Pards, 8-1. Lehigh now commands 
an 8-0-3 lead in the trophy series. 

Coach Bruce Smith said he was 
extremely pleased with the season, 
one of the team's best in many 
years. With only Ridge graduating, 
Smith should be experiencing 
much pleasure in upcoming sea- 

Row 2 (I to r): N. Hano, ]. Lang, B. Wyckoff, J. Ridge (Capt.), J. Speer, B. Long; Row 2: C. Menendez (asst. coach), E. Dianastasis, B. Kelly, F. 
Lusby, T. Yerdon, B. Siegele, B. Smith (head coach). 



"The East Coast Conference Championships: An 
Irwin Allen Production" should have been the title 
of the May 6-7 conference meet in Saucon Valley. 
With a few exceptions, the performance of the En- 
gineer track team was a disaster worthy of the pro- 
ducer of "The Towering Inferno." The tracksters, 
who should have finished perhaps a close second to 
winner Bucknell, ended up sixth with 45 points and 
no individual winners. 

The elements of this tragedy lie not totally in meet 
performances but in a gradual team disintegration 
because of injury. The sun and fun of the spring trip 
to Bermuda produced decimation of the sprinting 
crew via pulled muscles. Although the others re- 
covered for the last few meets of the season, valuable 
400-yard relay man Jimmy Dutt, a senior, ran in only 
one outdoor meet and missed the ECCs. 

As the season progressed, the aches and pains 
mounted. In the distance events, Dennis Sprick 
pulled muscles in Bermuda and missed the entire 
season. Dave Rohr ran one race, then could run no 
more. Halfmiler co-captain Chris Nunan made it to 
the Penn Relays, before hurt tendons forced him to 
quit. In the field events, triple jumper Dave Stauffer 
competed with a tender foot all season. Co-captain 
javelin thrower John Vargo came up with a sore 
elbow and shot putter Phil Bosco a sore wrist. 

With all the injuries, which forced Coach John 
Covert to sent a skeletal team to the ECCs, the sub- 
par team performance was almost an anticlimax. 
Only junior hurdler Jim Kappel, with a second in the 
120 highs, and sophomore Jim Davis' 14:19 second- 
place effort in the three-mile brightened the En- 
gineer day. 

The 7-1 regular season, which included a sweet 
95-68 romp over Lafayette, had some outstanding 
performances. Stellan Thoren ran a 4:06.7 mile. 
Freshman Andy Hubsch raced a 1:51 800-meter en 
route to the team's second-place finish in the college 
division of the Penn Relays 3,200-meter relay. Vargo 
threw the javelin 227 feet, a new school record, and 
Dan Doyle vaulted 15-6, also a new school record. 

Row 1 (l to r): C. Stoebenau (mgr.), T. O'Shea, M. Giguere, W. Hicks, C. Tenenbaum, J. Farr, S. Glaser, W. Falk, J. Eggert, D. Doyle, J. Dutt, D. 
Rohr, E. Aduhene, L. Ullrich, D. Sprick; Row 2: J. Kappel, M. Ranney, F. Wenrworth, D. Balickie, S. Thoren, J. Wummer, R. Williams, C. Sumrell, 
A. Hubsch, D. Friedfeld, D. Roberts, J. Davis, R. Devine, D. Stauffer, J. Covert (coach); Row 3. R. Stewart, D. Nissley, B. Blumenfeld, M. Holland, 
R. Folger, H. Hoyt, J. Peters, C. Radler, J. Vargo, J. Vargo, (co-capt.), R. Dunne; Row 4: E. Modugno, C. Nunan (co-capt.), D. Hellekjaer, B. Swartz, 
J. Grelis, P. Bosco, E. Jarrell, S. Scharkss. 




'"We used to be 'jockettes.' Now we're jocks like 
everyone else." Judy Manns, '75. 

After five years of coeducation, perhaps the 
most visible area of integration has been ath- 
letics. Through the efforts of many, both on 
and off the field, the Engineers have advanced 
from winless club teams four years ago to un- 
defeated varsity teams and recognition as east- 
ern powers in several sports. 

Women such as Judy Manns, one of the 
"original coeds," provided a foundation for fu- 
ture growth. She spent "90 per cent of (her) 
freshman year in Steck's office, bitching be- 
cause there was nothing to do." Once the 
teams were started, though, not everyone took 
them seriously. "The first time I wore my var- 
sity jacket on campus," Manns recalled, 
"Everyone kept asking me 'what sport did 
your boyfriend letter in?' " 

In 1972, Helen Bond was hired to coach field 
hockey, swimming and tennis. Competing on 
a club level, the Engineers lost more than they 
won, but even the fact that they were compet- 
ing was an achievement in itself. 

In 1973, the three sports were elevated to 
varsity status. Tennis led the field at 3-3. 

1. We did it! Sue Sachs' gesture after the win over 
Lafayette sums up the undefeated '75 hockey sea- 
son. Joining in the celebration are (I to r) Jeanne 
Bonney '78, coach Helen Bond, Trudi Schifter '79, 
Sue Robinson '78, Stacy Stacom '79, Barb Ewing 
'76, Jane Love and Carol Hart, both '78. Sachs, 
'77, went on to greater fame as m.v.p. of the 1976 
basketball team and three-time co-captain in bas- 
ketball. Bonney was co-captain of the 1975 la- 
crosse team. 

2. Marcie Reuben '78 follows through on a spike 
in a 1975 win over Moravian. She served as co- 
captain of the first team. 

3. A loose ball draws a crowd in the first home 
lacrosse match, 1975. Dispelling the "first year 
teams aren't supposed to win" myth, the En- 

fineers were 5-1. Giving chase are (I to r in plaid 
ilts) Lori Collmann '78, Ann McGregor '76 (3rd 
from left), Judy Manns '75 and Karen Sam '76. 
Collmann holds scoring records in three sports. At 
the 1976 Flagpole Day, she won m.v.p. awards in 
field jockey and lacrosse and received the Mary O. 
Hurley award as Lehigh's best woman athlete. In 
addition, she was co-captain of the 1976 and '77 
field hockey teams and the 1976 and '77 lacrosse 
teams. Manns received the Hurley award in 1975. 
She co-captained the 1972, '73 and '74 field hoc- 
key teams and the '75 lacrosse team. McGregor 
co-captained the undefeated '75 field hockey team. 



tie/inert) lasAnsey 77 

The 1974-75 academic year brought a tre- 
mendous change in the character of the athletic 
program. Three new sports, volleyball, basket- 
ball, and lacrosse, all coached by Barbara Lip- 
kin, were introduced. In addition, three 
Lehigh teams finished with winning records. 

The field hockey team was 5-3, with several 
freshmen pacing the scoring and defense. Lori 
Collmann was the Engineers' leading scorer, 
while Carol Hart and Cheryl Kolp were defen- 
sive mainstays. Volleyball, however, provided 
a less than pleasant welcome for Lipkin; the 
squad lost all five matches. The powderpuff 
team annihilated Lafayette 46-0. Pam Watson 
and Collmann set single-game passing and 
scoring records which surpassed those held by 
Kim McQuilken and Jack Rizzo. 

The first women's basketball team experi- 
enced its share of growing pains. The En- 
gineers' 2-5 record should have included a 
frustration allowance for games which slipped 
away in the final minutes. Inexperience and in- 
juries were the team's downfall, though 
freshman Sue Woytkewicz singlehandedly 
kept Lehigh in some contests. 

The swimming team still came up short of a 
winning season, despite record-setting efforts 
from freshmen Maureen Madden and Mary 
Jane Haesche and senior Ginny Thompson. 

By the spring of 1975, Barbara Lipkin must 
have wondered if she'd ever have a winning 
team. Many of the women on her lacrosse 
squad had never played the sport before, but 
they formed a unit good enough to post a 5-1 
record. Collmann and Manns paced the offense 
with 11 goals apiece, while freshmen Jeanne 
Bonney and "Doc" Gable played tough de- 

The tennis team led all Lehigh athletes by 
going undefeated in eight matches. They were 
the first women to have a perfect season, and 
achieved their record on the strength of supe- 
rior singles play from freshman Patty Hand- 
werk, senior Wendy Brower and sophomore 
Pat "The Hat" Henry, as well as strong efforts 
in doubles from Lynn Lasser, Kathy Murphy, 
Ginger Wisham and Pam Watson. 

The field hockey team surprised everyone by 
beating all 10 opponents and earning a trip to 
Eastern regionals. The scoring statistics speak 
for themselves: Lehigh 42, Opponents 5. Coll- 
mann scored 16 goals to set a new team 
record, and set another mark (shared by Janet 
LeClair) by netting five in one game. The de- 
fense was no less awesome. 

4. Patty Handwerk '78 exhibits perfect form on 
her forehand. She ivas m.v.p. of the undefeated 
1975 squad. In two years of singles competition, 
her singles record was 13-3. Uncanny anticipation 
and delicate placements are her greatest strengths 
as a player. 

5. Maureen Madden '78 at speed. "Mo" was 
m.v.p. of the 1975 and '76 swim teams, and estab- 
lished new records in butterfly and freestyle. She 
co-captained the '76 and '77 teams. 

6. Lori Collmann '78 on the way to one of five 
touchdowns in the 1974 powderpuff game vs. 
Lafayette. Collmann's 30 points broke the old 
record (25) set by Lehigh and New York Giant 
halfback Jack Rizzo. She received the game ball 
for her touchdown spree. 



In several games, the Engineers allowed no 
shots on goal. 

The volleyball team skyrocketed from 0-5 to 
5-2 on strong efforts from freshman Irene 
Pavels and junior Andi Gorbach. Basketball's 
fortunes also improved, and the Engineers 
finished 6-4. Co-captains Sue Sachs and Sue 
Woytkewicz provided inside and outside scor- 
ing threats, while freshman Patty Garnish pro- 
vided strength at guard. 

The swim team had the dubious distinction 
of being the only losing women's team despite 
a good showing by Madden, Haesche and 
freshman Carol Zetterstrom. 

The spring brought another undefeated ten- 
nis team. The women rolled to their second 
straight 8-0 record with the help of freshmen 
Andie Altman, Mimi McLennan and Allison 
Steele, as well as Handwerk, Henry, Lasser 
and Murphy. Lacrosse finished 7-1, with 
another record-setting performance by Coll 
man. The sophomore co-captain scored 38 
goals, including seven in one game. 

Another new sport, softball, compiled a 
winning record in club competition, with var- 
sity status for this year. 

There has been much more to the develop- 
ment of the sports program than wins, losses 
and points scored. The women's tremendous 
desire to succeed and grow has been the spark 
for many accomplishments. The spirit and 
camaraderie among the athletes has been one 
of the greatest benefits of the program. The 
common ground of athletics extends beyond 
the playing field in many instances. For many 
women athletes, the best place to discuss the 
day's game was usually at a table in 
Smugglers' or Manny's. 

The growth of women's athletics has led to 
new questions to be answered. The women 
have the talent and potential to be powers in 
several sports. But is that the goal toward 
which the program shoud be oriented? It is a 
question of priorities which will doubtless take 
some time to resolve. 

Women at Lehigh used to be ogled as they 
walked to class. Now people are watching 
them on the field, with good reason. It's all 
part of the jock's world at Lehigh, a world no 
one could have envisioned five years ago. 

1. Carol Hart '78 catches Bloomsburg's goalie 

flat-f looted. Hart was a tri-captain of the 1976 

team. Her aggressive play at midfield was a key to 

the Engineers' success in field hockey. 

2. Cheryl Kolp '78 grabs for a rebound against 

Lafayette. Kolp's work on the boards was an asset 

in both the good years (76) and the bad ('75). She 

was co-captain of the '76 and '77 lacrosse team 

and the '75 and '76 field hockey teams, while 

maintaining the highest average in the Business 




Top down (1 to r): C. Delia, P. Latz, M. Fener, L. Weissman, D. Moorehead, S. 
Hall, L. Eckert, J. Harris, K. Berry, M. McCoy, J. Crouse, D. Campbell, J. 
Ochs, L. Melillo, L. Collmann, S. McGovern, J. Smith, T. Rauch, P. Zaimes, S. 
McAuley, V. Commisa (coaches), H. Richardson (co-capt), R. Welliver (co- 

The powderpuff football team came out on the short end of a 
defensive battle with Lafayette, losing 6-0. 

The Engineer defense broke down only once, despite being on 
the field most of the afternoon. Free safety Doris Campbell and 
linebackers Lisa Melillo and Terri Rauch overcame injuries to 
turn in superb performances. The Pards' passing game was cut off 
by aggressive coverage by Campbell and cornerbacks Jocelyn 
Ochs and co-captain Rosie Welliver. Ends Lou Ann Eckert and 
Melanie McCoy also played well. 

Offensively, the Engineers were inconsistent. One drive was 
ruined by a penalty which was called, while a last-second attack 
was stalled by one which wasn't. The gains came mostly on 
short passes from co-captain Helen Richardson to split end Lori 
Collmann and tight ends Andie Altman and Lauren Weissman. 
Halfbacks JoAnne Harris and Beeb Crouse were also offensive 
threats, Harris by air and Crouse by land. 

Although the Engineers will be losing Richardson, Welliver, 
safety Mindy Fener, guard Dee Sultzer and end Sue McGovern 
to graduation, the team can be counted on to put more points on 
the board in the future. 



What do you get when you take the 
pressure of last year's undefeated season 
and add tougher opponents? Frustration. 
The Engineer field hockey team saw no 
end to it, struggling to a disappointing 
4-4-2 record. 

Several of the women had fine sea- 
sons. Tri-captain Lori Collmann led the 
team in scoring for the third straight 
year. Midfielders Cheri Novak and tri- 
captain Carol Hart played strong de- 
fense, as did backs Andie Airman, and 
Nancy Barrett. Trudi Schifter's aggres- 
sive goaltending was one of the team's 
greatest strengths. 

In the Eastern Regionals, the Engineers 
put up a good fight before losing to Lock 
Haven, the #3 team in the country. 
Another year's experience should help 
bring back the winning attitudes and 
better times. 


Row 1 (I to r): G. Skelly, M. Fener, L. Collmann (tri-capt.), C. Hart 
(tri-capt.), T. Schifter, E. King; Row 2: K. Lelinski, C. Novak, A. 
Altman, C. Kolp (tri-capt.), N. Barrett, T. Stacom, L. Konigsberg, J. 
LeClair, J. Kaufman; Row 3; H. Bond (coach), V. Wilkins, J. Crouse, 
A. Wenhold, R. Evans, M. Blust, L. Young. 



The Engineer volleyball team came into its own this 
year, posting a 9-1 record and sweeping a tournament. 

The team s strengths were evident in every match. A 
high serving percentage, consistent setting and powerful 

Row 1 (1 to r): L. Moore, K. Benusa, A. Gorbach (co-capt.), I. Pavels (co- 
capt.), S. Sachs; Row 2: B. Lipkin (coach), M. Klopack, A. Leitgeb, L. 
Kaufman, B. Piskin, P. Gedney, L. Jacobsen; Row 3: H. Hall, M. Allen, B. 
Crowe, C. Crowe, C. Maute. 

spiking constantly put the Engineers in the lead. 

Co-captains Irene Pavels and Andi Gorbach were the 
sparkplugs for Lehigh. Pavels' excellent all-around play 
and Gorbach's serves and spikes were instrumental, as 
were the spiking of Sue Sachs and Heather Hall and the 
setting of Meg Allen, Kathy Benusa and Laura Moore. 

The Engineers' only loss came at the hands of Mansfield 
State, an Eastern power. They won their division in the 
Philadelphia Invitational Tournament, rolling over four 
opponents. The squad also scored its first win over 
Kutztown this season. The j.v. team was also successful, 
with a 6-1 mark. The Engineers seem to be headed for an 
undefeated season in the foreseeable future. 



Row 1 (I to r): A. Lynch (head coach), C. Webster, N. Barrett, P. Garnish, K. 
Benusa, J. Wadsworth, M. Krafty; Row 2: L. Kaufman, K. Lelinski, C. Novak, 
M. Mark; Row 3: S. Woytkewicz, S. Sachs (co-capts.); Missing: A. Altman, S. 
Beltz, L. Konigsberg, J. Dykehouse (asst. coach). 

In order to succeed, a team must have talent, good 
coaching and intense desire. The women's basketball team 
had all three, and turned them into an 11-6 season, high- 
lighted by a 5th-place finish in the EAIAW Invitational. 

Each player chipped in with points, assists and defense. 
Freshman Karen Lelinski was the team's leading rebound- 
er with 197, and fought her way inside for points. Cheri 
Novak, another freshman, combined excellent shooting 
skills with physical defense. Sophomore playmaker Patty 
Garnish led the team in assists, with 95, and saved several 
games with her coolness under pressure. Sophomore Celia 
Webster's inside game and touch from the foul line made 
her the Engineers' leading scorer, with 217 points and a 
12.8 average. Junior co-captain Sue Woytkewicz played 
tough defense and loosened up opposing zones with her 
outside shot. Senior co-captain Sue Sachs crashed both 
boards, canned shots from all over, and finally reached her 

potential as a player. Her contributions as a player and a 
leader will be greatly missed. 

The Engineers boasted several women who made things 
happen when they came off the bench. Kathy Benusa, a 
husting guard with a team-leading 52% field goal per- 
centage, Andie Altman, a versatile swing forward, and 
Leslie Konigsberg, a power forward, along with defensive 
stalwarts Nancy Barrett and Sharon Beltz Ted the reserves. 
Mitz Krafty, Lori Kaufman, Mardi Mark and Jeannie 
Wadsworth also saw considerable playing time and per- 
formed well. 

Lehigh's strategy depended on high-percentage shots 
and a variety of stingy defenses. They were masterminded, 
driven and motivated by first-year coach Annette Lynch. 
The Engineers show signs of becoming an Eastern pow- 
erhouse in the next few years. 



The women's swim team, sparked by several tal- 
ented freshmen and a new coach, recorded its best 
record since its beginnings five years ago. The En- 
gineers capped their first winning season (8-3) with a 
respectable performance in the Nationals. 

Freshmen Karen Hespell, Megan Blust and Mary 
Weis were the key to many victories. Hespell set sev- 
eral new records in freestyle and butterfly, and 
finished sixteenth in the Nationals in the 100-yard 
freestyle. Blust excelled in butterfly and breaststroke. 
Weis was a strong freestyle and butterflyer. The trio, 
along with junior co-captain Maureen "Mo" Madden, 
consistently swam well in the relay events. 

Sophomore co-captain Carol Zetterstrom had a good 
season in freestyle, especially in the distance events. 
Her younger sister Doris also showed potential as a 
distance swimmer. Sophomore Christie Davidson 
earned the Engineers points in backstroke. Senior 
Carol Meyer, competing in her first (and last) varsity 
season, was a consistent placewinner in breaststroke. 
The divers, junior Mary Jane Haesche and freshman 
Sue Stoup, both had excellent years. Haesche reaped 
the benefits of this year's inclusion of the three-meter 
event, winning it several times. 

First-year coach Joan Peto instilled confidence and 
technique in her squad. With only Meyer graduating, 
Peto has a strong base for more winning years. 

Row 1 (I to r): S. Stoup, M. Blust, N. Hittinger, K. Hespell, C. Zetterstrom 
(co-capt.), M. Weis, M. Madden (co-capt.), L. Clark; Row 2: M.J. Haesche, D. 
Zetterstrom, K. Tate, C. Davidson, A. Gaydos, C. Meyer. 



Rozv 2 (1 to r): A. Schoff, D. Daych, S. Stacom, M. Fener, P. Shively; Row 2: C. Rosen, A. 
Gaydos, E. King, L. Konigsberg, T. Stacom; Row 3: M.J. Haesche, S. Stemple, P. 
Schnugg, N. Barrett, C. Novak; Row 4: L. Collmann (co-capt), C. Kolp (co-capt.), L. 
Moore, B. Yocum, K. Benusa; Row 5: B. Lipkin (coach), G. Greene, T. DiCilveo, C. 

What should have been the lacrosse team's best 
season yet turned out to be its worst. Injuries devas- 
tated the Engineers, paving the way for a disap- 
pointing 3-5 record. 

The season began with two runaway wins, one 
over highly-touted Trenton State. Things turned sour 
against Lafayette when, in the space offive minutes, 
freshman Cheri Novak broke her leg and freshman 
Tara Stacom was knocked unconscious. Novak was 
lost for the season, and Stacom saw limited action for 
the remainder of the campaign, though she did have 
13 goals and 6 assists. 

Junior co-captain Lori Collmann led the attack, 
saving her best efforts for pressure situations. She 
was leading scorer with 24 goals, giving her 78 in 
three years and handed out 8 assists, also a team 
high. Sophomore "Wiz" King's shooting skills gave 
her 22 scores. 

Defensively, junior co-captain Cheryl Kolp had her 
best year yet. She stood her ground well around the 
goal, despite an injured knee. Freshman Ann 
Gaydos was a welcome addition at defense wing 
with her strong checking. Sophomore Kathy Benusa 
shadowed opponents well on the opposite wing. 

Center Mindy Fener is the only graduating player. 
With a healthy attack and a more consistent defense, 
the Engineers should get back on track soon. 




It had to happen sometime. The Engineer ten- 
nis team's winning streak (20 matches over three 
seasons) ended this year, but the women's 7-2 
record was still a good one. 

Junior Patty Handwerk had yet another fine 
season at first singles, dropping only one match. 
Sophomore co-captain Andie Airman ran her 
record to 17-0 over two years at second singles. 
Freshman Lauren Weissman showed good po- 
tential at third singles. 

Senior co-captain Pat "The Hat" Henry and 
sophomore Allison Steele compiled a 5-2 mark at 
first doubles. Junior Lynn Lasser and sophomore 
Lori Kaufman were a winning combination at 
second doubles. 

The tougher schedule faced by this year's team 
was a mixed blessing. Two new additions to the 
schedule, Ursinus and Bucknell, won narrow vic- 
tories over the Engineers, but the stiffer competi- 
tion was a welcome challenge. 

The Engineers will lose Henry, a four-year 
starter, to graduation, but still have a strong 
foundation on which to build another long win- 
ning streak. 

Top-down: M. McLennan, A. Steele, T. Bloom, H. Bond (coach); Clockwise: J. Welty, B. 
Stein, D. Greco, T. Schifter, L. Weissman, P. Handwerk, P. Henry (co-capt.), A. 
Altman (co-capt.), L. Lasser, L. Kaufman, H. Heiser, S. Chodakewitz. 




The Engineer Softball team made its debut in winning 
style, combining explosive offense with heads-up defense 
and good pitching for a 7-2 record. 

There wasn't an easy out in Lehigh's lineup. Beeb 
Crouse hit .500 and stole 4 bases, and played consistent 
defense at second base. Shortstop Sue Woytkewicz led the 
Engineers in on base percentage and saved her best defen- 
sive efforts for tough plays. 

The middle of the order was a veritable Murderers' Row. 
Karen Lelinski (.394, 2 h.r., 12 rbi) came through best in 
the clutch and was a defensive mainstay at first base. Sue 
Sachs' awesome power at the plate (.455, 2 triples, 9 rbi) 
matched her acrobatics in center field. Right fielder Helen 
Richardson was a long ball threat every time up. She hit 
.538, led the team in runs batted in with 25, in triples with 
5, and in total bases. She played errorless defense. 

The Engineers boasted a strong pitching staff, anchored 
by Maryann Waszkiewicz. The freshman hurler went 18 
innings without giving up an earned run, threw a shutout 
and helped her own cause by hitting a team high .571 and 
knocking in 18 runs. B.K. Pisano showed great promise 
with a variety of pitches and a consistent bat. Toni 
Leitgeb, who saw action at both ends of the battery, was 
2-0 as a pitcher and set a single-game record with 10 rbi. 

Lisa Melillo was a tower of strength at third base with 
her quick reflexes and accurate arm. Karen Yocum kept on 
improving behind the plate as the season progressed. Terri 
Rauch bolstered the defense in left field, and swung a 
mean bat (.407, 10 rbi). 

Graduation will take its toll on the team. Rose Welliver, 
one of the team's founders, catcher Pat Gedney, Sachs and 
Richardson will be tough to replace, but the Engineers 
have enough talent left over for many more super seasons. 

Row 7 (I to r): P. Gedney, M.B. Krafty, D. Seyfried, L. Melillo, T. Rauch, 
R. Welliver, L. Eckert; Row 2: J. Crouse, M. Waszkiewicz, B.K. Pisano, S. 
Woytkewicz, S. Southwick; Row 3: D. Jones (asst. coach), J. Kaufman 
(asst. coach), T. Leitgeb, K. Yocum, H. Richardson, K. Lelinski, S. Sachs, 
T. Thompson (head coach); Missing: L. Schnorbus. 



As you already know there was nothing compulsory about the Intramural Sports and Recreation program. You 
could join us or leave us as you pleased, however we had something for you if you allowed yourself to try it. We were 
there to serve you and help you. The program offered was designed to cover a wide range of activity for your leisure 
time. We sincerely encouraged you whenever we had an opportunity to take advantage of both the program and the 
facilities. The fun and serious moments seem to stand out sharply, especially the things you liked to do best. Con- 
tinue to have fun doing the things you like to do best. Keep sharp and physically active as you enjoy new and 
exciting experiences. Take it easy — but do it! Keep physically active and mentally alert! Start now to enjoy the days 
ahead by spending some of your time remembering us. Hopefully we soon can look up and there you are; a '77 
straight from heaven. — Best Wishes, "Steck" 



Kappa Sigma 


Delta Phi 




Delta Upsilon 




Kappa Alpha 


Pi Lambda Phi 




Zeta Psi 


Sigma Alpha Mu 


Chi Psi 


Alpha Sigma Phi 


Alpha Lambda 





Delta Chi 


Phi Delta Theta 


Richards 2B 




Beta Theta Pi 


Delta Sigma Phi 


Alpha Tau Omega 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Sigma Nu 


Sigma Chi 



Dravo B4 
M-M Bl 
Richards 1 
M-M B3 
Dravo B2-3 
Dravo CG 1-2 
Drinker 3B 
Drinker 1 
Dravo C3-4 














Alpha Gamma Delta 




Richards 3B 




Gamma Phi Beta 


M-M A2 


Tau Lambda Chi 






Dravo A4-B5 


Dravo Al-2-3 


Richards 4 



3L J3^C I,® b 



29 Kutztown 

21 Baldwin-Wallace 

24 Penn 

6 Yale 


21 Rutgers 

24 Maine 

56 Gettysburg 

20 Virginia 

17 C.W. Post 

17 Lafayette 
Final Record 6-5 

6 W 

14 W 

20 W 

21 L 
3 L 

28 L 

15 W 
21 L 
10 W 
21 L 






1 L 



3 L 



1 W 



(OT)l T 

1 L 






(OT) 1 T 


West Chester 




2 W 
8 L 



2 T 

2 L 

Final Record 6-5-3 




26 Delaware 

33 W 

15 Rider 

49 W 

33 Penn 

24 L 

20 LaSalle 

39 W 

15 Temple 

50 W 

19 St. Joseph 

38 W 

30 Bucknell 

25 L 

22 Millersville 

35 W 

15 West Chester 

47 W 

20 E. Stroudsburg 

43 W 

31 Army 

25 L 

15 NYU 

50 W 

43 Rutgers 

19 L 

17 Lafayette 

46 W 

1st in college division, Atlantic 

City Relay 

3rd in Paul Short Memorial 

2nd in ECC championships 

1st in IC4-A championships, 

college division 

Final record 10-4 



2 Bucknell 4 L 
5 Albright W 
Millersville T 

Rutgers 3 L 

3 Muhlenberg 1 W 
2 Bloomsburg 2 T 
2 Kutztown 3 L 

1 Lafayette 2 L 
1 Trenton St. W 
Final Record 4-4-2 




2 LaSalle W 


2 Moravian 1 W 

2 Albright W 

2 Moravian W 

Mansfield 2 L 

2 Kutztown W 

3 Lafayette W 
2 Cedar Crest 1 W 
Final Record 9-1 








Penn State 




Seton Hall 






Phila. Coll. 

of Pharmacy 






Stevens Tech 


Scran ton 

1st in 

Tri-State League 


1st in 

NRA Sectional 


Final Record 14-0 


1231 W 
901 W 
1285 W 

1201 W 
1191 W 



30 Wilkes 12 W 

3 Iowa 34 L 

32 S. Illinois 10 W 
28 Tennessee 12 W 
17 Cal Poly 16 W 
25 E. Carolina 8 W 
27 N. Carolina 16 W 
22 N. Carolina St. 12 W 
13 Iowa St. 22 W 
41 Pittsburgh 3 W 
25 Navy 16 W 
39 Rutgers 7 W 
30 Army 10 W 
17 Penn St. 18 L 

33 Temple 7 W 
33 Yale 9 W 
33 Syracuse 9 W 
1st in EIWA Tournament 

7th in NCAA Tournament 
Final Record 14-3 



74 Kutztown 

57 Wagner 

66 Army 

86 Kings Point 

73 Rutgers 
91 Colgate 

87 Elizabethtown 
71 Albright 

82 Amherst 

74 Fairfield 

83 St. Francis, Pa. 
96 FDU-Madison 
71 Seton Hall 

58 Drexel 
56 Scranton 
69 Delaware 
78 Bucknell 
71 Rider 
76 West Chester 
68 Muhlenberg 
80 Lafayette 
85 Delaware 

67 Bucknell 

75 Rider 
58 West Chester 

71 Lafayette 

72 Hofstra 
Final Record 12-15 

58 W 
61 L 
73 L 
92 L 
97 L 
86 W 
78 W 
91 L 
61 W 




69 W 

67 W 
69 W 
60 W 
91 L 
82 W 
56 W 

68 W 
76 L 
98 L 
81 L 




50 Bloomsburg 

51 Widener 
90 Immaculata 
82 Bryn Mawr 
69 Penn 

52 Lafayette 
71 Glassboro 
82 Temple 
81 LaSalle 
68 Bucknell 
Final Record 7-3 




















Trenton St. 
Allen town 
Cedar Crest 
Seton Hall 
Record 11-6 








36 W 





60 W 


















































West Chester 

Penn St. 


Penn St. 

Little Flyers 










West Chester 


































Final Record 10-6 





Princeton JV 







Hill School 












Hill School 

Final Record 3-9 



3 Methodist 

2 Methodist 

11 Ga. Southern 

6 Armstrong St. 

13 Armstrong St. 

8 U. of Virginia 

4 St. Joseph (12) 

9 Rochester 

6 Muhlenberg 

13 Drexel 

Penn St. 
8 Temple 

8 Trenton St. 
6 Bucknell 

3 Bucknell 

6 Penn 
10 Upsala 

3 Rider 

3 Rider 

7 Delaware 
6 Delaware 

6 Rutgers (10) 

9 Kutztown 

4 West Chester 
6 West Chester 

1 Lafayette 
6 Lafayette 

4 Gettysburg 

Final Record 19-8-1 


7 L 
9 L 

8 L 
3 W 

5 L 

8 L 
1 W 
1 W 

9 L 
9 L 
7 L 

6 L 

4 L 
8 L 
8 W 









19 Villanova 


10 Trenton St. 


7 Lafayette 


6 F&M 


9 Rutgers 


2 Kutztown 


14 Cedar Crest 


7 Bucknell 


Final Record 3-5 



















Cedar Crest 




1 Record 7-2 

















Western Md. 






Montclair St. 


Penn St. 




1 Record 6-6 



2 W 

3 W 
3 L 


1 W 

3 L 

5 L 
14 L 
9 W 
7 L 
7 W 
1 W 

4 W 
17 L 

5 W 
5 W 

19 L 
11 L 



















West Chester 
8 Lafayette 

4th in ECC Tournament 
Final Record 11-6 






West Chester 


E. Stroudsburg 










West Chester 






Penn St. 





5th in 

ECC Tournament 

12th in EIGA Tournament 

Final Record 3-6 


1 W 

9 L 

1 W 


1 w 

6 L 

4 W 

2 W 

3 W 

3 W 

7 L 

6 L 


1 W 

5 L 

8 L 

1 W 


444 W 

426 W 

401 L 

427 W 

438 W 

436 W 

464 W 

424 W 

380 L 

410 W 

375 L 

394 W 

395 W 

383 L 

388 L 

408 W 

399 W 

407 W 

400 L 








E. Stroudsburg 




Trenton St. 


West Chester 





6th in 

ECC Championships 

Final Record 7-1 

208 L 
39 W 
57 W 
100 W 
42 W 
66 W 
36 W 
65 W 




West Chester 




Penn St. 


E. Stroudsburg 







5th in ECC Tournament 

Final Record 8-3 


34 W 
59 L 

50 W 
55 W 

51 W 
50 W 
33 W 
42 W 
72 L 
40 W 
80 L 



79 E. Stroudsburg 
86 Drexel 


86 LaSalle 


91 Temple 
91 Villanova 


63V2 Lafayette 
Final Record 5-1 

72 V: 










10 L 



8 W 



16 W 



2 W 






7 W 



8 W 



9 L 



7 W 

Final Record 7-2 





''And tell me, what 
have you in these 
houses? And what is it 
you guard with 
fastened doors? Have 
you peace, the quiet 
urge that reveals your 
power? Have you 
remembrances, the 
glimmering arches that 
span the summits of the 
mind? Have you 
beauty, that leads the 
heart from things 
fashioned of wood and 
stone to the holy 
mountain? Tell me, 
have you these in your 




THURSDAY 4 P.M.: Struggling through 4 o'clock hourly; 
counting seconds to 9 p.m. pub night (18,000, and 
counting . . .) 

THURSDAY 8 P.M.: Select wardrobe for party; shoulder 
pads for getting to the bar, water (beer?) — proof shoes 
. . . and socks and pants and hair. Expect to come out 
perfumed like all the rest: Eau De Biere. 

THURSDAY 9 P.M.: Plot route on hill. Do not drive. As- 
sume (correctly) that everyone else on the road is roar- 
ing drunk. Remember, the shortest distance between 
two points often includes FIJI. 

THURSDAY 10 P.M.: Hot to trot — especially to the bath- 
room after six beers. Men: be sure to ask date's age. 
She may be from Broughal Junior High. Women: be 
sure to ask date's affiliation. He may be from FIJI. 

THURSDAY 11 P.M.: Swim back to bar for 17th beer. Your 
belch is recorded at 6.3 on the Richter scale. Comment 
to date on intimate atmosphere of party. Date replies, 
"Your foot is in my navel." 

FRIDAY 2:30 A.M.: Set alarm for 9 a.m. class. Proceed to 

FRIDAY 1:45 A.M.: Return from bathroom and reset alarm 
for Sunday. 

FRIDAY 3:59 P.M.: RALLY! Back to the hill for Happy 
Hours. See Lehigh administrators for the first time. 
Watch faculty become progressively more "informal." 
Weak drinks wear off fast — get psyched for grain par- 

FRIDAY 8:30 P.M.: Mix grain punch. Heavy on grain, light 
on mixer, heavy on punch! 

FRIDAY 11 P.M.: Serve grain punch. Reason for delay: 
grain parties do not last long. Grain goes down fast and 
so do even the heartiest drinkers. 





FRIDAY MIDNIGHT: Would you go for Greekers after 
grain? Not if you're smart. Combination causes spon- 
taneous combustion. See you at St. Luke's. Recom- 
mended remedy: beer and bromo. 

SATURDAY 6 A.M.: Sunrise cocktail party. Watch the sun 
rise along with your blood alcohol level as your body 

SATURDAY 7:30 A.M.: A good Samaritan returns you to 
your bed after finding you embracing a lamppost in Phi 
Delt's parking lot. Avoid all stairs en route home. 

SATURDAY 3 P.M.: Variety is the spice of life. Bring out 
the bong. Marvel at engineering student's senior 
project: an eight-passenger hookah. Smoking makes 
you thirsty and quaaludes make you horny so . . . 

SATURDAY 9 P.M.: Off to social suicide, which mas- 
querades at Lehigh in the form of band parties. Drink 
beers two at a time to save trips. Attempts to scratch 
your back get you arrested for indecent assault. The 
band is the warm-up group for the ARCHIES and 
knows only three songs: "Play That Funky Music," 
"Taking Care of Business," and "Suffragette City." 

SATURDAY MIDNIGHT: Venture to a midnight grain 
party where the grain expired at 11:45 p.m. So you de- 
cide to forsake the mayhem of the hill for the quiet 
conversation at Uncle Manny's Saloon. 

SUNDAY NOON: You pass up church because you saw 
God in the Drinker parking lot earlier this morning. 
You substitute Alka Seltzer for alcohol and strain to re- 
member three cures for a hangover: 1) sweat it out; 2) 
sleep it off; 3) throw it up. Opt for number 2 and see 
you next Thursday. 












-'■."J"'-'" ijllSlil 


' V "':,:■ v, ;:::!!■:■ V*r ' JV'ipjf,! 


l:USHwJflii»flE W#' IC "■& ■ ■'■ 1 1' ' J, 1 IE i[ 

... ' ■ :......:■'. ':.. 

' ■■.-. * IS; 1 1?';- :■:=;!■' Llli.!':i;-i,f:v!,»,.li.. 

■ .wUrtUit nllr llf ¥"l».-'l 


7.:,> ,8 :::jp?:f^S 

111 II i'v ■ ::; v' : r > -" '■-"■'■'"■■'i'llHHi! 

" !, 5" ■; ,, ];:!"fi ! i'l| 'bi-',;!; t. :,!: - •'■■■■ ■• ' ' iii'; :"; : iJ S ,, !.Ki. ,; .'".i;! 'iip'.iii"' T "i:! "KI 
:,)Lt I,;**!? il; !!. ; !! s:-r« s;:' an;: '':3 l S:3P«!:::fc'Bi-''j ; .?"s i " i 1*' !l 53 : «s i .'i' ; 

■M|,| ' 

■Bfli iM 

I pfft 

83 ft 

■■,!-■:■■.! ."'.I-' :!■!!'-■ rtn'i. ,'.«! !,'l,::rfi 
*fi.%;!Uiil1!Sj!«U;i^i«:«N-!' , ™!! i, .:!«!S! ; :»' 1 

:- : ■■.■■;,..;!."■ .;;;.i"- : '''i-s .i;wi i M?i: : if* ; -' 

mil! "Il Jl ; •! i i| 1: 1. 1 i ' ,■' in ■ il* . . 


'■s- = »r- ■ i.'*;-'--=i ■; >' i i; 


' ' * . .=1 

It-^J t:: . .*8u!&,S . . ."IIHJI 

m ■ 


' v f !ilii8SI 


iSjBf-IIIlr.'l"' \Vh 

i WIS 'ii"i-; :ii?:i^i~ i |,i5.':jSJl i =.3i 



f ; i!;;s?ilf Ei:;:WiSSLfi:?; - :i:A ' 

1 .! ~ m lailsiK 

:: Iii 
-■= i i^s I 

i. ;|i • ■ 

■ ■■ . 


iF^'SiS « !LJ5i5JJ:l«:S;!i^!^' ; «^S.sS>1 '■ 
tiffiti.fc'u 1 i.!iji:as;S3i!::'-fe5!;;;».;.i.:i:!.! i a:i:i»:' i' 

Vi?iS 1*1 i' 






»ihi' l fLf! , H^"| l ?j|' t 










' ■:v: : ,,. : ^ J ,^,:;, , ■ ,,■:;■■■: ' ; ;■ ; . , ■■■• ; • - ■ ^ ^ ;■ ' ^1 " " ^ f^ ^ ' I; ; ^ 

' ,, M "I'. ' HI" I' "' ',! fc - I, ,' .-Mill I' ' ' ' ( ' I' '- .' -I ', • 

iii^ ^:Mij ; '- i 4:; il M:: i -.7: i !'7i:;:::!:r;;^^" : : ; t-ii''!::!i^ :.E;:;::;.i:" 1 ;:.SvK ,. i i u > > - 1 , , ■ , i,> , i ji i, i "'. i 1 . 1 ! < u ! s ; ', ' ', 

'i 1 ' 1 , . ih'n , i n,ii i T, - .ii ' .i, 1 V/,,* " "i i 

I*" .,i. i twXfflmmmm 


' ' ' iiifr;;Biiii.i, l .i;: l ;::Hljr ; ;!,n!li;! , 6iiii"!i 



.'; r ,: ■;■■!.-; .■ E/::ti::i:i !-.-!!;■- !'-;--i^.^:)- : !'HJ i f?! ; ! ! !i!^l^!:li!^ 




,ipi» i iiiuimu 

■ :. :;: ■ 

:*=->i wflH* > ■! !f, ; |a.'«|ii||* WW*' » !l* ! -:f|l i] 







i'i -i.a-JUJi 

w'.;! ;: 

!*/?:-! l i;i'!'"Silnf.:ij : ";:irn 

!iiiiii K ;i'^«liIBlffl! ! if:i4aiiia|ifi*ilr£ 

; :IS!iiiiiijiiii&:!ftf!ff^i:2;illil3fapl:: 

InMfiM ai? i :- ■■> ' , ■ = ' ' ' ■ : .' : ' i ;"J: i!i ' :: i = ;; '• :'' 

I ■■ :J}W 

r - :■- "hi !! 

;r l -iiii 


: iilsi 

i3:!:iii!:!iiii : i*:l;ri : :!:::;.,:|il;|H:liill:; i ! ^;!:ii!;i||Y 
: !: 3;| : |iBp»|i;S«:7;l*;lj|:'.: : ; 

HBi l 


:ii:^YiY^.I;.;.:l;^::i;iniiU: i:;:|;;: iiiiidlYiLlr 

iniliiilillkiiiiL,.! ^oYjIiYiiiiiiidniiii;^ 


i.l Xi:" 

i r'i 

18 Bilnitlll 

IplfeglJf ■ -aifei' 


««i*Slffi:i ! 

;«!!:: «l'; 



■.is '■ 


Row 3 (I to r): G. Plotch, A. Ben-Ami, D. Miller, W. Toback, M. Long; Row 2 (I to r): J. Feldman, B. 
Shollenberger, R. Villanueva, J. Preziosi, C. Au-Young, J. Goldberg, M. Branibar; Row 3 (I to r): S. Fucich, 
G. Waltzer, J. Murray, R. Teske, J. Horathai, N. Callivas, C. Congdon, R. Bates, K. Frantz, M. Reiber, V. 
Bunten, M. Voorhees, P. Gilmore; Row 4 (1 to r): P. Schutz, R. Eastman, R. Cole, D. Berger, T. Maguire, M. 
Doeberl, P. Hubert, D. Houston, K. Pearce. 


Row 1 (I to r): J. Dunham, C. Izuno, K. Comly, L. Wels, S. Welner; Row 2 (1 to r): A. Romano, L. Kurz, O. Yannitsadis, K. Bryant, E. 
Burkart, J. Bradley, D. West, B. Lemke, E. Burkart; Rou> 3 (1 to r): J. Obetz, K. Grigsby, P. Hein, L. Montovano, B. Hansbury, E. Wells, 
B. Perry; Row 4 (1 to r): M. Fitzgerald, J. Levitt, J. Fraivillig, L. Loewer, C. Marconis, S. Sonin, L. Hutchison. 



Row 1: L. Pickens; Row 2 (I to r): C. Schneider, D. Bartsch, K. Boczar, S. Courtright; Row 3 (I to r): D. Mariani, D. 
Feiertag, L. Ansilio, M. lannucci, L. Richardson, K. Eberhart. 


Row 1 (I to r): B. Murphy, C. Powell, M. Mazelsky, R. Welliver, L. Schnorbus, D. Zetterstrom, K. Hartman, T. Rauch, J. Anderson; Row 2 (I to 
r): L. Hammond, M Thune, K. Wilhelm, A. Weston, S. Baglow, C. Graham; Row 3 (I to r): M. Idecker, C. Gorbunoff, L. Eisenhart, T. Deutsch, 
B. Pisano. 



Row 2 (7 to r): L. Bowman, A. Berg, J. Succop, D. Sell, C. DePhillips, M. Griffin, T. Stiles, I. Schepps, G. Gershenson, R. Reinaker, W. Grimm, C. 
Alfano, T. Forcey, R. Tilley; Row 2 (I to r): P. DeStefano, B. Johnson, J. Skito, D. Voulgaris, J. Cass, N. Barto, B. Herman, J. Oonk, D. Seeger, R. 
Stewart, D. Kraus, D. Lindsay, D. Boyuka, A. Hollingsworth, G. Rudy, W. Hessler. 



Row 2 (/ to r): L. Schrier, K. Latimer, S. Bregstein, D. Symnoski, S. Daniel, P. Weisse, B. Savitsky, N. Cassidy, J. Harris, 
M. Kramer; Row 2 (1 to r): T. Ward, M. Koelmel, L. Rissel, D. Reed, B. Horvath, J. Ryan, M. Ehrich, S. Hall; Row 3 (I to r): 
D. Donovan, R. Sayegh, K. Heverly, J. Butterly, J. Wetzel, E. Shulman, D. Moorehead, J. Onnen, B. Pfleger, A. Jones, J. 
Slayton, K. Caldwell; Row 4 (1 to r): B. Pevner, J. Frankenburg, C. Sturm, B. Underkoffler, F. Shoemaker, D. Gross, M. 


Row 1 (I to r): L. Kraushaar, R. Hinz, M. Surdovel, L. Seibel, L. Eckert; Row 2 (I to r): R. Gross, S. Smith, C. Manns, C. Cable, G. 
Martens, W. Wilkes, D. Miller, D. Harle; Row 3 (I to r): D. Harris, J. Cahir, G. Delp, E. Schilder, B. Brake; Row 4 (I to r): J. Horner, 
W. Gulick, J. Hanna, D. Stauffer, B. Lilly, M. Hamelfarb; Row 5 (I to r): D. Stradal, B. Cardos, R. Ryskamp, D. Dziemian. 



Row 1 (1 to r): W. O'Shurak, T. Obenauer, A. Inglis, C. Munson, R. Waldeck, D. Loizeaux, P. Bieszard, J. Dickol; Row 2 (I to r): J. Deren, N. Parry, J. 
Cox, C. Conyers, R. Aloem, J. Quilty, P. Davis, J. Goldman; Row 3 to r): J. Edwards, J. Larkey, G. Zagursky, R. Wenger, A. ElAgizy; Row 4 (I to 
r): R. Lund, A. Matturri, G. Wilhite, M. Bergan, D. Gardner, J. Soltav; Row 5 (/ to r): N. Flouras, D. DiSanto, R. Doherty, P. Dinsmore, D. 



Row 1 (I to r): J. Harper, M. Kupeski; Row 2 (I to r): A. Paspalas, J. Lombardo, J. Cooke, F. Smith, D. Margolis, B. Woolford, C. 
Goodman, T. Reed, E. Chumetski, S. Saunders; Row 3 (I to r): T. Orlando, J. Martino, L. Destefano, B. Beeckman, L. Pleshko, C. 
Kentler, D. Figueroa, R. May, D. Fries, R. Donohue, M. Morawsky, A. Smith, R. Rouleau, J. Betzwieser, C. Davis. 


Row 1 (I to r): B. Forrest, L. Wermer, G. Wirth, D. Heckman, S. Mazzeo, D. Langer, R. Rodack, F. Traendly; Row 2 (I to r): K. Costello, P. Dickey, J. 
Stabb, F. Snyder, B. Long, D. Herbner, C. Ackerman, P. Grady; Row 3 (I to r): E. Scheller, A. Thomson, J. Schrader, A. Bartlett, M. Purvis, U. 
Weist, D. Lytle, D. Messina, C. Haslett, W. Schucker, D. Pearce, T. Cowles. 



Row 1 <l to r): D. Cole, M. Edelstein, K. Jerwann, B. Ferguson, D. Miller, B. Gallagher; Row 2 (I to r): B. Powell, D. Moll, F. Daly, D. Jankowski, T. 
Meiss, L. Vogel, P. Lande, T. Cassel, P. Lilienfield, M. Jumbo, G. Johnson; Row 3 (1 to r): B. Gentile, T. Keeler, J. Duffy, D. Freeman, T. Heisey, B. 
Pyle, K. Vincent, W. Cummins, P. Morton, F. Taylor, T. Marrs, J. Michael, L. Kapner, J. Snyder, K. Huber, P. Barry, D. Yetter. 

Return of Nyuk-Nyuk-Nyuk . . . Roll with the Moll . . . Derelict Squad . . . Splash!! . . . Left Hand Bolt?? Patent!! 
. . . Overtime losses . . . Durrrr . . . Cyber alias Schnozz . . . Diver Dave . . . Sped . . . Yellow Tires . . . Pipes: 
Broken and Smoken ... 75 for 75 . . . Organgrinder . . . Eager-Beavers . . . Stuff her when she dies . . . Musical 
Roommates . . . Mikey . . . Skating, Hayride, Bowling, Surprise!!!, Nothing . . . Mail Box — Get POWelled . . . 
Construction Crew eats out at Leavitt . . . Closet Door — Bed Board . . . Ellen and Ellen-Not . . . E.B. passes Blocks 
. . . Audit still in progress ... He spelled ass wrong . . . No projector for the flicks . . . Where are the sink 
stoppers and shower handles? . . . Adelstein celebrates Parent's Weekend . . . Wild Bill pumps again! . . . Gotta get 
me a woman!!! . . . T. plays with his rocks . . . Someone's got problems making it to second base . . . Care for a 
Q-tip? . . . Quarfree Quakernow . . . He's Kevin, I'm Blair . . . Job notices, question marks, and Success! . . . 
Place? What Place? I don't know what you're talking about!!! . . . Farewell to Bea!!! 


Row 1 (1 to r): P. Mancino, J. Velimesis; Row 2 (I to r): M. Fortney, R. West, H. Coe, M. Stammherr, J. Leknes, R. Smith, T. Schroeder, B. 
Bare, P. Cramer, W. Doddman, A. Shukaitis, R. Whalen, M. Shiner; Row 3 (I to r): R. Schild, B. Muschlitz, W. Ruffle, L. Siegel, L.J. 
Dreyfuss, K. Pepe, E.T. Rixey, R. Larkin, K. Chany, T. Sion, D. Semple, E. Tarof, J. Carnali. 



Row I (1 to r): B. Frezeman, B. Crowe, D. Greco; 
Row 2 (1 to r): W. Wolfgang, E. Warner, P. Mac- 
Kinney, J. Wadsworth, L. Rifkin; Row 3 (I to r): 
L. Rivet, L. Transue, L. Dembicer, J. Fisher, P. 
Smoler, L. Langton. 


Row 1 (1 to r): M. Keating, P 
Somes, N. Winkler, J. Ochs. 

Gatson, S. Beltz, W. Weiss; Row 2 (1 to r): D. Quis, M. Weis, M. Buckmaster, A. Glynn, J. 



Row 1: M. Inglis; Row 2 (I to r): B. Stein, S. Kamarow, R. Kossin, D. Poles, L. Nelson; Row 3 (1 to r): M. Suib, M. 
Kimak, J. Kearney, M. Waszkiewicz, S. Marrs, B. Tallman, J. Chesney, C. Tyrala, S. Perley, I. Minnich. 


Row 1 (I to r): K. Gulbrandsen, J. Magee; 
Row 2 (/ to r): M. O'Reilly, D. Diamond, L. 
Levine, A. Geltzeiler; Row 3 (I to r): A. 
Fatula, S. Lundgren, E. Marshall, J. Dezube, 
S. Rapp, J. Gordon, M. Schratz. 


DRAVO B-l & B-2 

Row I (I to r): D. Perlmutter, G. Unger, D. Dantuono; Row 2 (I to r): D. Lee, D. Heimstaedt, R. DiAntonio, M. O'Donnell, 
T. Braun; Row 3 (I to r): J. Hotung, C. Pawlowski, D. Dunne, K. Hollen, S. Helgans, D. Rarig, E. Sands, V. Rogusky, G. 
Besenyei, E. Avitzur, L. Keller. 


Row 1 (I to r): E. Heymen, D. Stinner, J. Heidenreich, E. Suarez; Row 2 (1 to r): G. Brown, B. Daley, S. 
Scheibe; Row 3 (I to r): 5. Claus, A. Walch; Row 4 (1 to r): M. Boden, D. Foltz, B. Weiss, B. Campbell; Row 
5 (I to r): N. Volant, G. Jacobs, G. Mulvihill. 



Row 1 (1 to r): D. Smith, R. Back, G. Chan; Row 2 
(I to r): M. Kieszek, M. Ricketson, B. Levine; Row 
3 (I to r): F. Scattene, A. Robbins, B. Seligsohn, J. 
Lang, B. Wiesenberg, J. Isaacson. 


Row 1 (I to r): P. Abrahamsen, S. Oh, C. Richardi, R. Kanciano, C. Paul; Rozv 2 (1 to r): M. Allen, N. Butts, C. Tatko, S. 
Chaudhry, N. Kuzmak; Row 3 (1 to r): A. Wislar, E. Fabian, L. Kaiden, M. Cunliffe, K. Branting, A. Roberts, R. White; 
Row 4 (I to r): K. Yocum, S. Southwick, J. Goddess, P. Hauserman. 


DRAVO C-G & C-l 

S. Stem, S. Maddock, R. Schmid, M. Gough, O. 
Chang, M. Smith, B. Beaumont, S. Glaser. 


G. Skovira, F. Kerr, C. Martin, G. Marquardt, T. Bartlett, M. Wilson, R. Kobin, C. Madsen, F. Godwin, D. Langdon, S. 



F. Griffin, P. Bushway, S. Habakus, G. Seibel, R. Seela, S. Kuncio, P. Herkenhan, T. Hart, F. Perez, C. Uribe, R. 
Sullivan, J. Gorman, B. Gans, B. Anderson. 


M. Harding, S. Geiger, R. Hogg, V. Rizzo, R. 
Hicks, P. Cohen, J. Colket, D. Jesurun, R. 



Row 1 (1 to r): ]. Pedrotty, B. Brown, F. 
Regan, A. Brody, J. Doran; Row 2 (l to 
r): D. Visokey, M. Levin, G. Gianci, 
W. Falk. 


Row 1 (1 to r): B. Troy, M. Spengler, G. Gates, R. Buckley, C. Huetrner; Row 2 (l to r): B. Day, P. Leparold, D. Proctor, P. 
Cleff; Row 3 (1 to r): M. Hamouz, M. Snowden, D. Roberts, L. Davenport. 



J. Goldstein, A. Swanson, M. McGrath, W. Strauss, J. 
Magnien, N. Miron, A. Cander, G. Mackie, D. North- 
acker, D. Elia, T. Kunze, A. Winters, J. Veech, D. 
Dalnodar, D. Hellekjaer. 


R. Lippe, B. Fedynyshyn, T. Thielens, S. Lifters, C. Kreyer, J. Papach, M. Berg, F. Jones, S. Perlmutter, F. 
Goldberg, R. Frey, B. Rutecki, K. Alley, S. Abemethy, N. Mitchell, B. Piercy, H. Donaldson. 



Row 3 (/ to r): P. Schragger, R. Trevisan, S. Peck; Row 2 (I to r): T. Bahr, M. Hinnau, S. Marcewicz, P. Kebler, M. Bubel; Row 3 
(I to r): J. Hicks, J. Koester, K. Meyer, R. Taylor, J. O'Donnell, R. Folger, G. Poor, K. Warshaw, B. Foy, J. McCormick, J. 


Row 1 (I to r): T. Kokkinos, S. Mackey, T. Slahta, J. Brubaker, C. Ward, T. Doan; Row 2 (I to r): H. Imaeda, F. Sine, B. Wyckoff, J. Connolly, 
T. Ichihara, T. Fidler, M. Lesswing, B. Nyerges, T. Gaston, S. Mitchell, D. Somero. 



Row 1 (1 to r): D. Delguercio, J. Hoffman, S. Agin, S. Timmerman, G. Tobenkin, C. Keck; Row 2 (1 to r): S. Gould, J. Kosch, M. 
Kremzner, J. Emmitt, J. Durkin, D. Kenny, W. Kunz, D. Gorenc, T. Wilmott, C. Dolan, P. Duffy. 


Row 1 (1 to r): J. Wallace, J. Grelis, E. Stiefel, T. 
Crush; Row 2 (1 to r): C. Gardner, J. Black, K. 
Maydick, R. Godshalk, J. Nark; Row 3 (I to r): S. 
Dranginis, M. Kennedy, G. Archer, F. Spinelli, 
H. Beck, J. Bailey, B. Gutstein, J. Reid; Row 4 (I 
to r): S. Rickerich, J. Seiler, K. Dischino, P. Duff, 
D. Clark, L. Margerison. 



Row 1: B. Cheng; Row 2 (I to r): B. Grady, B. Brown, P. Stires, B. Blier, M. Mjaavedt, P. Mercuri, M. Rabinowitz; Row 
3 (I to r): R. Avigdor, C. Jacoby, J. Hanlon, T. Powell, S. Cross, D. Cook, R. Meehan, D. Tatnall, W. Rush, A. Deditch. 


Sirring: J. Frable; Row 1 (I to r): P. Wilson, S. Turgeon, L. Tillis, S. Krawec, J. Hildebrant, H. Schoenberger, B. Wolahan; Row 2 (I to 
r): T. Lowe, J. Ackemann, W. Nial, R. Settle, J. P. Altier, L. Kamin, C. Kaupp; Row 3 (I to r): C. Sheppard, C. Peters, B. Zwaan, R. 
Greaton, K. Falk, C. Frey, S. Wainwright, G. Lewis, J. MacDonald, P. fox, D. Hartz, K. Ghezzi, S. Molkenthin, T. Kapp, P. 
O'Sullivan, T. Moore, M. Sisson. 




Mc CLfNl 


(l to r): R. Evans, L. Cutter, W. Bollman, L. Poffenberger, L. Bushar, B. McCreary, B. Hughes, L. Mihatov, D. Serignese, C. Zambotti, D. Keiser, G. 
Morotta, J. Strasser, A. McCoy, H. Palmer, E. Leshinsky, F. Dudman, M. Kimak, T. Caimi, P. Petko, C. Zetterstrom. 

M & M A-2 

Row 2 (I to r): L. Branch, B. Walley, K. Saxe, T. Stacom, T. Schifter, D. Passafaro, A. Gaydos, P. Lewis; Row 2 (I to r): C. Hutchinson, N. 
Fluhr, L. Melillo, B. Hojorth, E. Richards, L. DeMarco, M. Brown, R. Shenk, D. Sweatlock; Row 3 (I to r): C. Winters, B. Raynoha, A. 
Pinto, M. Cochran', L. Konigsberg, C. Kuemer, F. Herrick, K. Grogan, S. Dahl, M. Sasak; Row 4 (I to r): P. Roberts, M. Fener, G. 
Ehrlich, A. Lefkowith, A. Simmons, C. Davidson, B. Karp. 



Rou* J (/ to r): J. Smith, A. Schoff, S. Gladstone, S. Eisenberg, R. Altman; Row 2 (I to r): D. Bulas, R. Rothstein, P. 
Pfenninger, K. Zeitel, L. Zwirn, R. Kauffman, B. Sutherland, P. Kaercher, S. Chodakewitz, R. Hourigan; Row 3 (1 to 
r): S. Rubin, N. Rosenstein, S. Stemple, T. Bloom, D. Carrie, K. Yamall, I. Pavels, A. Steele, S. Beck, K. Rau, J. Welty, 
R. Vogel, H. Elosge, M. Hutton. 


Standing (I to r): T. Mastri, T. Hoover, J. Feller, L. Mynert, R. Valk, D. Collins, B. Sukenik, J. Vandemark, R. Moore, C. Tack, G. 
Laatsch, J. Pope, R. Kratz, R. Clammer, D. Spoont, S. Heller, D. Fink, T. Mastroianni, N. Cates, J. Schreiber, S. Daubenspeck; Sitting (I 
to r): R. Stys, S. Schwabe, M. Turits, S. Hotchkiss. 



Bottom Rozv (1 to r): C. Slingerland, R. Schilder, R. Alexander, A. Krishnamara, J. Grube, M. Kuser, J. Cottakis; Top Row (1 to r): P. Schlotterbeck, D. 
Ruppe, L. Rosenkranz, A. Cooper, L. Pierro, G. Altomare, R. Peek, H. Shames, R. Schmidt, S. Antiskay, B. Pottenger, D. Greene, J. Hawekotte, M. 
Brown, J. Braverman. 


Standing (I to r): S. Williams, M. Ford, R. Manning, B. Blumenfeld, G. Bernstein, R. Timpson, M. Beidleman, P. Horning, B. Schwartz, J. Kershner, 
S. Garfinkel, A. Seidel, S. Andres, G. Card, C. Hankins; Row 2 (I to r): M. Pardo, R. Goodwin, J. Kweder, R. Taxin, D. Pitney, J. Larson; Sitting (1 to 
r): K. Behrend, R. Sohaney, C. Iselborn, J. Gorcsan, A. Cander. 



B. Da, J. Masland, G. Behler, P. Fox, G. Banet, J. 
Neimeister, D. Blanset, G. O'Brien, B. Freimuth, 
G. Miller, M. Stipa, T. Campbell, R. Johnston, 
W. Willard, J. Brooks. 


G. Frankenfield, L. Ross, T. Rose, J. Baranchok, D. Cox, D. Pullis, S. Zaretsky, P. Cavanaugh, J. Zavoski, G. Yarnis, J. Schoenberg, C. Weesner, P. 
Bruxelles, B. Kennedy, D. Graff. 



Row 2 (/ to r): B. Snyder, B. Malchione, J. Snyder, G. Winchester; Row 2 (I to r): H. Tritt, P. Swarr, D. Friedfeld, J. 
Gerard, M. Hagler, K. Tontarski, L. Weiss; Row 3 (1 to r): C. Robinson, R. Freed, D. Krom, J. Smith, J. Hall, C. 
DiRusso, T. Owlett, F. Wills, E. Laquer, B. Greenbaun, R. Lunt, D. Lenyo; Roiv 4 (I to r): T. Hoens, R. Adams, M. 


J. Goldner, L. Olive, S. Eberhardt, C. Crowley, F. Barrant, W. Curry, D. Smith, J. LoVerde, S. Poehlein, M. Craye, M. Preperato, 
M. Silverman, D. Swirsky, C. Graves, A. Priest, E. Tober, T. Wilson, D. Warwick, M. Boyd. 



Row 1 (I to r): D. Wolchok, A. Troyka, E. King, 
P. Seidenberger; Row 2 (I to r): T. Silliman, C. 
Rosen, D. Melega, J. Kind, E. Alperin, K. 
Tate, J. Anderson, C. Niemeyer, S. Langen- 
berg, M. Reges; Row 3 (I to r): N. Berger, K. 
Woerner, M. Shapiro, A. Kasher, L. Whit- 
worth, A. Reese, L. Lusardi; Row 4 (1 to r): B. 
Davis, L. Passes. 


Row 1 (l to r): A. Kunes, M. MacDonald, K. Berrv, M. Dickerman, S. Keats, J. Deane, L. Smythe; Row3(l to r): S. 
Kratovil, B. Mutzberg, V. O'Neill, S. Curley, C. Herald, E. Crits, S. Schmider, C. Meder; Row 3 (I to r): D. Lusardi, t. 
Grasso, V. Pardo, J. Schwab, C. Filz; Row 4 (I to r): C. Staviski, L. Orysh, L. Wolfe, P. MacFarland. 



Row 2 (/ to r): M. Westhead, J. Dukiet, S. Velthaus, A. Peters; Row 2 (I to r): R. Vernon, L. Weissman, C. Charwat, D. Silverstein, K. Hums, M. 
Fiore, S. Chakeres, P. Shively, C. Miller, J. Goldman, P. Spugani, M. Walp, A. Blew; Row 3 (7 to r): K. McGeary, P. Every, D. Fletcher, J. 
Konat, L. Reynen, E. Steig, Y. Green, N. Ziatyk, C. Palenchar, R. Grapin. 


Row 1 (I to r): J. Gana, G. Skelly, P. 
Timmerman, R. Herbst, C. Erickson, J. 
Russ; Row 2 (I to r): M. Liswith, P. An- 
derson, P. Wascher, D. Streit, B. Houk, 
T. Dexter; Row 3 (7 to r): B. Cramer, S. 
Mills, B. Davis, D. Welford, F. Zar- 
nowski, M. Salley. 



Row 2 (I to r): D. Fauntleroy, R. Neff, J. Poulin, B. Rhodes, C. Ruoff, A. Prince, J. Dunn, C. Thunberg; Row 2 
(I to r): C. Newton, J. Zook, D. Poole, C. Alwine, J. Hall; Row 3 (I to r): T. Frawley, D. Souders, R. Morton, J. 
Magee, R. Brust. 


Row 1: N. Popple; Row 2 (I to r): M. Federbusch, R. Carboni, R. Marcinkowski, T. Frey, S. Koessler; Row 3 (I to r): T. 
Brennan, J. Bomze, B. Grove, M. Dugan, B. Wilson, C. Smoot, S. Gimigliano, D. Weiss, B. Bartle, S. Hussmann; Row 
4 (I to r): T. Hussmann, C. Gutshall, J. Hughes. 



Row 1 (I to r): B. Meyer, J. Daise, J. Nersesian, A. 
Vigneron; Row 2 (I to r): F. Burnette, B. Jones, J. 
Silver, B. Snyder, J. Brynes; Row 3 (I to r): P. George, 
B. Gentzlinger, J. Ginking, A. Alescander, G. 
Machinkas, R. Barbieri; Row 4 (I to r): B. Black, D. 


Row 1 (I to r): J Chen, B. Jones; Row 2 (I to r): D. Butler, S. Finkel, B. Whitman; Row 3 (/ to r): P. Lamb, T. Vasko, 
S. Dolla, T. Donahue,' M. Oetken; Row 4 (I to r): J. Tischler, K. Peiffer, B. Babacz, A. Hudock, B. Korchak. 


2lJ!; : !;ffif^Si '■ ;.. ■;■■: : . .'.-'. '■: . 


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G. Abboud 
N. Bard 
S. Fay 
J. Groses 
I. Lilienfeld 
J. Mallaney 
J. Shatz 

B. White 

G. Wukitsch 
J. Bomze 
P. Bosco 
P. Brabazon 
R. Brown 
G. Bruan 
J. Cahir 
R. Coleman 

C. DePhillips 
S. Farrow 

T. Faughnan 

D. Fauntleroy 
C. Garen 

S. Gibson 
R. Gimigliano 
W. Hall 
J. Harrison 
K. Hutter 
R. Inserra 

C. Kershner 
S. Kessler 
W. Korchak 
B. Krogslund 
M. Kusmin 

R. Marcinkowski 
S. Molkenthin 

D. Moore 
R. Morrison 
M. Oetting 
J. Oonk 

J. Pariseau 
T. Pilch 
D. Polett 
M. Rittmeyer 
I. Schepps 
W. Strauss 
P. Thomas 
R. Trakimas 
S. Van Keuren 
R. Van Winkle 
K. Walden 
W. Walker 
T. Woznicki 




., .- <. 

;.v i 

i -n- 





Ask Robin about fowl shooting . . . "But my white dress is shredding at the seams!" . . . Beautiful Hawaii . . . The 
expertise of AGD at the fall relays ... "I have a complaint — Take it to the 2nd V.P." . . . "Poor Sue" . . . "Here's 
to Sister Leslie" . . . into the shower Leslie . . . Shhh!!! We'll wake everyone up! . . . Hee-hee-hee . . . gossip 
central room 329 . . . Why a candle lighting? — we all know who it is! . . . Who has the rose bowl? . . . Where's 
Debbie? . . . We need a committee — you volunteered . . . April's not going to like it! . . . Debbie — HELP! ... I 
thought someone was flushing the toilet! . . . Bananas are my favorite — because they have appeal . . . Strawberry 
Daquiris and hot sunny afternoons . . . First AGD Porno Queen . . . Boogie-woogie . . . You've got to be kidding! 
. . . Boogie Woogie Woogie ... do you have a suitcase smaller than 64 x 43? . . . I'm an April Fool . . . little trees 
thrive on sugar pops 



P. Hein 
R. Kauffman 
M.A. Ferrante 
M. Walker 
K. Myers 
R. Gross 

C. Davis 
M.A. Surdovel 
S. Langenberg 
L. Black 

R. Hinz 

A. Kunes 

D. James 
S. Smith 
M.E. Sudano 

C. Ursic 

N. Reynolds 

D. Miller 

L. Kraushaar 
D. Stavisky 
K. Blew 
C. Manns 
M. Zito 
M. Pankos 
S. Schmider 
C. Herald 

B. Crits 

J. Schwab 
G. Reinhart 

A. Blew 

C. Miller 

L. Weissman 
C. Hazlehurst 
M. Allen 
L. LeVine 

B. Murphy 
L. Reynen 
A. Pinto 

C. Paul 




Meeting after meeting. Who will win the wine? No, Bayne, not the secret knock, pledges aren't sisters yet! Where is 
the mystery sister? And who got arrested? G-L-O-R-I-A. Pam's a pledge — no, she's a sister. No, Martha, you don't 
ram your car against a tree to park it. Rent a Phi for a Fee! . . . Slave for a Day. Melega's aching. Who showered with 
a turtle? How about Lemon Pledge(s)? Mother Superior, oops, I mean . . . Lusty girl, your pin . . . Take your man 
around the corner . . . Would you believe Carol Baynette, Marsha Streisand, Ms. Slimy Slike, Idle Brain Booruilji? 
Dues, dues, dues, and more dues. How much do I owe, Barb? Alpha Phi Helping Hearts. Ann: Well, guys, intramural 
marbles was yesterday — we missed that one. Program night: Rape, anyone? Maybe breast cancer? The Phi Feud. 
Then we have Lilies of the Mountain. And, who is Martha Foote Crow? ROLE CALL: Merlin, Sotz, Nashe, Mama 
Murph, Sugar Magnolia. Where's Julie's whip? "A move to postpone last week's postponed motion to next week." 
Okay, who wants to have a party with . . . Raw eggs and water balloons. Who pulls all nighters every night and has 
eighteen labs due each week? G-L-O-R-I-A. It's only pretend, Violet — NOSE BLEED! Hey, Robin, what did you steal 
from Phi Kap this time? Jane Clarke: Let's play Softball in a white skirt — and don't forget the nylons! Martha: We 
have plenty of gas! We have plenty of gas! Next scene: PUSH, PAULETTE! PUSH, CHARLOTTE! Gail found an 
advantage in getting kidnapped: getting smashed out of her mind! What is large and metal with ice surrounding it, 
sits in the bathtub, and is full of beer? What ever happened to Mother Nature? Will Betsy Fenik pledge Phi? Why are 
you carrying those teddy bears? FEAR OF FLYING. Doylestown, anyone? Hitching from Lamberton to Thornburg. 
GREEKERS — KIM. Would you believe Greeker eating practice. KIM — GREEKERS. Okay, Sue, no ulcers allowed 
during rush! Nice devotion, Sally. Ms. Lee got SPIRIT! Then there's the hoe. Who's going to MANNIES? Who's got 
the CCOM? Who's got the BMOC?? And, good luck to our departing seniors, Jane, Gail, Robin, Bayne, Maryann, and 
So, drink, drink, to Alpha Phi . . . 

B. Brake 

K. Capobianco 
J. Cassidy 
J. Clarke 
M. Cuozzi 
S. Grysewicz 
G. Holt 
M. Lasser 

C. Lee 

J. Marcin 
M. Marson 
G. Martens 
R. Muench 

B. Murphy 
B. Patterson 
P. Ruffin 
M. Skibo 
K. Slike 
A. Sotzing 
S. Swisher 
K. Talhelm 
S. Thompson 
P. Whelchel 
D. Campbell 
S. Curley 
J. Deane 

L. Eisenhart 

C. Erikson 

L. Kominowski 

D. Melega 
V. O'Neill 
P. Ruggeri 
L. Smythe 

P. Timmerman 
W. Weiss 
M.B. Keating 
N. Winkler 
G. Ehrlich 


Knock, knock, Kezz! . . . Beat it, Pilgrim, ya' smell bad! . . . You talkin' to me? . . . Winta . . . O' Baldie McSwine 
. . . The Big "E" . . . One ways and low lifes . . . Kenny's friends! . . . Billy the White Knight . . . Fines will be 
levied . . . Hey, Bwana! . . . Pndimus . . . Yo' Bag . . . Husk on deCoconuts . . . The Virgin Corner . . . Hey 
Schmeck . . . Where's Glenn? . . . Y.D. . . . Merganser . . . Wa-tootse . . . Wedgee! . . . Hey Abel-san! . . 
Ralphie Baby ... Gil Baby . . . The smokestack . . . The Ode de BOOBOO . . . J.W. Beak . . . Cookie-Binkie . . 
Rocco and Bruno . . . Kiss-my-pud . . . Mr. Know-it-all . . . Hey Boys! . . . Big Rudy and Little Rudy . . . J.C 
Truck . . . The plants . . . The Pope . . . Play it again, Kenny . . . Master Beak ... If you don't like it, be steward 
. . . The "Old Gal" . . . K.B. Stober Memorial Bunk . . . Eat it! . . . Geebe the Odi Killer . . . Fred . . . Beeek . . 

Kess, where's Skilo? . . . D.B.S. . . . The Mountain Climber . . . What are the chances? . . . F em if they can't 

take a joke! . . . Not dead yet! I feel happy . . . Has never been missed! . . . The Hell it isn't . . . Sigs Baby • • • The 
"Iceman" . . . Collect from Westchester . . . Millersville Maulers . . . T.N.S. . . . Cass is hoggin 
Rose, Lil' Rose . . . Rad flunked! . . . Peter bilt 





B. Abel 

H. Andrews 

R. Baker 

L. Bell 

T. Caine 

R. Casavecchia 

J. Dean 

P. DiPiazza 

P. Geraghty 

G. Haase 

B. Hamm 
J. Hawkins 
W. Johnston 
J. Kenny 

S. Kessler 
W. Kistler 
R. Koubek 
E. Laughlin 
G. Levine 
G. Lightner 
H. Marsh 
R. Masters 

E. Miller 
J. Parisi 

G. Potochney 
J. Quinn 
D. Radford 
W. Regi 
D. Rhodes 
H. Smith 
J. Smith 
D. Solis-Cohen 
S. Stine 
K. Stober 
G. Wallach 
H. Winter 
J. Cooke 
D. Donovan 
S. Geraghty 

F. Godwin 
R. Heist 

C. Heverly 
R. Hicks 

M. Mjaatvedt 
J. Potochney 
F. Sine 
J. Slayton 
S. Wainwright 


M. Arendas, P. Battaglia, E. Boltz, J. Buzby, D. DePaolis, T. Deutsch, C. Dippo, R. Ellsworth, J. Fitzgerald, B. Fritz, J. 
Futcher, N. Garris, T. Giordani, J. Grant, M. Harding, S. Hefele, W. Heitzman, C. Heller, O. Koder, J. Legath, D. 
Levinson, T. Kulp, J. Lobach, E. Markezin, E. McGlynn, R. Moore, K. Myers, J. Rinn, J. Ritter, D. Robinson, S. 
Shymon, L. Sniscak, D. Snyder, D. Sparago, T. Tate, A. Vandergrift, D. Wagner, S. Young, W. Shannon, G. Huffman, 
R. Rodgers, J. Burke, N. Miron, M. Dugan, S. Cross, S. Mitchell, S. Tanen, E. Bloom, B. Sulzer, D. Hellekjaer, S. 
Gimigliano, J. Blackburn. 



Pit Wars . . . Roaching . . . Roof Parties . . . Pond runs . . . Ray-Rack Time . . . 
Jack the Wiz Kid . . . How to dispose of fireworks in 30 seconds . . . Hade of 
Sheet . . . Rocky Wheez . . . Bourbon La Rue and Billy too . . . Pound Sand, 
Pally . . . Wahbam . . . Water Baloons . . . Fourth of July Night . . . Cliff 
Diving . . . Hedge Trimming . . . Futcher Missile Crisis ... A Rare Species of 
Snake, Pin Hade . . . Flush the Latrina . . . Billy; Evelyn and Lenny . . . Young- 
ster's Back Door . . . Grant's Tomb . . . Our Favorite Friend . . . Dean Domey 
... La Bojo ala Socks . . . Spermer . . . Fast's Muffins . . . Mother Robinson 
. . . Phymon-666 . . . Fire Truck Egging . . . Ed's Slalom . . . How to Soak a 
Grandmother — by Tommy Gio . . . Ritter's Standing Eight Count . . . Fastest 
Bed on the Hill . . . Johnny K, alias Burr Hade . . . Stupendous Horendous 

. . Sparago's Four Foot Line . . . What about 
. Fungus Face . . . Hells Bells and Snack Pack 


The flag is up; killer rule in effect . . . good stock, boys, good stock . . . Homo Primus . . . Bachman Neandrathalis 
. . . Beta Roots . . . I.M. football champs . . . many and various random statements . . . Mo's fireside chats . . . It's 
the cheapest Christmas tree we could find! . . . the M & M Hotel and Resort Club . . . T.V. ties the knot . . . March 
10 next in line . . . Aye, aye, aye, aye . . . Billy, Bobby, and Bossy Bunghole . . . Rich finds a bed partner . . . 
KINKY . . . drilling to the center of the earth . . . She's just a ride! . . . Nu wood, Nu kins, and Nu bombs . . . 
Cookie strikes silver . . . Weed's rent-a-car . . . Jake; tutor in residence . . . Muhammad Barry . . . You gotta like it 
. . . Louie and Raybo . . . What a rush . . . Parley-vous une humma humma? . . . Help me, Mick, I'm sick! . . . 
Smitty's Bootleggers Chic . . . Keep your door locked, Kevin! . . . Dan and Dave's Cattle Show . . . Stiney, doctor of 
general knowledge . . . Burne, Weed and Schwenk, "Why can't we use the closet?" . . . Billy, C.C. dog-catcher . . . 
Keep the rock from Bradley . . . "I'm adaptable, If she's a lady I can be a gentleman! If she's not I can be an animal!" 
. . . Wacisms . . . Beers on the scoreboard ... I LIKE to study . . . Bruce Crystal: Coach of the year . . . Barnsie 
haugs; tudgie blows . . . "the spakle's gone out of this semi-formal!" . . . Jake is fat, but he is slow . . . Judy, Judy, 
Judy . . . Barnsie, Willie, Schwenker, Burnt Piges, Lockwood, Jackage, Caveman, Jughead, Tony, Danny, Gorilla, 
Gradiations Hoops, Simply, Randy, Winnie, Wilton, L.D., Mo hazard, Wac, Boz, Brads, Eefty, Raybo, Chetly, 
Huntley Brinkley Atchinson, B.K., D.K., T.V., Mike and especially Turk, Weed, Barry, Poo-bear, Ex-pres, March 10 — 
Bruiser, Smitty, Mick and Abram . . . "catch 'ya on the rebound!" . . . Yours in kai. 



B. Bachman 
T. Barnes 
M. Barr 
J. Bennett 
J. Blosser 
R. Bossard 
J. Boyd 
W. Bradley 
R. Burne 

A. Cerra 
R. Cohen 

B. Crystal 
R. Curtiss 
L. Daniels 
B. Davis 
S. Dill 

P. Floriani 
J. Grady 
T. Haynes 
R. Heisey 
M. Iorio 
D. Jureller 
P. Kelly 
R. Kennedy 
M. Klohonatz 
R. Landress 
B. Lyon 

J. MacDonald 
T. Marchio 
B. Mitchell 
L. Norella 
W. Peters 
R. Piger 
B. Raiser 
J. Schwenk 
M. Smith 
T. Stine 
D. Tangel 
K. Tilton 
D. Varrelman 
D. Wilson 
B. Bartle 
A. Deriso 
J. Doran 
P. Duff 
D. Graff 
M. Kennedy 
H. Kunze 
J. Pedrotty 
F. Regan 
S. Rickerich 
D. Sites 
M. Holland 


M. Archibald, R. Bachert, B. Bacheson, P. Bicknell, D. Black, W. Black, J. Brandt, Z. Davis, D. Downs, J. Dussinger, B. 
Field, D. Fischer, H. Folsom, K. Fortune, J. Gicking, R. Gorsey, L. Jacobs, A. Kalish, J. Kraemer, M. Krey, M. Kuser, 
E. Lindenfelser, J. Lowman, J. Luczkovich, B. McDowell, P. Oxenbol, D. Penny, M. Pfefferle, M. Polachek, A. Prince, 
S. Runyan, D. Ruppe, P. Schlotterbeck, G. Schuster, H. Shanas, C. Slingerland, E. Suarez, S. Stucker, K. Todd, C. 
Uricchio, A. Vigneron, J. Weeks, G. Weiss, K. Welsh, C. Yung, J. Zebleckes. 



Big B. has Gamma, F. Lar has Angles and Ann 
Marie, C.B. has K.M., Dussi has a triple, Petunia 
has bread and water, and Ollie wants a banana. 
Who ever heard of a buggernose gettin' it, or a 
Wesly hauled by it. Is there really a lecture? Ox has 
the family over for a look at the comet. How 
ragged can a penny get? M.P. takes head dives, 
pledge masters take swan dives, but Jack just blew 
it, so the nurses went away. Butch and Dollar Brad 
go exec so Stebs goes family. But is there really a 
loser? Olympic jet, rock sittin,' Saucon Beach. Who 
needs fines. Hill hoggin. A pile of S. should have 
waited, but Kathy wouldn't let him. Volvo 
National Airlines. If the pleges can handcuff Zach, 
why can't they take a Slovak? Joe complained at a 
lodge meeting. Bab goes steady, but can't seem to 
remember. Where are the Philly fans? Poll will run 
them down. Porch Party gets a guitar, so F. Lar 
gives a bill. I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to 
earth I no not where. The Centurion's got a fish an 
Ox but the rest retreated and were invaded by the 
Gamma Rays. Army loses Husband, Chi Phi gets a 
brother. Kent gives boiler tours. Lowman wants a 
50 Dollar bet, and maybe Disco wants one too, but 
the house is broke, in so many ways. Border 
meeting tonight. Catch you around F. Lar, Butch, 
Loser, Stebs, Grief, Robert Kent, Dix Fisher, Tosi, 
and Michael Pete — to be continued at Manny's or 
for snacks. 


Has anybody seen my notebook? calculator? Seagrams? etc. . . . Oh, I get it! ... I can outparty Bill any night (or day) 
. . . Living at Lehigh, lovin at Villanova . . . What's the drug involved here? . . . Did Heimy get up for lunch? 
dinner? . . . Mick's #1?! . . . Sorry Larry, Pete got the 4.0 .. . Stand up Rock! . . . Monica tames the Boo ... I fell 
in love with a squaw ... If I can't be #1, I'm moving out! . . . Camuti: "That goes for me too!" . . . OZ . . . 
Library bouncer . . . Nice Voice! . . . The COMMANDER . . . Ivan Putski . . . Which one this weekend, Jack? . . . 
Our token Hebe . . . Trose . . . Duh, she caught onto my plan . . . Has-no what? ... I fell in love in Daytona . . . 
She was even better than Dr. Pepper! . . . Hayyyo! . . . Tennessee Gold . . . "Trying to Love Two" . . . The 
phantom returns to the lodge . . . Nice eyes, Bear . . . Nice eyes MOUNTAIN! ... 16 will get you 20, Mikey! . . . 
Spencer scores! . . . the Weenie turns derelict . . . Even Viv blew that lunch, Lutt! . . . Come to lately at DU, 
Seabear? ... I love a perky Penn stater . . . Who was whose slave, J.D.? . . . Oh, really? . . . The Trojan Lover . . . 
600 pledges, Dave? . . . Riiiiight! . . . Chuckles is a coach? . . . "It's not my zone" goes "I'm always open!" . . . 
Hermie: Class of 19?? . . . Good morning, Gentlemen . . . Bringing your cantalopes to New Orlens, Heals? . . . 
What's in the brown bag, John? . . . Powder Pups! . . . Heh Bugs, Physics notes on Pampers?! Riiight! . . . Don't 
feed my fish!! . . . The Lodge bids a fond farewell to Esh, Kojacs, Faz, Rock, Mountain, Phantom, Seabear, Weenie, 
Mitch, Heals, J.D., John, Disab, and Jeremiah (again)! 



R. Abele, D. Ashton, W. Cummmgs, J. Dutt, J. Eshleman, K. 
Fazioli, J. Healy, M. Kane, W. Kovacs, J. Pratt, M. Simpler, S. 
Strait, D. Succop, A. Bott, N. Camuti, V. Commisa, J. Fergu- 
son, C. Harris, R. Heimstaedt, S. McKay, M. Melillo, C. 
Mobus, W. O'Leary, D. Probst, G. Skola, P. Stackpole, R. 
Thuring, B. Cowen, S. Cook, T. Conklin, J. Davis, B. Kiss, J. 
Luttman, T. McClain, E. Merrill, A. Robinson, M. Seasholtz, 
D. VanOrden, L. Williamson, C. Sonon, B. Hurlman, J. Bug- 
bee, J. Adams, S. Armstrong, R. Brougher, P. Bruxelles, P. 
Bugbee, D. Heimstaedt, G. Duff, J. Kieffer, G. Marquardt, D. 
Melone, D. Poole, D. Rarig, D. Reichenbach, M. Ricketson, V. 
Rogusky, S. Strait, J. Succop 



Sandy — Annex 3, House 2, Alumni 1; but we won't mention any names: Brian, Bob, Chris, Steve and Cliff . . . Will 
someone in the annex loan Drennen their room? . . . Journalism 122 .. . Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman . . . Hot 
Mix . . . Nathan Hendrix . . . Foosball . . . Uncle Cy . . . Who got Speer's sheets? . . . Odorisio the Terrible . . . 
Senior Trip #1 . . . Pete's Fiat — Dependability plus . . . Load . . . Dumpy in Florida . . . Mr. and Mrs. Young . . . 
Nice telephone bills . . . Tut — Nancy 1 and Nancy 2 . . . Delta Sig Raids . . . Nice Donut, Drennen . . . Finals — 
You can sleep till you wake up . . . Otis the tool . . . Bill Blitnicoff Penrod . . . The Bear is converted . . . Cold cuts 
three times a week . . .One — J.B. . . . HA-A-A-A-A-AS . . . Ridge — Tennis and Rocks . . . Goodnight Gene . . . 



® vl I'SSfcV'ii VfcS'li 

C. Markley, E. DiAnastasis, B. Penrod, G. Goelz, C. 
Bossi, B. Schneck, P. Holton, O. Sinnott, H. Biggin, L. 
Drennen, G. Mikes, ]. Baccaro, S. Gillinder, J. Ridge, 
T. Tutwiler, T. Young, P. Zink, L. Stauffer, R. Schloes- 
ser, A. Roth, R. Miller, C. Ziegler, J. Piehl, B. Knisely, 
G. Pritchard, D. Schutzman, M. Gass, S. Speer, M. 
Roddy, B. Anderson, K. Ashton, J. McDermott, J. 
Odorisio, B. Muratore, M. Class, B. Marrs, G. Haas, J. 
Gentles, T. Yurkanin, C. Park, N. Spicer, J. Saliba. 




M. Baker 
F. Bibas 
D. Borck 
J. Boyce 
R. Burk 
D. Crosby 
S. Crowell 
W. Darrow 
D. Deshler 
S. Faber 
J. Filreis 
J. Fitzpatrick 
R. Foltz 
J. Glaze 

A. Grande 
R. Hartley 

C. Herman 
J. Hunter 

B. Jester 

J. Johansen 
C. Johnson 
T. Kamens 
R. McCarthy 

D. Miller 

C. Moodie 
J. Nemetz 
J. Newman 
J. Nickolaus 
P. Nunan 
L. Oliphant 

L. O'Mahoney 

D. O'Malley 

A. Redden 
M. Rentschler 
J. Russo 

P. Sandvick 
R. Simms 
L. Smith 
T. Splescia 
J. Tarulli 
T. Tripp 
J. Watson 
P. Zaimes 
N. Culp 
J. Larkey 
L. Margerison 
J. Nark 
J. Neimeister 
C. Schehr 
F. Wenrworth 

B. Weisenberg 
J. Wummer 


R. Adams, D. Balickie, J. Barczynski, C. Berta, D. Brunner, R. Connors, B. Donahue, G. Ehrich, R. Fountain, R. 
Gallagher, R. Johns, R. Karibian, M. Karpowich, T. Kinsella, D. Leitman, J. Lunny, T. McMahon, B. Miller, B. Neff, 
E. Nelson, B. Peiper, R. Pulford, J. Reid, D. Roberts, K. Schumacher, R. Stevens, W. Stout, S. Turgeon, A. Thum, W. 
Ughes, R. Vinton, G. Yakowenko, T. Yetsko, G. Zotian, G. Behler, A. Hollingsworth, W. Nial, P. O'Sullivan J. 
Scnieffer, R. Settle, P. Smith, C. Thunberg, K. Maydick, T. Lowe. 



Dee Zee Ooo . . . That's what she said . . . Leroy, Lar the Czar . . . Fubar . . . Bark . . . Mongo . . . Slow down 
. . . Get down . . . Boogie . . . Bull Dinkies Bert . . . Bars . . . Where's Korioiou . . . he's waiting . . . Artartartart 
. . . Mart run . . . Mart parties . . . FiFi numbers . . . "F" . . . the Phantom . . . Engaged? . . . Lights on . . . 
Take the special . . . Lunny's giggle . . . Pledge!!! . . . Trebor Snevets . . . Stubby . . . Pumpkin Head . . . Berle finally 
leaves . . . will he return? . . . Beanie returns! . . . the crowd goes wild . . . Denture woman . . . Cedar crest Crew 
. . . Kutztown run . . . Anybody find our bus? . . . Turgeon won? . . . Larry returns . . . Ugh! . . . Kennel club 
. . . Colt 45 . . . $300 per can . . . Logger still at large ... Fat Fran . . . Leroy's nose at Lafayette . . . gladiators 
return . . . SHOTS!!! . . . Viewmaster . . . the Office of the Mayor . . . projectiles . . . policeman's ball at Delta Sig 
. . . Fire department attends pledge party . . . Zote . . . any champagne yet? . . . Weee Oooo . . . Buffy blows her 
cookies . . . Where's the cook? . . . Where's the steward? . . . Where's the food? . . . Grog of Gamma Chi . . . 
No-work chairman . . . Wally-house hero . . . What a year!!! 


Delta Tau Delta is a unique fraternity at Lehigh. The brothers here downplay the traditional fraternity brotherhood 
ideal for their own model, one based purely on friendship rather than seniority. We believe our system is the best 
because of the fine people that graduate from Lehigh as Delts. 

The Delts are very active in the university community and won the overall Greek Week trophy in 1977. No frater- 
nity at Lehigh can boast the fine combination of scholars and athletes that the Delts can. Our tradition is different, 
but we feel it is something special. 



C. Lukach, E. Sause, K. Lubarsky, D. Shurts, G. Talarico, B. Giglio, R. 
Gardner, K. Schmidt, G. Willard, J. Diorio, D. Kozel, J. Thomas, D. 
Packer, M. Kelly, M. Rieker, G. Clark, T. Kielty, R. Molnar, R. Smith, 
B. Livingston, P. Schneider, B. Jarrell, M. Weaver, C. Phillips, D. 
Zuck, M. Berlant, P. Douglas, B. Lynch, G. Brennan, S. Kelly, C. 
Squitieri, J. Orr, G. Talarico, P. Guthorn, P. Joyce, J.Nolan, G. Gross, 
T. Palmisano, B. Roman, S. Hudacek, B. Graver, J. McCormick, R. 
Andres, K. Ghezzi, L. Pierro, T. Powell, P. Mercuri, M. Giduck, T. 
Hensler, J. Allegar 

V f 






R. Adams 
P. Adelman 
C. Alva 
J. Baron 

B. Campbell 
K. Carney 

C. Coldren 

D. Corderman 
J. Davis 

J. Edell 

R. Edwards 

P. Gordon 

D. Gross 

L. Henshaw 

J. Hetherington 

R. Kelly 

R. Lucnsinger 

M. Madison 

L. Martin 

P. Mayer 

P. McGinnis 

C. Meier 
G. Miller 
J. Neely 

R. Newman 
J. Perna 
B. Pulver 
J. Rodden 
K. Schaffer 
M. Scherer 
J. Schulze 

D. Schwartz 
J. Silverberg 
G. Swenson 
G. Swenson 
M. Tisiker 

J. Vargo 
J. Vargo 
D. Vogler 
R. Winters 

D. Wolf 

E. Yaszemski 
M. Yaszemski 

D. Zuck 
J. Butkus 

E. Jarzembowski 
G. Machikas 

J. Magnien 
J. Manlbacher 
S. May berry 
M. McGrath 
T. Monica 
S. Naylor 

A. Swanson 

B. Swartz 
J. Veech 
J. Wetzel 
A. Winters 

C. Wolfe 




I ' 




^^^^ - 


• ■ l > i - 


> * 

You mean another girl hit the dust? . . . Janet — founded upon a rock . . . How many this weekend Dips? . . . 
Lafayette Zetes love Gamma Phi's own Charlie's Angels . . . Gina, tennis anyone? . . . Lerf's choice — here today, 
gone tomorrow . . . Sugs, "Oh I'll never get pinned!" . . . Sue M. — Where are the parties this weekend? . . . Tice 

— "sweet home, Alabama" . . . Chris took inventory at Kappa Sig . . . Wiz, it's a far truck from ATO to Virginia 
. . . Sue G. pinned a great blind date . . . Kiwi — polka for us in your "dream dress" . . . Mitch, C.B. craze . . . 
What's your handle? . . . Monica — "strictly platonic!" . . . Mary Ann — Gamma's own little PHI . . . Linda — 260 
doesn't mean M.P.H. . . . Stemps, "Whould you believe Woody?" . . . S.D. — you sat in what in Saucon Valley?? 
. . . Peggy L. — meet any nice people on buses, lately? . . . Moans has a butterfly under her turtleneck . . . Our 
mistletoe equipped helicopter always has fun at Easterns . . . Rosie — diamonds are a girl's best friend . . . D.A.D. 
WOW!!. . . Amers — would rather pierce them than burn them . . . D.L. pie eater — more like inhaler . . . Toastie 

— our top bun — fearless leader? . . . T.S. — our classy jock . . . L.K. — tell us — he's the best!! . . . T.D. — doesn't 
like wrestlers at all . . . L.S. — tried to find another cousin at Yale . . . V.P. — steak every night!! . . . Cindy now 
likes motorcycles . . . CD. likes J.C. Penney Specials, you're sic . . . J.H. — quit clowning around . . . B.D. — love 
those B.D.'s . . . L.M.'s home — the Mart . . . What? our little squirrel lover . . . V.W. . . . Congrats to Gamma 
Phi's first graduates! 



L. Buck 

C. Cardello 
J. Cawley 

S. Chodakewitz 

D. Dabrowski 
B. Davis 

B. Dippel 
T. Eck 

S. Gimson 
M. Kaufman 

E. King 
S. Kossar 

C. Kuerner 
M. Leonardi 

D. Lerf 
A. Levy 

S. McGovern 
L. Melillo 
K. Mitchell 
L. Montovano 
V. Pardo 
P. Petko 
J. Raibaldi 
M. Russel 
L. Southworth 
S. Stemple 
J. Sugarman 
G. Tarantini 
D. Tice 

S. Trost 
R. Welliver 
A. Wenhold 
A. Werley 
L. Zarembo 
L. Zwirn 
W. Bollman 
K. Comly 
S. Dahl 
G. Davidson 
T. Deutsch 
M. Ehrich 
E. Grasso 
Y. Green 
J. Harris 
K. Kahn 
L. Konigsberg 
M. Lewis 
D. Lusardi 
G. Marotta 
A. McCoy 
L. Rifkin 
L. Schnorbus 
D. Sey fried 
M. Smoler 
T. Stacom 
J. Smith 
V. Wilkins 


K. Anthony, C. Botway, D. Bright, S. Carpenter, E. Connery, C. Covert, N. Fenelli, R. Furanna, M. Gorson, D. 
Gorzsas, C. Grant, P. Hauser, W. Hutton, R. Johns, K. Klingensmith, P. Lathrop, J. Maurer, J. McHugh, A. Merwin, 
G. Molitor, G. Moyer, D. Nissley, R. Parrino, R. Price, R. Rentier, D. Ritter, J. Schwanda, J. Shields, D. Shin, C. 
Smith, W. Staplins, V. Sytzko, K. Tower, R. Trerotola, R. Adams, J. Andrelczyk, J. Baxter, M. Giguere, J. Hildebrant, 
T. Ichihara, D. Krom, K. Meyer, P. Miller, B. Nyerges, J. Peters, J. Pope, L. Siegel, D. Smith, J. Smith. 



The Snake is ceased . . . The youngest Italian and his magic fork . . . 
Mitches . . . Announcement . . . What's Faustie's first name? . . . You 
mean Ron's Italian . . . Krash would . . . if he wasn't engaged . . . Wel- 
come to Furry's Kinky Corner . . . The Mobile Edna . . . Alice in Guzzler- 
land . . . You want to speak to Eddie? Do you mind holding? . . . Speed 
and the Porcelain 500 .. . The Tor that ate Pittsburgh . . . Who buys 
clothes at Fredrick's of Hollywood? . . . Pappy take a dive . . . BMW 
stands for Bama's marriage wish . . . Lisa is coming . . . again . . . Nick 
has Mary ... or does Mary have Nick . . . Another . . . boring an- 
nouncement . . . Cal's culinary catostrophies . . . whose plants did the 
rabbit eat . . . The track star does not have smelly feet . . . Mommy's 
calling . . . Chris who? . . . Merwinitis . . . K.T.'s wierd women . . . 
What do you get when you cross a Rudy and Elliot? I don't know but what 
ever it is Kong likes it . . . let's talk about the C.E. Department at dinner 
. . . his employer knows him only as "Volleyball" . . . Jeannie, was 
Wrench a good KAP? . . . Who says the Ping-pong table doesn't fit in the 
pit? Carp, which Cindy is yours? 


Howard's back this semester — Who cares? . . . Where are your priorities . . . Tube Room All-Stars . . . The Peris- 
cope Sees All . . . "Thanks" . . . Some of our best friends are Delts . . . Demmo's Pizza Lunch . . . "But I've got all 
weekend to do my term project!" . . . "No need for spurn" . . . Luzz engages in afternoon delight ... So Murph, 
you think you're a brother . . . "Let's paint Chenzo!" . . . Oh, Ev . . . Oh God I'm gonna be ill . . . Third floor is 
floating again . . . Baston, Schwantz, Hollywood, Pecker, Vagrant, Lingasaur . . . Bachs sees the crack of dawn . . . 
Test today, Ted? . . . What's Billera driving this week? . . . "Today's Cawley's birthday!!" . . . Oiy vey, Who's 
drawing swastikas on the phone booth? . . . Horning gets off the list — But does THAT count? . . . Nulty-Cheating 
during UMass Weekend?! . . . Laurie II Gets Flashed . . . Who's got Molly today? . . . Curley by a KO . . . Miller 
and linoleum "come clean" in the tub . . . Smile and say "cheese loaf" ... In the "Race for a Date Contest" It's 
Roids for 9, Mauler for ever . . . Cohn's first floor dump . . . All these stats and still "loosers" . . . Who's back in 
the Valley?!!? 



T. Smith, R. Bloom, J. Mountsier, J. Sanlorenzo, R. Hed- 
derman, R. Miller, K. McCarthy, K. Kennedy, R. Price, E. 
Vees, R. Uptegraff, J. Bishop, L. Perrelli, B. Murphy, L. 
George, H. Foltz, K. Kramer, S. Brown, K. Kravitz, C. 
Bachman, G. Gigon, D. Hetrick, R. Hennighausen, B. Car- 
ter, C. Donahue, R. Herman, E. Barth, M. Rayhill, L. Shep- 
tock, C. Whitman, D. Schoneman, R. Pulling, D. Har- 
grave, B. Westcott, D. Williams, F. Lusby, S. Schwartz, T. 
Cohn! B. Van Lopik, V. Scullen, K. Noonan, T. Winters, 
G. Cawley, B. Peck, T. Billera, J. Borillo, M. Miller, J. 
Betzwieser, D. Breisch, B. Camperson, C. Gardner, P. 
Horning, R. Moore, J. Papach, D. Spoont, B. Steitz, T. 
Thielens, J. Colket. 




B. Arnstein, F. Bader, R. Canavan, S. Darlak, A. Delenick, B. Dunbar, D. Engle, 
M. Frey, K. Green, M. Handman, G. Heckenberger, G. Hillenbrand, M. Hulsman, 
A. Jackopin, J. Johnson, D. Jones, R. Kirker, D. Kuzo, H. Latham, L. Leahy, R. 
Lovetri, C. Lutz, M. Malone, R. Monetti, D. Morris, M. Nunzio, L. Nusselt, W. 
Potter, G. Ramsey, K. Reichenbach, J. Rizzo, K. Sailer, A. Schiefer, G. Schulze, G. 
Shelby, L. Somers, J. Sommer, J. Watson, J. Williams, P. Wise, J. Wroblewski, N. 
Barto, R. Drummey, D. Hickman, D. Krouse, D. Pitney, D. Pullis, L. Ross, J. 
Sokol, S. Zaretsky, J. Larson, G. Yarnis, D. Zavoski. 


P. Altenpohl 

J. Ripoll 

W. Baer 

F. Reilly 

J. Bartz 

G. Simpson 

R. East 

D. Byelick 

R. Facente 

D. Valerio 

R. Gibbons 

R. Woelfel 

M. Havener 

M. Sisson 

D. Tashjian 

B. Fauth 

T. Walter 

B. Adams 

S. Wymore 

J. P. Altier 

T. Anderson 

B. Ascetta 

R. Braen 

K. Behrend 

G. Dipaolo 

P. Blust 

F. Ditmars 

D. Cox 

S. Erickson 

C. Crowley 

D. McCarthy 

D. Dunne 

A. Morin 

}. Flanagan 

J. Papazian 

G. Frankenfield 

G. Scott 

D. Hartz 

A. Wynn 

P. Ockert 

C. Foster 

S. Reid 

S. Gordon 

B. Baback 

C. Miles 




She may not be beautiful, but she sure can sing! . . . Can you guess which ones are graduat- 
ing? . . . Why take a chance with Radar? . . . Ran, how can you fit a 24 inch T.V. in a 12 inch 
room? . . . Who are Kris and Doug? . . . Altenpohl, look before you make a U-turn . . . Scotty, 
is it true big-busted girls have big hearts? . . . Where's my moronic date? . . . Roland, you 
explain it — it's too complicated for us . . . Phi, there's a grizzly bear outside . . . What's the 
vaseline for? . . . Norton, Arizona State Alumni . . . The chem boys . . . Bob and his jute box 
. . . Lock the door, Chris is back! . . . THE FOZ . . . Wow, I can't get into that . . . That's 
nothing . . . Roily, if you don't open your door, I'll never invite you to the shore again . . . 
Trenton State here we come . . . Which way to Simpson's House?? . . . Who turned up the 
heat? . . . Heerrreees Gabby . . . The Bong Show . . . bridgemon . . . What's a gammer? . . . 

. . . Scotty pins Mary Ann . . . Gregg, do they make you do 
Gibbons, that is $15,000 for your personality . . . A.L.J. . . . 
fine the steward . . . Pete's a piss . . . Uh-oh, another MC subway story . . . Must be a Rich 
Braen joke ... I know ... Is Valerio a nerd? . . . The year of the Cat . . . Reibs, are you 
going to really make $4,000 . . . Drew, was it your first time? . . . Art, are there any more light 
bulbs? . . . Mike, your television is on . . . Pay your house bills . . . Let's make the next 
hundred better . . . Good luck Seniors — BooBoo, Booby, Sparky, Radar, Giboner, Havs, 
Chippy, Tash, Attybird, Rolls, and Phi. 

Freddie goes crazy over Karen 
exercises in the Air Force? . . . 


M. Alsentzer 

B. Kopenhaver 

P. Cohen 

C. Arcodia 

B. Lewis 

M. Connor 

W. Bast 

F. Mannella 

D. Delguercio 

M. Borden 

S. Martin 

M. Dugan 

D. Bryant 

G. Mino 

J. Eggert 

A. Cariddi 

S. Mock 

J. Gorman 

K. Colangelo 

P. Rover 
G. Scnerer 

S. Grayson 

R. Cortright 

R. Haase 

M. Cranley 

M. Schimpf 

R. Kobin 

R. Currie 

C. Serrao 

S. Lifters 

F. Diana 

M. Seward 

R. Manning 

D. Durkin 

M. Torie 

S. Reck 

L. Folkes 

E. Ullman 

R. Schmitt 

P. Gebert 

E. Yerdon 

R. Sukenik 

R. Glasbrenner 

K. Alley 

R. Trevisan 

P. Huot 

D. Beard 

J. Leiser 

M. Koenig 

J. Braverman 




L. Lee, R. Wright, F. Pinello, R. Adey, S. Miller, P. Herman, J. Habig, M. Kovacevik, J. Janinek, S. Udasin, E. 
Lundberg, R. McCard, B. Steiger, B. Tetreau, N. Kelley, J. Battisti, A. DeLuca, J. Karper, J. Grievo, J. Cillo, R. 
Megasko, B. Erbrick, T. Varro, F. Reck, M. Connolly, M. Losch, S. Devine, J. Callaghan, P. Seitz, S. Thomas, G. 
V aides, C. Miller, J. Stevens, T. Howland, J. Stamateris, L. Fish, J. Jablonski, J. Black, T. Crush, E. Stiefel, J. Grelis, L. 
Bowman, C. Van Tuyl, R. Schulz, D. Stemple, C. Pawlowski, F. Roberts, S. Sands 



Son of Raisin, B15 . . . Now, now Joann, WEO, Erbie Hartman, Rico's Triangle . . . Founder's Cup, Dancing Bears, 
"When are you guys" going to put in parking meters? I won't charge you." . . . Nympho 9+2 . . . Unusually Lucky 
Stam, Grandma, Rag, Beat, Steve, Chas, Goony, Rip, Mikey, Mitch and Bag . . . Are you the President? . . . No, I'm 
the King! . . . Holiday Inn Crew . . . $120 Christmas Tree . . . PKT Flu . . . Horse, Deal, J.J., Jabbo, T.V., Rico, 
Lou, Larry, Nomo, Sonny, Stu, A.D., Janz, Seth, Cags . . . More is always better . . . Put a towel under the door 
. . . Sorry I blew up . . .1 got my 5 votes . . . Fines will be levied . . . Slug, Connecting eyes, Power Blow, Door 
Knob . . . Guishers, Crackers, Vigilantes, DMR . . . Campus Cops, Dollar Bill, LS & N, Q.V., Basketball Weekend 
. . . Lug, Hermie, Toronto, M&M Man, Cirro, Gas, Kova, Deep Throat, Moses, Wittle Wicky, How Big, Chief, Tom, 
Steigs . . . A. I., Bend over, Ease up, Tremendi, Nice Wool, Tip to Tip, I'm beautiful, You're so foul . . . Comments, 
Tankage, Tubage, Torkage, Turkage, Bloffage, Breakage . . . Yore, News, Gaping, Flaming . . . Foul Dogs, Minga, 
Off or Out, Fire Alarms, R.O.O.T.H. . . . For no reason at all . . . Mike's Greekers & Mickey Mouse, Done. 

i^ ^. 




Senior Nerds??? . . . Hey Butt . . . I'm all buuur . . . Hey, you slag . . . Green Dye . . . Dickfor . . . Spentenary 

. . . Feds and Heads . . . He beat the odds . . . All nighter for tickets . . . Camp Lehigh . . . Chodes . . . in 

'Wow . . . C-Hound . . . Flip right the out . . . Lube . . . Fine Me!!! . . . It's my right . . . Bar Rally . . . Go 

for it . . . Beached Whale . . . Dude . . . Woman! — Lightweight! . . . Lounge Rally . . . Muffinman . . . Where is 
the Zerostat . . . Cup of coffee . . . tooslow . . . Phi Kinky Carrot . . . CCC — Let's be friends . . . Picnic, same 
place as last year? . . . Feed the Hill . . . Larry, break any squash racquets lately . . . Pay your house bills . . . Flint 
did it!!! . . . Who did the math . . . I'm down on this . . . Pumpkin, Plumply, Pumpy, Squirtbag . . . The Mouth 
. . . Schlong . . . Phil Billips . . . Shut up Roach!!!! . . . Nature boy . . . Baclava . . . Jailbait . . . wingding . . . 
Aqua . . . OGO . . . Rejections . . . Joe's place — meet my Friends ... 8 credit tool . . . Space Cadet . . . Irving 
and Raindrops . . . Marathon Plaques . . . Blocks . . . The Great Divide ... I deserve it . . . Hide the Peanut 
Butter . . . Bondage . . . Shrapnel . . . Kill the milkman . . . Nicky, MIA . . . Beat up the stereo . . . Massive chest 
. . . What's on the box . . . 3V2 hours to Boston . . . What a mag . . . Who is the Pumpkin? . . . Bar Dancing 
Lesson, 12:00 by Lube and Associates . . . When we find a girl . . . And it better be Foul!! ... I guess I got drunk 
last night!! . . . Hey Phil, are your Friends coming up? . . . Hey Clint, nice shoes . . . Crackers!!! . . . And the dog 
is licking his balls . . . Start Pumping . . . Denouncements . . . Dock them!! . . . open, close, open, close . . . This 
is a roast isn't it? . . .1 think I'll punch her face in . . . If I don't eat lunch, can I break the refrigerator door . . . Lou 
is going to set a record tonight . . . Senior Mafia . . . And there was much rejoicing . . . 

M. Adams, C. Bailey, S. Bridgman, F. Burnette, J. Cassimatis, M. Craig, D. DeRoche, D. 
Dudenhoeffer, K. Ellefson, B. Epstein, R. Farenwald, R. Finn, B. Gault, L. Gore, D. Gome, C. 
Gutshall, D. Hagan, M. herbets, C. Hertz, J. Hudson, S. Krawec, J. Lang, M. Lesswing, B. Long, A. 
Magid, D. Matson, D. Mendenhall, D. Monteverde, J. Morris, B. Morris, J. Mueller, B. Muir, M. 
Oetken, B. Phillips, S. Roda, D. Saunders, B. Scott, J. Silva, D. Simon, B. Siegele, C. Soloman, K. 
Talso, S. Wheeler, T. Woodward 


Pi Kappa Alpha was founded on March 1, 1868 at the University of Virginia. The fraternity grew throughout the 
south until 1909, when its growth pushed northward. The Lehigh chapter of "PIKE" was established as a local 
fraternity in 1922 and later obtained recognition as a national fraternity on October 26, 1929. 

More important than the facts and figures about Pi Kappa Alpha, are the brothers. We are banded together ". . . 
for the establishment of friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis; for the promotion of brotherly love and kind 
feeling; for the mutual benefit and advancement of the interests of those with whom we sympathize and deem worthy 
of our regard . . ." These ideas are reinforced in day to day life; whether studying, partying, or just bumming 
around. The experiences we encountered sometimes good, sometimes bad, brought us together; and I think each of 
us is the better for experiencing them together. 



B. Anderson, M. Barth-Wehrenalp, R. Benoit, P. Brambilla, R. Brennan, C. Buhrendorf, F. 
Cincotta, J. Cookingham, M. Dale, R. Donaghy, R. Enterline, J. Feller, J. Fitzgerald, T. 
Frawley, R. Freeman, D. Fries, J. Fusco, P. Garibaldi, J. Golle, S. Guempel, M. Hembarski, 
T. Hindenlang, B. Kaune, C. Keener, S. Kuncio, A. Leschick, C. Madsen, N. Podaras, J. 
Quinn, W. Rhoades, K. Roman, M. Sevcovik, T. Simon, W. Tarallo, J. Taylor, T. Zaremba, 
E. Zawislak. 


W. Andrews, J. Ballowe, J. Bodenstab, J. Buck, D. Burdakin, D. Bzik, S. Gigich, N. DeLuca, S. Diantonio, T. Dunn, C. 
Easton, W. Fitzgibbons, J. Garrison, G. Glasgall, S. Goldstein, T. Havekotte, S. Hazlett, E. Helgans, C. Husband, P. 
Idell, R. Jacobs, J. Lapres, J. Larson, J. Lyon, L. Meyers, M. Proft, M. Pyles, J. Rosener, I. Sanders, M. Siegrist, T. 
Smith, A. Stern, K. Stoffel, K. Tate, S. Thornton, T. Travers, T. Valk, M. Zimmerman, R. Diantonio, J. Gardener, J. 
Gaston, A. Greener, S. Helgans, S. Heller, D. Hicks, D. Holt, A. Kohnke, A. Mastroianni, F. Perez, S. Schwabe, M. 
Turits, J. Vandemark, V. Volpe, R. Wankner, L. Weitzman, R. White, W. Willard, P. Ryan 



What do you think this is — a zoo?? . . . punt . . . the grand opening of the 
Upper East Side . . . the new bar . . . Snowballs, anyone? . . . Tom Foolery (.7 + 
.3) . . . "You guys want a ride down the hill? My car's right out back": Scoop . . . 
Not true — fact! . . . Where's Longfave? . . . Nice chin, Haze . . . Where are we 
binging this weekend? . . . D.H. and the Horse and Pony Show . . . K.O.L. . . . 
Doeshe? . . . Fish preserves his fishood . . . the Stoned Tide . . . You PIMP!! 
. . . Salad Bowl acrobatics . . . Who's with Chasanova? . . . Got to . . . C. Lapper 
. . . L.O.S. . . . The flying Burrito Brother — out the window (Dzik's Flying Cir- 
cus) . . . Penn Game — Jake punches out the cops and rescues Cigwad . . . Dere- 
lict's Delight . . . Spend Wildly! . . . "No, I am not full of shit": Millie . . . 
Cretin Children . . . Bogus . . . The Fig can dig your jive, Baby . . . G.O.S. . . . 
Edgar . . . Jimmy pisses on Dzik's bookshelf . . . The Stonehead . . . Another 
bowl . . . The Death Mobile . . . You twits! . . . Speculation . . . Schlongers 
. . . Those drunken hooligans. Goodby Jack La Lane . . . We'd all like to say 
goodbye and to thank the house for three great years — The Seniors — J.B., 
Scoop, Bird, Nook, Fitz, P.S.I. , Dzik, Stu, Rock, Jake, Haze, TIT, Kurt, ED, Coach, 
Nuck, Lyons, J.G. and the Fish. 


L. Alexis, L. Alexis, R. Allison, M. Anderson, J. Beitler, 
P. Blazewicz, G. Blythe, R. Brownell, R. Carnevale, T. 
Cunningham, R. Emmet, C. Fagan, R. Fisher, B. Flat, S. 
Frank, D. Gibbons, W. Goldstein, E. Jacobsen, W. Kim- 
ball, J. Korth, R. Kramer, G. Kratzer, P. LaPorta, R. 
Lieberman, R. Marshke, H. Marsh, W. Mathe, A. Moel- 
ler, G. Ott, P. Pelsinkski, E. Pettinato, E. Rouse, B. 
Sampson, J. Schneider, D. Summins, D. Thompson, M. 
Wheaton, J. Zagorski, P. Bushway, J. Fisher, R. Frey, T. 
Gates, S. Geiger, D. Harkins, P. Herkenham, B. Jones, 
M. Keller, M. O'Donnell, R. Reinaker, P. Schragger. 



The black prince . . . 99% O.T.R. . . . Admiral Rush . . . 
L.U.S.T. . . . Sweat pants to dinner? . . . Hi, I'm Sven . . . 
Shifting with a broken arm . . . Brother Bearded Clam . . . 
I'M so dumb I started in business . . . Fat Louie . . . Wimp 
. . . Charles Nelson Reilly . . . Love a fat nurse . . . Field 
trips and Stars 1000 with the professor . . . Brother excess 
verbage . . . Disco Trobe . . . The phantom house manager 
. . . Skylife . . . The Rev . . . 3-D beaters . . . Pride, Desire, 
Victory . . . I'm good for holding places in line . . . Poleluck, 
Polelock, Pollack, Pollack, Polack . . . What did the fairy god- 
mother say? . . . Commicrats . . . Speak up . . . Big John 
. . . Jazz Man . . . Bear . . . Hey Ralphie Boy . . . Polish Set- 
ter . . . I've been sleeping on the railroad . . . Heurmphf, 
Heurmphf . . . Your friendly neighborhood Geek . . . Mr. 
Natural . . . Can I borrow your car? Mine doesn't have any 
gas . . . I'm cuckoo for cocoa butts . . . Too many brownies 
aren't good for your head . . . shut the door and hit the road. 




D. Bartner 
M. Brenner 
S. Chaplin 
L. Chatzinoff 
K. Danoff 
B. Deutsch 
N. Ehrenpreis 
N. Exstein 
P. Fenaroli 
S. Freilich 

D. Fuller 

P. Goldstein 
J. Greenbaum 
R. Gross 
B. Hill 

G. Hirschberg 
R. Ingber 
G. Itzenson 
T. Jacobson 
R. Judson 
B. Kesselman 
S. Kreiger 
B. Kreitman 
L. Langweber 
G. Levkoff 
A. Levy 
P. Lichtenberg 

E. Liebman 
L. Mahler 

D. Marhesius 
K. Matlick 
M. Moore 
M. Neporent 

H. Pecker 
H. Reiss 
R. Rivlin 
M. Rosen 
R. Rosenfeld 
R. Rosenthal 
R. Roth 
L. Sarakin 

D. Shavel 
W. Spinner 
R. Swartz 
H. Talmud 

S. Teitelbaum 
L. Weinstein 
L. Weitzner 
M. Berg 
M. Boden 
F. Cafaro 
R. Claire 
B. Cozen 
S. Dolla 
S. Finkel 
F. Goldgerg 
M. Goldgerg 
J. Isaacson 
J. Klein 

E. Li 

M. Liebergall 
R. Lippe 
N. Mitchell 
J. Nersesian 
M. Schlesinger 
H. Strauss 




P. Ballas, J. Bigach, S. Cahill, J. Cassidy. 
W. Chieco, W. Connors, K. Cooke, G. 
Crape, S. DeTommaso, J. Dittrich, A. 
Dondero, J. Economy, E. Egan, G. 
Ferguson, K. Frederick, P. Garda, E. 
Giordano, W. Goldman, J. Hummel, L. 
Inserra, G. Jackson, J. Johnson, T. 
Kobylenski, E. Kohl, S. Kreider, M. 
Langley, W. Mann, J. Maynard, W. Oliver, 
D. Persico, G. Pin, R. Quinn, M. Rickert, 
G. Riggin, A. Rockhill, D. Roskos, J. 
Schadt, M. Schultz, W. Shaffer, T. 
Shannahan, S. Smith, J. Stork, G. Tonnon, 
L. Voneheill, J. Ackemann, J. Bernstein, J. 
Downs, J. Dunn, M. Gough, D. Kraemer, 
D. Pieper, P. Potako, B. Whitman, W. 
Wiese, B. Zwaan. 


Greatremendousbizarre . . . True stories . . . Anderson's Free Sportswear . . . Hey 
Pal Perr-I . . . You really are you know . . . Yah-Hooo, Ride 'em . . . Strwen Dust 
. . . Krafty Babes . . . Disco ... Put the S back in SEC . . . Puddin . . . That 
shiftless, filthy Morroccan . . . Bone-Head . . . Can we flush Banet? . . . The 
BIG-A . . . An asset to the house . . . Winners wash Jake, losers wash Jeff . . . 
Studley Ripley . . . Kaj got pinned . . . 20th Century Lord Byrons . . . Jake's Wild 
Week of Sin . . . Dr. Ken . . . History of Everything . . . Well, if you like thsem, 
we'll buy thsem . . . BAH-Bah-Mi-i-i-ke . . . Corvair, an American legacy . . . 
Cowperthwait's Laugh, Nick's Laugh . . . How many units is your father carrying? 
. . . Mike Johnson slept through the party again . . . UHHHHH-Shawn . . . Wake 
up George . . . Make it stop . . . Clean and Pleasant. 



T. Adcock 
J. Albrecht 
M. Anderson 
P. Appino 

D. Axelson 
W. Beck 

E. Blew 

P. Bugbee 

B. Carter 

J. Cowperthwait 

R. Cunliffe 

H. Gravenhorst 

M. Hughes 

B. Josten 

C. Kahle 
G. Kanarr 
K. Karch 

E. Katterman 

C. Kraft 
R. Lally 
R. Logan 
L. Lyng 

D. Mancosh 
C. McCauley 
L. Mitchell 
K. Molinaro 
W. Nezgod 
R. Orlemann 
R. Orlemann 

D. Paulus 

M. Pavia 

J. Pearson 

R. Pesto 

P. Prosswimmer 

S. Rabenko 

J. Ripley 

R. Robb 

D. Roe 

D. Rush 

M. Sheehan 

N. Snyder 

J. Thomas 

K. Werner 

J. Wright 

C. Banet 
P. Cleff 

B. Fedynyshyn 
M. Hagler 

J. Hall 
M. Levin 
A. Mozeyko 
J. Ost 

D. Proctor 
W. Rush 

R. Thornton 

C. Uribe 
F. Wills 




J. Baker 
B. Boswell 
S. Cerminaro 
J. Chaippini 
G. Field 
R. Gabel 
M. Gardner 
N. Garruto 
B. Greenspan 
P. Hartranft 
D. Hewit 
D. Hume 
G. Krutul 
J. Lore 
J. Lubarsky 
R. Nevins 
J. Oswalt 
R. Parkman 

A. Pope 

J. Rodgers 
T. Slaton 
K. Sullivan 

B. Torcivia 
R. Venanzi 
J. Warnken 
T. Aldrich 
H. Bahr 

D. Figueroa 
J. Goodwin 

B. Grove 
W. Hanlon 
J. Harper 
P. Kebler 

C. Kentler 
R. May 

G. Minnich 
M. Morawsky 
}. Mowrer 

D. Northacker 
T. Orlando 


R. Asbeck, M. Barton, B. Bayer, M. Brodfueher, C. Bunt, N. Campbell, T. Cox, T. Cressman, K. Deutsch, B. Dillman, 
B. Dittrich, T. Donofrio, P. Dolan, P. Donovan, R. Funke, S. Giglio, B. Grieshaber, B. Haltenhoff, C. Hopkins, J. 
King, S. Maddox, D. Madeira, L. Martin, J. Miers, J. Ney, E. O'Mara, J. Ratkevic, B. Reed, C. Rinaldi, S. Scaramuz- 
zino, C. Scheitrum, H. Schweitzer, T. Spence, G. Streich, R. Tedrow, C. Ugol, J. Bailey, B. Beeckman, J. Brooks, G. 
Caro, C. Davis, J. Donegan, J. Hawekotte, B. Maloney, T. Miller, L. Pleshko, B. Quier, R. Rouleau, A. Smith, M. 



It's Doobie time Boys and Girls: Hey Mike, when's the bar going to get done? . . . Carls, 
Dertch . . . God loves South Philly, Lucifer vs, the turtle . . . Hey Greg, how's the wife? 
. . . Chunny, Schweitz, Sal Montividego, . . . Why do you guys?, Concessions are back, 
Nora's in the kitchen with Ralph . . . Woooow baby . . . Crazy Burnt, Crazy Rat . . . 
Hey Ace ... I can pack a mean pipe, Let's take a cruise to Canada . . . J.J., J.F.D., B.B., 
. . . Hey Brods, Julie on 10 . . . Mr. Jones . . . H-off, D-zone ... the controller of 
Montclair ... the blue balls got castrated . . . K.B., F.T.M., I.Q. . . . check it out, three 
steak dinners without Dean Brockway . . . Ugol Bird, Ace and Ace, Mad Dog, Ney Bird 
. . . Hey O'Mara, happen to have a dime for an alter boy . . . What Ace? . . . J. A.M., A, 
i, . . . Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Tedious Tedrow, Pick your F — eking feet up . . . 
Prof, Drow, Neek . . . You're cut off . . . 295 2 where you going? . . . Brodie, Benny, 
Funki Rudi ... No one cuts my ass off . . . What's the matter now Carl? . . . Medusa, 
DiGregorio, Barts . . . Liz, how's the military Ball? . . . Mrs. Murphy, Dipole . . . Liz, 
Dick, Bob . . . Robin, Pat . . . Rat, light both ends and you get burned . . . We're going 
to bucket your ass, Doon . . . Pete Don, Pete Dol . . . HEY DERTCH . . . Hey Harold, 
are you breathing? . . . Ted's, Reed, Dego, Rinaldo, ... the donut man is defunked, be 
mp like a zip and take a trip . . . When did they put urinals in the cold dorm, Carl? . . . 
Doon . . . Let's get kinky, Reed the signs in IVA . . . Miers, will you for a keg? . . . Was 
it really worth $5000? 






TEP DOES . . . Let's move ou "Mov Out!" . . . Rose Bowl and City-Vu 
run . . . Paraplegic B-Ball . . . ALPO and chips ... Ed and Razi go 
swimming . . . Leeps returns — phil to kunet . . . Lemon meringue, 
tea, and a lollipop, please . . . Tancin dies on Halloween . . . Ringing 
rocks . . . Annie kills the Dead . . . Mush makes pipes . . . Brader 
fixes pipes? . . . Pigs on the Wing — got your Lehigh I.D.? . . . 
Chipflipping — J.B. gets fifty . . . Mashed Potatoes . . . Cook much? 
. . . Kaledis Interruptis . . . Wally bags a deer . . . Seeds bags a lemon 
. . . Doug cops the MVD (Klawitter Cup). John Boy gets rookie of the 
year . . . Apple-core and Cherry-pit pie . . . McClepto rapes MaBell 
. . . Got to be! . . . Barry's Gourmet Cheese Shoppe . . . What do you 
mean Deming is not home? . . . Renatte and Joan . . . Gammon any- 
one? . . . East wing executive suite . . . Green eggs without ham . . . 
J.U. and J.B. win car rally. Chocolate syrup!! . . . Puppy dog ... the 
Great Marshmallow War . . . Tusday today, Wenday tomorrow ... Sir 
Robin . . . Captain America (Tweety Bird) wins A.B. Dumont Award 
. . . Beg for ice cream . . . George uses his head . . . Ernie, the bath- 
room light is on . . . Intergalactic tamales . . . Glickman's answering 
service . . . GET SMALL! 

J. Aston, A. Bangser, F. Behlau, J. Boyea, S. 
Brookner, D. Caplan, E. Carduner, M. Cristaldi, 
R. Ezrapour, S. Frock, E. Geist, B. Glickman, J. 
Handler, F. Hencken, J. Hoffman, M. Imbriani, 
C. Kaleda, M. Kearns, J. Kenny, J. Klages, R. 
Klimowicz, M. Levin, W. Marx, S. McDougall, S. 
McLellan, C. Reed, R. Sarlati, R. Sederholm, D. 
Shaw, S. Tancin, J. Underhill, G. Chan, H. 
Schoenberger, W. Selick, E. Sprogis. 









O. Altenburg 
M. Bartholomew 
G. Calabrese 

B. Charles 
J. Connolly Jr. 

C. Cucullu Jr. 
J. Cutrufello 
C. Denault 
R. Dietz 

K. Douglas 
L. Engel 
S. Filemyr 
J. Fisher 
G. Goelz 
R. Hawk 
J. Holleman 
R. Hotaling 
C. Ill III 

G. Kramon 
M. Lammers Jr. 
R. Lutz III 
P. Mcbeth III 

C. Oberg 
J. Ostberg 

D. Palmieri 
M. Redmond 
J. Reed 

W. Romig 
W. Sheppard 
P. Smith Jr. 
J. Spiridon 
D. Walters 
R. Williams Jr. 
R. Wormser 
J. Zangara 


B. Arndt, T. Baroody, P. Clausen, L. Clewett, K. Clifford, S. Concklin, R. Czekanski, S. DiMassa, C. Priza, B. Fecker, 
A. Finley, G. Force, T. Freibus, P. Grinups, K. Haley, J. Hohman, J. Hohman, R. Jay, G. Kauffman, L. Keller, P. 
Krystow, D. Laskey, P. Malik, T. Norton, D. Perigrim, H. Prati, B. Senior, P. Shook, R. Speir, M. Stoute, P. Tauck, M. 
Versuk, B. Waldvoger, Y. West, B. Wolf, T. Bartlett, T. Campbell, F. Kerr, C. Martin, D. Nelson, M. Purcell, B. 
Rutecki, M. Robinson, J. Schiech, A. Walch, M. Wilson. 






w » ■ 

Torps got a job!! . . . Will he graduate? . . . Psyche me, Jim Beam! . . . T.J. Side-and-a-half 
. . . Errrrrrrnie! . . . Roy . . . "The Gentle Giant" . . . Keith . . . Earth to Bart . . . Rebel 
. . . C.D. . . . Felks . . . Dave ... — who cares Peregrim . . . Conckphonepip . . . Dr. 
Pills . . . Rudy, Out . . . Brad . . . BO . . . J.P. . . . Buns . . . Hennest . . . Tauck . . . Grins 
. . . Pots . . . Shooky . . . Yale . . . Wally . . . B.M. . . . Fat Dick . . . Freeby . . . Crusty 
. . . Rrrrrrob. Jay . . . Screw your brothers . . . I'm hungry! . . . How much did we save 
this week?, . . . Napkins are closed . . . Casing it!!! . . . F.O.T. . . . Yeah . . . Y'know 
. . . Theta Delt I.M. Basketball . . . Pledge Clewett's Tap-in . . . Best I'd ever seen . . . 
THE TROPHY IS BACK WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!! . . . D.U. WHO????? . . . NO teeth . . . 
Moling to the bar for a 4-pack . . . Big Billy Kishbaugh. 


Drop back 10 and punt . . . Genesee in the soda machine . . . 
every third can will be empty . . . Buster what? . . . the big 5-0 
... I dunno, I just don't know . . . Okay? ... I don't need this 
aggravation . . . yassole . . . take a hike . . . Texas progressive 
country redneck rock ... at the booph palace . . . This is the 
urinal . . . this is the cold dorm. And this is a turntable . . . ya 
yingyang . . . boink . . . flame on . . . phone call at Lambda Chi 
. . . Glenn A. White, Chem. E., . . . He's got that 10 beer look 
. . . the over-the-hill gang at H and B's . . . "He's a little too 
frisky for me." . . . Sign the meal list please . . . Mr. F. Rosenfe 
. . . Hurt you . . . Where is all that third stall material? . . . up- 
stairs . . . weak act ... I used to be a two-car family . . . Oh, 
why not? . . . Rico, Chico, uanito . . . the scarlot harlot . . . 
Motoroid . . . Can I? Can I? . . . not too shabby . . . Grow up, 
Bechard . . . KW . . . Howyadoin? Howyadoin? Howyadoin? 
. . . Goodtoseeya, Goodtoseeya, Goodtoseeya . . . Really, for sure 
. . . Wrong . . . It's a whoosh . . . Hey, I KNOW . . . pledge 
party: massive brain damage . . . Oh, HAVE a drink, Motor . . . 
what the hell . . . yeah, later. 




T. Ahem 


D. Arnesen 


J. Bechard 

R. Bedell 

W. Blasberg 

f c" 1 

T. Boone 


K. Cole 

P. Crawford 

J. Devlin 

S. Donaldson 

J. Edleman 

E. Engelhard 

J. Fernandez 

K. Grau 

R. Halama 

G. Herman 


W. Numbers 


T. Paff 

J. Parker 


W. Patterson 

B. Proven 

F. Rosenfeld 


R. Schlack 

K. Somes 

K. Swartz 

D. Trost 

G. Tuttle 

M. Vanhoesen 

R. Vanhoesen 

H. Walter 

J. Welty 

K. White 

J. Wolf 

J. Wyble 

A. Bantley 

J. Burgio 

J. Cavanaugh 

R. Chambers 

D. Fox 

C. Frey 

C. Goodman 

J. Heidenreich 

M. Herman 

M. Hinnau 

R. Laudenslauer 

F. Scattene 

R. Stys 


• _:\ 

This section of the yearbook is dedicated to the Senior Brothers of Zeta Psi Fraternity. The past four years have been 
exciting and fullfilling for our Seniors. They have helped build a reputation for academic achievement, intramural 
participation, and successful social activities. 

The Seniors have also provided the necessary leadership to build an active house of Brothers with diverse per- 
sonalities and interests. Our rush program was very successful with a group of 18 active pledges. We are confident 
that our new pledge class will work hard to maintain the quality and tradition of Zeta Psi. 

The names of Jackbird, Molka, Frenchy, Disco, and Coach will not be forgotten. We hope that the Seniors will 
return to the house and visit the "Lounge" for another 7:30 Room Jam. Best of luck to our new alumni and remember 
its "Great to be a Zete." 



W. Amioio, S. Bartosik, J. Breslow, D. Casapulla, T. Cassone, T. 
Chappell, J. Copoulos, G. Czarnecki, G. Detwiler, D. Dietrich, M. 
Farrara, D. Frankenbach, G. Gorab, C. Gorski, T. Harraka, D. Hartzell, 
W. Holdgrafer, F. Johnson, J. Kaiser, J. Kearney, P. Kelly, C. Kim, C. 
Kim, W. Loving, D. Mayer, W. Mercy, S. Miller, E. Noymer, M. 
Phillips, G. Reel, S. Rubenstein, J. Sills, T. Smith, R. Stilwel, W. 
Tanchak, R. Thevenet, G. Troxel, F. Vultaggio, K. Wilson, D. Winecoff, 
G. Woodend, G. Zenuk, W. Zucker, R. Meehan, S. Andreopoulos, W. 
Blier, B. Brown, B. Cheng, W. Grady, M. Harding, K. Hollen, A. Jones, 
K. Krischke, B. Levine, M. Lyman, J. Morrison, K. Nelson, P. Sansom, 
W. Smerconish, P. Stires, H. Zadoyan, C. Jacoby. 



"There is no there there." To most observers, Gertrude Stein's description of 
Oakland might well apply to Bethlehem. Beyond the environs of Lehigh, how- 
ever, lies a city with a rich religious and cultural heritage. Bethlehem, founded 
Christmas Eve, 1741 by the Moravians, still retains their influence in many 
respects. The reverent celebration of Christmas (and its commercial potential) 
gives rise to the "Christmas City" image. The flat gravestones in the 
cemetaries emphasize the idea that all men are equal in the sight of God. 

The industrial side of the city is obvious. The skyline is dominated by the 
mills and offices of Bethlehem Steel, as well as by the clouds of steam belched 
from the smokestacks. Though the city was incorporated from two separate 
towns (Bethelehem and South Bethlehem), some residents would not be easily 
convinced that there is unity today. The contrast of North and South Sides is 
remarkable. One goes from Desolation Row to the re-creation of revolutionary 
America. Such a contrast is the most noticeable aspect of Bethlehem. 

Four years at Lehigh have amply shown that a sense of Bethlehem is dif- 
ficult to come by, if we search for a single theme, for the only common thread 
of the city is its diversity. 






- - ■ 


m ^^ g00 ^^^^ ^ ^ 5r- .-? 

^^^^ -~^^^^0^^^^^^^^ .^^^^^1 K_H^^^^__|_ s •^^ ^^» ^* ,-*-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^___ 

fc - - 













How They Live: 

To take something that no one else wants; to see past the ugliness to the beauty that is there and to leave it a little 
better, a little more beautiful, is an ambitious philosophy of life. But Peter Beidler, professor of English, does not just 
pay lip service to this philosophy, he lives it. 

He and his family live in a 200-year-old grist mill about ten miles from campus, that he and his wife Ann purchased 
when they were graduate students at Lehigh in 1963. For $3,000 they acquired four stone walls and a foundation. The 
roof had caved in completely and the floor was covered with weeds, Beidler says. 

The Beidlers lived in a two-room apartment near campus while they worked on making their "shambles" habitable. 
Beidler and his wife did much of the work on the house themselves. 

"Every place you live in must somehow be made your own. So many people never take advantage of their sur- 
roundings," Beidler says. His own house contains some hand-made furniture and interesting antiques. The panelled 
walls are draped with Indian tapestries, souvenirs from a trip to Arizona several years ago. They've left the mill's 
water wheel intact and a spring still floods the basement in the gristing area. A trout occasionally manages to find its 
way into the basement. 

Beidler has carried over his unique perspective on life to his teaching career at Lehigh. Shunning routine, he has 
created courses which reflect his own personal interests. 

English 198, "Self-reliance in a Technical Society," created by Beidler, is an example of his different approach to 
teaching. The students enrolled in the course formed a corporation, purchased a house near campus, completely 
remodeled it and then sold it. The physical side of the course was balanced by the required reading of five books on 
the topic of self-reliance. Thoreau's Walden was the basic "text." 

"The course was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I like to read books and to teach. The challenge of the course was to 
bring together the intellectual and the physical," Beidler states. 




Although the course was a success, "I don't 
know if I'd like to do it again because it might 
become routine," Beidler says. The course was 
offered during the 1975-76 school year. 

Even though his area of expertise is 
Chaucer, Beidler also has a deep interest in the 
American Indian and his literature. In 1973, he 
was granted a National Endowment for the 
Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship to study 
American Indian literature, history, society 
and culture at the University of Arizona. He 
has been granted a leave of absence for the 
1977-78 academic year to pursue this interest 

"Everyplace you live 
must somehow be 
made your own." 

even further. He and his family hope to live on 
a reservation this time. 

"We would like to live in a traditional Indian 
home — that's the best way to learn about a 
culture," he says. 

Another way to learn about a culture is 
through its literature. Beidler has studied In- 
dian literature and also taught several courses 
on the American Indian, including a freshman 

"Literature is a means of getting one person 
close to another person without actually hav- 
ing physical contact. It is through literature 
that we learn how another person lives and 

Beidler plans to write a novel during his 
leave of absence. The novel probably will be 
about the American Indian, he says. 

After years of "teaching and evaluating other 
people's writing, now it's time to reach into 
myself. Writing the novel is something I have 
to do. I'm probably in for disappointment. But 
I've got to do it — I've got to try it." 

"Not many things are worth doing for a 
lifetime," he says. For Beidler, the teacher, the 
carpenter, the student, "life is a process of dis- 
covery — of finding what you're good at." 



'■V f, '! : ::' ■ " '9l. .'• -V.V'Si-,' »!> 

l; J; «i !■,■,.;■ r.;.;;;i:*:!,T : l: ,. 


iff' : ' 

— iSEa 


i»SM^!f|s|;)!!K!:i:!!!S3! SESiS 

i' il;sffifi 

rri-i=1 ~- 7 £:i"-' 

j 4 : ■■- rif.j , : :,:; r ; 

__ ._. ._.__ 



: ■ \:"~™*^ , "™ W,, ^^™ , ' , ^ , ™^ ,ll, ^ ,,,, ™™™^^ r ^™™^™™^^ 


:.-.,■' ■ i' 1 



;a:wi,i'™i>c^™jJ|:;tSR|Spj.S!iiik!i«* : SiS«!fflfift:i: 
'.■::K \Si. ,•.:■-;..■,:■■;;:'.■:..: ■ ^cijr.i-w. II fiq 

■;itti i Ti,-': 1 J''i(. : s\ :.LJL::;ir , ' ,N:1 - , ''sf R"';i 

li„. . . : 

■:! S :b4l: Nil!!!:;::- 1 Jn-::^H !^:h:^-'lkL,.: 

Hi, j!s II : HI 


.;;.l-«;."s-:ftap.-.!j:A'H;.'8:j;3:i::r!:v ..., • ,., .-.-..--..:,.„„.,, 
k' ff h ''i".f v ■ M' aiiffia* j:;; j.;j! 5 |:i;« lisfeiSl 



•rJl^.U .r-'ji' 

liiSv ' ■ "-^' 

;:<?:!=' j? ! >; u ■ ! -i'-*.' : ':-. " i .'. ! -:'' :: "[ ^*£.r!,ifis ■fii-li-; i;n!- :; iv: ir 

- 4' ■...-:■ i : l|';=':-.; " .fSKE „!fV, ; J"Ji j.f aiEWfei .itiwW+MS'H 

; :■'■-:■ f:; J i ; i ?: ;l"v-!-i;-:"^'lH-:i;" : '-i-ii:-. : i-:r -M-'""' ■ i ii !:, ---S-i:^.- f- ..'.'T.-'iil.lil.finS 

; ■ - In] 




tliHfe,, ^M^^% ^.yii:"^^^';' ■'-'■'■'' 
i > 4 i i i life i 

111' 11 ' l ' 1 ' ' ■ !, Lkw 

B'ss ' ' : 

lilf HI 8«^*wii,J jii iiilliisJj |ih*ia:i ; : :;i i tJitiSissilsi ; si|' v is::i:.i r , J..«: 

•' »W,i ,. . ,, I ,|, 

: i - iV'i?, 1 ' 1 ' 

■'■■ ,,: r; 


liii^-tssiiiMiFi.i'- 1 





liSiiititBiVlJH'"! 1 ;''"' "IjW-*"! 


306 Brodhead Avenue 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

Electrical Contractors 




Phone Allentown 395-2061 


Compliments of 




737 North 13th Street 




Compliments of 


Meats, Frozen Foods, Poultry 

Canned Goods, Portion Controlled 

Suppliers to Schools, Hospitals & Institutions 

Mount Bethel, Pa. 





— - - — ^-— .-. 



y pi 

irnriii"-" — ' 


J_ ;i#fel 


* ... -r- » 

^-— i^fes 

fev v j^T. , 

IP^i *m 



''' >• ^** jLjyUfl 




linen & uniform service, inc. 

P.O. BOX 2268 • ALLENTOWN. PA. 18001 




125 North 7th Street 

Allentown, Pennsylvania 

Lehigh University 
Dining Services 


Architect's rendering of Leliigli's planned $3.5 million dollar "Athletic and Convocation Center: 

The Lehigh University board of trustees has approved 
plans to erect a $3.5 million, 6,000-seat "Athletic and 
Convocation Center," announced Harold S. Mohler, 
president of the Lehigh trustees, and chairman of the 
board of Hershey Foods Corp. 

One of the announced goals of Lehigh's "new Century 
Fund, the planned arena will be constructed on a site in 
Saucon Valley. 

The "Athletic and Convocation Center" (ACC) will be 
used for commencement exercises, concerts and theatri- 
cal productions, alumni reunions, major lectures and 
conferences, spectator sports, (particularly wrestling and 
basketball, and other events. The facility will also be 
made available for major non-Lehigh programs. 

Plans for the ACC call for a 95,000-square foot spec- 

tator area that includes a regulation basketball court and 
a surface that can accommodate four wrestling mats. 

Permanent seating will be 6,000 armed-chair seats, in- 
cluding 2,000 rollaway seats at floor level, with 6,500 for 
in-the-round stage events. Capacity for basketball games 
will be 4,000 and the full 6,000 for one-mat wrestling 

Also included will be a 20,000-square foot lobby and 
guest passageway areas, a portable stage, some special 
rooms, and a storage area. Lighting will accommodate 
color television productions, and special areas will be 
made available for media representatives. Parking 
facilities will also be constructed adjacent to the new 

Architect's rendering of the interior of Lehigh's planned $3.5 million dollar 
"Athletic and Convocation Center" set up for commencement exercises. 

Architect's rendering of the interior of Lehigh's planned $3.5 million dollar 
"Athletic and Convocation Center" set up for a dual zvrestlmg meet. 


George P. Schlicher and Son 

951 Chew Street 
Allentown, Pa. 18105 

telephone number 433-6047 



Allentown's Leading Food 

serving all the leading food 

services, including FMA 

at Lehigh 

1040 N. Graham St. Allentown, Pa. 

PHONE 434-9611 


Roofing, Spouting, Sheet Metal Work 

530 W. Broad St. 








urtA at VJy*n}<fibt 


Earl W. Ecker Construction 
Co., Inc. 

General Contractors 

1420 Chelsea Avenue 
Bethlehem, Pa. 18018 

PHONE 215-865-2914 

Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 2213 
Bethlehem, Pa. 18001 

Thank You For Your Patronage 


701 Wyandotte Avenue 

Telephone Number 691-9177 

PROPRIETORS: Manny & Anne Marie 





Alpha Chi Rho pp. 292 & 293 

Alpha Epsilon Pi p. 169 

Alpha Gamma Delta pp. 294 & 295 

Alpha Lambda Omega p. 168 

Alpha Phi pp. 296 & 297 

Alpha Phi Omega p. 170 

Alpha Sigma Phi pp. 298 & 299 

Alpha Tau Omega pp! 300 & 301 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers p. 172 

Army ROTC p. 171 

Arnold Air Society p. 170 

The Art of Learning p. 164 


Band pp. 174 & 175 

Basketball pp. 228 & 229 

Beardslee p. 262 

The Bench Sitters pp. 158 & 159 

Beta Theta Pi pp. 302 & 303 

Bishopthorpe p. 286 

Black Student Union p. 172 

Bridge Club p. 173 

Brown & White pp. 176 & 177 


Carothers p. 262 
Chi Epsilon p. 173 
Chi Phi pp. 304 & 305 
Chi Psi pp. 306 & 307 
Circle K p. 178 
Community pp. 378-387 
Congdon p. 265 
Cross Country p. 219 


Dedication pp. 14 & 15 
Delta Chi pp. 308 & 309 
Delta Phi pp. 310 & 311 
Delta Sigma Phi pp. 312 & 313 
Delta Tau Delta pp. 314 & 315 
Delta Upsilon pp. 316 & 317 
Dravo Al p. 268 
Dravo A2, A3 p. 269 
Dravo A4, B2 p. 270 
Dravo B3, B4 p. 271 
Dravo B5, CB p. 272 
Dravo CI, C2 p. 273 
Dravo C3, C4 p. 274 
Dravo Dl, D2 p. 275 
Dravo D3, D4 p. 276 
Drinker 1, 2A p. 277 
Drinker 2B, 3A p. 278 
Drinker 3B, 4 p. 279 

Editors' Page p. 391 
Emery p. 265 
Epitome pp. 180 & 181 
Eta Kappa Nu p. 179 


Faculty and Administration pp. 18-42 

Football pp. 216-218 

Forum Steering Committee p. 179 

Gamma Phi Beta pp. 318 & 319 

Glee Club p. 184 

Golf p. 234 

Gryphon Society p. 182 


Hillel p. 183 

The House That Beidler Built pp. 373-375 


Ice Hockey p. 223 
Indoor Track p. 230 
Intra-Fraternity Council p. 185 
Intramurals p. 249 
Introduction pp. 3-11 
Investment Club p. 183 


Kappa Alpha pp. 320 & 321 
Kappa Sigma pp. 322 & 323 

Lacrosse p. 233 

Lambda Chi Alpha pp. 324 & 325 
Learning to Party Hearty pp. 254-259 
Leavitt p. 267 

Lehigh Game pp. 156 & 157 
Lehigh Scrapbook pp. 43-57 
Lehigh University Volunteers p. 188 


M&M Al, A2 p. 280 

M&M A3, Bl p. 281 

M&M B2, B3 p. 282 

Marketing Club p. 188 

Masthead p. 390 

McConn p. 266 

Mrs. Bird p. 168 

Mustard & Cheese pp. 186 & 187 

News in Review pp. 160-163 


Palmer p. 263 

Phi Delta Theta pp. 326 & 327 
Phi Gamma Delta pp. 328 & 329 
Phi Kappa Theta pp. 330 & 331 
Phi Sigma Kappa pp. 332 & 333 
Pi Kappa Alpha pp. 334 & 335 
Pi Lambda Phi pp. 336 & 337 
Pi Tau Sigma p. 189 
Pre Law Society p. 189 
Psi Upsilon pp. 338 & 339 


Radio Station p. 190 
Residence Halls Council p. 191 
Richards 1A, IB p. 283 
Richards 2A, 2B p. 284 
Richards 3A, 3B p. 285 
Richards 4 p. 286 
Rifle p. 231 
Rugby Club p. 194 

The Science of Avoidance p. 165 

Scoreboard pp. 250 & 251 

Seniors pp. 60-153 

A Sense of Bethlehem pp. 360-373 

Sigma Alpha Mu pp. 340 & 341 

Sigma Chi pp. 342 & 343 

Sigma Nu pp. 344 & 345 

Sigma Phi pp. 346 & 347 

Sigma Phi Epsilon pp. 348 & 349 

Smiley p. 267 

Soccer pp. 220 & 221 

Specifications p. 390 

Squash p. 231 

Stage Band p. 195 

Stevens p. 263 

Stoughton p. 264 

Student Activities Council p. 192 & 193 

Student Metallurgy Society p. 194 

Student Newman Association p. 195 

Swimming p. 222 


Tau Beta Pi p. 196 
Tau Epsilon Phi pp. 350 & 351 
Tau Lambda Chi p. 196 
Taylor IE, 1W p. 287 
Taylor 2E, 2W p. 288 
Taylor 3E, 3W p. 289 
Tennis p. 235 
Theta Chi pp. 352 & 353 
Theta Delta Chi pp. 354 & 355 
Theta Xi pp. 356 & 357 
Thornburg p. 268 
Track pp. 236 & 237 



p. 264 

i Basketball p. 244 
Choir p. 197 
Field Hockey p. 242 
Football p. 241 
Lacrosse p. 246 
Softball p. 248 
Sport Feature pp. 238-240 
Swimming p. 245 
Tennis p. 247 
Volleyball p. 243 
pp. 224-227 



Zeta Psi pp. 358 & 359 


Co-Editors: Ann Zimmerman 
Helen Richardson 
Business Manager: Robert Judson 
Photography Editor: Marc Hulsman 
Assistant Photo Editor: Barry Glickman 
Seniors Editor: Linda Bondemore 
Organizations: Beatrice Mutzberg 
Events & Living Groups: Maryann Leonardi 
Sports Editors: Dennis Sprick 
Kathy Mitchell 
Administration & Faculty Editor: Cheryl Winters 
Associate Editor: June Fasesky 
Scheduling Editor: William Murphy 
Identification Editor: Robert Hedderman 
Community Editor: Daria Stavisky 
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sharon Friedman 
Financial Advisor: Prof. J.B. McFadden 

Photographers: Ann Zimmerman, Helen Richardson, 
Marc Hulsman, Barry Glickman, Susan McGovern, Teri 
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Bethlehem Globe-Times (Tim Gilman), Brown and White, 
June Fasesky, Joseph Ryan, Merin Studios, Ann's Class, 
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Temlin, Kip Marsh, O'dy Maduka, Barry Check, Bruce 
Dunbar, Alex Schieffer, K. Scott Danoff, Dave Arnesen, 
Cheri Novak. 

Business Staff: 
Ken Matlick 
Jeff Jacobson 
Harry Reiss 
Larry Chatzinoff 
Brian Hill 
Robin Seiber 
Howard Schoenberger 
Dave Fuller 

General Staff: 
Hildy Shandell 
Peter Gordenstein 
Eileen Canzian 
Sally Velthaus 
Joann Woolsey 
Robert Claire 
Jim Hetherington 
Donna Frabotta 
Alan Crudo 
Mindy Scharf 
Linda Goodman 

THE 1977 EPITOME: a cast of thousands 

Who Wrote What: 

"Bench Sitters — Jim Hetherington 
"News in Review" — Eileen Canzian 
"How They Live" — Sally Velthaus 

and Donna Frabotta 
"Art of Learning" — Dave Arnesen 
"Victims to Victors," Scrapbook, 
"Science of Avoidance" and "Party 

Hearty" — Helen Richardson 

and Ann Zimmerman 


Gene Mater (game, cartoons) 
Diane Rissinger (cover) 
Simon Tickell (sports, seniors) 
Susan Sachs (calligraphy, ads) 
Ken Lubarsky (sports) 


This book and cover were printed by offset lithography by the little Southern elves of Hunter Publishing Co., Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The 
paper used is #80 Warren's Cameo Dull Enamel. The predominant typestyle is Palatino and Palatino Italic (got it, staff?). The photographs are 
primarily the work of University students. Some team photos are by Ryan Studios, Bethlehem. The senior portraits and some group photos are by 
Merin Studios, Philadelphia. The cover artwork was created by Diane Rissinger. 

Sixteen months ago a small thin kid with glasses asked me if I would like to be Business Manager of the Epitome. 
First of all, I didn't even know how to pronounce the name of the yearbook correctly. Second, the thought of being 
Business Manager of anything was absurd. For someone who had to take Accounting three times the notion that I had 
to be responsible for real money was inconceivable. I mean what little I did know about the yearbook, I knew it used 
real money. But somehow I was able to persevere through an audit from a C.P.A. firm that I was sure would catch all 
my mistakes. They did catch all my mistakes but fortunately they didn't prosecute. Many times I walked out of that 
office in a daze tired of going over lists of seniors that hadn't paid in full. But whenever the problem reached an acute 
stage I could always look on my wall and reread a letter from someone named Alan Kaminsky. The gist of the letter 
was that I was something just to the right of a tax collector for the IRS who tried to pry money from the Lehigh 
student body for something called The Epitome. Alan might just have been right — but I did it better than anyone else 
could have — Bob Judson. 


When I began this job 14 months ago, I 
knew what I was getting into, but everyone is 
entitled to one gross error in judgment. 
Throughout last summer, the WATS lines in 
Ann's and my offices got a workout, and my 
friends in Philadelphia (and Gladwyne) saw 
more of me than they bargained for. 

Despite our confidence that half the book 
would be finished by Christmas, Ann and I 
stumbled into May with most of the book re- 
maining, asking ourselves where the time 

I will always think of this book as a collec- 
tion of layout forms and copy sheets, but it 
means much more to me than that. One sel- 
dom has the chance to produce something 
which will endure, and I hope the book is 
worthy of such attention. 

It was sometimes difficult to keep things in 
perspective while trying to juggle my studies, 
two sports and the book, and I was not always 
successful. But there were many people in my 
corner all the way, and 1 thank them. My 
friends listened to my running commentary on 
the book's development and tolerated my dirty 
looks (and worse) when they asked how it was 
progressing. My parents encouraged me and 
offered all their support (financial and other- 
wise), and I can never thank them adequately. 
And to one friend who said "You're working 
on that damn book? Again? Still?" I promise 
you we'll get re-acquainted soon. 

Helen Richardson 


It seems hard to believe that fourteen 
months ago I did not know a layout sheet from 
a scratch sheet. But one thing quickly became 
apparent — you are taking a gamble when you 
deal with either of them. 

As yearbook editor you are convinced you 
are always losing, (your sanity for instance), 
but you inevitably come out a winner. For the 
most part the rewards are intangible but valu- 
able, nonetheless. The returns come in the 
form of special friendships born out of 
camaraderie and collective creativity, not to 
mention the attainment of a certain self- 

You are afforded the chance to see the best 
and worst of your character unfold when you 
immerse yourself in a total commitment — 
especially a commitment to quality which I 
hope was realized in the preceding pages. 

You make mistakes and you make enemies. 
You put your creativity and tolerance to a test 
and you develop new levels of patience and 
awareness. But above all you learn to respect 
the energy, dedication, and talent of all those 
who helped produce a yearbook. 

I can't help expressing my gratitude to those 
people who unknowingly made significant 
contributions to this book. Those people are 
my friends and family who were always there 
in full support when the going got tough and 
the tough got weak, sick, and frustrated. Their 
love was constant inspiration and I thank 

Ann Ricki Zimmerman 

Despite all the times we thought this was a lonely job, we had a 
great deal of capable help. Just how great a deal and how capable 
will be evident in the following paragraph. We'll be forever grate- 
ful to those mentioned below. 

Bob Judson kept us sane and solvent; his sense of humor was a 
blessing when we lost ours. Jud made us appreciate the difficulty 
of a business manager's job by doing it very well. Steve Merin, 
our publisher's rep, calmed Ann's nerves, caught our mistakes, 
and saved us from financial ruin on author's corrections. Hunter is 
lucky to have him, as were we, whenever we needed him (which 
was often). Marc Hulsman, our photo editor, endured the likes of 
Frank Hook, uncooperative groups, and the two of us to do fine 
work. No matter how competent the photo editor, the job some- 
times proves too big for one man. So we thank assistant photo 
editor Barry Glickman, who must not sleep; he was always there 
when called upon. Gene Mater's artwork is both beautifully exe- 
cuted and hilarious, a rare combination which adds greatly to the 
quality of our book. His moral support and suggestions were a real 
source of strength. Sharon Friedman, our advisor, proved that 
there's no such thing as free lunch. By divorcing herself from the 
day-to-day operations of the book, she saved herself headaches. 
We compensated, though, in edit board meetings, and we thank 
her for her support. Marv Merin and his able crew at Merin 
Studios (especially those who shot the co-editors' senior pictures 
three times apiece) deserve special praise for going out of their 
way for us so many times. It seems unfair to lump our editors and 
staff into one sentence, but to thank them individually for their 
contributions would take much more space than we have. This 
book would not have been possible without them, and for that 
they will always be special to us. Journalism Professors McFadden 
and Sullivan provided professional advice, signatures for checks, 
and plenty of leeway with our course work. Ruth Mathis acted as 
switchboard, typing pool, postmistress and an 8:30 A.M. wake-up 
service. We hope that now that it's over you enjoyed it as much as 
we did.